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Pregnant Married Couple next door - became sex slaves
It had been awhile since I had fucked another women besides my wife. We had moved about a month ago to a new part of town. The houses were still under construction and there were 4 houses at the end of our circle. I had made some money on a Internet company and decided to take some time off. My wife still had a good job and we had been married for about 2 years.

We had met at a swinger / sex party. I had come with a girl from work who wanted to hook up with other guys but needed a date to get in. I played shy and hung out then I spotted my future wife. She was being fucked by a small girl with a large black strap-on and 4 guys were jerking off watching her take it in the ass. She is about 5ft 10 with big blonde hair that matches her huge juggs. She has a big ass and hips and she is a size 40EEE / 34 waist and 40 inch ass. I started to get excited and when the girl rolled off her I walked over and unbutton my pants and fed her my dick. She had come with her husband who liked to watch. He stopped watching when I continued to fuck her for a week after the party at there house, when he was at work. She loved my cock and we both let each other play outside the marriage. She likes girls sometimes, so we would bring a hottie home for the weekend and tie her up or just fuck her until we got bored with them.

I got up after my wife went to work at 10am and got the paper. I looked across are lawn to the next door neighbor and saw the for sale sign had been taken down. I called my wife and she worked at a bank and looked up are neighbors profile. She said she would share later when I got home and not to jerk off today because she wanted to have fun tonight.

I made dinner and my wife Mindy got home around 8pm. We skipped dinner and went right up stairs for a long night of fucking. I woke up the next day at the same time and saw Mindy had placed the neighbors file on her desk in the den. I opened it up and saw the couple who moved in were name Rob and Tyler. They were both in there early twenties and he had a job as a new car salesman and she was on maternity leave for her job as a school teacher. I heard a beeping sound and looked out the window and saw the moving truck. I jumped in my car and headed out, I did not want to listen to a moving truck all day.

The next day I got up and went in the back yard for a cool dip in the pool and pulled up a lounge chair to get a tan. I dozed off and around noon I heard I big splash come from next door. I decide to go back inside the house for a beer and went upstairs and got my binoculars and look in the back yard of my new neighbor. I was a little taken back as I saw a beautiful women get out of the pool and dry off. It must be Tyler. She was about 5 months pregnant and she had a small belly and her swim suit was stretched to its limit. She was about 5ft 3in and had a light tan and dirty shoulder length blonde hair. She had small feet and a medium size ass. She had small hips and large breast. She had huge 46GG breast and I could see her big aeroles were purple and her nipples stood at attention.

I watched her all day and noticed she got no calls on her cell. She looked as if she called her husband but got no answer around 5pm. My wife got home late and she went to bed early. I stayed up and watched my neighbor walk back and forth in front of her windows. She was wearing a big t shirt and sweats that covered her body. I was watching sports center and saw her husband come home late. I continued to watched her and her husband and on the third day followed him to work. He was a real putz and I even went inside to look at cars to see how he reacted. He was a good looking guy and try to play toward the ladies but every one there seem to give him the cold shoulder. He worked late and left early.

After two weeks of watching them inter act and getting horny from watching Tyler, I decide to make my move the next day. I slept downstairs on the couch so not to fuck my wife, she was mad but got over it went I ate her out at the dinner table while she ate breakfast. She left early and I noticed Rick had gone also. I went upstairs and shaved and trim my balls and cock. I like to leave a small patch just above my cock and keep my balls nice and smooth. They sound better when they hit the ass of who every I am fucking. It was noon when I finally put on my white shorts that are two sizes to small. They hug my 9 3/4inch cock and big balls and my ass. I still have a small six pack but drinking beer will do that. I checked my self in the mirror and looked out back and saw Tyler in her pool. I waited till she got out and sat down on her lounge chair.

I put on my dark sunglasses and grabbed a bucket of cold Buds and a small towel and headed out the back door. I walked up to the fence and knocked on the wooden door separating our back yards. I noticed she had on a radio and figured she must not hear me so I opened the door and walked in. I walked bare foot all the way next to her in the lounge chair. She had on a bright red two piece bathing suit and was reading Cosmo when I blocked out the sun and she looked up. I stuck down my hand and said "Hi, I could not help notice you were here all alone. My pool is being cleaned and I was wondering if I could go for a dip in yours. I live right next door." She giggled and said "Hi, I'm Tyler and my husband at work. We moved in about a month ago. We were going to come say hi but he is always busy with work." I said, "that's ok, I know how it is to be all alone in a big house and nothing to do. How's the water?" She smiled again and said "its about 80 degrees." I said "wow!!Its suppose to be 95 today."

I put down the bucket of beers and jumped in the water and swam a few lapse. I saw she looked at her magazine but was still watching me as I swam in the pool. I stayed in the pool for about 15 minutes and said "Tyler are you thirsty, I know you cant drink but I could go inside and get you a drink.' She said "I got a lemonade over her but thanks." I got out of the pool and the water fell down my body onto the concrete. She put down her magazine and looked over her sunglasses and watched me dry off. I licked my lips and then walked real close to her. Her face was eye level with my my crotch and I know she could see the outline of my cock in my white shorts. I looked down at her and smiled.

I pulled up another chair and and got on the foam pad and put the lounge chair back all the way. I opened a beer and took a sip and layed on my back. I was about 3ft from her and saw she was looking at my crotch. I rolled over and got some sun tan lotion and put some on my face and body. "I hate getting tan lines," I said. Tyler looked at me and said "your a guy, what do you care." I reached down and unzipped my shorts and peeled them down and the wet shorts hit the concrete. Her breathing increased and she looked out the corner of her right eye at my manhood.

It looked like a big worm all wrinkled and laid flaccid on my upper thigh. I put some more lotion on my thighs and stomach and around my cock. Tyler kept watching but did not say anything. I had another beer and finally said "I hope you don't mind but clothes can spoil a good time.' She said "I am 5 months pregnant!!" I smiled and said "I could tell by the glow around your body and you are so cute with that hot body of yours." She pulled down her glasses and said "are you feeling ok, are you sick or something. My husband thinks I am ugly and wants nothing to with me. He goes to work all day and comes home and goes to sleep at night. I can't tell you when he has touched me last." I took down my sun glassed and looked into her eyes and said "he doesn't know what he is missing. Pregnant girls rock."

I got up and walked over to her and my dick was right in her face again. I looked down and her breathing increased and her nipples got hard and the front of her nipples made the fabric wet. I then crouched down and looked into her eyes and reached up and took off her glasses and put them on the floor. I stood back up and tugged on my dick making him harder. Her eyes got big and her mouth open and she looked up into my eyes. I grabbed her head and got her on her knees on the chair and she smiled. I stuck my middle finger in her mouth and she sucked and licked my finger. I them place my big purple cock head on her lips. Tyler froze and said "I never did this before. My husband does not like me sucking his cock. We met I was still a virgin."

I smiled and slid my cock into her mouth. After a few seconds I got a good rhythm going and she started to suck my cock and fondle my balls. She had a big smile on her face and saliva was dripping out her lips and onto her bathing suit. I reached down and fondle her breast and she squirmed under my control. After about 15 minutes of a pretty good blow job I arched my back and she grabbed my ass cheeks and I pulled out and shot on her face. Thick white globs hit her face and lips and she scooped my cumm and licked her fingers. I smeared my load on her face and had her lick my balls. I stood there for a second and then got on my knees and pushed her onto her back.

She spread her legs and I took off her bottoms and started to eat her pussy. She was wet and she had two big lips that I locked on and sucked harder. She grabbed my head and said "what the fuck are you doing? Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!!!" She exploded in my mouth and I licked her clean. I stuck two fingers in her gash and sucked on her big clit and she came 3-4 more times. My free hand I played with my dick and when I got hard again I stopped eating her.

Tyler eyes were closed and she barely felt my cock enter her hot box. I had loosen her up nice and good but when I got about half way she screamed and her eyes got real big as she bit my lip. I spit her out and pushed her on her back. I pulled her legs up the side of my head and grabbed her ankles and fucked her hard. My big balls slapped her ass and she smiled and was sweating all over her body. She said "I can't believe you got hard again, I am used to wham bam thank you mam and that is it." I laughed and said, "you ain't seen nothing yet baby." I pulled out and shot another load on her belly and under her huge tits. Her juggs had fallen to the side and her nipples were wet from lactating.

She grabbed my beer and followed me back to my house and we went inside and took along shower. I fondled and massaged her big breast and then we fell asleep on the bed. I woke up awhile later with Tyler left breast on my face and her nipple in my mouth. I hear Tyler panting and then I felt another hand on my dick. It began stroking me and I instantly knew my wife had come home and was eating out Tyler. I lifted Tyler breast off my face and saw my wife was naked and eating Tyler big hairy pussy. I looked down at Tyler and said "this is Mindy my wife. She has been a secret admire of yours for some time." My wife got on her knees and said "I see my husband stretch out your little pussy and sucked you dry." Tyler nodded yes and then my wife got both girls up and put Tyler facing me on her knees.

My wife went to the dresser and pulled out a big purple strap on and inserted in Tyler pussy and got to fucking her. Tyler cried out and I shoved my cock into her mouth and she sucked me as my wife fucked her. My wife pointed to her ass and I mouth "no". My wife slapped Tyler ass and then said "honey come her and fuck this virgin ass while I teach this slut to eat pussy. Mindy got in front of Tyler and pushed her head down and Tyler started to eat pussy for the first time. I spit on my cock and slowly inserted in Tyler ass and started to fuck her and slap her ass. After a few minutes I tensed up and my wife got around and ate my load out of Tyler ass. We got Tyler dressed and walked her back to her house and told her we would see her tomorrow.

The next day my wife went shopping with Tyler and we shaved her whole body and got her a complete make over. They picked her out some erotic lingerie to wear and they came home after lunch and we all fucked in the bed for the night. I walked Tyler back to her house and watched her red ass and she had trouble walking. She gave me a big kiss.

My wife and I both take turns fucking are new sex slave and love the way Tyler has become a pregnant whore next door. About a month into our campaign of sex and fucking, my wife whispered in my ear that she had a plan. I should go over to Tyler house tomorrow and fuck the shit out of her. She would be be over at noon with a surprise. I called Tyler and heard Rick sleeping in there bed and told her that I was bringing over I surprise for her tomorrow and to be ready for a day of fucking.

I woke up and my wife was gone and I took a shower and put on a bathrobe over my naked body and walked next door. I has a small bag of goodies to bring for our day of fucking. I walked in and Tyler was already naked and vacuuming the house. I sat on the couch and played with my self as she cleaned her house and then i took her upstairs. I layed a big black vibrator on the bed and had her put on a leather half cup bra that pushed up her huge tits and a leather crotchless panties that accented her big pussy lips. She put her hair up in a leather strap and I put on leather wrist bands and ankle restraints. I placed a few whips and tickle devices on the night stand.

I layed on my back and she got on my cock and was riding me like a cow girl and I handcuffed her left arm to the brass bed. I told her to get loud and vulgar and she screamed and came on my cock. It was just after 12 when I heard foot steps coming up the stairs to the master bedroom. I reached up and fondled Tyler big juggs and started to pinch her thumb size nipples. Big thick stream of milk shot out and hit the wall and the brass head board. Tyler screamed and said "fucking milk man, suck my breast mother fucker!!!!" I heard a groan and a brief case hit the the floor. My wife was standing there in a black corset and her dress was on the floor. Next to her was Rick and he looked stunned. Tyler was still riding my cock and yelling "Yes! Yes! master. Please fuck me harder. I love you big hard cock." Tyler finally turned and saw Rick standing there with a a cold expression.

My wife reached in her purse and pulled out a dog collar and put it on Rick neck. He froze and looked at Mindy and then she pulled down on his collar and he got on his knees in front of the bed. I unhand cuffed Tyler and she got up. Her pussy was dripping and my dick was coated with her wetness. Her nipples were engorged and small white milk droplets were on her breast. My wife pulled a chair out and I sat in front of them at the edge of the bed. I motion Tyler to come over and she got on her knees. She put her big juggs on my lap and engulfed my whole entire 9 3/4 inches into her throat. She had become a great cock sucker and I saw Rick look at her in amazement. I moved my ass slightly and then white goo spurted out her lips on the rug. There was still cumm on my dick and balls and my wife pulled Rick over in front of me.

I closed my eyes and felt two tongues on my balls and my wife pussy was next to my face as she held onto my shoulders and head. My wife handcuffed Rick to the chair and made him sit naked and he watched us fuck and whip and molest his wife for the whole night. It was 4am before my wife crawled out of bed and tugged on Rick dick and he dribbled on the rug.

We just got back for the hospital and Mindy had just given birth. We rode home in our new sports car and dropped off Rick at a bachelor party at the end of town. We were to pick him up after the party. They had paid extra if the hooker would swallow and Rick looked great dressed as a hooker. My wife went to part time at the bank and has been whoring Rick out to different groups.

Mindy should be home tomorrow and we hope to introduce her to our new neighbors the Caulfields who just moved in. Anglea Caulfield is on maternity leave also and I could barely make out her huge assets under her bikini. Before I forget, Mindy name the baby after me. She got matching tattoo's with Rick and they placed my name on each one of there ass cheeks:




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Actually a bra,size of 46 does not mean the woman is 300 as I am a 46 DD but you are right with the measurements being off lol

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2012-11-01 05:26:19
what a load of totally pathetic, badly written shit. just because you have a keyboard does not mean you can write

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Do you mean tyler named the baby after him? Unless his wife got pregnant.

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It was supposed to be rob and tyler, not rick and tyler..

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He worked late and left early.

That sentence doesn't make sense, or maybe it's not complete. Hope the rest of your writings are not the same.

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