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I was representing my company at a conference in the U.S. I was supposed to stay at new york for 5 days.On the very first day i had finished doing what was officially essential. So i decided to take off &go for the sight-seeing.
Our company was an indo-american joint venture so all the representatives from my company,including me,were looked after by a local representative. Her name was Sidney.She was taller than me by an inch or so,fair but tanned,having average-sized boobs,blonde hair & was serious about her career.
Since she was sub-ordinate to me she assisted me on the first day while i made my powerpoint presentation. I didn't know anybody else in that country & my other colleagues were of the more serious type,so they decided to attend the presentation on the next 2 days also. So i had no option left to roam alone.Still,i took a chance & asked Sidney to suggest me to go for sight-seeing.I was willing to see only those landmarks which were different & only a new yorker could help me,i thought.
However,it turned that Sidney was herself new to the town,as i learned & she herself had a presentation scheduled on the last day,soshe was busy preparing it. I remembered that i might as well go sight-seeing on the last day.She had helped me immensely during my presentation,which was more grateful to be for. So i thought to give her some help in her own,and in return,thought if maybe she could introduce me to some of her hot friends. She gave me her address,which was some 10 miles away from the place where our conference was taking place.She also told me how to reach there.
Being such a cutie,i was pursued to help her.
Her presentation was regarding marketing policies which was my such pet subject,that i was bored off it.Up to the evening,we had finished with it. She shook my hand and i could sense deep gratitudein her eyes.It's not a big deal,i said.You helped me,i helped you.Nothing else.I said Then our talk drifted to more casual channels.She asked me if i had a girlfriend.I said yes,back in India.But also added,that i'm in an open relationship. She told me that she had a couple of serious relationships before & she feared starting a new one since then.
We had been talking for hours now & were getting both more comfortable & bold discussing different topics.I decided to play a wild card. I asked her which was her sexual fantasy? She was startledfor a second & then she replied that hasn't had casual sex with anyone,and that was her fantasy. Going ahead,i said would you havea fling with me for a few days.She thought for a moment and replied,ok,for a change. I came closer and made her sit on my lap.I was sitting on a chair & there was no one else at her place.She came closer & before i knew what was happening,her tongue was thrusting vigorously inside my mouth while our lips gripped each other's mouths.
We kissed like this for a long time & it was indeed messy as our saliva's exchanged.After she broke the kiss,she told me that she had the hots for me ever since she helped me give that presentation.
It was a dream come true for her.She was wearing a skirt which covered most of her legs & a transparent,short-sleeved top which revealed a glimpse of her boobs. I couldn't resist anymore & i pressedher boobs from over her top.She said Suck them honey,they're all yours.
With a little help from her,i pulled down her top & unhooked her bra.First i gave her a tiny love bite on her shoulder. Then i went down & took her boob into my mouth.I started noisily sucking on it.
Meanwhile i started massaging her ass cheeks over her skirt with my hand.I couldn't bear it & told her to remove her skirt.
She stood up & motioned me to the center of the room where her laptop was residing on a table.She kept it down & stood on the table.Then while standing on the table in a sexy manner,she stripped herself slowly,but not too slowly.She was no innocent either. Because she asked me to stand on the table & do the same for her.I said that i couldn't strip slowly like her but i managed to do what i could.
Once when both of us were nude,she climbed on the table & stood facing her back to me.i came near her and slowly started fingering her pussy from behind. After she cummed,i took my finger out of her pussy and sucked it.Then i gently patted her ass and said You've been a bad pussy and so I'm gonna cum all over you. She faced me and lied down on her back.I gave her a kiss & told her that i really don't have a condom.She said I don't care and kissed me on my lips &my chest for a while.
Then i went down & started eating her pussy.I stretched her legs very wide.So much that she complained that it was uncomfortable for her.Still,she was that much willing too,so when i buried my face in her love hole, she pushed it even further against her groin with both her hands.Her hisses showed that she was loving the way in which i was fucking her cunt with my mouth & tongue.
She had orgasmed once when i asked her permission to get fucked.She told me that she would beg me to fuck her.She was bit angry for trying her patience. I lowered my cock into her moist hole& started making forward & backward movements.Then to her surprise,i lifted both her legs with my hands & placed them around my neck.
Then i told her to cross them as hard as she could.There were still away from my head,so that my movement was not restricted.After i had finished fucking her in this manner,she asked me if she could come on top. She came on the top & her back faced me,while i lied on my back.She went down & started sucking on my cock very fast.
The best part was her maddening rhythm.She would rub both her hands around my hot rod & then would quickly deep throat it for some seconds. After making it as much stiff as she wanted,She lowered her messy,swollen cunt on my stiff cock.She wasn't completely resting on me.
Some of her asshole was exposed.To drive me crazier,her one hand was busy playing with her asshole while she made obvious for me that she was playing with her boobs with the other. She was playing so hard with both her boobs & ass hole that they had turned red. To make it even more exciting,she used to remove one of her hands in between and rub it on my chest & face. I got hold of her long blonde hair & pulled it softly.I told her that i was willing to see her face whilei fucked her. She carefully stood up from my cock & told me that she was willing to be my sex buddy for the week. She stood on all her fours.I surprised her by coming near her very swiftly from behind & licking the insides of her ear. She was so turned on & shocked at the same moment that she lost her balance & fell on the table.
However,i grabbed her in time,my arms below her boobs.Then i also sucked her asshole for some time. She turned & let me see her dirty facial expressions while i treated her as my personal slut.
After that was over,we both sat on our knees & came closer. I started sucking on her boobs again.She closer her eyes,when i penetrated her hole with my pole.She felt so ecstatic that she forgot to breathe for a second. Make me cry with pleasure she said.Both of us were supporting our bodies using each one of our hands.Her other hand was around my waist while my hand was busy playing with her boobs.
We french kissed so much that both our mouths must have been paining.After i cummed,i stopped. In the days to come,i deciphered each & every part of her body as she completely gave herself to me,enjoying herself. My dearest Fan girls can contact me on

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This is a pretty crappy story, very boring

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