I hope you don't mind, but I am going to extend this out a little longer. I have gotten inspiration for some additional story lines from other writers here. And yes, i will get back to House Girl soon, I promise.
“Kimmy and I fooled around a little when we were younger. You know, the curious stuff. We even rubbed each other down there until we got real excited, but we didn’t really know what we were doing. I think Kim was a little jealous when you started to like me too,” admitted my girlfriend, Katie Schultz. I had just admitted to sleeping with my little sister and she had just admitted she found it hot. “She asks about you and me all the time. If we kiss, if we… other stuff. I tell her it’s none of her business, but I guess she knows now, thanks to Becka.”

“Do you think she’s going to make trouble for you or for us?” I was a little worried that her dad would find out. Truth was, he scared the bejeezus out of me.

“Oh, I doubt it. If she threatens to, I will threaten to tell about her and Smokey.”

“Smokey? The DOG?”

“You don’t want to know. She was just curious, that’s all. But if mom and dad found out what she was doing, they wouldn’t let her out of her room or near the dog ever again.” She was laughing. I wanted to ask her for more details, but decided I’d rather do something else instead. All this sexy talk was getting me horny again, not that I was ever not horny. At fourteen, I had two states, somewhat horny and horny as hell. I was moving from somewhat to horny as hell again. My cock stirred and Katie noticed. I moved over her to cover her nakedness with mine. Her legs parted and I settled between them. She was already warm and slick from our previous intercourse. I slipped in easily. We kissed and screwed and kissed some more. It wasn’t the hard, urgent fucking that made me erupt easily. This was the long slow lovemaking that was about being joined as one and taking in all the sensuality of the moment. After a time, I rolled over and pulled Katie on top of me. She sat up until she was kneeling next to my hips with my cock buried in her pussy and then started a slow, bucking grind. This put her breasts in an easy arms reach. Her head lolled back and she rode me in slow motion, controlling the depth and speed. I thrust my hips upward to meet her descent, but I didn’t do anything but match her pace. I let my hands roam all over her smooth, tight skin. She shortened her bucking to just a couple inches, right at the bottom. Her breasts were bouncing, their fullness only slightly flattening as she reached the depth of her stroke. She was so tiny at the waist, it made her breasts appear larger by comparison. I enjoyed her pleasure as she closed her eyes and focused on her own pleasure. She picked up the pace, rubbing her engorged labia hard against the sides of my thickened cock. She started to cum and with it she started to flow with her heavy juices. She squirted so much I used to think she was peeing on me. She kept it up for several minutes, having her own orgasms at her own pace. Whenever I felt her slowing down, I would cup her breasts and graze her nipples with my fingers. This would reawaken her fading sensations and her orgasm would grow stronger. I was in no hurry to finish. I was content to let her ride my cock until we died of starvation. Then I heard a noise coming from nearby. Whispering. I froze.

“Why did you stop?” asked Katie, somewhat miffed I interrupted her chain orgasm.

“We are not alone anymore,” I explained. I searched around, but I couldn’t pinpoint our little sisters who had snuck up the ladder to the upper loft and our little love nest.

“I’ll fix them,” pledged Katie. She jumped up and climbed over the bales that hid us from casual view, nearly landing on our little stalkers. “What the hell are you two little girls doing up here?” She grabbed each of them by an arm and made them climb back over the bales to where I was. Becka looked sheepish, but Kim looked astonished. I was still hard and covered with the product of her sister’s orgasm. Kim stared at my hard cock. Becka stared at Katie’s naked form. I know Becka was checking out the competition. She wrested her arm from Katie’s grasp and leaped on top of me, eager for me to protect and forgive her.

“We weren’t really spying, honest. We hadn’t even peeked yet. We were still trying to work up the nerve to climb the bales. We were listening to you and trying to figure out who would go first when Katie jumped over and grabbed us. It scared me so bad I nearly peed!” explained my twelve year old sister.

Kim was still struggling to get away, but she was no match for her older sister. “Lemme go! We only wanted to see, that’s all.”

“Kimberly Della Schultz! You know better than that! You should be ashamed of yourself!” Katie was used to telling her younger sister off from the tone of it. “What Paul and I do is private. How would you like it if I watched you with your boyfriend?”

“HA! I don’t have a boy friends, so THERE! And I wouldn’t mind. You’re my sister; you are supposed to be teaching me stuff. And we didn’t SEE anything. We just got up here when you caught us.” Her eyes still hadn’t left my cock.

“Have you had a good enough look at Paul’s privates yet?” Katie smacked her sister in the back of her head to get her attention. “It’s not polite to stare.”

“But look at it! It’s so big! How does it….?” She stopped short of finishing her question.

“Feel? Fit? Taste? Is that what you are asking? We’ll I’ll tell you. Good. Tight. Fantastic. Got enough information yet?”

Sensing she was not about to die, Kim decided to press her luck. She turned to Becka. “You let him put THAT thing inside you? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, not at all. It feels really good. My pussy just opens up and it slides in. When it gets all the way in, it feels SO nice. It makes me tingle all over and then when I can’t take it anymore, it’s like my stomach explodes and my ears ring and my toes hurt and it’s just the best feeling in the whole world. Ask Katie, she knows.”

Kim turned to her sister. She raised her eyebrows expectantly.

“It’s not your business, but Becka is right. There’s nothing as nice as having Paul’s big hard cock stuffed in my pussy. It makes me feel so grown up and when I orgasm, it’s so fantastic.”

“Can I try it?” asked Kim.

“NO!” said all three of us simultaneously. I had heard enough. This was going in a direction I couldn’t see anything good coming from.

“Can I at least touch it?”

Katie acted like she was thinking it over. “No, I don’t think so. He’s my boyfriend, not yours. You need to get your own boyfriend and touch his.”

“Can I at least see it go inside you? Then we will climb down, I promise.” Katie looked at me and I shrugged. My cock was just waving around the barn, not doing anyone any good and all this attention hadn’t allowed it to abate. If this would get me back inside Katie and our intruders out of the loft, I would let Kim watch me penetrate her sister.

“Don’t ever come back up here when we are up here alone, got it? I will let you see this ONCE.” She let her sister go and pushed me back off my elbows to flat on my back. She grabbed the base of my erection and guided the head to her now cooled off cunt. She wiggled her hips and slowly descended onto my shaft. Our sisters got down between my feet to watch it sliding in.

“Oh dang! Look at that!” gushed Kim. “It just slides in. How does it feel Becka?” She turned to ask her partner in crime.

“It feels really good. Really good.” She was fixated on watching my cock sliding in and out of Katie’s hole. I watched her reach between her legs and rub her pussy through her jeans. I could tell we were going to fuck later, just by the raspy breathing coming from her mouth. “Come on, let’s go. We promised.” She bumped Kim’s shoulder and they reluctantly climbed out of the love nest and we listened as they descended to the ground.

The brief respite and the tawdry conversation was all I needed to get prepped to finish. When I felt my orgasm starting to build, I gripped Katie’s hips and controlled her actions while I thrust upward into her. She steadied herself by leaning forward, grasping my chest with semi-clenched fingers. I felt her pinch my nipples and that was all the encouragement I needed. I pumped another load of fresh cum into her well-used confines. She joined me in my release, continuing to pinch and twist my nipples harder as she came. Finally it hurt too much and I had to grab her wrists to get her to let my nipples go. I thought she was going to rip them completely off.

We spent fifteen minutes licking each other clean. I love the taste of a fresh-fucked, cum-filled pussy and gladly licked her until she was empty and fresh as a daisy. I even managed to drag my tongue across her sphincter a couple times, just to see what kind of reaction I would get. She reacted by sticking the tip of her middle finger against my own asshole and giving me a massage.

After we were cleaned up and dressed, we kissed for a while and then made our way unsteadily to the ground. Katie and Kim rode their three-wheelers back through the fields to their house before it got too dark. Becka and I went into the house to get cleaned up for bed. In the bathroom that connected our two bedrooms, Becka lounged in her pink nightie on the counter. She had her head propped up on her hand and her left knee was pointing to the ceiling, giving me a full view of her bare pussy and it’s light covering of new pubic hair. She hadn’t bothered to put on her panties after her bath. I lay in the tub and enjoyed the hot water. I cleaned all the parts of me and paid a lot of attention to my cock. It was at half-mast but it was squeaky clean.

I climbed out of the tub and dried off, wagging my cock in my sister’s face, since she refused to move from her supine position. She didn’t move when I wiggled it right under her nose. She moved enough to pretend to bite it when I slapped it against her cheek. Then she opened her mouth and sucked the first three inches in before jumping down off of the counter. I pulled on my shorts and we walked downstairs to tell our parents goodnight. Mom was in her nightgown, sitting in the living room knitting a blanket when we took turns kissing her good night.

“Your father is asleep in the den. You can go give him a kiss before you go to bed,” she told my sister. Becka skipped down the hall, to kiss our father goodnight. “Are you being careful, Paul?” mom asked as Becka slipped out of sight.

“Yes mom, I am being very careful,” I said and I sat on the arm of her chair. Her arm easily slipped around my waist.

“I’m too young to be a grandmother,” she lamented. “You are too young to be a father.”

“Well,” I teased, “If I could have you all the time, I wouldn’t need these other girls. Then you’d know if I was doing it right and doing it safely.”

“Oh Paul!” she squeezed. “I do think about it all the time. But I am not ready to have a relationship with my own son. It’s just too much for me right now. But finding time with your father is getting harder and hard too, so I appreciate your offer.”

Becka rejoined us and we went upstairs together, her to her room, me to mine. But her door had hardly closed before she came through the bathroom, buck-naked to beat me into my own bed.

“It’s my turn now Paul. It’s my turn to be your girlfriend. It’s my turn to have your thing in me.”

“You might have to suck it for a while to help me get hard. Katie and I fucked a lot tonight. I am really tired.”

“OK.” She didn’t protest, she just sat up on the edge of the bed and waited for me to come closer. I dropped my shorts and before her. She guided my semi-hard dick to her mouth and began to lick and suck it, getting it nice and slick. She was able to get more than half into her throat while it was under-inflated. It didn’t stay semi-hard for long. I grasped the back of her head as I grew harder, filling her mouth and stretching her throat. She put her hands on my hips to push me away, but I didn’t allow it. I don’t know what came over me. Suddenly I was angry with her for spying on Katie and I, and I wanted to punish her. She started to struggle and gag, which only made me more excited. I pulled out just enough for her to cough and swallow and get a couple gulps of air, before I forced my cock back into her mouth and down her throat. She looked up at me with panic in her eyes.

“You should not have spied on us,” I whispered. “This is your punishment.” I pulled out again. To my surprise, after she caught her breath, she opened her mouth up wide, waiting for my thrust. I grabbed her head again, and drove my cock fully into her throat, not stopping until I felt her nose pressing against my pelvic bone. Her eyes never left mine. Now that she was resigned to her punishment, my cock in her throat didn’t make her gag as hard. I could feel her convulse, but she never tried to pull off. She tried to push even more into her throat until I made her back off. She was crying.

“I’m so sorry Paul. I didn’t mean to spy. But I wanted to see. I wanted to see what Katie did that I didn’t do. I was only jealous, that’s all.”

“It’s okay, Becka. Katie can’t do everything you can do. No one has ever got my entire boner into their throat before. That was a-maze-ing. You are the best at sucking dick there ever was.”

“You really think so?” she asked with no small amount of pride in her voice. “Thank you for saying so!”

“I do think so. I also think that you should keep that talent to yourself. If you suck a dick like that before you have sex, you aren’t ever going to have sex again.” She nodded and we both laughed. “But you are the best cock sucker I have ever known. The BEST!”

I made her stand up so I could lie down on the bed and she could mimic what she had seen Katie doing earlier. She threw one leg over me and dropped to her knees. My rod was hot and wet from her mouth. It only took her a couple of tries to get me fully engaged into her depths. Her tight cunt was a velvet fist gripping my rod. Though I was nearly fucked dry, I only had to remember her nose against my groin with my cock deep in her throat to put myself on the verge of an orgasm. I rubbed and twisted her nipples until she started to spasm around my cock. I answered with a spasm of my own. She collapsed against my chest and we went to sleep like that.

I woke up at 3 am to the sensation of being ridden again. Becka had coaxed my cock into readiness and now was using our combined juices to lubricate her second fuck of the night. As good as it felt, I was tired and wanted to sleep. So I grabbed her tiny ass cheeks and started to drive up into her. While I was fucking her, I was spreading her ass wider, until I could sense her brown button was gaping wide. I rubbed my middle finger along my driving cock, getting it nice and slick. I pressed my finger against her sphincter until it yielded and then finger fucked her ass to the second knuckle. The double penetration sensation was enough to send her over the edge and take me with her. When we finished, she dismounted my cock and padded silently into the bathroom. I heard the commode flush and then her door shut. She was going to finish the night in her own bed.

The next day on the bus to school, little was said. Every so often Kim would turn around to look at me and Katie would flick her in the back of the head with her finger, reminding her to mind her own business.

On Friday night, Centerville had its opening baseball game of the season. We didn’t draw the same kind of crowds as we did for football, but there were a couple hundred people there anyway. Without the distances a football field offered to protect us from the crowds, it was easy to hear all the people in the stands. Some of them really got into the game and never stopped shouting. It was a little intimidating.

Early in the season we only played seven inning exhibition games. They were more like an organized scrimmage. The games didn’t count against the season record. It wasn’t light as late and the field lights weren’t much better than the dusk they were trying to chase away. In the middle of the fifth, pitching coach Billy Parsons had me get up and start working from the stretch to loosen up. With one out at the top of the sixth inning, Chad Henning had a runner on first and a three run lead. Coach Harris liked to say he left a pitcher in one pitch too long if he allows him to blow a lead. The third batter in the inning cracked a hard single to right center and the runner wheeled through second and stood on third without a throw from Bird Rice who had cut the throw off at second. Coach Harris called time and strode out to the mound. As he crossed the first base line, he tapped his right arm and Coach Parsons gave me a nod.

“You’re in.”

Even though it was an exhibition game and it didn’t matter, I felt four hundred pairs of eyes on me as I ran in from the bullpen on the right field line, past the home bleachers. When I got to the mound, Chad Henning slapped the ball in my glove and strode off. Chad knew that he could still win the game, if I pitched well. He also knew he wouldn’t get the loss if I didn’t. I could earn a save or a loss, but not a win.

“Just step and fire. Throw the ball where Joe tells you. Got it?” He didn’t wait for an answer, he just walked off.

“We are gonna stick with the number 1. Watch my middle finger. Only my middle finger. The rest are just dummies, got it?” I must have looked confused. “The base runners are going to try and steal our signs, alright?” I got it then. I grinned and nodded.

The first batter was a Cro-Magnon named Meat or Beef or Chuck Roast or something like that. Joe waggled all his fingers all over but he kept pointing his middle finger at the inside of his seam on the right side. Belt high over the inside half. I nodded.

I looked over my left shoulder to hold the runner at first, raised my toe and pointed it where I wanted the pitch to go, slid forward and fired. The ball nearly sizzled as it cut through the air. Wooof! THOCK! I heard the swing but I could see it was too late. The sound of the ball hitting the catchers mitt was satisfying. Joe went through the same gyrations, but the pitch and location were the same. I rocked and fired. THOwooofCK! The batter was so late the ball hit the glove as the bat came around. For the third pitch, Joe signaled low, away and off the plate. Again I checked the runners and fired. The batter flailed at the offering, not coming close. MeatBeefChuck, whatever his name was, glared at me as he stomped back to the dugout. Two outs. Joe signaled for time.

“On the next pitch, don’t check the runner at first. Act like you forgot. Throw the ball high, right at the umps face,” he said to me while covering his mouth with his mitt. “Then duck.”


“I’m gonna gun down the guy on first as he tries to steal second, I don’t want to bean you by mistake. Just fire and get down. Got it?”

“Sure, I guess.” Joe went through a series of fake signals. The runner on first took a huge lead. I had to work at making the pitch without checking the runner. My pitch sailed high, and Joe leaped from the crouch and already had his left foot coming forward as he caught the ball. As soon as I let it go, I dropped down low, making it look like I had fallen down. The runner was already halfway to second when Joe fired from the plate. His aim was true and the shortstop, his twin brother James, caught the ball two feet above the bag and dropped his hand down on the runner’s outstretched arm before he it could reach the bag.

“Yerrrrr OUT!” shouted the second base umpire. Four pitches and I was out of the inning.

James Baldwin was first to bat in our half of the sixth. He punched a ball off the outer third of his bat that landed just past the deep second baseman. He easily beat the throw to first. I was next to bat. I tried not to look too nervous as I left the dugout and headed for the batter’s box. I was quaking inside. I was so amped up, I swung early in the first pitch I saw and slapped a liner between first and second and sprinted to first. James moved over to third and I looked over to Coach Harris for the sign. It was a first pitch GO sign, which meant I was supposed to steal second. I took as big of a lead as I dared and waited for the pitcher to make his move to the plate. As his hands came to his waist, I thought I detected movement toward the plate and I took off. But the movement wasn’t toward the plate, he was throwing a pickoff to first. I recognized it too late. I was already committed to second. The throw to first was a little high and the first baseman didn’t get a chance to stride into it and fire it at second. He had to jump to get it then gather himself to send the ball chasing me down at second. The split-second was enough. I beat the throw and now I had a single and a stolen base and a strike out. Standing on second base, listening to my teammates and the fans cheering, I LOVED baseball.

James and I scored as the top of the order started shelling our guests. When I took the mound at the top of the seventh, I had an eight run lead. I don’t recall the exact order of pitches in the final inning, but there were nine of them: fastball in, fastball out, fastball middle, fastball high, fastball low, fastball right center, fastball left center, fastball center and fastball high and away. Three of the pitches were called strikes the rest were swings and misses.

After the teams shook hands, the Warriors returned to the dugout for the post game talk.

“I saw a lot of good things for being so early in the year, men,” growled Coach Harris. “I saw some things we need to work on. Like how to recognize a pick-off move and beat the throw back to first instead of trying for second.” He was looking right at me with a twinkle in his eye. Jack and James shoved me back and forth between them.

“Yeah, Rook! Nice steal. The way you run, I thought you were riding on a chicken’s back,” teased Jack.

“It’s a good thing the first baseman had an arm like a slot machine. My grandmother could have pegged you at second,” added James.

“Sleep in tomorrow morning. Pitchers at 8 a.m. for therapy, everyone else at 8:30.”

8:00 a.m. is sleeping in on a Saturday? This was a joke, right? Nope. Coach Walt had been coaching a long time. He knew that athletes, particularly baseball players, liked to celebrate after a win. The early practice meant the players were less likely to be hung over. But for me, I would be up a couple hours before the 8:00 a.m. practice, so I didn’t mind.

The families all gathered at the A&W for the traditional post-game celebration. The Schultz’s were also there. I felt a little weird being with the parents of the girls I was having sex with and the younger sister who had begged to watch. But I tried to act natural. Katie was a lot friendlier and more physical with me in front of her parents. She would hug my arm and hold on tight, kiss my cheek, lay her head on my shoulder, hold my hand, and her parent’s, particularly her dad, didn’t seem to mind. Kim and Becka would run off and join their other friends, which consisted of the younger siblings of my teammates.

“What was that pitch you threw to the last batter, Paul?” asked Mr. Schultz.

“Well, sir, that was….”

“THE CHEESE!” interrupted Joe Baldwin. “The Fatty. The Kahuna. El Fiero. The Paul David Express. Makes batters quake and girls hearts break. That sir, was the Numero Uno.”
“…the fastball.” I finished. “It’s really the only pitch I know how to throw.” Mr. Schultz was laughing at my catcher’s antics.

“I thought so. But you throw it pretty well.”

That night I remember watching all the fire trucks roaring by the A&W hearing sirens fading in the distance. There were a lot of them. They headed out of town in the direction of where we all lived. I put it out of my mind, but I do recall seeing my father and Mr. Schultz also cocking their heads with concern. That many trucks could only mean something bad. We weren’t there much longer when we heard another siren and it was definitely coming back to town. A deputy sheriff skidded to a stop on the road in front of the restaurant. The deputy got out and strode over to Mr. Schultz.

“It’s your place, Samuel.” Katie gripped my arm in fear. She had a fire at home. The Schultz’s departed first and my father settled both our bill and theirs. We were on the road right after them. We could see the fire two miles before we got to their driveway. The barn was fully engulfed, it would be a total loss. The roof on the farmhouse and one wall was also burning, but it appeared that the Centerville Fire Department would have it under control. Mister Loeschen and a bunch of other neighbors had their own pumper trucks on station and were battling the fire on the backside of the barn where it was threatening the machine shed where Mr. Schultz parked his tractors and harvesters. Men were braving the heat to start the equipment and drag it clear. My mom and sister stood in a group with Mrs. Schultz, Katie and Kim. They were hugging each other and crying. More cars and pickups streamed in. The entire Pipe Crew assembled and we helped drag equipment out of the machine shed just to be safe. We also moved the cattle and hogs into pens farther down the lot to safer confines. About 4:30 in the morning, the women all went to our house to clean up and go to bed. The Schultz’s would stay with us with us for the foreseeable future, until their house was repaired. That was fine with me. I couldn’t wait to spend more time with Katie.

The barn fire burnt for the rest of the night. The house was put out and when the all clear was given, well after daylight, the women went inside to assess the damages. Between the smoke and the water, only a small amount of their possessions were
spared. The machine shed never caught fire, thanks to the quick acting neighbors. When the fire investigator completed his investigation, he ended up blaming the fire and on an electrical short in an old twist style light switch in the barn. It was unlikely that if they had been home, they could have saved the barn. It was probably better that it burned while they were gone, there was such a strong likelihood that Samuel Schultz would have risked his life to save his barn.

Other neighbors showed up with big thermos bottles of hot coffee, warm biscuits, fried ham and egg casseroles. The volunteer firefighters gratefully ate their fill and left, headed home to their own chores and maybe a short nap. The Centerville firemen had to be prevailed upon to accept the gratitude of the farming community. They weren’t used to people bringing them baked goods for allowing a century old barn to burn to the ground.

At 9:30 that morning I realized I was late for practice, as was Rusty and the Baldwins. We didn’t change out of our smoky clothes, we just piled into the Baldwins old pickup and headed into town to face our punishment. When we arrived, the team gathered around us to get the story. Coach Harris called practice on account of our “heroic” commitment to help our neighbors. We piled back into the pickup for the ride back to my house. When we got there, I was dead on my feet. I staggered upstairs, thinking I would take a hot bath and put on some clean clothes and then join the family downstairs. Of course I fell asleep in the tub. When I woke up, the water was filthy and tepid. I drained it out and sat there while it refilled, enjoying the rising heat. I was almost asleep again when the door leading to my sisters room opened and Becka came in with Kim right behind.

“Kim has to use the toilet. Don’t look,” said Becka.

“Kim, you should go use the toilet in the hall. I’m in the tub.”

“Katie is in there. She’s been in there for HOURS,” she said with great exaggeration. “She wants to be beautiful for her BOY friend.” More exaggeration.

“Then use the one of the bathrooms downstairs.”

“Both occupied. This won’t take a minute,” she chirped. “Look away.” She didn’t wait for me to look away, instead she grabbed her jeans by the waistband and slipped them down to her ankles and plopped down on the toilet. She gave me a full view of her pink slit with its downy covering of hair. Kim was entering puberty, just a few months shy of Becka. Without bidding, my cock stirred. I am not immune to the raw sexuality of a pussy I have never seen before. Becka sat on the edge of the tub and stirred the water with her hands. She reached over, in plain view of her friend, and gripped my thickening member, making it fill all the faster. Kim watched with fascination. When she finished peeing, she patted herself dry, pulled her jeans and panties back into place then knelt next to the tub. She didn’t ask for permission, she just reached out and placed her hand next to my sisters on my erection. Now I was fully engorged and pointing at the ceiling.

“That’s so cool.” I don’t know if it was the erotic notion of these two preteens touching me, or the pure exhaustion from being up all night, but I just closed my eyes and slid deeper into the tub. I didn’t move when I felt Becka lean over and put her mouth on my cockhead. If she wanted to blow me and let her young friend watch, I didn’t mind. But when she pulled her head off and I felt them move my cock to point another direction, I tensed. When Kim’s mouth closed over the mushroom of my hard-on, I jerked upright.

“That’s enough. OUT! Both of you.” They giggled and complied, closing the door behind them. I climbed out of the tub and dried off. When I opened the door to my room, I was caught by surprise. Decorating my bed was a barely dressed Katie Schultz.

“What was going on in there? Did Kim and Becka join you?”

“I woke up and kicked them out.” Seeing Katie in her bra and panties did me no good in making my erection fade. It had the opposite effect. Little head was telling big head what to do. “I don’t have a lot of energy, but I have enough for this.” I covered her nearly naked form with my clearly aroused nude form.

“This is the first time we’ve made love in a bed,” stated Katie.

“That’s too bad,” I replied. “This won’t last long.” I pulled her panties down and positioned myself between her legs. She was already hot and wet and I slid in easily. Our lovemaking was hot but brief. In just minutes I was pumping my seed into her womb. She gripped me tight, my orgasm had triggered hers. I rolled off of her and rolled her on top of me, still buried in her pussy. She covered me with kisses until I let sleep overtake me.

When I awoke, it was mid-afternoon. The house was empty. I got dressed and headed downstairs. I found a couple sandwiches on the counter with a note:

“There’s milk in the fridge. We are over at the Schultz Farm. We will be back around 6. Love, Mom.”

I checked the clock on the oven and it was only three-thirty. I clomped out back, grabbed my jacket and set out through the orchards and fields that separate our house from theirs. When I arrived, the farm yard was already buzzing with activity. Mister was there with his small Caterpillar, pushing the ruined remains of the barn and contents into an ever smaller pile. This was loaded onto waiting trucks and driven to a burn-pile on the back of the property. In Oregon, when a farmer clears new ground, he harvests the trees and burns the remaining scrub in large piles.

Other men were working in the machine shed, converting it using portable fencing panels and baling wire to make a lean-to barn. One end was being filled with hay that kept arriving on pickups, trailers, and flat-bed semis. The animals would have feed and shelter for the spring until the pastures showed enough growth. The equipment would just have to sit in the rain until the barn was replaced. Nobody was making invoices, keeping track of donations, or making a fuss. You can bet that Samuel Loeschen took note of every kindness showed to him by his neighbors. And if it took the rest of his life, he would find a way to repay each and every one of them when the opportunity came. That’s the way neighbors are.

By 6 o’clock, the barn was completely gone and Mister was surveying the barn site with Sam Schultz, my dad, Senior Hoak and his son, Junior. Senior had to be eighty-five years old, small and wiry, but ramrod straight. Junior was the spitting image of his father and looked much younger than his sixty years.

“I remember my dad and granddad telling me about your barn,” Senior was explaining. “Forty foot main beams, twenty-four foot cross members. It was the biggest barn in Lancaster County when they helped your granddad raise it. There wasn’t a single nail used in the construction until the put the shakes on the roof. Even the side walls were split-pinned to the frame.”

“Yep. Built to last. It’s a damn shame they don’t build them like that anymore,” lamented Mr. Loeschen.

“Like Hell they don’t!” challenged the elder Hoak. “If you want to put that barn up just like it was, it won’t take more than Fourth of July to get it ready. It’s been too damn long since we’ve had a good barn raising. And don’t you go frettin’ about how expensive it is. It’s a damn site cheaper than slapping together a metal building that rusts to the ground before your grandkids start high school.” Obviously Senior Hoak took the long view.

Mr. Loeschen thought about it a while. “I really can’t ask you to do that. I didn’t have insurance. We’ll make do.”

“Ask? Hell, Loeschen, if you asked, I’d tell you to screw a duck. I ain’t offering to do it because you asked. I’m doing it because if I don’t, it won’t get done and Loeschen Farms won’t have a Hoak Barn on it for the first time in a century. No sonny, next fall your new barn will be filled with this summer’s hay.”

Sam Loeschen swallowed hard a couple times. His eyes glistened and he was fighting to stay composed. “I’d like that. Whatever you need, you just let me know.”

“Junior, give him the shopping list,” Senior ordered his son. Junior reached into the top pocket of his bib overalls and fished out four old sheets of hand-written supplies. “I reckon this will be a start. Them girls of yours will be able to make the pins just fine. And I’ve noticed you’ve had a few young men sniffing around, like this one here,” he grabbed me by the arm with a scary strong grip. “This one looks like a hard day’s work won’t kill him, I’ll teach him and a couple of his friends how to make a mortise and tenon. It’s time to pass on what I know to the next generation.”

Junior Hoak looked a little sad. Junior was married once, but his wife died in childbirth with their first child and he never remarried. The Hoak line would die with Junior.

“Yes sir, I’d be honored. It actually sounds like fun,” I said. I looked for approval from my father and my boss, Mister Loeschen. Both looked pleased with my eagerness to learn the old skills.

The group of men poured over the shopping list. My father had enough pull at the mill to get the rough beams sawn for next to nothing from wood in the Hoak storage yard. Mr. Loeschen would replace the seasoned oak with green oak he would harvest later when Senior told him the time was right. Loeschen Farms has plenty of green oak to harvest. The split pins would be made from black walnut and cut out with a special jig. The tenon pins would be crafted from ash. The roof would have split cedar shakes and the barn’s exterior would also be made from cedar boards. The interior floors would be clear pine as would interior walls. The cedar would have to be harvested in the forest above Centerville, but the rest could be cut down on the farm. Later I would find out that I had two jobs in getting ready for the barn raising. One was splitting shakes from lengths of cedar, the other was shaping mortises and tenons. (Do you know how many cedar shakes it takes to cover a barn roof? Nope, it’s a lot more than that. For a while, I even dreamed about splitting shakes and it still makes me shudder. A square of shakes covers 100 square feet, with a six inch overlap, that’s 20 rows by 20 shakes. 400 shakes per square. This barn was sixty feet deep and fifty feet tall at the highest peak of the gambrel roof. The lowest edge of the roof was twenty feet off the ground. Without the gambrel, the roof would have been close to 380 squares. With the gambrel and the added wing shelters, I would be splitting 550 squares of cedar shakes. 22,000 shakes. After I got the hang of it, I would split five or six hundred a night, letting the girls stack and bundle them the next day. Still, it took me a couple of months of splitting to get it done.)

While I was listening to the men discussing plans for the barn, the women and girls were in the house sorting clothes and possessions into piles of what could be washed and saved and what had to be destroyed. When they were finished, there wasn’t a lot to be saved.

When we finally got home, stinking of soot, ash and barnyard leftovers, there was a big pot of stew on the stove and a basket of buttermilk biscuits on the counter in the kitchen. In the pantry was a huge array of pies and a chocolate cake. At least we wouldn’t go hungry. Dad and Sam washed up in the utility sink, the rest of us headed to different bathrooms to prepare for supper.

We weren’t a praying family, but we all bowed our heads when the Schultz’s bent theirs and joined hands to give thanks. Before anyone dug in, my father cleared his throat and spoke.

“We want you folks to know how glad we are that you are staying with us. You won’t ever be a burden and we won’t hear any talk of you overstaying your welcome. You are to come and go as you please. We know you are in unfamiliar territory, but we haven’t been here all that long ourselves. If it’s in the house, it’s yours to use if you like or have if you need. Now, let’s eat.” That stew was something akin to ambrosia. We poured heaping ladles full unto the biscuits at the bottom of our bowls and then tore into them. I ate four bowls, until I could eat no more. Sam Schultz ate six or more. He was a man with a serious appetite. After supper my father showed Sam into the office and the two of them acted like they could use the privacy so we left them be. Kim and Katie went to the living room and turned on the big console television to watch Dobie Gillis or some other silly program. Mother and Mrs. Schultz cleaned up the kitchen and sat at the country table and share a cup of coffee, sweet and light. I almost walked in on them, but I heard sobbing and thought better of it. I retreated to my room where I was joined almost immediately by Becka.

“What are we going to do?” whispered Becka. “Katie is going to want to keep you to herself. Kim told me she wants to have put your thing into her. You won’t have any time for me.”

“Don’t worry Becka, you will still have your turns. Maybe not every night, but enough. It’s dangerous with so many people in the house. I don’t know if Mr. and Mrs. Schultz will stay downstairs or if they will come up to check on Kim and Katie. We will just have to be extra careful. And you need to STAY DRESSED. Don’t come barging in naked.”

“Oh all right. How about now? Can I have a turn now?”

I dropped my hand down her back and cupped her firm young ass. I gave it a squeeze.

“Yes. Yes you can.”

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