The escape goes well, for a time..
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If you haven't and don't feel like it: the situation is that two teenage girls have fled Syria with their older Amazon lover, and are now in a hijacked boat on the Mediterranean, whose dishy captain our young heroine is on the point of losing her virginity to.

Episode 11

They made a picnic with the food they’d bought in Beirut and sat around the cockpit eating it. Tali sat between Katya and Bruce, feeling protected and sexy. The gun had been left over by the wheel: if they were going to kill Bruce it wouldn’t be with a bullet! Tali grinned to herself at her little private joke.

Her skin was glowing from the swimming and sun, and she had a tingle growing steadily inside. She was nervous, aroused, intensely alive; and slightly salty like the others. They were all together naked, fresh, and free.

She knew it was huge moment in her life so far.

Bruce been right; the food made her feel even more like sex. As they chatted about the boat and Bruce’s slow trip round the world, Tali felt more and more drawn to him. He was a sweet-natured person who didn’t have anything bad to say about anyone, but was just having a great time with his simple, pleasant life. He was Australian and his trip had been going on for three years already! She let her arm and shoulder bump into him naturally, and he liked the contact she could tell.

She kept an eye on his cock as she ate, watching it gradually go from being quite tiny and wizened right after the swim, to about sausage-sized by the time they were onto the apples. Experimentally she let her knee drift lightly into his thigh, and saw it give a slight swell, she thought. He pressed back, just noticeably.

Katya took the plates and food down below, and Lena went with her, giving Tali a parting grin. Natalya had no idea why this time privacy was feeling like the right thing, but they all seemed to feel it. As Lena disappeared Tali leaned sideways into Bruce and turned her face to his. His strong, rough-surfaced hand caressed her cheek and he kissed her. It felt totally amazing. She stood up, drawing him up with her, and without looking pulled one of the long cushions onto the floor.

She knew what she wanted, and she half understood why: being controlled was the thing she most feared, after the Assad nightmare, and the most controlled kind of sex was being under a man - someone stronger and heavier - and held by him. Wasn’t it? That was the ghost she needed to banish. Did Bruce understand? Not that he really knew what had happened, but Katya had mentioned ‘that awful thing earleir’ hadn’t she? Anyway he was letting her guide him down with her as she lay down on her back, legs apart; then she deliberately let him take over. What would it be like? She was quite an assertive girl normally she reckoned, but now she would just see. She had a good feeling, and in any case Katya was right there if she was wrong.

Bruce lay beside and slightly on her, kissed her on the lips, then started to run his fingers through her thick, shoulder-blade-length hair; it was too tangled and damp so he stopped and stroked over her head instead. His other hand ran lightly up her leg, quite slowly but confidently somehow, to her pussy. She was soaking. Soaking wet, super-sensitised, swollen, and super ready! She didn’t have to decide to open it, it just was. Totally. She changed her mind about being passive and gave him a little nudge with her fingertips.

When Bruce got on top of her she didn’t feel controlled after all, she felt cherished. He was smiling down at her, ready to do anything she wanted.

“Hold me,” she said, and he did.

But first, in three or four easy, light thrusts, he moved his hard cock onto her pussy and slid it in. Tali had to do a double-take, in her mind, to realise it had happened! A man’s cock had gone into her pussy, and was there, deep inside! There was no explosion or fireworks, it was just there; she could feel it, and it felt nice, but…well, it had just gone in!

His left hand nudged under her shoulder and she lifted it, feeling his strong, slightly hairy arm slide under. Then his other hand nudged her asscheek and she lifted her pelvis, so his other arm could slide in and lift her there. She was cradled. Cradled and impaled.

Bruce pressed his cock really into her and Natalya got the first inkling of what it was going to be like. Her vulva shot a burst of electricity into her! Automatically her pussy tightened round his cock and now she really could feel it!

“Ooohh” she breathed into his ear.

He pulled his cock back, then pushed it in. It felt fabulous! So INSIDE! God, her blood was roaring in her head already!! He did it again, pressed in at the bottom of the stroke – zappp!! - and pulled it back again. Jesus! Pushed it in…now he was fucking her, slowly, in a rhythm. Christ it was mental! Her brain was in space! Tali grabbed Bruce round his chest and pulled herself to him, thrusting her pelvis up to meet his cock. She was gasping desperately already!

“Now? Or later?” she heard in her ear.

“Now!” she gasped. It was going to be an emergency orgasm!!

Bruce speeded up. Tali was glad she was pretty well-coordinated, it meant she was able to keep in time and thrust her pelvis back against each stroke! She knew, instinctively, then from the feeling, that her thrusts made it a faster, more sensational whoosh of cock in her pussy and a harder landing on her totally mad vulva!! Uuurrgghh!!

Goddddd!! She was there already! “AHH AHHH AHHH!!” she was going as she hugged and thrust and spasmed frantically at the male of her species! “URRHHH URRHH URRHHH!!!”

It went on and on. And on.

Then the peak was past and they were winding down. She was panting furiously, trying to take in how wild she’d been. Shitttt!! Godddd!!!

Bruce was still cradling her; smiling at her from really close. He moved a little and Tali realised he was still big in her. Still hard! He hadn’t cum! Shit!

“Sorry,” she apologised, “too fast, too weak.” If only she was bigger and stronger, so her pussy could’ve milked his cock properly! Or she lasted longer! Then he’d have been fulfilled and she’d have his cum in her, that she so wanted for some reason even though there was no sperm in it and she didn’t want to be pregnant anyway! It was so stupid!!

“Oh no!” he said, all concerned, “it was me, it’s OK. I waited, OK? So we can go again? When you’re ready? It’s beautiful how sexy you are, I love it. Next time I cum, OK?” He smiled at her, seeming quite content and waiting patiently.

Waiting for her, Tali realised. God. It was OK after all. She smiled back.

She stroked her fingers up and down his back for a minute, moving her pussy very slightly to test its sensitivity. Gradually its sensitivity came back down from the stratosphere, until it was ready for some more brilliant fucking. She thrust up to send Bruce the signal.

Bruce started again, slowly at first; spinning it out Tali realised. Of course he’d had a huge cum into Lena, so he needed time probably. She mustn’t just think about herself, even if it was all new and so special. He needed a nice long, slow fuck for a bit. She resisted the temptation to start thrusting back, and just gave little pushes back as he landed, and lightly nudged his back with her fingertips to signal how great it was feeling.

They fucked on and on, her smooth face lightly rubbing his rough, slightly stubbly one. His breathing in her ear, and her breathing in his.

Natalya found herself in a bit of a trance; a sex trance, with her bloodstream full of special sex drug that was like Paradise must be like probably! Or would be like anyway if they’d done Paradise right!!

Being cradled, by this sweet guy with his body harder than the girls’; muscles more obvious, skin a bit rougher, quite a bit hairier, and altogether a different feel to him that was hard to define completely. Different aroma. But the same caring, this time. Katya was so right: it was the person that was the biggest difference, then their gender was just like a nice variation…

What about the cock? Hmm…Tali smiled to herself as she pondered. What would Katya’s vibrator feel like?

All the while she was being gently fucked, her pussy feeding the sex drug steadily into her bloodstream. Heaven.

Eventually, some time later – Tali hadn’t the faintest idea how much time – she felt Bruce starting to speed up a bit and land with a bit more of a bump again. That was fine, she was ready whenever he was, and so was her pussy! She felt like he could play her like a piano! Her pussy would just kick off whenever he fucked it a certain way, and she was pretty sure Bruce knew what that way was! She gave him a squeeze with her arms and a bit more of a thrust back with her pelvis.

He smiled at her and pulled his arms out from under, resting on his elbows now, hands holding her shoulders, and his tanned, sexy face gazing down at her. She realised he wanted to watch her cum!! God! Did she mind? No. It was special somehow.

Tali felt a difference as her pelvis was now lower and a bit flatter. She raised her legs higher and wider. Lucky she was nice and fit! Oooh it was worth the effort too, with Bruce really landing square on her now and firing up her vulva! Any second now…

This time Bruce didn’t fuck her fast and heavy like the first time, he just kept a rhythm going and she thrust back in time, getting the idea and letting the orgasm just creep up on her, bit by bit…

Fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck…the rhythm had her. It was amazing. The drug got stronger and stronger, pulse by pulse, the tension building, building, building…

On, and on, and on…

Now, now, the tension was unbearable…

“OHHH! OHHH! OHHH!!” she was cumming, and Bruce was too!! SHE could see HIS face, all desperate and out of it, but still looking at her! At her face as she was cumming!

And he was keeping the rhythm going, going, going…

So her orgasm just kept going too!! On and on, for like a minute! And his body was rock hard, shuddering, pressing in but not bashing into her…spurting, he had to be! Spurting male cum deep into her! Goddd!!!

It ended with Tali pressing her pussy up, holding it, for ages, pushing hard into Bruce as he pressed down, as though sealing his sperm in! Though there wasn’t any sperm of course but it was the thought that mattered!


Gradually the seizure passed and Tali relaxed onto the cushion. Bruce's pelvis followed hers down, keeping them connected. He was grinning at her, still on his elbows. He kissed her on the end of her nose.

“Sexy girl,” he said. “Sexy, and very lovely.”

“I think so,” Katya’s voice came from the cabin doorway! She had her arm round Lena, who was smiling too.

“It’s great, isn’t it?” said Lena. Tali felt there might be a hint of a meaning in that? Even if Lena had just been getting it on with Katya, which it looked like somehow! Tali moved and Bruce eased his cock out and got off her; she stood up, a bit unsteadily. Bruce didn’t try to help her; was he the coolest guy ever?

Natalya smiled at everyone, stroked Bruce’s ass, and went across to her girlfriend. She didn’t want Lena to worry, or anything.

Episode 12

Tali spent the rest of the day close to Lena, just in case Lena was thinking Tali had been a bit emotional with Bruce. Well she could’ve stayed here with Bruce for a long time, quite happily! But she and Lena were forever, completely, and they had to get home together; back to their mums and dads and school and everything.

Bruce in any case seemed quite happy with Katya! The two of them played around with each other all evening, while Natalya and Elena went up to the bows and lay in the evening sunshine looking over the edge at the foaming water as the boat, back up to speed, took them North towards Turkey.

Gradually the sexy feeling grew between them again and they worked each other up, grinning occasionally at Katya and Bruce who were at the wheel watching them through the windscreen! They ate each other to a nice cum, one after the other, then after dinner they tried their first 69 on the cushions in the cockpit.

A bit later the girls were put in charge of the steering while Katya and Bruce fucked in the cockpit, in front of them, which was pretty cool as they fucked for about an hour!

Then when it was getting dark Bruce took them in towards shore and they anchored for the night. Tali and Lena slept in the single bunks, which Tali was fine with because she was suddenly exhausted! She went to bed early and slept like a log until the engine started just after dawn.

Another sunny day passed at sea, with Bruce fucking her and Lena twice each! It was incredible! He said it was all about how sexy she and Lena and Katya were! The second time Bruce fucked them doggy while the other one played with their tits and clit! It was totally amazing! Tali stopped worrying about Lena worrying, and then the evening became a complete girlie orgy as the three girls tried various new things, including doing a daisy-chain round the cockpit eating each other all at once! Finally Bruce had to fuck Katya because it had given him a hard-on again!

They had an early night, leaving Bruce to take them in towards a village he and Katya had decided would be best, about three kilometres west of a little town called Mersin. Bruce woke them just before three and suddenly the voyage was over and Tali was saying goodbye to him! She couldn’t quite stop a little tear as she gave him her farewell hug, but they all promised they’d start Facebook pages, find each other and meet up again when it was all over.

It was only after they’d waved him good bye that Tali realised he’d never even asked, as far as she knew, about why they were on the run and hijacking his boat! What a cool guy; she’d never forget him. She supposed he was almost a bit too laid back though, in a way – she would never take three years to get round the world!

Once ashore they walked quickly, to keep warm: in the middle of the night it was a bit chilly to be just in T-shirts, even in July in Turkey. Katya was lighting the way when they needed, with her phone’s flashlight, but luckily there was enough moonlight for them to see the road most of the time.

While Katya fiddled with her phone Natalya tried to catch up, in her mind, with what had happened to them since they’d been in Istanbul and just two innocent girls on holiday.

It had been Wednesday when they’d been kidnapped; Thursday morning they’d arrived at Assad’s palace; Friday when Assad had tried to fuck her and they’d fled, in the 4x4, driven across the border, taken out the FSB agents in the car and hijacked Bruce and his boat; so now it was early on Sunday, then. Christ! All that in four days!

“OK,” Katya sounded pleased about something, “I have a network on my phone. Not too much battery though…I’ll see where we are first, where there’s an airport, then we can call your parents and some people I know who can help us. But we just HAVE to have our geography and coordinates first...”

They walked on for a few minutes with Katya intent on her phone.

“OK, I see where we are. It’s a slow connection…Antalya is the nearest Russian consulate, about 460 kilometres West, on the coast, or we could go east to Adana and then fly to Antalya or Istanbul, but if they’ve cancelled the cards it could be a problem, and I don’t know what documents they would want…Damn! Battery’s gone already! It’s the satellites, they do drain it…OK we’ll walk to Mersin and see.”

They walked on, with Tali wondering what Katya was going to do now! Did she speak Turkish even? She asked. “Yes I do darling, well enough to read and be understood. Don’t worry, we can find some transport, I’m sure.”

They were coming into the outskirts of a small town – Mersin. Some shops appeared, then Katya stopped outside one: it was a motorbike shop,

“I don’t suppose…?” Katya started.

“I can, sort of” Lena said, “well, I rode one for a bit at my uncle’s, an off-road bike.”

They went round to the back of the bike shop, where a pair of huge gates was locked with a massive chain and monster padlock. Katya fished something out of her bag and put it in the padlock; with a bit of fiddling, eventually it opened up! Tali was thinking she should’ve known! They sneaked into the yard and Katya led them up to the back door of the shop itself; it was locked of course.

Katya examined the lock then pulled out one of the FSB cards and slid it in between the door and the frame…jiggled the door, and then it opened! They were in! No alarm either, it was just a sleepy little place altogether.

They looked round the inside of the rather run-down little shop. There were some nice-looking bikes though, gleaming in the moonlight that was shining in through the front window.

“Keys darlings,” said Katya, “in a box on the wall perhaps…” They all looked.

There wasn’t one though, just a safe. Probably the keys were in there and they couldn’t get at them.

“There were some old bikes outside,” said Tali. They all went out to look

At the side of the small yard were two dusty old bikes under a bit of roof. They were beaten-up Kawasaki dirt bikes. It looked like they weren't locked up because no one would bother to steal them! They didn't even use keys, Katya was pointing out - there was a simple lever to open up the fuel flow, and then you could kick start them. There was a drum of fuel on a stand in the yard, so they topped up both bikes, then Katya led the girls back into the shop.

“Jackets and helmets,” she said, “quick. They’ll be big but don’t worry, just take the smallest you can find. Put the helmet on with your head upside down and get all your hair inside, otherwise three girls on bikes’ll have the Turkish police all over us.” She left some money on the counter; Lebanese obviously but better than nothing.

Five minutes later they were in the alley next to the shop, with Katya kick-starting both bikes, then Tali was on one behind her and Lena was on the other, and they were off!

Tali sat gingerly behind Katya, gradually relaxing as they both got used to riding and the helmets. Lena seemed to be doing OK too; fortunately it was easy going on the main road, with almost no other traffic at that time of night and hardly any gearchanges to make or stopping to be managed. She got in tune leaning into the corners, and the kilometres slipped by.

As the sky started to lighten Katya pulled into a layby and they had a wee, ate a little from the bags they’d brought from the boat, and took a break from their helmets that they’d crammed on hastily at the start.

They set off again, Tali with her arms round her wonderful girlfriend this time, now she’d got back into it. Katya had given Tali one of the credit cards, some cash, and the gun - ‘just in case darlings’; Tali hadn’t liked to ask ‘in case of what?’! Anyway she liked the gun and the security it offered, after what had happened in Assad’s office; perhaps that was why. Katya so did care about them!

Lena was riding really well as they carried on at a steady 100 kmh towards the consulate in Antalya. What would happen there? Tali had no idea if the FSB would be there or what, or if Katya had contacts or something.

After an hour or so Natalya saw Katya, riding ahead, start looking in her mirror. There was something urgent about how she was doing it! Tali looked round – there was a car coming up behind, a couple of hundred metres away, but gaining obviously. Why was Katya worried? They couldn’t have been tracked, could they?

Katya was dropping back to ride alongside them. Lifting her visor, shouting something! Tali listened with Lena. “MAYBE THEY TRACED MY PHONE. IF THEY GO BY, NO PROBLEM. IF THEY FOLLOW, SPLIT UP! I WILL MAKE THEM FOLLOW ME, YOU TURN OFF! SEE YOU IN ANTALYA, NEAR THE CONSULATE! NOW GO! FASTER!”

Katya dropped behind them and Lena opened the throttle. Their bike accelerated and Tali could see Lena looking in the mirror. If the car sat behind, she would turn off? That seemed to be the plan; while Katya, who was solo and as good at motorcycle riding as she seemed to be at everything else, would draw them off.

Tali hung on as they sped along, a bit more traffic now as it must be six o’clock or something. Lena was overtaking a few slower cars; then after a few minutes the car hadn’t passed and Tali just couldn’t help looking behind – the car was there! About 100 metres behind Katya. Katya was dropping back from them…it must be to make a bigger gap so they could turn off without being seen! She shouted to Elena, who nodded, seeming to understand.

A few kilometres later the road went into a series of tight corners so the car was out of sight! Tali got ready, bracing her feet…there was a turning! A little road off to the right, that kept turning so they’d be out of sight! Lena braked hard and swung the bike into the little road, kept turning, then opened the throttle again and they roared off up the little lane. They drove a kilometre then stopped behind a barn, waiting. There was no pursuit! It had worked!

But what about Katya? Would she be alright? What should they do? Tali and Lena conferred. They decided to go back onto the road. It was the only way they knew; the only decent-sized road they’d seen. They just had to hope that car had kept going and nobody else was watching.

Five minutes later they were doing a steady 100 kmh again and Tali was trying not to worry. Katya was their guardian angel. She had the food, the language, she was their adult who knew stuff and would be taken seriously…how could they survive if they lost her? Would the bike need more petrol? She thought probably it would – what were they supposed to do at a petrol station?

For half an hour the two girls rode desperately on, hoping not to be noticed, and perhaps to see Katya waiting for them.

Then Tali felt a vibration and heard a roar – a roar of big bikes! Suddenly there were guys on huge bikes next to them, overtaking them, and behind them! They were about nine or ten rough-looking guys in leathers, dark shades, all kinds of facial hair she could see with their open helmets…and on the back of that guy’s jacket...what did that say? Hells Angels!!

Oh NO! What were Hells Angels doing in Turkey? Nightmare stories of gangbangs, knives, territories, kidnappings and all kinds of heinous crimes flashed through Tali’s mind as the gang checked them out, looking at them. It was so scary!

Suddenly Lena leaned the bike and speared through a gap in the cordon! Off onto a track! Maybe on their off-road bike they could get away from them on there! Oh no! The Hells Angels were after them!

The track was quite smooth, unfortunately! The gang caught them up again, then for about two kilometres Lena brilliantly kept them at bay, swerving at any that tried to pass on the narrow track, leaning the bike beautifully into the corners and powering down the straights. The gang were still right there though!

Eventually, out in the middle of nowhere, the inevitable happened. The bike skidded a little on the loose surface and before Lena could so anything they went up a bank at the side of the road, back down onto the track, and into the bank on the opposite side. Crash!! They were off, sprawled on the track with the bike spinning its wheel uselessly for a second until the engine stopped. Instantly the Hells Angels were stopping their bikes, getting off and surrounding them. Tali got to her feet. God!

They were going to be gang-banged, then killed. Her gorgeous Lena. She’d never see Katya again. Her mum and dad. Katya whom she loved! She realised!

That thought gave her strength. She helped Lena up; Lena standing with her against overwhelming odds. That gave her more strength.

“So who the goddam hell are you?” said the nearest Hells Angel, a huge guy with a huge beard. He was American!!

Tali wished she’d worked harder at her English lessons! Her mind raced. She searched for fragments of American songs and movies, anything!

She remembered the gun! She pulled it out of her jacket and the gang gasped as she pointed it around.

Then the American smiled, not taking her seriously. Shit! She opened her visor so she could speak, and a murmur of surprised appreciation went through the gang as they saw her face and realised she was a girl. Lena did the same, to more murmurings, and Tali could see the gang starting to register the shape of their tits under their outsize jackets. That wasn't any good! She had to say something! Impress them and scare them even!

“You think I’m just a girl!” she said as loudly as she could within the helmet, pointing the gun at the enormous American and trying to sound tough like she’d seen the heroes speak in movies: “But I ask a question! Do you feel lucky? Well do you, punk?”


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2012-11-01 11:36:52
Well done and it would make sense for her to quote a famous American movie. Very interesting development.


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Another great part! Let's see what crazy things these girls will have with the Hell's Angels.

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