I give my twin daughters what they want for their birthday.
"Good morning Daddy," Amber and Stacy said as they came down the stairs, each giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning girls," I said, reading the paper and drinking coffee. “Excited for school?” It was the girls’ first day as 5th graders at St. Mary’s Elementary.

“No!” shouted Stacy, grabbing an apple and a pop tart. “I still want summer!” “Me too!” agreed Amber, helping herself to a bowl of cheerios..

I smiled. My girls were always energetic, just like their mother was. My name is Mark Johnson, and I first met Christina my freshman year at Stanford Law. We dated all through law school, and married shortly after. I was hired at Jelinksy & Hickson, one of the best law firms in the country, and we moved into the Beverly Hills, already living a life of wealth. Christina opted not to find a job, wanting to start a family, and it wasn’t long before she was pregnant.

She was pregnant with twin girls, which wasn’t surprising to us in the least. Christina’s family on the maternal side had always had multiples. I don’t mean like there was a set of twins for every few single births. I mean that there was not a single pregnancy anybody in her family could remember that didn’t deliver at least twins. Her family had no answer as to why this happened, until finally advances in technology allowed for testing to be done. Every menstruating female was tested once a week over the course of three months, including Christina, who at 9 years old had just started her periods. According to the tests, each woman produced multiple eggs, but the number of eggs produced was inconsistent. Christina, who wasn’t even having regular cycles yet, produced as many as four one month. We considered ourselves lucky that we were only having twins. As for them both being girls, I had my sperm count tested at the clinic before we started trying and although my sperm count was very high, the doctors told me that I was extremely low in Y Chromosome sperm (the sperm that makes boys), and that the odds of me making a boy were about 1 in 25 (not that it mattered, I always like girls and just wanted to start a family). The doctors were surprised when the pregnancy lasted 40 weeks (rather than the usual 37 for twins). Amber and Stacy were born into our lives on September 3rd, and we couldn’t have been happier.

A few years passed, and once the girls started school, Christina began working as a prosecution attorney, and soon was handling high profile cases. That’s when my life was turned upside down. Christina had put away a gang leader for life on multiple cases of murder a couple of weeks before, when she was killed in a drive-by shooting after dropping Amber and Stacy off at school. I was devastated. I went to the trial and saw the faces of the murderers as they were handed life sentences. Finally I could begin to heal. I quit my job at J&H, and moved the girls and I from the plush neighborhoods of Beverly Hills to the country in Montana, miles away from anyone else.

Following Christina’s murder, J&H’s lucrative life insurance gave me a huge payout of about $10 million. With the help of a friend who was an economics guru, I converted that into $90 million in three months by investing in new tech stocks, which I put into a mutual fund that doubles every 5 years so I’d never have to work again. In the fall I enrolled Amber and Stacy at St. Mary’s, an all-girls Catholic school, as first graders. After that, we settled into our new lives as the days became weeks, months and years. Now I was thirty-nine and they were two days from their eleventh birthdays, getting ready to start the fifth grade.

“At least it’s a half day, and then you get the weekend right away!” I told them. St. Mary’s always starts with a half day on Friday to get the girls back in the swing of things.

“We’ve got to run to the bus,” said Stacy as she finished her pop tart. “Bye Daddy!” shouted the girls as they ran out the door.

As I watched Amber and Stacy leave for school, I couldn’t help but notice how much they had grown. When they first started at school, they were the by far the smallest girls in their class, even though they were the oldest. Hell, they were the smallest girls their age that we knew. At only three and half feet tall and 35 pounds, they were smaller than some of the kindergarteners. Then the changes started happening. Their chests started filling out, their hips widened, and they kept getting taller and taller. I talked to their doctor about it, and he said that although their early development was abnormal, it wasn’t anything to worry about, and was probably hereditary since Christina had also started early. Shortly after their ninth birthdays they had their first periods, and were having regular periods by the time they turned ten. Now, two days before their eleventh birthdays, they looked like fully grown women. They were by far the tallest girls in their class, a full head taller than all the other girls at 5’6”. Their chests were full 36C breasts, and their straight blonde hair reached halfway down their backs. Amber and Stacy liked to run, and had been running five miles every day since they were nine, and because of this their stomachs were flat as a board, their long, tan legs were lean and muscular, and their asses were firm and toned. They were hotter than any other women I knew, and I had been fantasizing about them since they were nine years old.

At first I was ashamed of myself for thinking of my daughters that way. How could a father even think of doing that to his own daughters? But over time, I came to realize that I partially lusted after them because I hadn’t been with a woman since Christina, and they were the closest women in my life. I had never really moved on from her, and resigned myself to the idea that if I
wasn’t going to see other women, I was going to have sexual thoughts about my daughters.

I wish they didn’t have to always look so sexy though. We weren’t nudists, but we’d never really worried about dressing too modestly around the house. It wasn’t uncommon to see the girls naked as they walked from their room to the shower. They usually didn’t wear anything more than a bra or panties around house, and liked to swim and tan naked, saying they liked the feel of the water and didn’t want tan lines. All this made it hard to hide my lust over them as they got older and sexier, and their school uniforms only made things worse.

When I first enrolled them at St. Mary’s, they had had to buy the required uniform. It was a white short sleeve button down shirt, a red and gray plaid mini skirt made of two separate pieces of cloth that were fastened by buttons on the sides, and shiny black open toed shoes. It was a conservative uniform; the shirt was loose and the skirt went almost to the knee. Now most girls would have gotten bigger uniforms as they grew, but not Amber and Stacy. “We like our uniforms Daddy,” said Amber. “They make us feel unique.” “Please don’t make us get new uniforms Daddy,” said Stacy. Partly because I can never say no to them, and partly because it turned me on, I gave in and they kept using the same uniforms.

Now they looked like something out of Playboy. Their shirts were so short on them they only made it a couple inches below their boobs, and were so tight the girls could only button the bottom two buttons. They never wore bras. They told me their shirts were so wide open that the bras would be visible and they’d look trashy. You just had to take one look at them to know they weren’t wearing bras, because their nipples were always poking against their shirts. Their skirts were barely long enough to cover their panties, and anytime they bent over I could see everything, including their shaved pussies. The buttons on each side that were originally used to keep the front and back pieces of their skirts fastened together had all popped off after being stretched to the limit by their wide hips, so the girls sewed on strings at the tops to tie them together like a bikini. They were basically plaid loincloths, and the entire side of their legs were uncovered, including the sides of their delicious ass cheeks. The only thing they did replace were the shoes, which now had four inch heels that showed off their legs. I figured the school would force us to order new uniforms, but we technically didn’t have to as long as Amber and Stacy were wearing a skirt, shirt, and shoes from the catalog, even if the clothes were altered.

Now, as they walked up the street, I could see those sexy legs and their tight white cotton panties barely covering their juicy asses and outlining their shaved cameltoes. I was hard as a rock, and went to take a shower and jerk off, fantasizing about my daughters. I didn’t take long before I was squirting thick ropes of cum as I imagined shooting it up their tight cunts. I couldn’t stop cumming, picturing that I was planting my seed in their fertile wombs. I had been cumming a ton in the past few weeks, and this was no different. Before I met Christina I had no difficulty finding pussy, and my ten-inch-prick earned me the nickname “The BIG Johnson”. Not only was it big, but I could cum a big load too. I had always left a healthy load in Christina’s pussy when we fucked, but over the past month the size of my loads had grown to insane proportions. The only reference I could use was in porn when they use fake cum to completely cover a girl, only my cum was all too real. About the same time the amount of cum started increasing, my cock started staying hard after I finished cumming. It would either go down after a long time of not thinking about sex, or if I came again. I coated the entire shower wall with my cum as I experienced my first orgasm, then most of the bathroom floor with an equally big second load. After cleaning up the whole mess I went back to bed and didn’t wake up until Amber and Stacy came home.

I woke up to the sound of the front door closing as the girls got home from school. I heard them go into their room as I got out of bed and put some clothes on. I headed into the living room and turned on the TV when they came downstairs to warm up for their run. They looked so good in their running clothes. Their tits jiggled as they did their jumping jacks, threatening to pop out of those tiny sports bras. Their shorts were so short and tight they were hardly more than glorified panties. Their asses were completely visible, and their cameltoes were outlined tightly against their shorts. When they bent over to touch their toes, I could see wet spots against their pussies. This wasn’t the first time either; the last few days it had happened too. I was glad I was wearing baggy shorts because otherwise they would’ve easily seen my hard prick. They left, and I watched ESPN for about an hour until they came back, their bodies glistening with sweat. “I’m going to take a shower,” said Stacy. “I’m going to go lay out,” said Amber, who stripped off what little clothes she had and went out to the backyard. I watched her from the window, stretched out on her stomach, her ass looking perfect. I went outside, pretending to read.

“Daddy?” Amber asked. Oh shit, I thought, she saw me looking. But luckily that wasn’t the case.

“Can you put suntan lotion on me?” This threw me off. She had never asked me to do that before, and I wasn’t sure I could handle applying lotion to my sexy naked ten-year-old daughter without completely losing it. I started with her neck, then her back, then her legs and feet.

“Daddy,” said Amber, “you missed a spot.” Reluctantly, I started rubbing the oil on her fim, delicious ass. I had been dreaming of getting my hands on her ass for years, and I could barely handle myself. I stopped before I lost all control, and sat back down in my chair.

“Daddy,” called Amber. “You didn’t get my other side.” She turned over, baring her gorgeous breasts and hairless pussy.

“Are you sure, honey?” I asked.

“Of course Daddy! I don’t want to burn,” she said. That wasn’t exactly what I meant when I asked if she was sure, but I gave up. I started with her feet and legs, then her stomach and arms, then moved onto her tits. They were so tender and round. Her nipples hardened when I put lotion on them, and stood up like little eraser tips. I wanted more than anything to put my mouth on them, but somehow maintained some control. I moved down to her pussy, trying to go quickly before I did something I’d regret. I put the lotion on her pussy lips and left quickly.

“Daddy...” What more could she want? “You didn’t get inside,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You didn’t rub the lotion inside, Daddy.”

“I’m not rubbing inside, Amber.”
“But I’ll burn!” she cried. I sighed, put lotion on my middle and index fingers, and shoved them up her cunt. The lotion helped my fingers glide into her pussy, which was incredibly tight even though I could tell her juices were flowing. She was clearly enjoying the feeling of my fingers in her fuck hole as she gripped the arm of the chair and her chest heaved.

“Is that enough honey?”

“Just a little more Daddy,” she moaned between gasps of breath. I realized what was going on, but I had lost all will to fight it. I could tell I’d found her g-spot, and I pushed against it as hard as I could. Amber’s pussy clamped down on my fingers and her juices flowed down my arm as she came. I couldn’t believe how much she was squirting. Her cunt’s grip on my fingers slowly loosened as she came down from her orgasm. Somehow, after her orgasm I regained a shred of self-control, but I realized I’d lose it fast if I stuck around. I stood up to leave, but Amber stopped me.

“Daddy,” she said sitting up, “are you okay?”

“Of course,” I lied. I was anything but okay. I was this close to fucking my ten-year-old daughter. “Why?”

“Well your thing is pretty hard.” I looked down. I hadn’t realized what had happened while I was fingering Amber’s cunt, but a huge tent had formed in my shorts as my dick reached its fully hard ten-inch length. I turned away from her, trying to hide my obviously hard prick. I was too embarrassed to say anything. Amber, however, felt no such embarrassment. “Didn’t you say that happens when a man thinks a woman is pretty?” I had given the girls the sex talk when they started developing, so I knew she knew what it meant. I still had no idea what to say. “Do you think I’m pretty Daddy?”

Words finally formed in my head. “Honey, sometimes a man sees a woman and it gets hard, even if he doesn’t want it to.”

“Does that mean you think I’m pretty?” I could see she wasn’t going to let me out of this nightmare until I answered the question.

“Of course you’re pretty sweetie,” I reluctantly answered.

“Why don’t you want it to get hard?” she asked.

“Because you’re my daughter, and daughters aren’t supposed to get their daddies hard.”

“I don’t mind Daddy. I like that you think I’m pretty.” Her tone seemed different. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She stood up and walked over to me, still completely naked. “Can I see it?”

“Of course not! You’re my daughter, Amber.”

Suddenly, Amber reached out and touch my prick through my shorts. My control completely disappeared as she rubbed my cock. “It’s so hard! Does it always get this hard?”

“Yes,” I weakly answered.

“Do I get you hard a lot?” she asked.


“Does Stacy get you hard too?”


She smiled. “I like that we make you hard Daddy. Can I see it?” This time I didn’t object, and after struggling with the waistband my dick was freed from my shorts. Amber kneeled down to get a better look. She wrapped her hand around the base. “It’s so big! I can’t imagine a prick this big fitting in my tiny pussy.” My cock jerked when she said that. She gave me a seductive look. “It looks so...delicious,” she said, and without warning put it in her mouth.

She swirled her tongue on the tip, then started moving her mouth up and down. Her mouth was stretched to the limit as she took more and more dick in my mouth. It wasn’t long before she was deepthroating my entire cock as she continued to give me the best blowjob I’d ever received. I briefly wondered how a ten-year-old girl with no experience could take ten inches of cock halfway down her throat when even her mother couldn’t take more than seven, before she took it out of her mouth. She stood up and started kissing me, not a gentle kiss but a rough animal make out. She slipped her tongue into my mouth as I started to finger her cunt. She licked my neck, then whispered in my ear, “Fuck my tight pussy Daddy.”

She laid down on the chair on her back as I took off my shirt. I got between her legs, and started to suck on her swollen nipples. “Mmm, that feels amazing,” Amber said, “but right now my cunt needs your cock.” She shuddered as my prick rubbed her cunt lips and found the opening. Her tight pussy was stretched to the limit as I slowly entered her. “Oh my god, Daddy, my pussy feels so full,” she moaned. I pulled out, then re-entered, this time getting four inches inside. I licked Amber’s neck, which sent a jolt through her cunt and allowed another two inches of my dick inside her. I paused when I felt my dick hit her hymen.

“Are you ready honey? It’ll hurt,” I said.

“I don’t care. I want all of you dick in my fuck hole.” she cried. I pulled out, then pushed hard in, popping her cherry and shoving all ten inches of my dick in her ten-year-old pussy. My animal instincts took over, and I started fucking Amber hard and rough as she wrapped her legs around me, trying to keep my cock as deep in her pussy as possible. After fucking for a couple more minutes I could feel her pussy tighten and she screamed as an orgasm ripped through her tight young body.

I pulled out of Amber’s cunt and had her get on her hands on the chair. Her toned ass looked perfect as she waited for my return. I lined up my hard prick to her fuck hole and immediately slammed it in. Amber was loving it from behind, and it wasn’t long before she collapsed on the chair in pleasure. I didn’t slow down, and my dick slapped against her ass as she spasmed from the power of her orgasm. Her cunt had a vice-like grip on my cock, and I could tell I was about to shoot. “Amber, I’m gonna cum...”

“Do it, Daddy. Fill my fuck hole with your seed,” Amber screamed through her orgrasm. With one last grunt, I pushed all the way inside, and started shooting my cum deep inside my ten-year-old daughter. “I can feel it filling me up,” Amber squealed. Her pussy milked my prick for more and more cum, and my prick was happy to provide it. After about 30 seconds my dick finally stopped shooting cum into her pussy. “That was amazing Daddy,” Amber purred. “You can fuck me anytime.”

“I don’t think you realize how much I’d fuck you,” I said.

“I think I have an idea, and if it’s more than that then it’ll be even better,” she said with a wink.

“We have to be careful,” I warned her, “we don’t want Stacy to find out.”

“Too late.” I looked over to see Stacy standing in the doorway.

“Stacy!” I exclaimed. I quickly pulled out of Amber. “This is not what it looks like.”

“Really?” she asked. “Then what’s that?” She pointed to Amber, who had turned over and was now laying on her back. Her womb wasn’t able to hold all of my enormous load, and when I pulled out I basically opened the plug. A huge cum puddle had formed between Amber’s legs and was only getting bigger as cum still poured out of her freshly deflowered pussy. My prick was still rock hard, and I wished it would disappear but knew it wouldn’t unless I came again.

I tried to think of any words that could possibly make the situation better. Obviously, nothing came to mind. I looked at Stacy. She was standing there as naked as Amber and I.

“Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?” I asked, although I was in no position to be questioning her.

“I was just finishing showering and drying off when I heard Amber scream. I thought something was wrong so I ran down as fast as I could,” she said, giving me a disgusted look.

“How much did you see?” Amber asked.

“I saw the end of your first orgasm and all of Daddy fucking you from behind,” Stacy told us matter-of-factly, with a look on her face that said ‘how dare you’. Amber smiled, apparently unaware that I could go to prison for life if Stacy turned me in.

“Stacy,” I said, “I could be in a lot of trouble if you told anybody.”

“I know.”

“So I would really appreciate it if you’d keep it to yourself.”

“I bet you would.”

“So can you keep quiet?”

She looked at me, thinking about what she should do.

“I don’t want to tear apart our family, so I won’t tell anyone,” she said. I breathed a sigh of relief. “On one condition.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

She walked over to Stacy, scooped up some cum on her fingers, and stuck them in her mouth. “Mmm,” she said. “I want you to put as much of your seed into my cunt as you did into Amber’s.”

I stood there, stunned, as she kneeled down next to me and started to deepthroat my cock as well as Amber did. Where did these girls learn to suck dick? I wondered. She took my dick out of her throat, and laid down on Amber in a 69 position. “I want you to fuck me from behind while Amber licks your prick and my fuck hole,” she said between moans as Amber had already started to lick her cunt before she was even told. I lined my dick up to her pussy lips and slowly entered about an inch into her, like I had with Amber. “Don’t go slow, Daddy,” Stacy said, even though her voice was clearly strained as her cunt stretched to accommodate my size.

“Are you sure? It’ll hurt honey.”

“I know but I want all of your thick cock in me as fast as I can. Go ahead and rip my cherry.”

I grabbed her hips and slammed my dick forward. Since her pussy hadn’t been fucked before it was really tight, but I kept pushing forward. She let out a scream as I shredded her cherry, but it was muffled by Amber’s pussy in her mouth. She pushed her sexy ass back every time I pumped forward into her wet cunt, and I gave it a nice smack.

Both girls were moaning loudly now from getting their fuck holes sucked and fucked. Amber’s tongue ran along my dick when I pumped in and out of Stacy, which combined with the added tightness of Stacy’s pussy was quickly building up my impending orgasm. Stacy started to cum, and her mouth clamped down on Amber’s cunt and her cunt on my prick as she screamed from pleasure. This made Amber cum, and she pushed her tongue harder on Stacy’s cunt and my prick as she started screaming too. The combination of Amber’s tongue and Stacy’s extra tight cunt made me lose it as well, and I moaned as I started shooting a load in Stacy just like I had Amber.

My daughters and I screamed and moaned as we enjoyed the pleasure of our simultaneous orgasms, Stacy licking Amber’s fuck hole, Amber licking Stacy’s fuck hole and my dick, and me planting my seed deep in Stacy’s womb. When we finally came down from our highs, I pulled my softening dick out of Stacy’s filled cunt. A huge stream of my cum came pouring out just like before and hit Amber, who was lying underneath. Amber’s face, hair and tits quickly became completely plastered with my cum. Stacy lifted her ass up as more cum still flowed out of her, hitting Amber’s stomach and running down her legs and side, forming a small pool around her.

The flow of cum finally stopped, and Stacy turned around, her face and hair also completely covered with the cum from Amber’s pussy. The girls started kissing, swapping cum in their mouths and rolling around in the pool of cum. By the time they stopped, every inch of their ten-year-old bodies was covered in cum. “Looks like you girls could use a shower,” I said.

“Can you join us Daddy?” asked Amber. “I’d love for you to wash me,” she said as both the girls gave me seductive grins. I could already feel my dick coming back to life.

“Of course I can,” I said, grinning back, and we ran off to shower. After washing up, and leaving another huge load in each of their tight cunts, we ordered Chinese for dinner. At dinner (still naked), I decided we needed to discuss our changed relationship.

“I think we should talk about what’s going on, girls,” I said. “I love you girls, and I don’t want to hurt you or make you uncomfortable, so I only want to have sex with you if you’re completely sure.”

“Didn’t we seem sure before?” asked Stacy. “We’re completely sure we want our cunts stretched by your thick cock as much as possible.”

“Good,” I said. “Since that’s not a problem, I want to make a rule. Nobody tells anyone about this.”

“Of course Daddy!” Amber exclaimed. “We know you could get in trouble. We aren’t going to tell anybody.”

“We have our own rule,” Stacy said. “No clothes will be worn around the house, unless we have visitors. There’s no point in wearing clothes if we’re going to be ripping them off each other all the time.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said excitedly. “I’ll go to the store and pick up some condoms.”

“No way!” the girls shouted. “We like the feel of riding your prick bareback,” said Stacy.
“Okay,” I said. “I’ll schedule an appointment with a gynecologist to get you on the pill.”

“Daddy, we don’t want you to use any protection,” Amber said matter-of-factly.

“But you could get pregnant!”

“Of course! That’s the whole idea!” shouted Stacy. “We want you to get us pregnant!”

I sat there, stunned. “You can’t be serious,” I stammered out after a long silence.

“We are,” said Amber.

“Girls,” I said, still shocked, “if you got pregnant, everybody would see that you had sex with your own father.”

“No, everybody would see that we had sex with someone. They wouldn’t know it was you,” Amber noted. “Can you picture our bellies swollen with your babies?”

I looked at their flat stomachs, and my dick quickly hardened as I imagined them swelling with my children.

“I can see you like it,” Stacy purred. “Please, Daddy,” she begged. “We can’t think of a better present for our eleventh birthday than your babies growing inside our bellies.”

The sight of their tight bodies, and the thought of what they’d look like pregnant, was too much. “Okay,” I said, “I’ll get you pregnant.” I couldn’t believe this was happening. Two hours ago I had two innocent ten-year-old daughters. Now I was agreeing to knock them up.

The girls squealed. “Thanks Daddy!” they shouted.

“You’re welcome,” I said, “but there’s no need to thank me yet. And I don’t know if I can get you pregnant by your birthday.”

“I think you might,” said Amber. “Our periods ended two weeks ago, so we’re at our most fertile time right now. In fact,” she said, as the girls walked over to me, “it looks like you’re ready to fuck us again.”

I stood up and bent Stacy over the table, and pounded my prick all the way inside her without wasting any time. She must have picked up a few things from our first fuck, and tightened and loosened her cunt as I pumped in and out of her. “That’s amazing baby,” I said between grunts. “You’re gonna make me cum soon if you’re not careful.”

“Oh really?” she asked mischievously, and her pussy tightened even more. “Good. I want you to cum as soon as you can. That way you’ll be filling my fertile womb again even sooner.”

My balls began to churn, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was giving her my seed. “You’re about to have your wish,” I said. I shoved my cock as deep inside her fuck hole as I could and began to cum. I could tell I wasn’t shooting a lot of shots, but one continuous stream of my seed. I finally pulled out of Stacy, cum pouring out of her tight cunt. By the time the flow of cum out of Stacy’s cunt stopped, Amber was on the table, laying on her back with her legs up against her chest as I slammed my dick into her pussy. She used the same technique as Stacy, tightening her pussy around my prick. “Do it daddy,” she cried. “Cum deep inside me. I want to feel your baby growing in my belly!” Her words put me over the edge, and I began pumping what had to be my biggest load ever inside her. While I was cumming, I looked at her stomach. I had cum so much that by the end, her belly had a slight swell. “Mmm,” she said as she rubbed her tummy, “I hope pretty soon it looks like this all the time.”

“Soon baby,” I said, pulling out of her, my cum flowing out and her stomach returning to normal size. “Soon you girls will have your birthday presents.”

It didn’t take long. It’s no surprise that after all the cum I left in their cunts that weekend, my sperm paired with their fertile eggs and got them good and pregnant. They showed me the positive tests two weeks later. “I can’t believe it happened that quickly,” I said as they rubbed their flat bellies, picturing them swelling with babies.

“I can!” Amber said with a grin. “Those drugs probably helped.”

“What drugs?”

“Fertility drugs!” They said in unison. Amber went to her room and came back with a bottle of the fertility drug Clomid. “There’s a place online where you can get them without a prescription. We figured you wouldn’t notice. We’ve took them during our fertile period to make sure we were ready when we fucked you for the first time.”

“They’re also supposed to work on men, but it takes longer for it to work, so we’ve been slipping them to you every night at dinner since summer started,” Stacy said with a wink. Well that explains all the extra cum recently, I thought.

Then I realized the gravity of what they said. “Oh my god...” I said, letting it sink in. “What?” Stacy asked.

“Do you know how those drugs work?”

“No, but we wanted to get pregnant right away and figured it would help,” said Amber.

“These drugs work by making your body produce more eggs at a time by basically kick your ovaries into hyperdrive. For the women who are supposed to take this, it increases the chances of them getting pregnant because they have a hard time ovulating. But for women who don’t have a problem ovulating, it can double or triple the amount of eggs they produce, meaning there’s a good chance they’ll have more than one baby at a time.” The girls’ eyes widened. I went on. “It’d be bad enough if it were just that, but there’s more. I never told you, and I should have before, but every woman in your mother’s family has given birth to more than one baby at a time. They did some tests and found out that the women were releasing more than one egg at a time, every time. You girls are almost definitely the same way. So the drugs you’ve been taking are making even more eggs than your bodies already did.”

“How many eggs are we making Daddy?” asked Stacy.

“There’s no way of knowing unless they take some tests. All we can do now is wait for an ultrasound to see,” I said. I looked at my daughters, and was surprised to find their initial shock replaced by even bigger grins than before.

“Aren’t you worried?” I asked.

“About what?” asked Amber.

“About having more babies!”

“Daddy, we want more babies,” Stacy said happily. “The bigger our bellies get, the happier we’ll be.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Really!” They shouted. “I think you like it too, Daddy,” said Amber said with a sexy look. “Do you like thinking of our bellies swelling with triplets?”

“Why just triplets? I hope I have even more!” said Stacy. “How many do you want, Stacy?” I asked. “Well triplets would be okay, but I’d like at least four babies at once if I can, and five or six would be great!” she exclaimed.

“Well I want just as many as you, sis,” said Amber with a mischievous grin, before leaning over and kissing her twin sister. The thought of my eleven year old twin daughters hoping I’d planted a litter of babies in their tight bodies got me hard as a rock, and soon I was fucking and leaving more cum in their cunts.

Four weeks later, we traveled to the gynecologist, Dr. Schultz, for their ultrasounds (I knew doctor-patient confidentiality prevented him from telling anyone so I wasn’t afraid to tell him I was the father). I wasn’t sure how many babies they were having, but I knew there was no way they were having only one. At six weeks, their bellies were the size of Christina’s when she was pregnant with the girls at 20 weeks. Dr. Schultz confirmed what was already obvious: neither girl had just one baby. All the babies were girls, which we also expected. Then he gave us the big news: both girls were pregnant with sextuplets. I couldn’t believe in less than 8 months our family would have 12 more members. Dr. Schultz warned us that the pregnancies would probably last only 29 weeks instead of the usual 40, and there was a good chance of complications. We didn’t care. We were overjoyed by the result. We scheduled weekly visits so Dr. Schultz could closely monitor the pregnancies to keep complications at a minimum.

We knew people at St. Mary’s would start asking questions, so we sent a letter to the principal stating that while we were on vacation before the start of the school year, the girls were drugged and taken advantage of, which resulted in their pregnancies. We asked the principal to notify parents so that rumors wouldn’t spread, as well as request that parents not discuss the matter with others. We also notified the principal that we would be withdrawing the girls from school following the completion of fifth grade to be homeschooled.

Amber and Stacy started rapidly expanding. A week after the ultrasound, we started fucking only from behind because their bellies were too big. By the time they entered their second trimester their bellies equaled Christina’s when she delivered. I figured they couldn’t get that much bigger, but I was very wrong. We started to compare their bellies to other big pregnancies. By four months they were the size of women pregnant with quadruplets, at five months they equaled quintuplets, and by six months their bellies were as big as other women who delivered sextuplets. Their tits grew with their bellies, growing from 36C to 38DD as they filled with milk. They still wore their uniforms to school, which were now even more ridiculous. Their shirts couldn’t even cover all of their breasts, and were soaked with milk by the time they came home. Their bellies grew so big they completely covered the front of their skirts, and the back now left most of their asses completely bare. We gave up buying maternity clothes after two months because they’d outgrow them in a week. Besides, we never wore them around the house anyways. I still fucked Amber and Stacy just as much, usually shooting 5 or 6 loads of cum a day in their pregnant bellies.

We maintained our weekly visits with Dr. Schultz, which fortunately were uneventful. When the girls reached seven months, he had more to say. “I am completely shocked by how well your pregnancies have been going,” he said. “Based on how you’ve grown, I’d have expected you to deliver four weeks ago,” he explained. He looked at the girls, whose bellies were so big they were forced to slouch in their chairs to the point where they were practically laying down and could barely see over them. “The biggest complication with multiple pregnancies like these is restricted growth, which also causes preterm delivery, because the uterus can’t grow any bigger and the babies don’t get enough nutrients. What’s shocking is that neither of you girls are having these problems.”

I sat up in my chair. “What does that mean?”

“It means your babies have been growing as fast as if they were single pregnancies. Since there are so many of them, their growth should have slowed down almost 10 weeks ago, but they are still growing at the same rate. This means that the girls’ uteri can handle growing much bigger than a normal uterus. It also means their bodies are producing enough nutrients for the babies to have enough for full growth, which is also not supposed to happen,” he said.

“How long will the babies keep growing?” I asked.

“There’s no way to know,” he said. “The only thing we can do is keep watching for slowed growth and if it occurs then we’ll plan from there. But I don’t know when or even if that will happen. These babies could grow to full size as if they were single pregnancies and be taken to full term.”

The pregnancies did go to full term. I had never seen a belly as big as the girls’ at nine months. They hung down past their knees, and the girls could barely walk. Finally, their bodies decided enough was enough, and of course it caused a scene. It was at St. Mary’s end-of-the-year ceremony when Stacy’s water broke. Not to be outdone, Amber’s water broke only three minutes later. The scene caused an uproar. Luckily I was there for the ceremony and quickly drove them home, where Dr. Schultz helped deliver the babies. Just like the rest of the girls’ pregnancies, there were no complications, and an hour later we had twelve baby girls in our home.

Dr. Schultz told us that we would have to lay off sex for the next few months so the girls could recover from delivering the babies. We were disappointed that we couldn’t fuck, but we used the time to have Dr. Schultz conduct some tests. The girls started ovulating shortly after the pregnancies ended, and he tested to see how many eggs they were producing over the next few cycles. The girls were consistently producing four eggs every cycle. Dr. Schultz said it was if their bodies were built to breed as many children as possible, a term he dubbed “hyperfertility”. He believed it was genetic, and that it may have increased as it was passed down generations, which meant our girls could be even more hyper fertile.

Finally, Amber and Stacy were ready to fuck again. I talked to them about going on birth control, but they just looked at me like I was an idiot. “There’s no way we’re going to stop having your babies Daddy,” said Amber. “We want as many as you can give us.”

“In fact, we’re taking double the dose of the fertility drugs so we can have even more than last time,” said Stacy with a wink. They knew just how to get me going, and soon I was shooting my seed in their fuck holes for the first time in three months, trying to give them their 12th birthday presents.

Just like the year before, their hyper fertile bodies quickly became pregnant, and after a full nine months (and two bellies even bigger than the first) they both gave birth to seven girls. Three months later, they received their 13th birthday presents, which was now eight girls each. We decided they wouldn’t try for more than octuplets; their bellies almost reached the floor by the end of their pregnancies and they could barely fit through the door.

It’s been nine years since I first got Amber and Stacy pregnant. The girls have each given birth to eight daughters every year since their third pregnancies, bringing the total to 69 daughters each, meaning that I have 138 daughters who are also my granddaughters. The house has been added on to hold all those people, and is now one of the biggest mansions in Montana. For the last six years we’ve had a live-in midwife to help deliver and take care of the children, as well as two live-in maids to maintain the house. They don’t tell anyone about what we do, as long as I keep planting babies in their bellies (I was initially opposed to the idea, but Amber and Stacy convinced me that I needed to so our house didn’t fall apart, and I’d only fuck them until they got pregnant). Now I have 18 daughters from those women. Like Dr. Schultz predicted, hyperfertility increases as it passes down a generation. Just as Amber and Stacy entered puberty earlier than Christina, the first set of granddaughters entered puberty than their mothers. They were having regular periods before they turned eight. They also were producing six eggs at every cycle instead of four. Now I have 12 eight-year-old daughters, with long legs, toned asses, and gorgeous tits, who are each three months pregnant with ten (ten!) of my daughters/granddaughters/great-granddaughters. Now I must go. You see, it’s Amber and Stacy’s 21st birthday and I must give them their presents.


2015-11-18 05:54:13
"Birthday Present" - Thirty-nine Year Old Widowed Father, Mark Johnson and Ten Year Old (Two-days-short Of Eleven Years Old) Twin Daughters, Amber and Stacy Johnson.

This story fully "floats my boat"!! I'm an ardent lover of father and daughter(s) romantic, caring and deeply loving respectful incest!!!!! And, when agreeable and family-establishing pregnancies occur I'm even more drawn to the story.

In addition,this story has great, excellent content and subject matter. It is well written, in all aspects. The character roles are well versed, punctuated and discoursed. The twin daughters, Amber and Stacy, being willfully impregnated each year on the birthdays, beginning at eleven years old, is a great addition to the content; however, the next ten years of excessive multiple births is just too much to keep the story believable. Otherwise, I accept, condone and agree with the concept of twin daughter's annual birthday pregnancies by their father!!!

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