Sixth year was going to be a great year for Harry Potter. He didn’t quite know it just yet, but at the end of this month, he would feel like the king of the world. As he was lying in bed after the second day of school that year he would have never believed it were anyone to tell him this. But little did he know how easily things can change.

Life appeared ordinary enough, new school year, new Defense teacher -Snape of all people- as well as new first years. But the first addition to the dawn of Harry’s great year came in a very surprising way. This is where our story begins.
Five days later;

“Ron, please, not here” Lavender said in her highly pitched little-girls voice. They were in the Gryffindor common room, cuddling in one of the many plush sofas. Ron had just snuck a hand underneath her mid-thing length skirt, feeling her cunt on the outside of her small thong panties. He simply gave her a little smile.

“C’mon Lav, don’t act like you don’t want it… Slut.” She blushed, but didn’t object. They could both feel her panties dampening. She was getting flustered, wet and horny, right here in the open. The time of the day was half past three in the afternoon, a period of time when almost no one was to be found in the common room. The exhibitionist in her still felt alight however. It was a thrill. The risk of getting caught. The danger of a teacher or student walking in on them. So instead of pushing him away, she ground herself back on his fingers. She could feel him circling her by now wet clit. Feeling around it, lightly flicking over it and then running his fingers down to slowly start fucking her with them.

She let of a light moan in his ear, it felt great. He started picking up the pace, fingerfucking her at a harsh pace. She no longer cared if McGonagall herself walked in. She needed to cum. At the same time, Ron kept whispering in her ear, calling her exactly what she was. His little slut. His toy. Pet. Whore. Maybe she should get mad, but right now she could only moan.

She leaned back from him pull her top up, letting her firm 34C cup tits out for him to feel. For him to whatever he wanted with. She gave of another sexy moan as he roughly nibbled on one of her small nipples, she was in fucking heaven. This is when the portrait leading in to the common room opened. They wouldn’t have stopped if it wasn’t for the plethora of voices that they could hear entering the room. Ron quickly withdrew his fingers. She hurried to pull her top back down.

Harry was the first one to enter the room, followed by pretty much the entirety of the sixth year, all of them wanting to get some relaxation after a long Friday of studies.

“Hey mate, we missed you at lunch” Harry said, sitting down next to Ron in the couch. Ron looked at him, trying to keep a straight face while articulating a reply.

“Yeah.. Sorry ‘bout that, got caught up with eh… homework and then I thought I’d spend some time with Lavender, you know, just us.” He couldn’t stop from stammering a little bit, trying to hide his errection as best he could. Harry just smiled.

“Of course, hey by the way.” Lavender mumbled a reply back, not really bothering to hide her dissatisfaction at the interruption. They chitchatted for a little while, before Ron, being the true gentleman that he is, made an excuse to go the bathroom. He took off, almost running up the stairs to jerk off.

This left Harry and Lavender alone on the couch. Harry being the gentleman that he is, tried sparking a conversation, half succeeding. She was still horny. You could say she was in her slut mode. The exact way she felt at the Yule ball in forth year when she fucked that guy from Durmstrang. Horny, desperate for some ‘attention’ and most of all, with a cock craving.

She looked at Harry next to her. He was good looking. Tall with a lean build, not a muscle house exactly, but handsome. She thought about it, cheating wasn’t a problem, never had been. She figured Ron must have realized on his own whom it was he was getting together with. A slut. She was going to get some cock in her tight cunt today, whether it was Ron or not. She looked right at Harry and made the decision right then, he was going to fuck the shit out of her tonight.

“So Harry, could you help me a little…” She looked at him innocently. He smiled and nodded; “Of course.”
She cracked her own smile, perfect.

“I sorta need to pick something out to wear for a date, with Ron of course, could you help me pick something out?” She knew exactly what to do from here on out. Harry obviously agreed, he didn’t know what was coming.
She stood up from the couch and looked around her, empty. Dinner was in only 10 minutes and everyone would be on the way to the Great Hall. Ron had left about five minutes ago, talking about being famished.

“What do you think of this, could I wear something like it?” She slowly turned around for him, making sure to push her chest out against the thin cotton of her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra so he definitely got a look of her tits. When she had her back against him she leaned forward just a little bit. Pushing her rather big ass out. She caught him starring right at it when she turned back to face him, excellent.

“So what do you think, too simple?”

“Not at all Lavender, you look gorgeous.” He seemed to realize he had just called his best friend’s girlfriend gorgeous, but never got the chance to apologize. She squealed her trade-mark squeal and pulled him out of the couch for a hug. Pulling him tightly, making sure he felt her bosom pushed up against his chest. She thanked him for the compliment, almost whispering in his ear.

“Thank you Harry, that means a lot coming from you, like the big celebrity of the school.” She could feel him responding to the slight ego boost by tightening his grip just a tad, maybe without thinking. She leaned back, pushing her groin area against his and looked him in the eyes. He was spellbound.

“Do you really like the skirt though? I was so unsure when I bought it, Parvati convinced me after like, an hour but I don’t really know. Instead of letting go or backing away a bit, he simply looked down, getting a great view down her cleavage, not really seeing much of her skirt. He then looked up into her eyes and said; “looks fantastic on you… eh, formfitting I guess.” He was blushing a little bit now, she thought it was cute.

“Thanks Harry” she smiled a small, almost seductive smile, “just one more look, I need to be really sure about this.” She took a step away from him, his hands still on her back though, and turned around. Her skirt-clad ass was only inches away from his hard cock. “Looking good?” She asked innocently, bending forward to accent her curves even more. When she turned around his hands had ended up on her stomach, this pushed them up to right under her breasts.

“Oh yeah… uh… bloody fantastic Lavender… your ass… skirt is great, really!” She pushed back just a little bit more, only for a second, she felt a hard cock behind his pants. Excellent. She now decided to turn back around to face him again. However, she wanted to take this up a notch. As she turned she swung her arms in such a way that Harry’s own arms got pushed down. The result was that he was now holding her waist, as well as getting a feel of the upper part of her ass.

She looked up into his eyes again. “Could you just do one more thing… its bit embarrassing I guess but please?” She smiled a doe-eyed smile at him. He was like butter. “Anything Lavender.”

“Call me Lav Harry” Her grin broadened further. “I just want to know how, well… how my butt looks, in the skirt I mean.” Lav didn’t bother to wait for Harry to reply, his blush being enough for her. She took a couple of steps away from him, breaking their embrace. She gave him a sexy, almost mysterious smile before she turned around. She bent forward, but far this time. She could feel her skirt getting hiked up until it was sitting just above the lower curve of her ass. Giving him a great view.

“Do you like it Harry? Tell me how my ass looks.” Her voice was getting a bit husky, she was working herself up.

“Wow Lav, it’s uh… It’s, I don’t know… Hot. Sexy even.” He didn’t feel bad about the language he was using about Ron’s girlfriend this time. She turned back around, without bothering to correct her skirt, keeping it hiked up like that, showing her tight ass for the world to see.

“Thanks so much Harry.” She slowly walked towards him, embracing him yet again. This time however, she put her hand around his waist, grinding her now wet cunt against him through their clothes. At the same time, Harry’s hands found themselves right on her half-covered behind. Only the upper half of her butt was covered by the skirt, the rest was free for his palms to explore. At this point he had lost any moral inhibitions and simply groped her, getting his hands in underneath her skirt. Mauling her ass firmly. He thought Lavender might have some kind of objection but she just kept grinding herself against him, making sure he felt her wet cunt sliding up and down his hard-on.

Lavender smiled at up at him, and looked him right in the eye. “Do you like my ass Harry? My big tight juicy ass?” He gulped a little, but managed to meet her gaze. “Fucking amazing Lav” he said straight faced. She smirked at the reaction. Grinding herself even tighter, dragging her now only panty-covered cunt over his big cock.

She moved her hands from his waist to his shoulders, pushing him down on the couch. She jumped on him like a predator on its prey, straddling him. Now, for the first time, she kissed him. She passionately explored his mouth with her tongue. He was a great kisser. They stayed locked together like that for a couple of minutes, kissing, grinding and panting. When Lavender had to pull back for just a second, she decided to go for the kill. She slowly slid down his body. Ending up on her knees in front of him. She tore at his pants, pulling them down with his underwear just far enough to free his cock.

“You’re big Harry” she whispered to him, “so much bigger than Ron.” She looked at his 8-inch tool up and down before moving in. She lightly kissed the head of it. Swirling her tongue around, getting a groan from him. It wasn’t like she hadn’t picked anything up while being the school slut. She grabbed the base of his cock with her right hand, and started stroking him. At the same time she kept pushing her head down on him, taking about six inches in at once.

Lavender started to slowly bob up and down. Savoring the great taste of Harry, so much better than Ron she thought. She slowly took his full length down her throat, using every trick in the book to make the blowjob as pleasurable as it could be. She twirled her tongue around as much as she could, attempting to deep-throat him while at the same time licking all around the root of his cock.

Harry was in heaven, but eventually had to interrupt her though; “I’m getting close Lav, get up here.” She reluctantly stopped sucking him of, making a show of licking up some pre-cum and swallowing it all. She stood up in front of him, her tits on display. She mashed them against his face. “Suck them Harry, suck my big tits.” He didn’t need to be told twice. He went to work on her hard, perky nipples. Biting and suckling them, making Lavender moan loudly in approval. They stayed like that for a couple of minutes until her back was starting to become stiff from standing bent over, so she quickly straddled his lap, her cunt right on top of his cock, pushing it up towards his stomach.

“Do you like my pussy like this Harry, does it feel good when I do this?” She emphasized her question by sliding his dick right in between her wet folds, placing him less than half an inch from her hole. He simply moaned in response, pushing up against her. “Do you want to fuck me Harry?” She removed her tits from his face to let him look at her.

“God yes Lav… Merlin I need it.” She grabbed his cock and placed him right at her entrance. She slowly circled it around her hole, making the head wet with her juices. Then, she simply sat down on it, taking him fully. She moaned loudly, it felt incredible to get stuffed so fully.

“Do you like the way that tight pussy feels Harry?” she moaned out right into his ear while bouncing herself up and down his pole, gripping him tightly. “Fuck me hard Harry.” He was happy to oblige. He quickly started meeting her bounces with his hips, pushing upwards into her. “You feel amazing Lav, so tight.” He put on hand one her left tit, squeezing it, making her give of a light moan again. His other hand went to her ass, roughly grabbing her right cheek. Not that Lavender minded though, if anything she just pushed against him harder, sitting down on him fully, using her pussy to milk his cock inside of her.
“Spank me like the slut I am Harry.”

He grabbed her ass with both hands, firmly and slapped both of her cheeks hard. A resounding noise went out through the common room, accompanied by Lavenders yelp. He smacked her again, red marks starting to form, he would worry about hurting her, but her increased of pace in her bouncing made him think otherwise. “Merlin you’re a whore Lav” he moaned out as she made sure to reward every slap with a moan.
“I know I am” Was her only response. Very fittingly, this statement was followed by her orgasm, she slammed herself down fully on Harry’s cock and gripped him tightly, her pussy cramping down on him attempting to forcefully milk him of cum. She rode it out like that, collapsing against his chest, panting and sweating with a silly smile on her face. Harry however wasn’t satisfied just yet, he still wanted to cum himself.

“Get down on your knees Lav.” She didn’t even say anything in response; she just complied and went with what he said. She got down on her knees in front of him and looked at his big cock, it was covered in her juices and his pre-cum. She made sure to lick along the sides of it, getting a great taste of their mixed juices, she loved it. She started deep-throating him again, using her throat instead of her pussy to milk him this time.
Harry, being very close, wasn’t as immobile as he had been during her previous blowjob. He put both hands on the back of her head and started face-fucking her. Her incredible mouth, her tight throat, her warm tongue, it quickly got too much. He pulled out and started to spew out cum all over her face. She just sat there and took it, eyes closed and mouth open.

“Mm, we’ll be doing this again Harry, if anyone asks we were studying.” She stood up, grabbed her clothes and slowly started to walk towards her dormitory, swaying her hips on the way. It left Harry with an almost surreal feeling, did that really just happen? Deciding to ponder it later, he dressed himself and headed up to his own dormitory.

Unbeknownst to both of them however, they hadn’t been alone. Ginny had decided on taking a nap instead of going to dinner on this day. Imagine her surprise when she walked down the stairs to find her brothers girlfriend screwing her brothers best friend. Obviously she felt enraged, the betrayal against Ron was a deep one. However, her crush on Harry wasn’t exactly an unknown one, and seeing him like that was, to say the least, hot. So she hid in the stairway, fingering herself as she watched Lavender get fucked on the couch.

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