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Silk's first play party. She learns a lot...
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TABLE OF CONTENTS... So u can be sure ur in order...
13. The Party Pt1
14. The Party Pt2
15. Feeling Hidden
16. Raping Silk
17. Bad Day Sex
18. Club Cane - Coming Soon
18. Blurred Lines Defined - Coming Soon
“Mon petit chéri, votre Maître est un tel monstre. Je ne vous ferais jamais le faire.” He told her, causing her to realize that the accent was French.

“I am sorry Sir, I don’t understand,” Silk told him as she leaned up over his lap.

“Mon petit chéri, it is nothing, I was just complimenting you,” he lied. He then opened his pants and allowed Silk to see his cock.

Silk gasped, he was rather large and thick. She wasn’t sure she could get it in her mouth much less suck him off all the way.

At her gasp, he laughed, “Mon petit chéri, you don’t have to fit it all in your mouth. If you will just suck the head, I will help you.”

Silk did as ordered and while he helped her as he said he talked to her. Silk wished he would just shut up and cum.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel this in your pussy, mon petit chéri?” He asked.

Silk shook her head no, and he laughed so she pulled off his cock and told him that the only man she wished to feel inside her was her Master.

Unbeknownst to Silk, Michael heard her and was now smiling with pride.

The gentleman was undaunted however and kept talking to her while she sucked him. Finally much to Silks relief, he came. Silk was unprepared for the amount and ended up with it down her front and in her hair. She just could not swallow it all.

Once he was done, she pulled away and turned to find Michael watching her. He motioned for her to come to him so she crawled over to him.

Once there, he leaned over and told Stacey to go get something to clean up Silk. While she was gone, he leaned over to Silk and said, “He lied to you.”

Silk looked at him confused.

“What he said in French. His translation to you, he lied. He actually said to you that, your Master is such a monster. I would never make you do this. He also kept calling you, my little darling,” Michael whispered in her ear.

Silk looked at him again, wondering why it mattered now.

Michael watched her face for a reaction then spoke, “So do you feel the same? Am I a monster for making you do that for everyone?”

Silk looked up for a moment and spoke, “No Master, I don’t think you’re a monster.”

Michael grabbed her hair and made her look at him, “Really, then what do you think? What was that look for earlier? Are you mad that I am making you do this? The truth, now slave.”

Silk looked into his eyes, “I was a little mad about having to do this and that look was because I was being pissy. I don’t really mind doing it though, as it pleases you. I am also sorry I was bad before,” she said.

Michael looked at her, watching her eyes as she spoke. When she was done, he kissed her full on the mouth. Silk was taken aback when he did this as she had just preformed oral on many other men and still had cum on her lips and the taste still in her mouth. When Michael broke the kiss, Stacey was there with the cloth to clean Silk. Michael took the cloth and wiped her front off.

Once she was clean he sent her over to Baron. She crawled over to him and noticed that his slave Dyna was there also. Dyna smiled at her as she approached.

Baron spoke, “I want you two to both suck me and when I cum you two will share it.”

Dyna smiled again at Silk as she undid her Master’s pant. Once she had his cock free she kissed it then offered it to Silk. Silk took the head in her mouth while Dyna leaned down to lick his balls. Together they worked, sucking and licking till he finally exploded in Dyna’s mouth. After his last shot, Dyna turned and kissed Silk.

Silk enjoyed the kiss greatly as she felt an attraction to Dyna. As they kissed Dyna rubbed up against Silk. This excited her greatly. She was disappointed when Baron ordered them apart.

“Dyna, you slut,” Baron laughed, “Turning her on like that.”

Michael motioned her back over to his side. She crawled over to him and knelt once more at his feet. It seemed that he wanted her to watch once more.

After a bit someone asked Michael if his slaves would like to lube wrestle with some of the other slaves. Michael asked Syndee and Stacey if they’d like to do it to which they hastily answered, “Yes, Master.”

Michael took a seat closer to the ring and ordered Silk to his feet. While she sat with him and watched, he stroked her neck through her hair. This turned her on greatly especially when he would stroke a finger under her collar. Soon he had her turned on.

Michael knew that Silk was responding to his stroking. He relished the thought that he had to power to turn her on so with just his hand. Unbeknownst to Silk however, Michael had other ideas as to why he was stroking her neck and turning her on so.

Michael wanted her to lube wrestle also but he wanted her in a good mood when he approached her with the idea. While the punishment was not part of their agreement for the evening, he knew that wrestling was and so he wanted her to say yes. A sure fire way to get a slave to be willing was to turn her on. Michael knew how to play his hand where Silk was concerned.

After both of her slave sisters had wrestled while they watched the Domme from earlier approached Michael and was speaking in low tones to him. He laughed and told her we’ll see. He then looked at Silk.

Silk swallowed hard wondering what Michael wanted now. She wasn’t scared but she was still a bit nervous with all these people.

“Slave would you like to wrestle in the lube?” Michael asked her.

Silk thought on it for a moment and said yes without hesitation.

Michael turned to the Domme and told her to go get her slave and announce the match to the Maid calling it.

Michael turned back to Silk and explained the rules. He explained how to win, about tapping and different holds. When he finished he asked if she understood.

“It’s a lot like the wrestling from television correct? I know that stuff really well,” She told him with a smile. She hoped to make him proud of her especially after her earlier mistake.

The match was called and Silk and the slave entered the ring. He was the second male slave she had given a blow job to before when she was being punished. He smiled at her and bowed as ordered. Silk bowed also and the match began.

They wrestled around and Silk soon learned that while the moves were like what she had seen on television, the lube made it hard to execute them properly. Often she ended up on her ass or back as did the other slave. Soon they were both on the mat rolling around. Silk could feel the male slave’s erection rubbing against her and it turned her on. Because of Michael's stroking before, she was already hot and bothered, rolling with a male who sported an erection was making Silk even more turned on.

Boy; as he was called was fascinated by Silk. When she gave him the blow job earlier he was impressed as she made him shoot so fast. Then there was the kiss they shared. It tore at his soul. He was counting his blessings now that he got the chance to wrestle with her. He wished it could be more but knew that was impossible as he was only a slave.

Silk was close to cumming as he rubbed against her. She was about to loose it when he accidentally slid inside her wet and ready depths. As he hit bottom Silk lost it. Oh no she thought as she smothered her cry in his shoulder. She bit him and she felt him shoot deep in her. As they both came back to reality, he pinned her and the Ref counted to three. She lost.

As he got off her, he turned them so that no one saw what they had done. He helped her to stand and gave her a strange look. She lowered her eyes and went over to Michael.

Michael helped her out of the ring and could tell she was upset. Thinking it was over losing, he told her, “Don’t worry slave. I didn’t expect you to win your first time. I’m proud you did so well and lasted so long.” Pointing toward a bathroom he added, “Now go to the showers over there and clean yourself up”

Silk smiled at him glad he didn’t seem to notice the rest of what had happened. When he told her go shower she was relieved. She could get herself under control in the shower. She followed his directions to the shower and found that she wasn’t the only one waiting to shower. The male slave was also in there. She looked back at Michael and saw he wasn’t even looking her way. She started to turn and walk back but the male slave spoke.

“If you’re thinking we can’t shower together, you’re wrong. Slaves always shower together regardless of sex,” He told her with an air of authority.

Silk looked at him and found him looking at her. She smiled and followed him into the bathroom after the last couple exited.

Once they were alone, he spoke again making small talk. Silk kept her eyes down and didn’t respond much till he said, “Look I know you came so don’t freak out. I won’t tell if you don’t. We would both be in hot water if our Owners knew. I would get it way worse then you.”

Silk looked at him once more full in the eyes, “Okay fine then. Our little secret,” She asked as she held out her hand.

He agreed as he shook it and they proceeded to get cleaned up. At some point during their joint shower, Silk ended up in his arms and he was kissing her again. Silk felt guilty but couldn’t help the attraction she felt so when he entered her once more, she didn’t stop him.

He pressed her up against the wall and thrust into her quickly. Silk tried hard not to rake his back as she muffled their cries with a kiss. After a quick orgasm from them both it was over and they were both shaken. Without a word they finished cleaning up and he helped her clean herself out so no one would be the wiser, before parting, they reaffirmed their vow of secrecy, then Silk went back and knelt at Michael’ feet while he did the same with his Domme.

As Silk knelt at Michael’s feet she glanced up at him and found him smiling at her. She smiled back and dropped her gaze to the floor. After a few minutes, she started watching again. She was really engrossed in watching a Domme with her female slaves when Michael called her name.

“Yes, Master?” She asked as she looked up and saw Starla.

“Hello there,” Starla said when Silk looked up at her.

Silk smiled at her and greeted in return, “Hello Ma’am.”

Michael placed his hand on her shoulder so she turned and looked up at him. He smiled so she smiled in return. She listened to him chat with Starla and answered questions when asked but she was still engrossed in watching.

Soon it was late and Michael mentioned it was time to go. He had Silk fetch the other two. While he was waiting, Baron offered that the other two could stay the night with the other slaves who were staying if Michael would like. Baron could tell that Michael needed time alone with Silk. Michael said he would allow the girls to decide.

Silk came back with the others and Michael explained Baron’s offer to them. They agreed to stay right away. Michael left them in Baron’s care and had Silk gather her stuff. Silk returned with her bag, cloak and Michael’s jacket. Michael bid everyone good-bye and escorted Silk to the door. At the door, the maid let the valet know to bring Michael’s truck up. Once it was outside Michael helped Silk into the truck and they drove home.

One they way home, Michael noticed Silk seemed quiet. “Are you okay little one?” He asked.

Lost in thought over the nights events Silk almost didn’t hear Michael, “Sorry what did you say?”

“I asked, are you okay little one?”

Silk didn’t know how to answer that so she just nodded yes.

Michael left her alone for now but he could tell something wasn’t right. He would pursue it later at home.

Silk was upset over the wrestling and later the shower incident. She felt she had betrayed Michael but didn’t know how to tell him. She knew as a slave she shouldn’t have shared herself but as a woman it wasn’t cheating. They weren’t together; it was only sex and games. After a bit of mental debate she decided to just not tell Michael, at least not now.

Once they arrived home Michael helped her out of the truck and into the house. He could tell she was tired. He knew tonight’s events had worn her out in more ways then one. Once in the house, he decided that the hot tub was in order to help her relax, so after he told her to sit on the couch for a bit, he went in and opened it up and started it. Next he gathered some towels and their shower stuff and brought it down stairs. Once he was ready he called to her.

“Silk come shower with me,” He said.

Silk stood up and removed her cloak, collar and cuffs. She hadn’t redressed so she was already naked, she also un-braided her hair. Michael had started the shower so it was ready to step into. Michael allowed her to enter first then followed. Silk turned to look up at him and was met with a kiss.

Once in the shower, Michael glanced down at Silk and she looked so tempting with the water running down her body. He couldn’t resist so he kissed her. The kiss led to more and soon he was on the verge of taking her. He didn’t want that so he slowed it down a bit. Silk looked confused when he backed off.

“Silk,” he started tipping her chin up to look in her eyes, “I want you to know this isn’t just about sex. I stopped just now so you wouldn’t think that. I so want to take you right now but I don’t want you to think that’s all I want. I want so much more but when we are like this, my hormones take over.”

Silk listened while he spoke looking him deep in the eyes, “Michael I don’t care about all that. I want more too but for now I’m just taking it slowly. At this point I just want you, so take me,” She told him.

Michael couldn’t resist so he kissed her again. He still wasn’t going to take her in the shower but he wanted to heat her up so he kissed his way down to her neck. Biting and sucking at her neck, he also gripped her bottom pulling her up against him. While he did this, Silk used her nails on his back, this made Michael’s head swim. As Michael gripped her ass, he felt her tight hole so he slipped his finger up it. This caused Silk to hiss and grip harder with her nails.

Silk knew what Michael was saying but she just didn’t want to talk. She needed him to take her right now. To erase all thoughts of the other so when he went back to kissing her, she just melted into it. As he made his way to her neck her nails automatically dug into him. She knew he liked it so she didn’t worry about being to rough. When he slipped his finger up her ass she hit the roof. Soon she was panting.

Michael bit her neck as he stroked his finger in and out of her asshole. He knew this drove her nuts and he could tell by the nails on his back she was losing it fast. Increasing the pace, he waited to hear her beg and it didn’t take long.

“Please Master,” Silk gasped.

“Please what,” He asked as he lifted his head to look in her eyes. They were clouded with lust.

After a few more pants, she asked, “Please may I cum?”

Wanting to make it more intense, he asked, “How bad do you need it?”

Silk rolled her eyes and moaned. She hated when he played with her but she knew it was just his thing. Finally, “Bad,” then, “Please Michael.”

“Please what?” He asked with raised eyebrow noting the use of his name.

“Please Master,” She hissed a correction.

Michael leaned down and bit her neck and told her to cum. Silk let go as the words cleared his lips. Michael was right, the orgasm was very intense. Silk felt on the verge of blacking out for a moment but it faded fast and she looked up to find him staring at her. She smiled shyly.

Michael was thinking on the use of his name. He had noticed that she used it when the sex was more like loving making and less like sex. He wondered if she realized it and if he was just imagining the significance of it. While he’d like to explore that possibility he knew tonight wasn’t the right time. He decided to just go with the flow and go slowly like they agreed.

Silk was also thinking on the use of his name over the term Master. She too had noticed that she used it when the sex felt more like love. She knew already she was falling in love with Michael but didn’t want to rush anything. She was still fresh off her break-up with Reed and she also was unsure if Michael was looking for more than just a Master/slave relationship. Sure he said he felt more for her but that didn’t mean declarations of love were part of that more. This is mind she just kept it to herself for now. When she used his name however it was like she was saying I love you. At least this is what she thought to herself.

He kissed her for moments more then turned to grab her scrubbie, next her soap and once he had soap on the scrubbie he began to wash her. He slowly washed her from neck to toes examining her body to make sure he hadn't marked her in the wrong way. Bruises in certain places were to be expected but there were no-no zones and Michael wanted to be sure he hadn't marked her in those places. He also checked to be sure he hadn't hit her to hard in the places that were allowed.

He figured she wouldn't want to wash her hair again after the shower she'd taken after the lube wrestling so he just held it out of the way as he rinsed her body of the soap. The then handed her his stuff and allowed her to wash him in return. Once they were both clean and rinsed Michael helped himself once more to her lips. Soon she was up in his arms and his hand found her asshole once more and begin to probe her hole with his finger. She moaned and rubbed up against his cock with her pussy almost begging for more with each thrust of her hips.

Finally she vocalized her need. “Please Michael. Take me.”

He was more then willing to comply but he loved to tease, making her all the more wanton. “How do you want it?”

Silk surprised him and said, “I want you to show me more. I want you to tie me and then fuck me in every hold I have.”

Michael actually swallowed in surprise and almost faltered for a moment as he just stared down at her for bit. Finally he recovered and said with a hot voice in her ear, “And so I shall. I'll have ever hole your sweet little body has to offer before the night is over.” He punctuated it with a nip to her neck.

That said he shut off the water, helped her out of the shower and into a warm towel. Once they were both dry and she had buckled on her collar and cuffs, Michael led her to the dungeon. Considering her wish to be tied up while being fucked he debated what would be the best way to do this in light of her newness to everything. He didn't want to push her limits to fast so he considered the spreader bar for her feet with a rope to attach it to the hooks above the bed. For her arms he tie her to the headboard using ropes and her cuffs.

Once he had a plan, he led her to the bed. He turned her to the face him and gave her a gentle kiss. “Are you ready my pet?”

She breathing had picked up a little but she gave an anxious nod. She was a little nervous at the idea her words had invoked and was unclear at the how Michael intended to fulfill her request. Putting her trust into Michael though as she had so far she knew she would be safe so she had no trouble answering honestly, “Yes Master.”

Michael began by kissing her once more. He would usually start with an inspection of sorts to be certain his slave was ready for such vigorous activities but he had already pretty much done that washing her so he was ready to move on from that to working her up. He pulled her up tight and kissed, bit and sucked at her ears and neck till she was panting once more.

When Michael felt her starting to grind into him he knew she was ready to move on. Next he directed her to lay on the bed and clipped the leads above her head to her wrists. Once that was done he gave her more teasing only this time it was to remind her she was tied down so he begin kissing her nipples and running his tongue around the curves of her breasts. Next he licked his way up her collarbone to her neck. She begin squirming when he put his leg over hers and pressed his knee up tight to her heated core.

He took her mouth with dominance and when he broke the kiss he told her, “You're too hot for your own good little one.” and then gave her another long hot kiss. “Slow down my pet, you wouldn't want to beat me to the finish line now would you?” He added and pulled up. She predictably pulled up to chase his mouth just as he wanted her to do and noticed the hitch in her breath when she once more noted her tied hands.

Waving his finger in front of her face he laughed, “Ah ah ah.. Settled down now.”

She fell back to the bed and pouted, “Please Master. Just one more kiss.”

Michael couldn't resist one more chance to taste those lips. Her kisses had him hooked so he kissed her till they were both panting. He finally pulled away before he forgot her request and took her right there. To calm himself down he got up and retrieved the spreader bar from the wall when it hung. Bringing it over to the bed he allowed Silk to get a good look at it and waited for questions. He was happy to note that she never said a word as she watched him hook each clip to her ankle cuffs.

Silk wasn't clear on the item Michael picked up off the wall but before she could question him, he began clipping it to her ankles so she kind of figured out what it was for. She was still unclear how it fit in to the plans but kept her mouth shut trusting she'd like it.

Next Michael hooked a rope to the middle of the spreader bar but did not pull her legs up just yet. When he was satisfied with her placement he crawled back up to her head. “Lift up on your elbows slave,” He ordered and when she did he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her mouth towards his waiting cock.

Silk gladly took him in and sucked his cock like it was a lifeline. She really liked when he would force her head forward or use her hair to control her head. Something about it turned her on like mad.

“You are really good at that my pet,” Michael muttered. “I bet your mouth was the hit of the party tonight.” He told her reminding her of earlier. She smiled at the pride in his words. “Too bad they only got to sample your hot little mouth though,” He said as he slipped a hand down her tummy and ran his fingers down her sopping pussy.

He started fingering her pussy first then slipped down to her asshole to help get her ready. Michael didn't want to ruin her tight asshole as he really hated to see slaves allow themselves to get used to the point of looseness. He could tell that Syndee was at that point just from fingering her hole and he didn't want Silk to end up like that.

He felt she was ready now so he deep throated her a few more times before pulling back. Next he grabbed a remote that pulled on the rope attached to the bar on her ankles and pulled her legs straight up. When they were as high as he liked, he hooked another rope to them and got between her legs. Then he grabbed her hips and pulled her down the bed till she was flat on her back and her arms were pulling slightly on her bonds. Next he pushed another button that pulled her legs forward and over her chest.

Silk suddenly felt helpless and exposed. She wasn't clear what Michael was doing so she actually felt some fear.

Michael noticed her breathing pick up and saw fear in her eyes. With a gentle voice he soothed her, “Shhhh shhhh, calm down my pet. This wont hurt, I'm just getting your legs out of the way. I promise your safe,” He said but when she didn't seem to relax, he added, “You remember your safe word right?” At her nod of yes, he said, “If it gets to be too much just say Red.”

Silk nodded yes once again so Michael went on. He decided to heighten her excitement level to help her relax so he lowered his head and licked gently. As he did this he felt her legs relax and the more he got into it, the more she let go. Finally she was limp once more so Michael lifted up and positioned his cock for entry into her hot depths.

As Michael slowly slid in he felt her contract around him, “Are you close slave?”

Silk could only nod yes. Once she relaxed totally the whole situation just added to her fire. When Michael began to enter her she felt like she would explode right then. Had he of thrust hard and deep she would of lost it but his slow pace was pure torture.

Michael considered for a moment the thrust deep and hard like he knew she needed, “Come now my slave.” Silk didn't need to be told twice and arched her back and gave a moan that spoke volumes.

When she came back down, Michael was smiling, “Wow little one. So I take it you're ready to rock and roll?” He laughed as he began thrusting once more.

“Oh yes Master. Fuck me hard,” Silk moaned in response.

Michael gave her that wish fucking her through two more orgasms. The last one he also fingered her ass once more to help get her ready. Finally he felt she was ready for him so he pulled out and got up once more. This time he grabbed some lube and her little vibrator. Once back on the bed he first squeezed some on to his finger then probed her asshole with it. Silk moaned in response. Next he lubed his own cock as well. Finally dropping the lube next to then he grabbed the vibrator and turned it on. Silk gave him a smile as he once more positioned himself between her tied legs.

Michael thought to himself as he got ready, 'damn she looks so hot.' Soon he was pressing the head of his cock into her tight hole. He took the vibrator and placed it on her clit. This helped relax her totally and Michael slid in without causing her pain. He reached that point she called the point of no return and she hissed and he felt her open more. Once he was all the way in he stopped for a minute or two to allow her to adjust to him. When she pushed back against him, he knew she was ready.

“Silk your ass is so tight,” he couldn't help telling her. “I'm gonna fuck it till you cum rivers.” He bragged.

Silk could only pant, “Fuck my ass Master. Take me,” then as he began to thrust in and out, “Harder Master,” She panted.

Michael liked the dirty talk, it spurred his own. “Beg for it slave. Beg your Master to fuck your tight little holes.”

“Please Master fuck your slaves ass.” Silk panted.

Michael wanted to hear more. “Tell me how you liked me filling all your holes as you begged me to do.”

Silk wasn't so accustomed to dirty talk but when she was being ass fucked she couldn't help it. “I love when you fuck my mouth like some dirty whore Master.” Silk told him.

“Do you now?” He smiled. He was using a teasing stoke on her ass that just didn't quite let her cum.

“I like when you grab my hair and fuck my throat deep Master. It makes me so wet,” Silk told him in a breathless pant.

Michael was surprised at that somewhat. He thought she seemed to like when he used her mouth like that but he didn't realized it actually turned her on. He would definitely use that more on her. “What else my little cum slut?”

Silk just about lost it at the word slut, “I like it when you thrust deep into my pussy in one thrust and when you fuck me hard,” This time she was so close to cumming. “Please Master may I cum?”

Michael knew she couldn't control it yet when it came to her ass so he said, “Come little cum slut. Cum as your Master fills all your tight little fuck holes.” He knew his words would spur her on all the more.

And they did. Silk exploded and saw stars. She almost felt faint at that one. She told herself however, do not pass out. She wanted to see Michael cum as well. She loved to see his face and feel him shoot deep inside her. It always triggered once last orgasm as well, so she pushed herself back to the present and met his eyes.

Michael could tell too that it was very intense and hoped she wouldn't pass out. He didn't mind the passing out, but he liked them conscience when he came and he wasn't quite there yet. He had slowed his thrusts down to help her come back to him and when she gave him that shy smile as her eyes met him he knew she was still with him, “Don't pass out yet my pet,” he told her, “You'll miss the big finish.” He laughed and began thrusting deep once more.

After about ten or so thrusts he remembered her dirty talk, “So you haven't told me how you like this part of the fun.”

Silk looked to his eyes to see he was serious. “I really love it when you fuck my ass Master. I liked anal sex before but now I might be addicted to it,” She told him in a matter of fact tone.

Michael raised his eyebrow at that one, “Addicted huh?” Was all he could say.

“Yes Master. Your slave loves to feel your hard cock deep in her ass. I really love it when you explode deep inside me, “She panted, her words driving her on just as much as his thrusts were doing. “You know what else Master?” She asked.

Michael too was being driven at this point. Her words were pushing all the right buttons and Michael felt he was about to cum as well. “What slave,” He panted out.

“I like it when you call me your slut as you fuck my ass,” She told him.

Michael lost it at her last words, “Cum now slut,” He growled,it was all he could utter as he exploded deep in her ass.

Silk's eyes rolled back as he growled and she too let go. She didn't black out as she feared but it was close. WOW she thought, Michael sure had an explosive affect on her body. She didn't lie when she said she was addicted but it wasn't just to anal, it was to Michael totally. Michael did things to and with her body she never even thought possible. He brought her to heights she hadn't known existed and yet this was only the tip of the iceberg. Silk just knew the best was yet to come. Silk's addiction was named Michael and she was irrevocably hooked.

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