Please read the previous parts, to better understand this. Nathan agreed to come back to babysit Melissa again. He should have known better, but after having sex with Janis, he wasn't thinking straight. Part VI is in the works as you read this. Enjoy!
Nathan got dressed, as Janis walked towards the bathroom. As she stepped into the hallway, her barefoot stepped into a sticky substance on the floor. She stooped down and stuck her finger it, curious about what it was. She brought it to her nose, sniffing it, it smelled like female secretion, 'but how did it get there,' she wondered.

Janis stood back up and walked down the hallway, stopping at Melissa's door, she peered in and saw her daughter covered up with her blanket, sleeping. Janis shrugged her shoulders, still wondering how that spot on the floor got there, but didn't dwell on it. She proceeded to the bathroom, and cleaned herself up. After she was done, she went to bed, fully satisfied for the time being.

After her mom went to bed, Melissa got up and put her sheets on her bed, and tossed her blanket on the bed. She got dressed, and made her way to the front room, the smell of sex still in the air. Nathan was gone already, disappointing her a little. She looked down at the floor, where her mom had squirted earlier, still seeing a puddle there. Melissa shook her head in disbelief, because her mom had made no effort to hide the fact that she had, had sex.

Melissa got a dirty towel and wiped it up as best as she could, as well as wiping up her own secretions in the hallway. She sat down on the couch, noticing a large wet spot on the middle cushion, shaking her head again.

That evening when Janis woke up, she made dinner for her and Melissa, acting as if nothing had happened in the morning. They sat down at the dinner table to eat, and Melissa said, "mom there is a large wet spot on the middle cushion of the couch." Janis froze as she was dishing food onto her plate, taken by surprise. She looked at Melissa, "really, did you spill something on it?" Melissa looked at her mom, knowing how that spot got there, but not wanting her mom to know she had watched her having sex with Nathan. "No, it was there when I got up this morning," Melissa said.

Janis smiled, knowing it was her that had made that spot, thanks to Nathan, "huh, well maybe Nathan spilled something on it last night." Melissa smirked, "if he did, it would have been dry by the morning." Janis shrugged her shoulders, "it's hard telling what happened. So I heard you didn't give him any problems, and he's willing to babysit you again tomorrow." Melissa's face lit up after her mom said that, "he's coming back tomorrow?" She asked excitedly. Janis smiled and nodded at Melissa, "yep, he sure is."

For the rest of dinner, Melissa and her mom made small talk, talking about Janis' work and about school getting ready to start again soon. Melissa's mind kept going back to watching her mom having sex with Nathan, and about Nathan coming back tomorrow.

The next afternoon, Nathan rang the doorbell at 3:15 sharp. Janis greeted him with a huge smile, and let him inside. Melissa wasn't in the front room. As Nathan walked into the front room, Janis followed him, "ok same as last time, if you have any problems call me, food is in the fridge. Melissa has a friend of hers over tonight, so they'll probably stay in room most of the night." Nathan looked at Janis and smiled, "don't worry Ms. White, we'll be fine." Janis chuckled, "please stop calling me that, call me Janis." Nathan nodded as he sat down on the couch and Janis turned to leave, "see you later tonight Nathan," Janis yelled as she opened the door and left.

After the front door closed, Melissa came out of her room, and entered the front room. She was wearing tight boy shorts and a tight tank top. "Hi Nathan," she said, walking towards him. Nathan looked at her and smiled, "hi Melissa." Melissa sat down on the other side of the couch, staring at him.

Nathan looked at Melissa and smiled, "can I help you?" Melissa shifted around on the couch and smiled, "so I heard you made love to my mom." Nathan looked at her in shock, not sure what to say. He didn't think Janis would tell her daughter about their morning tryst. Melissa giggled at his reaction, "don't worry your secret is safe with me, but only on one condition." Nathan looked at her sternly, "and what's that?" Knowing it probably was him having sex with her, but a little angry at Janis for telling her daughter.

Melissa smiled, then yelled, "ok Stacy, you can come out here now." Nathan looked at Melissa in fear, already forgetting about Melissa's friend being there. He looked towards the hallway as Stacy walked into the front room. Stacy is 12, with shoulder length red hair and blue eyes. She also had a slender build, weighing about 105 lbs. Standing 5'4", with a firm 32B chest.

Stacy was wearing a tight tube top and extremely short skirt, that barely covered her ass cheeks, as she strolled in front of the couch and sat down between Melissa and him. Melissa looked around Stacy and smiled, "you're going to show Stacy what it feels like to make love." Nathan shook his head vigorously, "no way, not going to happen."

Melissa got up from the couch and stood in front of Nathan, "you will too, or your mom and my mom will find out we had sex." Nathan looked at her in fear, not wanting to believe this was happening. He knew Melissa was young, but he couldn't believe she could be so devious. He also knew he had made a mistake by having sex with her in the first place, but now she was threatening to blackmail him unless she got what she wanted.

Melissa crossed her arms, looking at Nathan sternly. Nathan looked at Stacy, then back at Melissa, "so that's it, just have sex with Stacy?" He asked, realizing he had made a mistake by agreeing to babysit again. Melissa slowly nodded, "yep, well and with me too." Nathan looked at her, wide eyed, knowing he didn't have much of a choice. If his mom found out that he had sex with Melissa, she not only would disown him, but more than likely call the police as well.

Nathan sat there, thinking about it for a bit. He knew this was almost every guy's dream, to have sex with two girls at once, but that wasn't what was holding him back. He didn't know Stacy, and didn't want her going and telling her mom about this. He looked at Melissa, "ok, but can we wait until after dinner?" Hoping that would buy him some time to get out of this. Melissa smiled, "yes we can wait."

For the rest of the afternoon, Nathan tried to come up with ways to get out of having sex with the two girls, but kept coming up empty. Melissa and Stacy hung out in Melissa's room until Nathan made dinner. Every once in a while, Nathan would hear them giggling and laughing in her room.

After dinner was ready, Nathan hollered for them. Melissa strolled into the dining room, followed by Stacy, right behind her. Melissa was still wearing her tight boy shorts and tank top, but Stacy was only wearing a blue lace bra and matching thong. As Nathan was carrying the food to the table he stopped in place, staring at Stacy.

Stacy strutted in front of him, her bra stretched tight by her chest, and her thong pulled tight against her hairless pussy, showing a tiny cameltoe. "Melissa where are Stacy's clothes?" Nathan asked, feeling his dick begin to harden in his pants.

Both of the girls looked at each other and giggled. Melissa looked at Nathan, "umm in my room, duh." Nathan set the food on the table, "why did she take them off?" Melissa smirked, "so she was ready as soon as we get done eating."

Nathan sat down at the table, across from the two girls, staring at Stacy's chest. "That could have waited," Nathan said, still staring. Melissa laughed, "well we didn't want you to forget about it, and thought it would get you hard already." Nathan couldn't disagree with her, it did get him hard, as his dick throbbed against his pants, "yeah, but it's not the proper attire to wear at the dinner table."

Melissa ignored him as she dished herself some food, and began eating. The three of them ate silently, Nathan glancing at Stacy's tits every once in a while, causing his dick to throb more. When they were about done eating, Melissa broke the silence, "by the way Nathan, Stacy is a virgin, and has never even seen a dick before, or masturbated."

Nathan dropped his fork on his plate, looking wide eyed at Stacy, as she slowly nodded and smiled. 'This just keeps getting better and better,' he thought to himself. 'That's all the more reason I need to get out of this.' Nathan felt a lump grow in his throat, knowing this could give Stacy all the more reason to tell someone, especially if he hurt her, or she didn't really want to go through with this.

Melissa laughed, "why the long look Nathan." Nathan shook his head and went back to eating, trying desperately to find a way out of having sex with Stacy.

After they were done eating, they all carried their plates to the sink and Nathan grabbed the pan from the table. He started the water to do the dishes when Melissa came up behind him. She reached around his waist and grabbed his crotch, "ok it's after dinner. Mmm and it looks like our trick worked," Melissa moaned, squeezing his erection, through his pants.

Nathan groaned, turning the water off, realizing he wasn't going to be able to get out of it. He turned around to face Melissa, looking down at her. "Come on big boy, time to teach a girl how to make love," Melissa said playfully. She grabbed Nathan's hand and lead him towards her room. Nathan didn't resist, knowing that Melissa was in charge, or he would more than likely go to jail.

Melissa lead Nathan into her room, his dick bulging against his pants as they entered. Stacy was sitting in the middle of Melissa's bed, her face lighting up when they entered. Melissa told Nathan to stand at the foot of the bed and take his pants and boxers off, as she climbed onto the bed, next to her friend.

Nathan nervously began fumbling with the button on his pants, looking at the two girls, sitting there patiently waiting. He finally got it unbuttoned, and began pushing them down, along with his boxers. As his boxers slid over his dick, it sprang back immediately, causing Stacy to gasp. Melissa giggled at her friend, as Nathan pushed his pants and boxers, completely down and off.

As Nathan stood back up, Stacy nervously shifted around on the bed, staring at his hard dick. "Oh my god Melissa, that's amazing," Stacy said, slowly moving closer to the end of the bed. Melissa chuckled as she moved next to Stacy, "see I told you, you would like it." Stacy licked her lips as her eyes crossed, staring at his dick. There was a small dab of precum leaking out of the pee hole, glistening in the light.

Nathan watched Stacy nervously reach her hand out and put her forefinger into the precum. Stacy quizzically stared at it, as his dick bobbed up, breaking the contact with her finger, his precum sticking to her finger. "What's that, it feels sticky," Stacy exclaimed, moving her hand back, his precum stringing out with it. Melissa giggled, "wow Stacy you haven't ever done any of this before huh? That's his cum leaking out already."

Nathan laughed to himself at both of them, "well its not really cum, it's called precum. It leaks out when I get really turned on," he said. Melissa and Stacy both nodded, as Stacy moved her hand back until the string broke and fell onto her finger. Stacy brought her finger to her nose and sniffed, "it doesn't smell like anything." Nathan and Melissa both laughed, as they watched Stacy stick her tongue out and lick the precum off of her finger. "Hmm not much of a taste either," Stacy added, shrugging her shoulders.

Melissa looked at her friend, "that's odd, because when I swallowed his cum the other day, it tasted pretty good." Nathan shrugged his shoulders, not sure what to tell them, about the taste of his cum. Stacy looked at Melissa in shock, "you swallowed his cum, you can get pregnant from that." Nathan and Melissa looked at each other and burst out laughing. Stacy cowered a bit at their reaction.

"You can't get pregnant from swallowing cum, you can only get pregnant if a guy comes in your pussy," Melissa said, laughingly. Stacy stared at Melissa, "are you sure?" Melissa nodded, "I'm positive, I read it on the internet. Who told you something silly like that?" Stacy looked at Melissa sternly, "my mom did." Melissa shook her head, "I think she told you that, so you wouldn't try anything sexual. Did she also tell you that you could get pregnant the very first time you have sex?"

Nathan stood there, mesmerized by Melissa knowing this much about sex, and talking to her friend like that. Stacy slowly nodded, looking down at the bed. Melissa laughed again, "well that's wrong to, Nathan came in my pussy twice, and I'm not pregnant." Stacy looked back up at Melissa, "ok."

They both turned back to Nathan, Melissa looked up at him and smiled, "damn parents and misleading their children." Nathan smirked, unsure of what to say to her.

Melissa looked at Stacy and said, "why don't you try wrapping your hand around his dick, to see what it feels like." Stacy nodded, sitting Indian style on the end of the bed. Nathan watched Stacy slowly reach out and wrap her tiny hand around his dick. He groaned as his dick throbbed in her squeezing grip. Stacy giggled when his dick throbbed in her hand, saying, "wow it's so hard, but soft, and it moved when I touched it."

Melissa laughed at friend, as she moved closer to Nathan, "now try and put it in mouth, and suck on it like it's a sucker." Stacy nodded as she moved to knees on the bed, using her other hand to hold herself up. Melissa watched closely as Stacy opened her mouth wide and slowly began to engulf the head of Nathan's dick. "Yeah Stacy, that's it, suck on his dick, get it all wet so it can go in your pussy," Melissa moaned, as she reached a hand back and lightly rubbed Stacy's ass cheek.

After watching her mom have sex with Nathan, Melissa found herself fascinated about watching another girl having sex with a guy, but also wondered why it had turned her on so much. She tried searching for it on the internet, and came across some websites with two women playing with each other, without a guy. Melissa found herself getting turned on by looking at the pictures of it, and watching videos of it. She also watched videos of two girls having sex with a guy at the same time. So when she found out Nathan was coming back to babysit, she asked her mom if Stacy could stay the night, so she could find out what it was like, firsthand.

Melissa watched Stacy slowly move her head forward, taking more of Nathan's dick into her mouth, as she started rubbing Stacy's ass cheek harder. Nathan threw his head back, as Stacy moved her hand away, her tongue running along the bottom side of his shaft, and the head of his dick hit the back of her throat. Stacy choked a little, pulling her head back. Melissa giggled, "don't choke on it. You probably can't get it all in your mouth, I couldn't."

Stacy moaned as she closed her mouth around Nathan's dick, and sucked as hard as she could. Nathan groaned loudly, "oh fuck!" Melissa cooed, "that's it Stacy, now start moving your mouth up and down it, while you suck." Stacy did as Melissa said, slowly pulling her head back, until just the head was in her mouth, sucking hard. Nathan's body trembled as she sucked on his sensitive head, then slowly moving her head back into him, taking his dick in, as far as she could. Stacy was able to get almost 4" of his dick into her mouth, before it reached her throat. She started a steady rhythm, slowly moving her head back, then swallowing his dick again, sucking on it hard.

'For an inexperienced girl, she sure can suck a dick,' Nathan thought to himself, closing his eyes and moving his hips with her head. Melissa moaned, "oh my god that's so sexy, don't stop Stacy."

Melissa moved back up the bed, behind Stacy's upturned ass. She slid her finger under Stacy's thong and moved it aside, exposing Stacy's virgin slit to her. Melissa nervously moved her hand towards her friend's pussy , and grazed the tip of her finger across Stacy's pussy lips. She felt Stacy's ass tremble against her hand, as she lightly moved her finger up and down her friend's tiny slit.

Melissa slowly tried to push her finger between Stacy's labia, causing Stacy to moan a little louder. Melissa cooed to herself as she watched her finger began to disappear into her friend's pussy. As her finger entered Stacy's virgin hole, she felt the same warmth and wetness she feels when playing with herself, but it also felt different to her, because it was another girl's pussy. "Oh my god," Melissa whispered to herself, as she continued pushing her finger in, feeling Stacy's pussy squeezing her finger.

As Stacy started moving her head faster, up and down, Nathan had to stop her, or he would cum quickly. As she pulled away from his dick, she looked up at him with lust. Nathan smiled and bent down, lightly kissing her on the lips, as she moaned.

Melissa started moving her finger in and out of Stacy's pussy, enjoying the feeling of Stacy's pussy sucking at her finger. Melissa was amazed at how Stacy's pussy lips moved in and out with her finger. She looked up at Nathan and Stacy kissing and asked, "did you cum already Nathan?" Nathan looked at Melissa, shaking his head. Melissa smiled, moving her finger a little faster, in and out of Stacy's pussy, "ok good, well you can take off my panties and get me ready for your hard dick."

Nathan stood there for a moment, not really thinking about Melissa being there, just about the amazing blowjob he had got from Stacy. He moved around the bed, until he was standing right behind Melissa's ass. He looked up at Stacy's ass and saw Melissa moving her finger in and out of her friend's virgin pussy. He groaned at the sight, then grabbed at Melissa's boy shorts and started tugging them down. Melissa helped him by moving herself around, allowing him to pull them off.

Melissa pulled her finger out of Stacy's pussy, as she moved to her knees, and at almost a 45 degree angle from Stacy's body. "Don't move Stacy, I'm gonna get you ready to have sex with Nathan as well." Stacy looked over her shoulder, confused about what Melissa meant.

Nathan stood there, wanting to see what Melissa was talking about, and meant about getting her friend ready. He watched as Melissa put her hands on the bed, and move her head closer to Stacy's pussy. Melissa stuck her tongue out and delved the tip of it into her friend's pussy lips. Nathan groaned as he looked on, "holy shit."

Melissa moved the the tip of her tongue up Stacy's slit, tasting her first pussy ever, as Stacy's nectar collected on her tongue. Melissa pulled her tongue back, tasting it, "mmm, oh my god your pussy tastes incredible, Stacy." Stacy giggled at Melissa, not sure what to say. Melissa again stuck her tongue out and pushed it back into Stacy's slit, she moved her tongue down this time, brushing it across Stacy's over sensitive clit. Stacy's back arched as she raised her head, "oh my fucking god," she exclaimed in pleasure.

Nathan watched in amazement, as he saw a girl licking another girl's pussy for the first time in person. It was at that moment he was elated that he had agreed to babysit again.

Melissa moved her tongue up and down Stacy's pussy a few times, tasting more of Stacy's juices, then she stopped at Stacy's entrance. Melissa grabbed Stacy's hips, and quickly pushed her tongue into Stacy's pussy, burying her face into Stacy's muff and ass. Stacy's back arched more, raising her ass higher, as she exclaimed, "ahh, holy shit that feels funny but amazing." Melissa moaned into Stacy's pussy, as she moved her tongue in and out of Stacy's sucking hole, noticing it getting wetter.

Nathan continued to watch Melissa eat out her friend's pussy, as he started rubbing Melissa's pussy. He noticed it was already, incredibly wet, as he sunk his middle finger into it. He decided she didn't need any preparation, as he pulled his finger out of her and moved up behind her. He guided his dick to Melissa's pussy, as Stacy was getting louder and louder, moving her hips and grinding her pussy into Melissa's face.

Nathan kept his eyes on Melissa eating Stacy's pussy out, as he felt the head of his dick brush against her soft pussy lips. Melissa wiggled her hips in front of him, as he steadily pushed his hips forward, feeling his dick begin to sink into her tight pussy. Melissa moaned into Stacy's pussy as she felt Nathan's dick enter her. Nathan grabbed Melissa's hips and drove his dick home, deep inside of her pussy, hard.

Melissa's body lunged forward, when Nathan slammed into her, pushing her face harder into Stacy's pussy. Stacy's body was trembling and shaking as her orgasm was nearing. "What is happening to me? Oh my god, I gotta pee," Stacy yelled, trying to pull away from Melissa. Melissa held onto Stacy's hips, not allowing her to pull away, as she pulled her tongue out of Stacy's pussy and moved her mouth down, sucking Stacy's clit into her mouth.

Nathan was moving his hips forward and back, sliding his dick in and out of Melissa, hard and fast, knowing it wasn't going to take him long to cum. He was groaning as he watched Melissa suck on Stacy's clit. Stacy's body was trembling so hard that the bed was shaking against his legs.

Stacy cried out in ecstasy, as Melissa sucked and nibbled on her clit, "ahhhhh!" Stacy's hips continuing to try pulling away from Melissa, as her body was rocked with her first orgasm. "Oh my god, I gotta pee," Stacy cried, as her body jerked and shook in the throes of her orgasm. "Ooohhh, aaahhh, what is happening to me," Stacy stammered out, still cumming.

Melissa moaned more into Stacy's pussy, as her chin was inundated with Stacy's wetness, as it began to flow out. Melissa didn't relent on Stacy's clit, sucking on it hard, throughout Stacy's orgasm.

As Stacy's orgasm began to slowly fade, her arms got weak, and she fell onto her chest on the bed, her body still trembling and shaking with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She closed her eyes, feeling completely relaxed now, trying to figure out what that was. Melissa released her hips, and she fell flat on the bed, trying to recover.

After Melissa let go of Stacy's hips, she looked back at Nathan and smiled. Stacy's wetness was covering her chin and lips as she said, "are you gonna cum Nathan? Huh are you gonna cum in my young, tight pussy, so Stacy can suck it out of me?" Nathan was grunting as his orgasm neared, "uh huh, uh huh." Liking what he heard Melissa say.

Melissa started rubbing her clit, as she moved her hips back into Nathan's thrusts, "that's it baby, cum for me, fill my tight pussy up with your hot cum." That did it for Nathan, as he slammed into Melissa's pussy, he cried out, "here it comes, I'm fucking cumming." Melissa felt his dick swell up inside of her, and soon felt the hot rush of his cum filling her pussy, setting off her orgasm as well. "Me too Nathan, your making me cum too!" Melissa yelled as her pussy clamped down on Nathan's spurting dick, pushing some of his cum back out around it.

Melissa and Nathan continued to cum together, both of their bodies shaking and trembling together. Nathan continued to slowly move his hips as he emptied the entire contents of his balls into her sucking pussy. Melissa had her head on the bed, as she vigorously rubbed her clit throughout her orgasm, "fuck I love feeling your hot cum in me." Melissa groaned as her orgasm faded.

Nathan stumbled backwards as his own orgasm ended, his dick slipping out of Melissa's leaking hole. He could see his cum dripping off of her pussy lips, right onto the bed, as he used the wall to keep him up. "Oh my god, that was intense," he said to himself, realizing that was hardest he had ever cum before.

Melissa collapsed onto the bed, her pussy still leaking Nathan's cum and forming a small pool on the bed. "Mmm, Stacy are you ok up there?" She asked, looking at her friend still laying on the bed.

To be continued. Constructive criticism please.

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