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A scientist might write "copulation took place following foreplay consisting of the fantasia of an ecdysiast sloughing the uniform of a health professional." A layman might say "They got down to fuck after she stripped off her nurse's uniform." What follows took place in an Australian brothel in Sydney.
Let me first describe Priscilla. Dark eyes, long thin face, long black shiny hair, she was of indeterminate age. The slightly hooked nose and large red lips gave her a very Iranian look. Undoubtedly an Arab, she was, in fact, Australian of Egyptian descent. Dressed as he first saw her wearing a long, red, albeit low cut dress, other than her face, it was not possible to determine the beauty of what lay underneath.

The uniform consisted of a white hat, green one piece mini skirt with a white mini apron. The skirt was not quite long enough to completely cover a pair of black knickers protruding though which were the white frilled edge straps of a suspender belt. Her stockings were skin coloured and pulled tightly up to about three inches short of the tops of her thighs revealing just a little bare flesh in the adjacent zone between. On the end of her legs were fitted a pair of dark stiletto shoes augmenting the former's already well proportioned length.

As there was no actual stage, he sat on the floor so as to give the bed the impression of a podium. A mirror was on the wall to the left. To the right was a series of steps leading to a shower cubicle. Although not theatrical the lighting was soft and balanced and in keeping with intention of the room. After a initial little trouble with the music, Priscilla made her entrance and began to stride the imagined catwalk up and down across the line in front of the bed. She mounted the steps allowing the rear suspender to pull tight across the skin of her posterior augmenting the curvature of the latter. Slowly, suggestively, immodestly and indecently she began to remove the various items of female attire worn especially for the occasion. Once down to the knickers she began a piece of eroticism for which words are hard to find, but for which the reader will understand the involuntary action of a part of the male body was adequate response. Priscilla lay on the end of the bed brought her legs up together waving them in response to the music until they were absolutely vertical. She then parted them wide keeping them accurately straight in military fashion. Back and two they went in a daring display as if to challenge his very manhood. After a couple more disciplined gymnastics the knickers were removed in an equally defiant and precise manner. Thus it was that Priscilla summoned him to the stage crawling hands and knees across the platform having discarded all but stockings and suspenders.

It was summons he eagerly accepted and upon which, by now, he was anxious to show consideration to the beautiful wench. He began by kissing her copiously along the very length of the seemingly unending shapely mechanisms which had so recently been the subject of his fascination. In so doing his lips passed close to, yet without touching, the divine zone which had so recently been efficiently uncovered. Then, taking the initiative, he began a sensuous lip to lip contact of that womanly sexual device which, judging by the sound issuing from above his head, was producing just reward for the series of provocative actions she had just performed. As he worked he looked with satisfaction across the straps of her suspenders and over the summit of a pair of firm, soft, yet delicate breasts to her distant face -itself in sheer ecstasy at the work which was being accomplished between her thighs.

There followed a couple of female orgasms before she rolled on to her knees. Not satisfied with his performance he continued his cunnilingus attack from the other direction. This time his head was inverted and he was able to look through the gap between body an those exquisite fastenings still remaining taught as they pulled the nylon integuments covering her legs from a point adjacent to his ears. This perspective of her thighs was only possible with that most intimate of contacts.

A few moments more and fellatio was next called for by our Mistress of Ceremonies. He delicately played with her long black hair while this descendant of the Pharaohs skilfully demonstrated the erection ability of her forefathers extended way beyond that of the construction of the Sphinx. As he looked at his naked countenance glazed in the mirror he wondered at the skill of this maiden for whom he was probably just one a many men she had had. "Right, push it up" she said as she rolled on to her knees and presented him with a pair of buttocks between which lay an apparatus of procreation in virulent form. His moment had come. It was time for him to perform and he intended to do a job commensurate with his own feelings of respect for his nubile partner.

As he got to his knees and gently pushed his penis inside his ephemeral mate, there came a ecstatic sound from a series of pillows down beneath where her head lay buried. Looking to the left, he could see the reflection of a man preoccupied by the sheer pleasure of the copulatory act he was in the process of performing. The interior of the dame was wet, warm and comfortable as he held tightly on to both sides of the shapely curves which had hitherto played only a lustful role. After a short while he raised himself self into full operating position, pivoting from his ankles and pushing his erected organ like a giant piston from a old steam locomotive. Although exhaustion soon approached he was by now only interested in giving her an encounter which, with all her experience as a hooker, even she would remember. In the circumstances his own self control exceeded his expectations for shortly Priscilla indicated that she would like him to ejaculate. At that point he took the brakes off and losing complete self control, buried his head alongside hers panting "alright I am going to come and I want the whole fucking place to hear about it!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" He literally bellowed as loud as he could deliberately trying to make sure that everyone in the whole brothel and anywhere else for that matter could hear the conquest that this perfidious princess had just scored.

He was I. Thanks Priscilla, for a wonderful night.

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Superbly illumainting data here, thanks!

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