Running on from part one, naturally.....
Firstly I'd like to thank all of you who left a nice or constructive comment on Part 1.

I don't know how to respond to them on that page (couldn't see any box to send a reply, maybe I'm not doing it right?) I'd like to respond here if I may.

I'm not sure what the Playboy v Penthouse point was about. I can't comment about the US situation as I have no knowledge of it, having been born and lived all of my life in the UK.

The comment about age is a relevant one, and I didn't go into detail at time of writing as I hadn't really any idea of the attitudes or censorship style of this (quite wonderful, I've now discovered) website.

Having read quite a few other stories here now, I realise that authors quite readily 'fess up and do not appear to be judged regarding their openness.

Therefore I've decided that I will furnish a bit more detail now, and will try to leave nothing to the imagination in future scribblings.

My first orgasm (in Part 1) occurred in the summer of 1989, when both Jackie and I had not long turned 13. Both she and I were regular "helpers" with each other for many years after, and she and I both moved away and lost contact after Uni, as people tend to do.

I hadn't seen or heard from her for about ten years, when suddenly she sent me a message on facebook to wish me a happy 33rd birthday! We now see each other pretty regularly, but maybe that's a tale for another day.

The ages of our "gang" at that time ranged a year or two above and/or below ours, what with older and younger siblings being included, but Jackie and I represented the average age, I'm pretty sure. I hope this fills in all the gaps.

Once again, thanks for the positive feedback so far.


PART TWO.......

Once Jackie had taken her hand out of my knicks (all in Part 1) and I'd regained what little composure I could muster, Jackie picked up the mag from where I'd dropped it onto the floor, and turning to the page that we'd got to, started to peruse again, my face a picture of amazement as each slow turn of a page that she made brought forth a new set of wonderfully filthy poses to admire. Each time she opened a page, I could feel her studying me, looking at my reaction.

I knew she was doing it on purpose, as she had obviously read through these books enough in the past to know the sequence off by heart. She'd wait until I'd taken it all in and studied each picture carefully, and then hold the page ready for turning, and say something like "she gets her pussy licked next", and slowly turn the page and then look at me as I flushed and blinked at what was spread out before me.

I was still really turned on by the whole "having my pussy played with" thing, and to tell the truth I hadn't really come down from my very first "proper" orgasm, the novelty and utter intensity of which was quite the most overpowering sensation I'd ever experienced.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that anything could be so pleasurable, and desperately wanted Jackie to do it to me again. I was in two minds whether to just take hold of her hand and guide it to my pussy again when I remember her bringing me back to reality with a real jolt.

"They both shoot on the next page".

I distinctly remember jerking my head up to look at her as soon as she said it. I knew exactly what she meant, but we both knew that I'd never actually seen it before. Just a week or so ago, we had been read extracts from a dirty novel that another friend of ours had brought in to school, and it must be said that this whole phenomenon of boys "shooting" was the main topic of conversation at that time, as we'd been first told about it in a Sex Ed lesson not long before, which made the boys go bright red and us girls giggle until the idiotically ineffectual teacher got mad and ended up shouting at us to grow up.

You don't really hear the "shoot" expression nowadays, as the term used is "cum" or "cumshot" etc, but back then the word "cum" wasn't ever used in our usual was all about "shooting" or "spunking" as far as we were concerned.

Anyway, our friend produced the dirty book from her bag during lunch one day, and we sat silently as she read out an extract about a man in a nudist colony getting wanked in secret by the woman sitting next to him at a picnic bench, while he pretended to eat his food.

It described it all from beginning to end and was ever so arousing for us to listen to it while we ate our sandwiches, but nothing in comparison to the surge of electricity I had run through me when Jackie told me what the next page had in store for us!

We were still on the first "story", which shows you how fast I....well both of us actually....had both had our orgasms.

We had reached the point in the story when the aforementioned blond girl had done just about everything with her two boys, and had had a lot of interesting things done to her in return.

One interesting fact is that I don't need a good memory regarding what happened on each page, as Jackie secretly "salvaged" the naughtier magazines when her Dad tried to throw them away many years ago, and they have since travelled around the country with her over the past twenty odd years, being the founding magazines of the not inconsiderable pile of equally naughty literature that she (and then with help from her husband) amassed between then and now.

She lent the "old" ones to me for old times sake about a year ago, and it seriously got me all emotional turning to the page when I remember losing it and cumming for the very first time.

We re-enacted it when I stayed at hers last Xmas ,after a bottle or two of wine, but like I say, thats' another story.

Jackie reached across and took the page between her thumb and finger, and slowly turned it as I just sat there gawking. The first picture has a close up of her kneeling between them and cupping her breasts. Her eyes are looking up at one of them but it is obvious that they are both now wanking, each erection being gripped hard and pointed towards her chest.

The dark haired guy on the left cums in the next pic. A great torrent of cum hitting and splashing off her neck and down her front. She is flicking him a sideways glance and is smiling, but her head is turned towards the blond guy who is now aiming things at her open mouth.

To be honest, I'd had enough waiting and basically grabbed Jackie's hand and stuffed it down my pants. I took hold of the magazine and lay back flat, Jackie's index finger finding its mark straight away and twiddling my rock hard little clit from side to side, everywhere down there saoking wet.

It didn't take more than a few seconds. I managed to flick my eyes across to the other pic and orgasmed hard as I took note of the massive jet of cum that was now streaming from her blond guy, shooting directly into her wide open mouth.

Legs now closed and clenching Jackie's hand hard into my pussy, my second ever climax seemed even better than the first, and it was quite a while before I released her so she could play with herself again. I watched her cum, and then we put away the mags and tidied up.

Over the next two days, we know this because we counted them, Jackie and I made each other cum a total of nineteen times (not including our first session!). It was then that I discovered that I was an easy cummer (still am) having contributed twelve towards our cum total. Maybe it was because I was not as good at doing it to her as she was to me, but I swear that on several occasions I came almost immediately her fingers made contact with my clit.

Getting onto the proper theme of this story, and cutting a long (and probably boring by now) story short, it was around then that I annoyed her quite a bit by blabbing to another girl in our group that we'd been looking at dirty mags. Jackie was almost paranoid about getting found out by her parents, and had assumed that the mags were just our secret.

I aplologised straight away, and felt awful, but assured her that I hadn't let on to what else we'd been getting up to.

Anyway, before we knew it, thanks to the girl I told, most of the boys (and girls, and all their siblings) in the group knew about the mags (not the diddling though, god forbid!) and were all starting to openly nag Jackie for a quick look.

Jackie (still slightly annoyed with me), in the end, said that she would relent and show them all, but not in her we all agreed to meet the following day, in the big old shed that was rotting away down the end of my garden.

We used it as a sort of clubhouse (shelter from the rain really), and had an old card table down there and about six or seven fold up chairs. She laid down some silly rules about her being the only one to touch the magazines and people promising not to ever mention them to anyone, and of course, everyone readily agreed.

The following day, at the agreed time, the entire group had arrived and were giggling nervously as she made her way down my garden with a big rucksack.

The lads crowded round as she came in, so it wasn't until she had put the rucksack down that she realised that the entire group had turned up. I think she was only expecting about half a dozen of us....the one's who had talked about it the night before. Seeing a shed full of people, she almost freaked.

"I can't do this with all of us here, this has got to stay a secret....only the oldest can stay".

To say that the younger ones (one girl and three boys who were a year or two below us at school, if memory serves me right) were disappointed would be a massive understatement. The girl I blabbed to had one of these lads as a younger brother, and he was really upset. In the end, to keep the peace, we let everyone stay, and Jackie got them to swear on oath that it was all to be kept secret, otherwise she'd take the mags home and nobody would see them.

She got us all to step back and form a circle around the table, and then brushed the table clean with her hand before reaching in and placing one of the ordinary mags for everyone to see (Fiesta? Playboy? can't remember)....she then took the same delight in slowly turning the pages and basking in the silence (and occasional giggle) as the nudies were revealed. It felt strangely weird standing in that circle with the boys from our group, all gawking at pics of nude women, perfect tits, bums and pussies. Definitely exhilarating though, occasionally flicking a glance at the boy I desperately fancied, seeing the wide eyed expression that I now knew so well, occasionally exchanging glances with him and others, jointly acknowledging that we were all enjoying this new found delicious naughtiness.

After two or three "soft" magazines, Jackie ceremonially reached into the bag and brought out a color climax. Not the one that I'd seen on the first day in her room, but just as filthy.

Absolute silence reigned as the group admired the front cover. A giant erect penis being well and truly sucked by a really quite beautiful black woman, her gorgeous dark skin contrasting with the blond pubic hair around this white monster of a cock.

I looked around. All the lads were suddenly quiet and most of them were blushing furiously.

Things were destined to heat up significantly in that shed over the next few days, as I will relate in part 3.....

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