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Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.4:

Xmas Break: The CD’s

I headed into the bedroom with my laptop and the package of CD’s and began
separating them while the girls start dinner. The biggest pile was the ones of Mom and
Dad’s trips overseas listed by year. I popped a few in randomly but it was all pretty much
the same. Mom eating some little virgin girl and Dad popping her cherry.

All though watching a little virgin 7 year olds pussy get stretched by a grown man’s cock
as she cried and begged was nice. When the begging girl didn’t speak English it took a
little away, but when the bloody cock that was pounding her pussy belonged to your
father it kind of lost its appeal.

I piled all those back into the box and moved to the next pile. It’s the 10 CD’s of child
porn with no Mom or Dad but they still don’t speak English. I watch a few and one
catches my attention, It’s a young mother and daughter which makes me think of Alessa
and Lily.

The girl is about Lily’s age in the video and although the cock fucking her little bald pussy
isn’t as big as mine, she’s taking it all with a smile even when he moves to her little ass.
Maybe Lily’s little cherry is riper then I thought she’s definitely and eager little cum slut
for 5, I think as I watch.

The next pile was of Mom and Dad with their friends and children. There were 15 CD’s
with a long list of local prominent people’s names listed. The sex wasn’t anything close
to what I would call kinky but the CD’s had other value I think as I watched. Just as the
judge had warned me to keep his daughters little secrets safe, I’m sure the people on
these videos would do anything to keep these secrets hidden.

I already recognized my first target to test my theory, the jewelry store at the mall. The
owner and his daughter are on here and the girls need some low cost high end jewelry, I
think we’ll go Christmas shopping tomorrow.

Jenny walks into the bedroom “Dinner ready” she says then starts to wobble back out.

“That little pussy sore” I say smiling.

“Very” she says with a smile.

I put the CD’s up and headed into the kitchen the girls made steak and baked potatoes
with salad for dinner. After dinner Jill cleaned up and Jenny came with me to the
bedroom. The videos were much better with Jenny sucking my cock and softly teasing it
with her little tongue.

I left the CD playing and pulled Jenny’s wet little pussy over to my mouth and started
licking it. Her lips were still puffy from her abuse earlier as I sucked them into my mouth.
It wasn’t long before she was ready to cum and Jenny was a little squirter so I opened
my mouth as I rubbed her little clit until she squirt her pussy juice in.

Her little pussy was sore and tight as I slide my cock inside her doggy style and rubbed
her little virgin asshole with my thumb.

“This hole is next you little slut” I tell her as I pound her sore pussy and push my thumb
into her asshole.

“Oh god yes” she moans as my thumb makes circles stretching her asshole wider.

Jill came and laid with her pussy in Jenny’s face which she quickly started licking. When I
was ready to cum Jill got on all fours and moaned as I slowly pushed into her womb and
filled it with hot cum. We all laid on the bed catching our breath for several minutes
until we heard a knock at the door.

Jill got up to go answer it while Jenny cleaned my cock, it was Aunt Lisa coming to pick
up some boxes they had left in the closet. Aunt Lisa was the youngest of the brothers
and sisters by many years. She was only 24 and about 5’1”, I’m sure she had a hot little
petite body before but at 8 ½ months pregnant she was all belly and tits now.

She waddled across the floor towards the closet after starring for a moment at Jenny
licking the cum from my cock.

“I guess the girls forgot to explain the rules Aunt Lisa” I tell her noticing she was dressed.
“She’s pregnant JJ” Jill says softly

Aunt Lisa obviously knew the rule from the cold look she gave me as she stopped and
turned back to look at me.

“Fine I’ll just send Paul to get the boxes” she snaps at me and turns to leave.

I quickly got up and closed the bedroom door blocking her exit.

“Well that’s your choice if you wish to send him back for the boxes but your in my house
now and you will strip. After your naked you may walk back to the front door and dress
and leave if you choose” I tell her.

“I’m not a little girl you can’t manipulate me like these two so step aside and let me pass
unless you intend to force me” she says defiantly.

“No your not a little girl like these two but I didn’t manipulate them. You, your brother
and sisters sent them to me to be used like common whores in exchange for living in my
house so don’t get all righteous with me bitch” I say pissed off with her attitude.

She steps toward the door reaching to grab the handle and I step to the side allowing

“When you get back to the main house start packing, I’ll call my lawyer in the morning” I
say walking over to the bed.

“Uncle Frank won’t allow it and he still controls this house” she snaps back smugly.

“Uncle Frank, really you honestly think he is going to help your pregnant ass. He sent his
12 year old daughter to my bed just to secure a free ride and his control over the family
even after the family had sent Jill, isn’t that right Jenny” I say.

I was playing a hunch but I was pretty sure Jenny hadn’t been so easy and willing in the
beginning without being told to do it.

“Yes Daddy and Momma sent me to your room that first day and that night” she says in
almost a whisper.

“Momma started teaching me a few weeks before you came home to be yours JJ. She
taught me all the submissive stuff and how to act to make you want me, I really do like
those things though and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth. I really do love you JJ” she
says starting to cry.

I sat on the bed and wiped Jenny’s little tears and kissed her then guided her head back
down to finish cleaning my cock. Aunt Lisa turned beet red as she slowly undressed
realizing she really had no choice. I barely caught a glimpse of her naked body before
she left.

One thing was obvious when she had bent over to remove her panties. Even with my
brief look she needs to shave her hairy pussy, she had a jungle growing down there
covering up a nice fat little pussy.

That had my cock hard again which Jill quickly took advantage of having only got my
cum earlier, she quickly straddles me and slide my cock into her dripping pussy and
began to ride me slowly.

It was almost 9 pm so I called Melody as she had asked that I do as Jill slowly rode my
cock. It was a long conversation but it seemed to be she was trying to get to know me
like a girl would with her new boyfriend.

Jill was good and quiet until I muted the phone when I felt her little wet pussy squeeze
my cock even tight.

“I have to pee” I told Melody and once I set the phone down Jill moaned loudly and
started riding my cock hard and deep yelping each time I slammed into her womb.

It only took a minute before her eyes rolled back and her body shook like a girl
possessed from one of those horror movies as she screamed “I’m cumming” before her
quivering body laid limp on my chest. Her pussy squeezed and milked my cock until it
was filled with all the hot cum my cock had to offer.

Jill laid cooing softly on my chest as I picked the phone up as continued talking to
Melody. As I listened I realized several things, I could fuck Melody now but it would be a
one shot deal I’m sure. She would never accept and be with the girls unless she was
madly in love with me.

I also realized she was different than other girls to me for whatever she still had me
mesmerized. When she talked I actually listened, I have to admit turning her into my
little slut would be to icing on the cake and I’m sure the last nail in Rick’s coffin. I also
had to admit to myself that getting even with Rick had nothing to do with my attraction
to her.

It was almost 12 before her mom told her to hang up and go to sleep. She did
reluctantly but not before she made me promise to come see her the next day. The girls
were both sleeping peacefully Jenny curled up on my side with her head on one

Jill was still on my chest with my cock buried inside her little womb. Talking to Melody
had kept in hard enough that it never left her warm wet pussy. I woke in the morning to
the wet smacking sound on Jenny cleaning my cock of me and Jill’s cum. After she was
finished me and the girls had a long talk about their family, Melody, and Alessa.

After the incident with Aunt Lisa last night both girls realized just how little their family
actually cared for them. Jenny and Jill both cried softly as they told me everything they
knew and heard. Jill didn’t have much to share since she was just sent to me that night
without warning.

Jenny however had been prepared weeks ahead of my arrival and overheard a lot. The
reason she was still sent even after Jill was to ensure Uncle Frank stayed in control of
the family assuming little Jenny would control me. There was also the fear by Uncle
Frank that I would kick out everyone but Jill’s parents if I was only fucking Jill.

Jill added to that saying she had overheard her mother and father whispering about the
same thing the night she was forced to return to my room. Uncle Bob even mentioned
sending Katelyn if she refused to go.

Jenny dropped the last bomb, looking back though it makes since now. Uncle Tom had
sent Elizabeth and Hailey to shower in my room that first night. Jenny over heard him
and Aunt Judy arguing before she went stormed out went to my room and get the girls.

“JJ I was wrong about what I said that first night” she says pausing to kiss me
passionately “Our seeds will be a perfect match” she continues after breaking our kiss
and sitting up to rub her womb.

Jenny and Jill had no problem sharing me with each other obviously but we discussed
Melody and Alessa. They were fine with it Jenny seemed excited at the idea of more
people to play with, Jill was much more reserved.

We got up and showered then the girls made breakfast while I watched a few more
CD’s. As I watched the little girls getting fucked by their dad’s or gang banged by groups
of men on the videos, my mind kept going back to what Jenny had said about Uncle Tom
sending Elizabeth and Hailey to my room that night.

Elizabeth was only 9 and a small little thing for her age so plenty of room in my bed for
one more I think as I dress and head over to the main house. I called my lawyer to make
the arrangements before I walk into the dining room it was just the men left still eating

“Uncle Frank and Uncle Bob I need you to go down to my lawyers later today and work
out the detail for your living arrangements” I say.

“What are you talking about JJ” Uncle Frank asks nervously.

“Well I’ll be 18 and out of school soon so I intend to move back in here with the girls.
Since I’m sure they want lots of kids I’ll need the whole house. I have a huge estate here
so I’ll build you each a new house down by the lake but it takes months to build a house
so we need to get started on location and design” I say smiling as I watch Uncle Toms
face drop.

“Really son” Uncle Frank says excited.

“Thank you JJ” Uncle Bob says with the same shocked but excited expression.

“Did the girls tell you your Aunt Judy is pregnant again JJ” Uncle Tom says looking at me
with hope in his eyes.

“No, but congrats” I say then walk out.

If Elizabeth isn’t in my bed with her little legs spread by tonight I’ll be surprised I think as
I walk back to the pool house.

“Where’d you go JJ” Jill asks as I sit down with them for breakfast.

“I think Elizabeth will be moving in soon” I say with a smile.

Both girl smile back Jenny’s is one of lust, Jill’s of reluctance. After breakfast I headed
into town alone.

“Have your mom take you into town shopping for food and some liquor” I tell Jill
noticing we have very little in the house and handing her my credit card.

I headed to Alessa’s apartment to check on her and Lily. Lily was sitting on the couch
eating a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons when I walked in. Her little outfit for the
day was folded neatly on a table by the door. I smiled as I sat next to her naked little
body on the couch noticing the drops of milk she had spilled on her flat little chest.

She giggled and cooed as I licked the milk from her chest and sucked her little nipples.
When I stopped and sat up she took her spoon and scooped up more milk and smiled at
me as she turned the spoon and allowed the milk to pour out. She leaned her small 5
year old body back and let the milk hit her abdomen and run down across her bald little

She cooed as she put the spoon down and spread her little legs wide exposing her tiny
pussy for me to see the milk that had run between her tiny pink folds. Alessa walked in
and quietly sat on the couch putting Lily’s head on her lap. She quietly rubbed her
daughter head as she cooed softly while I licked the milk from her little pussy until her
little body got ridged and she came.

She peed a little again I noticed as I licked her cum from her little pussy. Still too young
to control herself but in time she will learn I think as I slide one finger into her wet little
pussy. Lily squirmed and spread her legs wider as I pushed one finger into her tight little
virgin pussy and softly rubbed her immature little clit.

Although very wet and slippery from her cum her little pussy squeezed tight trying to
force my finger back out as I pushed it in about 2 ½ inches until she jumped and
squealed as I pushed against her hymen.

Alessa had a little tear trickling down her cheek as she watched her little daughter
cooing and moaning as I slowly finger fucked her to her second orgasm. I pulled my
finger out and replaced it with my tongue as she came sucking and licking up all her virgin cum.

“She’s going to have a fat little pussy like momma” I say sucking on her little pussy lips.

“I got to potty” Lily said getting up after I fished licking her little pussy clean.

I just smiled and grabbed her, pulling my hard cock out of my jeans. Lily stood between my
legs and took my cock into her mouth as she wiggled her butt needing to pee bad now. She
pops my cock head out her little stretched mouth.

“I really need to go bad JJ” she says hold her little bald pussy with one hand and my cock
with the other little hand.

“Spread your legs wide Lily” I say smiling and looking at Alessa.

Alessa knew where I was going and laid on the floor between her daughter’s legs and
opened her mouth. Lily was puzzled for a minute but then squatted slightly and started
to pee. My cock twitched as I watched the little yellow stream of pee leave Lily’s tiny
slit and into her mother’s open mouth.

Lily smiled and stretched her little mouth back over my hard cock and began sucking me
as she finished pissing in her mother’s mouth. After she finished pissing I was ready for a
nice tight wet pussy wrapped around my cock so I had Lily move so Alessa could
straddle me.

Alessa’s rode my cock hard as I rubbed her pregnant belly and squeezed her full breasts.
When Alessa came I did as well filling baby filled womb with cum. As Alessa came her
breasts leaked a yellowish white substance, not milk yet but I’m sure in a few months it
would be. I had Lily kneel beside me and lick the colostrum from her mother’s breasts.

Alessa got up off my cock and sat on the couch with her legs spread wide at Lily’s
insistence. Lily moved to my cock first licking the cum from my shaft and balls before
moving to her mother’s pussy to suck up the cum as it leaked out.

“She needs to be licked and fingered to 3 orgasms a day” I tell Alessa.

She looks at me nervously knowing what her little 5 year old is being prepared for as she
rubs her baby girl’s head between her legs. Lily’s loud licking and sucking on her
mother’s wet cunt had my cock throbbing again. I had a date with Melody so I dressed
and kissed Alessa Lily’s salty pee taste was still on her lips.

I squatted and pulled Lily’s mouth from her mother’s wet cunt, her little tongue was
lapping at the air as I pulled her back and kissed her. I sucked her little cum covered
tongue into my mouth before pushing my tongue into hers. She caught the hint and
sucked on my tongue eagerly. I finally broke our kiss and Lily went back to her mother’s
cunt. Smiling I looked at Alessa

“My rule still applies to you, no sex or masturbation unless I’m present. So you can
finger her and eat her pussy as I said but she can’t touch you. She can finish cleaning
that fat little cunt though” I say and walk out the door.

I headed over to the hospital and Melody’s face lit up when I entered the room. I’m sure
it was the flowers and candy or huge teddy bear I was carrying. Officer Rick was at work
and Julia smiled and kissed me on the cheek. Melody was acting strange almost nervous
and kept giving her mother an odd look.

“Well I got some errands to run” Julia says smiling at me almost as soon as I sat down.

Melody grabbed me and pulled me in and kissed me passionately before the door was
even closed. We talked and I held her hand until her lunch arrived. She was going home
that afternoon and wanted me to come to her house.

“Well I’m not sure that’s such a good idea Melody” I say

“Why” she says as her smile turns to a frown.

“Well your father doesn’t like me for starters” I say before she cuts me off

“Yes he does” she says.

“He doesn’t Melody and for good reason, I’ve been in a lot of trouble in my life” I say.

“You were just running with a bad crowd then JJ” she says.

“No sweetheart sadly I was the bad kid dragging all the others down with me” I say.

“It doesn’t matter JJ, I already know all about your old ways my father arrested you
many times and you were a regular topic of my fathers” she says defiantly.

“Well regardless unless your mother and father approve” I say before she cuts me off
once again.

“Mom does, she said it was fate and dad will” she says before kissing me.

As I broke our kiss Lisa was there smiling and I swear winked at me as if approving of me
and Melody being together. I said my good byes and left with an uneasy feeling, Melody
had me wrapped around her little finger somehow.

“I’ll see you at 6 for dinner” she said smiling as I walked out the door.

I headed back to the house, the girls were still out shopping with Aunt Betty and Marie. I
went into the bedroom and popped in one of the four CD’s mom had taken out the safe.
It didn’t seem like anything special at first mom and dad having sex with a young white
girl about 7 years old.

The girl spoke English and called my parents mom and dad. The girl did resemble mom
having the same hair color which had me wondering until the first scene ended. The
video keep rolling as a man explained to the young girl what to do in the next scene.

Mom and Dad disappeared and another couple was with the young girl and she was
calling them mom and dad. Five couples in all had sex with the young girl all pretty much
the same story. The last scene left me sitting in shock but my cock throbbing as I
watched the last scene on the CD.

Three of the men, one being my father and four other large men were brutally raping
the young girl now. It wasn’t fake or a camera trick the little girl was being raped and
brutally penetrated. I’ve pulled my cock from enough bloody virgin pussies to know it
was real and she was being torn apart inside.

I watched as a small red circle began to slowly grow darker and larger on the sheet. The
young girl fought hard at first but now just laid limp in the red circle. Her limp body
flopping around like a rag doll as the men took turns violating her bloody holes.

The scene closed with the camera slowly traveling her body to show her bloody
destroyed little pussy and ass. As it panned across her flat chest you could see the teeth
marks left behind as one of the men had obviously bitten her nipple off. Her little eye
were still open and lifeless as the camera panned back out.

The video ran for another 20 minutes as I watched. Mom was physically sick and puking
just off set as two men put the girl’s body in a trash bag and hauled her away. The
remaining 3 CD’s were the same just with a new girl obviously.

Judging from mom and dad’s age in the video I’d say that was when mom quit going on
trips with dad. The last CD that I didn’t have really had me curious now, mom had held it
and cried. After seeing these four CD’s what could possibly on that last one to cause
such a reaction in my mother.

I quickly put the CD’s away when I heard the girls come in the front door. Poor Jenny
didn’t know what was going on when I led her back to the bed room and fucked her
little sore pussy hard. I lost control thinking about the video only snapping out when I
looked down and seen traces of Jenny’s fresh blood on my hard cock.

Jenny never resisted and was still smiling lost in her own lust as I filled her with cum.
Jenny cleaned my cock before she walked weakly back into the kitchen to help Jill finish
putting away the groceries. I heard a third voice in the kitchen so I got up to go see.

“What are you doing here Elizabeth” I say smiling as I admire her naked little body.

“Momma sent me to help the girls” she says turning red as she blushes.

Jill and Jenny giggled as I walked over and got a beer from the fridge and Elizabeth just
starred at my cock. Her little head moving side to side following my cock as it swung
when I walked. I smacked her hard on the ass as I walked by snapping her out of her
trance and eliciting more giggles from Jill and Jenny.

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Express yourself in any and all areas. That's a freedom I hold dear. This is stuff to put ammo in minds of paranoid people who are already way overboard in quest to spread reasons to take away our rights to do as we please. But imaginative story,you can only get more better with practice.


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Good and bad: I loved little Lily licking her mother's cunt, but hated the snuff! Who can show me stories like this but all kind and loving?

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