What happens when the girl that you consider as a sister has an unavoidable crush on you?
Hi people. This is my first story here and the first time I'm trying to write something in english as I'm not from an english language country. My point is: I just want to tell a story, as I know my vocabulary sucks and probably my grammar must do too. Anyway, I wish you like it and, if you want this to go on please support the story by voting and commenting, ok?
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Sweet Little Sister

“Carol stop! You have no idea of what you’re doing!” I said taking the brunette off my lap and putting her on the couch.
“Of course I know… I see the way you look at me. You want me.” She said rather excitedly.

The bad thing was… She was right.

Carol was the daughter of one of the best friends of my family, Mr. Ford. Almost ten years ago Mr. and Mrs. Ford had a huge fight, which ended up in a divorce. Mr. Ford went depressive and Mrs. Ford moved back to the house of her parents, in another State. Because of that, the little Caroline became the center of our attentions. More than once, when she came to stay at her dad’s, she also spent some days with us and, as my parents asked me, I was always the best friend I could to her. It was difficult to have fun with her, as I was a lot older… Almost ten years older. Her luck was that I really liked her and I could imagine what my life would have become if my parents had divorced, so I pitied her. She were a cute and loving little thing back then, so I did my best to make her feel home and make her company when she were with us. I shared all my hobbies with her, helped her with homework; we practiced sports together and I did all in my power to make her happy and realized in everything she wanted. She was so nice, so mature in so many aspects but yet so fragile… I’d never imagine myself, eighteen years old, spending almost all day with a nine year old little girl, but that’s what happened every time she was with us. That was how I unconsciously made her have some kind of crush on me. It perdured long six years and, for all of us, it was just funny. A little awkward at the worst, but nothing that could really be a problem. I mean, I had girlfriends. It was just cute to see how Carol hated every single one of them…

We had a really good relationship through all this time, except some jealous acts and the rude way she used to treat my dates. Whatever, I was always glad when she came to visit us. She grew up really smart and year after year she was getting prettier and prettier. With fourteen years old she was already a really hot girl: 5’6”, slender, slightly tanned skin, having shapely long legs and small breasts that were a perfect fit for her teen body, which was still developing and every time I saw her, she was prettier, with that beautiful brown hair cut a few inches below her shoulders. That's how she looked like, when they sent her to France as an exchange student.

Two long years passed before I could see her again, at New Years Eve in the house of my parents just like we used to do.

At first it was awkward. It was the first time in a long time we saw Mr. and Mrs. Ford together. It was the first time I was home to spend a holiday since I moved out, soon after she went abroad. It was the first time I saw Carol in two years, except for one or another photo at Facebook, but there was no picture on the world that could prepare me to face how gorgeous she’s got… Neither how cold she was with me when we met.

She was just a little taller, an inch or so. Her breasts had grown, but not too much, just enough to call attention, and she was wearing a stylish fringe. Her brown hair was beautiful and silky as ever. She looked like a top model. Maybe her Brazilian roots from father’s side were doing that.

When she got into the balcony to join the other guests – our house was in front of a beach and had a huge balcony on the second floor – she smiled politely, gave me a quick hug and we exchanged no more than a few words. Actually, she was acting weird with everybody. Maybe finally her beauty made her mind… Or France made her snobbish… I couldn’t say. The only thing I knew was: I was sad, really sad. It was like I had lost a friend, or a sister, or something…

Until the time I met her in the kitchen while I was looking for more beer. She was looking for something and I couldn’t help myself from looking troubled to her. She looked me in the eye for the first time that day, her brown impassive eyes meeting my raging blue ones, and she reached out her hand to me. It took me a long moment to take her hand, which I did warily. She was still acting weird.

She stood tiptoed in front of me and whispered something in my ear:
“Ne vous inquietez pas, je vous aime toujours.”
Then gave me a light kiss on the cheek and headed outside, but not before I could yell “Carol, I don’t know French!”
“I know” She grinned uncompromisingly and left, joining her parents again and resuming that impassive posture she was keeping all day long.

Everybody seemed to have noticed she was different but, to them, it meant she had grown up. The only one who seemed annoyed about it was me. I thought about leaving several times, I even tried to, but my mother implored me to stay at least until midnight. I did as she asked, but not happy at all, mainly for noticing that Carol didn’t even seemed to acknowledge me in the balcony, where we were all standing. I couldn’t believe that that was the same little girl I used to love as a sister.

Fortunately a cousin I haven’t seen in a really long time just arrived out of nowhere, near midnight, and I thought that maybe I could still save my night. When the bell rung midnight we all cheered and watched the fireworks, everybody hugging and celebrating… And I could notice clearly that Carol was avoiding me. Soon I was seating beside my cousin again, drinking. I was trying to think what was hurting most, the disappointment, the anger…

One moment later my cousin went fetch us more beer and Carol came out of nowhere, with that white low-cut halter dress that was making her look hotter than hell… Fuck. We were seating on the couch beside my mother’s garden, on a dark corner. She just approached and stood in front of me.
“Can you stand, please, so I can kiss you for New Years Eve?” She demanded in a kinda arrogant way.
I breathed hard, trying to contain all that stuff stuck in my throat and stood.
She stepped forward while I stood still, I didn’t even lowered a bit my head to help her. I was easily half foot taller than her. But against anything I’d expect from that moment, she stood tiptoed again and kissed me in the lips.
“What the…!!” I started articulating and she gestured to stop me, looking really embarrassed.
“Look, can you please wait here until my parents leave?” She asked… Better, she implored.

I shook my head in a vain attempt to clear my thoughts and I noticed she thought I was refusing, ready to start begging again, but I stopped her, holding her forearms. “What would you want with me after ignoring me the whole night!? And what the hell was that??”

She just stood there, looking firmly at me and, differently of the sweet and cute way that she was used to ask me things, she threatened me.
“Listen, if you want to go, just go. But I promise you this, if you leave, you will never, ever, see me again” then she turned on her heels and came back to her folks at the same time my cousin was heading back.

Astonished as I was, our conversation faded. What the hell was happening? Not long after that my cousin left and there was nothing left for me but wait. One hour later her parents were departing on a cab. What was she going to do now? She stopped by my mother, they talk about something during a couple minutes then she heads directly towards me.

There were a lot less people there at the time. Most of the guests had already left and the few that remained were together in an animated chat, everyone but me, and now Carol, that seated by my side.

“Hi. You stayed” She pointed the last word with a little smile.
“Yeah… Seems like I did” I answered with a hint of sarcasm, but in reality I was damn confuse. “Do you care about explaining me all you have being doing this evening? The weird mood, running away from me and that… Jesus…” I put my head between my hands while she just got a little closer and leaned a bit towards me.
“Don’t worry. I still love you” she said smiling.
I just lowered my hands and looked at her face, she was blushing.
“That’s what I said to you in the kitchen” she continued.
“Ohh…” and I can’t think of nothing else to say. The silence between us extends and soon we are just looking at each other. What should I do? This is Carol I’m talking to! What is this damn tension? Why did she kiss me? This is so fucking wrong! After some huge struggle I can speak again. “What was it you were doing tonight?”
“I was just keeping distance. I didn’t want anyone noticing anything before I could talk to you. And if I just came talking to you like I used to do I’d never be differently close to you... Adam, I want you” she said putting her little hand over mine.

Fuck… Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I put my hand over hers, take a deep breath and risk the most complicated conversation of my life… Or at least I thought so “Carol, this is wrong…”
“Oh, come on, Adam!” She starts laughing, but I can sense her apprehension “Don’t come with that brother-sister crap… We are not related.” Holy crap…
“Carol, that’s not the way things work!” I said taking my hand away.
She scowls and whispers at me “Ok, say you don’t feel something for me.”

I went speechless.

She raised an eyebrow at me and smiled, flushing, but at that exact minute, when I finally was able to open my mouth to say something, to stop that nonsense, the rest of the people stood and were saying their goodbyes. Carol stood as well.

“Can you, please, don’t leave?” she asked.
“Carol I… Are you staying for the night?”
“Yes and, since you moved out, I’m taking your room” she smiled and joined the others.

More of the people there came to say their goodbyes to me too. They didn’t spare any compliment on us both, since most of them didn’t see us for a long time. Some even remembered how we used to walk together through the neighborhood and the way they found it cute the way I cared about my “little sister”. She went red like a tomato and I looked at her like saying “See?” She looked pretty uncomfortable and I thought that maybe it was over now. Oh boy was I wrong…

“Aunt Marcy, can I stay outside and make company to Adam until he leaves?” She asked my mother.
“Sure honey! Your uncle and I are going to sleep, we have a big day tomorrow” Carol smiled politely at her then my mother came and whispered at my ear while hugging me “Be a sweet and make her company. The only moment I saw her really smiling tonight was with you” then kissed my cheek and left.
“Don’t stay until too late, you two” my father said and they were gone. Geez… They really trust us.

I went back to the couch at the balcony. She followed me and sat… On my lap.

“Carol, stop! You have no idea of what you’re doing!” I said taking the brunette off my lap and putting her on the couch.
“Of course I know… I see the way you look at me. You want me.” She said rather excitedly.
“Carol this is so wrong! You are like a sister to me!” I hissed at her.
“Adam, I have thought of you every single day for the last two years… And I know I’m right. You are attracted to me…” She said looking straight into my eyes. The excitement was gone. She was serious.
“Carol you’re gorgeous. One of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in my life, if not the most. But this is wrong! I always thought of you like a little sister… I never thought of you like…” It was difficult to say, because I was lying. But I couldn’t do something like this. “And you are what, fifteen?”
“Don’t be silly, you know I’m almost seventeen” she said with a sad tone “I can’t believe you’re using this kind of excuse. Is this your parents? Or mine? Are you afraid of their reaction?”
“That too, but not only that. It seems awful… I feel like I had influenced you into liking me. If something happened between us I’d always feel like I stole you the chance of learning and living things on your own. You are just confused.”
“Confused? I’m not confused! Adam I had the chance of doing anything I wanted and more while in France. But it seemed pointless if I wasn’t with you…” she said searching for my hand again. I took her in mine and held tight. What a situation. “I mean… How can you say you influenced me into something? You’re goddamn handsome; clearly have being working out… I mean, you were always tall, but not that muscular…” she said in an appreciative tone “And you never even got close to seducing me, at least not on purpose… You never took any advantage of me and, believe me, you could! I know I can trust you completely. How could I not…” she stopped, took a deep breath, and resumed “I want you and you want me. Can’t we at least try? You know you can trust me too, I’ll never, ever, tell anyone if you don’t want me to, if that is the problem…”

She came a little closer, her little body was completely leaned into mine and… She was almost crying there. I was frustrating her… I couldn’t take it any longer. I held her nape firmly and kissed her. Fuck, how could I have resisted this so long? She promptly opened her mouth so I could slide my tongue inside hers. I kissed her so furiously… And she wasn’t taking any prisoner either.

We were all mouths and hands during some of the best minutes of my life, until we stopped. I had my hands on both her cheeks and our foreheads were touching. We both were recovering our breaths.

“See? You want me” she said smiling ear to ear.
“Well, it seems I do” I smiled back.
“I wasn’t lying… I’m not telling anybody until you want me to”
“Until I want you to?” I laugh “What makes you think I’ll ever want?”
She pouts “So you’ll not be my boyfriend or something?”
I laugh again, not mocking her this time, kissing her swiftly.
“That means I’ll have to enjoy my time with you the better I can” she said taking one of my hands and putting it over her left breast.
“Carol, don’t you think you are rushing things a little?” I said trying to take my hand away, trying to not let myself go with that soft and warm sensation in my palm.
“Oh, I don’t think so” she said squeezing my hand in her perfect tit “I want you to have me… I really do. I endured two long years waiting for this day, please, don’t take this away from me…” she said approaching and, again, I sent my moral to hell.

With my right arm I held her waist and pulled her to me and kissed her, with my left hand I squeezed her breast, searching for her nipple beneath the white fabric with my thumb and playing with it. It was erect with arousal. She moaned in my mouth.

“God, that was sweet” I said letting her head rest on my shoulder.
“What, do you like me moaning for you?” she asked smiling, looking so damn happy that made me question myself about resisting her that much.
I take my hand off her bosom and caress her red cheek “One of the most beautiful sounds I’ve heard in my life” God damn it… What was I doing?
“I’ll moan for you any time you want” she said in a passionate tone, almost a whisper, searching for my mouth again.

We kissed for several minutes and I tried everything I could to not make it more than it was, avoiding precipitate things, until she stopped looking at me inquisitively.

“Do you really think you need to be this respectful with me?”
“Of course I do”
“Hmm. So let me tell you a story” she said getting on my lap again but, that time, I wasn’t opposed to it “Six months after I arrived in Paris I met a girl named Jenna. She was American. We became good friends and, soon enough, I figured she was… Different. She was only one year older than me, but had a hell of a sex life. To make the long story short, she had two lovers… Usually at the same time” Carol was saying naturally, telling me completely unashamed, like it was completely normal to talk about these things with me “One day she called me to stop by and when I arrived they were in the middle of something… They tried to make me join them. I refused vehemently. I couldn’t get involved in something like that… I had promised myself I would save myself for you…” she said smiling that damn beautiful smile I loved, her childish smile, and even lacking completely of innocence it was the most beautiful thing to see. I was holding her in my chest, my hand supporting her nape so she’d be comfortable while looking up, my other hand caressing her nude back. “They got really pissed at me at first, but Jenna suggested I’d watch them… And I accepted.”

I froze. My little Carol watching a menage… That was disturbing.

“You watched?” I asked.
“Yes… Honestly, it was the most interesting thing I ever saw. So I repeated again and again, but I never joined” She looked a little ashamed now, finally “And every time I saw them I thought of you… Of making those things with you. They used her at their will. At first it was really scary and the first time I saw them being really rough on her I fled. But when I talked to her later, she was happy, satisfied… So I understood. They trusted each other. They had each other” she stopped and looked seriously at me, maybe seizing my reaction. I knew I was dumbfounded and I was probably looking that way.

“I-I think I shocked you” she smiled shyly.
“Well, that was a hell of a story” I assumed.
“So…” she started removing the left strap of her dress “I want to be like that with you…”
“Wait!” I said holding her hand “Why… Why are you in such a hurry?”
“Why are you so difficult?” She said softly “You know that nobody can see us here. Don’t you want to see me?” Holy fuck…
“O-Of course I want to see you, but…”
“Can you please stop picturing me as the little kid you had to watch over?” She sounded pissed.
“That’s not that easy!” It really wasn’t. But I was dying to see her body, her perfect body…
“Let me give myself to you Adam… Please…” She said kissing me and… What the hell.

I slide my hands slowly below the straps, carefully freeing her dress, softly letting it fall and exposing her breasts. Not big but not small. They were perfect. The shape… Those light brown nipples crowning her delicate and beautiful tits. She looked at me with glee, probably seeing the satisfaction all over my face.

“Touch me, please” she purred.
I carefully cupped her left breast, as soft and firm as I imagined it would be. I caressed it, stroking her nipple and making it circle in my palm. Her breath increased and every moan made me crazier about her.

“You are so perfect…” I said while admiring the view. She lit up in a smile and her bright brown eyes where glowing. I was making her happy. Wasn’t that what I always wanted after all? Seeing her this happy?

You know what? Screw the moral, and to hell with everyone else, I want her. I thought.

I laid her in the couch and bent over so I could start playing with nipple with my mouth, sucking and nibbling. She let out some sexy squeals and held my head with both hands. Then I slowly caressed her right tight with my free hand. Than I thought I’d go further. I got out of the couch and knelt beside her, not stopping the circling motion I was doing with my tongue around her erect nipples. Being able to move more freely I reached for her inner tight. She slightly opened her legs for me, what encouraged me to caress it, moving up and up, until my fingers touched her panties.

“That’s what you want, right?” I stopped and looked to her. She looked glorious, her head tilted to the right and her hair all over her shoulders and some strands beside her marvelous breasts, watching me through that long black lashes.
“Yes… I want you to want me” she whispered.
“Are you sure we are not going to fast with this?” I asked cupping her down there. She was hot and her wetness was all over her panties. The feeling was amazing, specially seeing her mouth turn into an “O” and her arching her back, struggling with the pleasure. Oh boy…
“No… We are… Not going too fast…” She barely managed to whisper, following the movement of my fingers massaging her pussy “Just… Wait, wait” and I stopped immediately. Jesus, what have I done?

But she just positioned her arms to her sides and raised her hips “Can you take it off, please?”


I carefully removed her panties, stroking my hand on purpose all over her legs. Unfortunately, lying on the couch the shadows were completely over her and I couldn’t see her as I wanted.
I bent over her again and kissed her, not wasting any time to touch her there again. She moaned and I put more pressure, my index finger between her lips. I couldn’t feel any hair. She was prepared for this, probably expecting this. I was careful enough not to let my finger go any deep inside of her, as she said she was a virgin, but I was being rough on her, stroking firmly, my thumb working hard on her clit. Her hands were in my hair and she regularly stopped kissing to let out long and beautiful moans, her legs trembling and squirming. Sometime later her breath was getting really fast and I knew she was very close to come.

“Ahhhgh” she moaned, bending her knees and struggling not to close her legs on my hand.
Through the dark I could see her eyes meeting mine. She was in some kind of trance, in the edge of the abyss, and I was thinking if I really wanted to throw her already or just keep rocking her around the edge for a little more time. But she made the decision for me when pulled my head closer and kissed me hard.

I moved my fingers frantically on her pussy. She let out a hurtful moan inside my mouth and she trembled, and kept trembling while I insisted on her orgasm. Her eyes were lost in mine during more than fifteen seconds. It was sublime. She squirmed and groaned while my hand worked on her sex and my mouth went between her breasts and her mouth, passing through her neck, kissing all the way while she was recovering her breath.

When I figured she was back on earth I kissed her passionately, what she responded greedily. My hand was still touching her, soaked with her juices, but avoiding her clit. I knew very well how sensitive they get just after an orgasm. My other hand was caressing her cheeks and I noticed they were moist, tear moist.

“Are you ok?” I asked at presto.
“Ok?” She asked confused, her voice low and sexy “I’m way better than ok” she smiled.
“I want you in my lap again” I warned before lifting her and sitting with her on my lap, were the back of the couch didn’t engulfed us in shadows and I could see her. She was smiling sweetly at me, her eyelashes still humid. I kissed her forehead.

“Can I return the favor?” she asked me.

Oh boy.


End of Part I
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