My First Story.............
I was packing my bags for the long trip to our spring vacation spot. I was 15 at the time, I had a slim body not too skinny not to fat, brown hair and brown eyes. When I finished packing i went to my aunt.

" Im done! " i said to her.
" Okay, wonderful! We will be on the road in a few minutes but i have to stop to see an old friend of mine."
" Thats fine. "

We finished packing and were soon on the road. After about an hour and a half my aunt pulled the car into a long gravel drive way. She knocked on the door and Betsy was her friends name was so shocked of her arrival she screamed,

" Oh my god, Elaine, its been so long! "
" I know... I've missed you "
" Well come inside and is this your nephew? "
" Yes his name is Jim "
" Oh, hello Jim "
" Hello " I said shyly.
Once i was inside the house Betsy and Elaine sat on the living room couch and talked of old memories. After about two minutes Betsy exlaimed that she had a daughter who was named Jodi.
" Shes out in the back in the pool, why dont you go meet her "
" Okay" i replied.

I went out the backdoor and walked to the pool. I walked up the steps with my bag still in my hand and saw the most prettiest girl i have ever seen. She had dark brown hair and sparkling brown eyes which dazzled me. She also had to have at least a 36C. She seemed startled by my appearence.

" Whoa, who are you? "
" Hey, im Jim your moms friends nephew. "
" We've never met before. "
" I know, my aunt and your mom havent seen each other in a while. "
" Oh, well... why dont you come join me in the pool? It's nice and warm. "
" Okay " i replied being the one with girl problems i couldn't give up a chance like this.
" Do you mind if i change over there behind the shed?" i questioned.
" Nope, not at all. "

I quickly went to the shed and changed into my swimming trunks i had packed before for our trip. When i came back to the pool i noticed Jodi wasn't there. Then all of a sudden she jumped out from behind me and pushed me into the pool. I was so startled by that that i turned around and my cock brushed up against her pussy. She didnt seem to notice. We swam around for a little bit then she said she was getting cold. While the kind gentleman i was i said i'll warm you up. Aw... is all she could say. She then swam close to me and we huddled together for about five minutes. Then Elaine came out the back door and we quickly separated.

" I need to run to the store to pick something up i forgot for our trip," Elaine said. " and Betsy is coming with me. Will you kids be ok by yourselves?"
" Yes "
" Yes "
" Okay, well be back in about two to three hours because the closest store is 20 miles away and we need to stop at the grocery store too. "
" Okay drive safe " i said.

When we saw Elaine`s car leave we went back to our " cuddling ". I was so turned on by this that i started to get a huge hard on. I really liked Jodi so far. My boner was poking through my shorts now and i accidentally rubbed it against Jodis thigh. She looked down and saw my 8 inch hard on. I felt ashamed of myself and my face grew beat red. I started to put it back in my trousers when..

" You dont have to put it away, " said Jodi.
" W-what? " i stammered.

She ignored me and slowly put her hand on my chest. She rubbed it all the way down to my pants and started rubbing my cock head. Jodi dove under water and started sucking my cock head. I didnt even know what was going through my head at that time. She kept on sucking and when she came up to get a breath i reached out and touched her huge right breast. It felt so warm and cushiony in my hand. I slowy worked my hand down to her mound area and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned at this and i continued. Suddenly she got up and jumped out of the water. I thought i scared her away. But she said follow me and i followed her into the house with my towel. When i reached the house she was already laying on the couch with her legs spread. I started toward her and she commaned, Suck my pussy! I did as i was told. I was soon sucking her and Jodi clenched the sheets on the couch. " AHH! IM GOING TO CUM! " she screamed. I kept sucking harder until she squrted all of her pussy juice into my mouth and all over my face. It tasted so good, like sugar.

" Wow.. your wonderful Jim! "
" But not like you," i said
" It's your turn now.."

I could only guess with what she was going to do. She ordered me to sit on the couch and i did as i was told. She took out my rod and started stroking it, getting it hard. Jodi sucked my cock for a good 10 minutes until i felt my orgasimn coming.
" OH GOD IM GOING TO CUM! " i screamed.

I came all over jodis mouth and my sperm leaked out of her mouth down to her tits. I stroked her tits with my cum. Now it was my turn to command her.
" Get up and sit on the couch! " i yelled.
Jodi got up and was soon sitting down and sucking her finger. This turned me on so much i
couldnt bear it much longer. I slowly stripped Jodi and took off her bakini swim suit.

" Oh man, you have a nice body," i commented.
" Thanks.."

I slowly started fingering her tight virgin pussy as she told me. I asked her if she was ready and she nodded. I slowly held my cock in my hand and guided it toward Jodis sweet vagina. I started in and it took me a while to get through her. After a while i found my whole cock inside of her. I slowly started fucking her. I found her cherry and quickly passed through it she screamed but kept moaning. I picked up the pace as she followed my thrusts. She started to moan then it turned to a scream. I picked her up and held her in my hands and put her up against a wall and started fucking her harder this time. I grabbed her ass and stuck a finger inside of it while i fucked her pink pussy which had little hair on it. I kissed her while we fucked. I picked her up then put her on the floor. She was down on all fours and i stuck my cock in her ass.

" I just need that ass! " i said.
" Oh yeah..!"

I held my hands on her waist and started butt fucking her. I then put my finger around her and stuck it in her pussy while i fucked her ass. I picked up the pace faster and faster. Soon i felt my orgasimn approaching. I quickly pulled out and started fucking her vagina. Soon my orgasimn came and i screamed,
But just before I came she came with all her sweet juices. I shot load after load into her pussy. It felt so good. After a while i pulled out and she started to suck my penis. She slowly started stroking my balls and then sucked on them. I turned her over and started to suck her sweet juices out of her. We were both exhausted by then. We gathered our things and went up to her room. We sat on her bed and held each other while i stroked her boobs. Oh, how beautiful she was. After about an hour of resting in each others arms we heard Elaines car pull in.

" Oh shit! " i whispered.
" Hurry up we need to get dressed! "
We quickly changed into clothes and ran downstairs into the kitchen and pretended like we were sitting down talking and reading magazines.
" So are you two stil ok? " asked Elaine.
" Yeah we were fine! " replied Jodi.
" Are you guys hungry? "
" Nope, we already ate" i said with a wink to Jodi.

After we all settled down Elaine announced that we had to leave. She called me down from Jodis room which we were making out in, and i asked jodi,
" I wish you could come with us to our lake."
" Maybe i can! "
" Ask your mom if you can because im sure Elaine wont care. "
We ran downstairs and asked Mrs. Ladesse if jodi could come. She thought about it then talked with Elaine and she said yes if you two behave. I quickly helped Jodi pack, then we soon left.
This was going to be the best spring break ever...

END OF PART 1 Comment if i should continue the story or not. Ladies and men give ideas as well as comments if i should continue writing this story.

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2010-09-01 14:53:41
Great story, I would love to read more!


2007-03-14 14:29:06
Can't you morons tell when a story is either all or mostly bullshit. The story had some merit until he took his cock oujt of her ass, stuck it in her cunt, and then stuck it in her mouth. No way is she going to eat shit. That's when I stopped reading and came down to the comment area. This is not a bad story, just unbelievable to be true.

Gave it a 6/10.


2007-03-12 16:55:25
more more mmore


2007-01-13 12:58:52
hhey dude, i hope you don't mind if I ask if I can use that slut when you are done breaking het in?


2006-11-21 00:07:37
Good. Can I be next? Please.

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