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A story of how me and mom got close.. Very close.
Me Jake and mom Isabel use to have a good decent relationship. From as young as I can remember I use to always walk around the house naked. Don't take it the wrong way, my mom use to do the same thing it weren't something to turn my mom on.. I never use to think like that until I reached 12. Anyways, as I use to enjoy being naked and so was my mom I use to masterbate without even caring she had a chance to know. She always tought me to behave well and I was a well mannered. I always like to cook so whenever my mom comes home from work I'll cook her nice spaghetti or anything that'll come to mind. So my mom always respected me.

Sometimes I'll plug my laptop into my 42inch TV & Just watch porn masterbating, my mom would come in & Just laugh as she kisses me in my cheek and See's me masterbating. It doesn't bother me because what's the point of hiding this when I'm usually nude around the house including my mom. One day, after a long day of work she came home tired. I cooked her pasta with nice italion hot sauce and she felt too tired to eat so she headed of to bed. At first I thought 'What's wrong with her' so I went to her room and asked what's the matter. She goes 'Ahh nothing just too exhuasted'.
'Alright, well I cooked you food mom'.
'Uhh to be honest Jake hon I'm not bothered to eat' She said with a lil giggle.
That kinda frustrated me because it took me a lil while to cook this & As I looked at her, btw I was nude with my dick soft hanging. Her legs were spread as she was laying in the bed smiling at me, I said 'Cool' & Headed off. She called me back and said 'Ahh Jake can you do me a favour hon?'
I looked back and said 'Yeah what?'
She replied 'can you message my feet for me please?'
I said, 'Mom I aint bothered' in a sarcastic tone like what she said to me just a minute ago.
After that I headed off to the living room and ate alone.

You see I haven't got a dad, so I can understand my mom isi'nt getting her pussy pounded so it won't bother me seeing a dildo lying around. To my suprise there was a dildo on the chair I was sitting on and picked it up and threw it on my mums bed as she stripped off making her way to the shower. She gave me a dirty look at to be honest, I felt a lil sympathy for her and asked her if she still wanted a massage.
She said, 'Come in the bathroom and give me a foot massage then'. I replied saying 'Ite'.
Now let me tell you something else about me, I have given my mom many massages before and so has she given me some aswell so don't be suprised as she told me to give her one in the bathroom. My moms a good looking mother, we hit the gym together 2 times a week so for a 41 year old she's in good shape. As for me I am muscular but the little fat in my belly prevents a six pack from showing. But that doesn't bother me I'm only 18 at the moment.

She headed off to the bathroom naked with a towl in her hand and my penis slightly twitched as her naked body just went past me .I followed her in and she went into the jacuzzi, she started rubbing water upon herself and told me'Go on the you little rat' with a little giggle. I said 'Ahh shut it' In a sarcastic way she raised her right leg above the water. She realised my dick pumping and asked me if I masterbated before and I said no. She said 'Jake your gonna get a boner in a minute' And I just shrugged and said nothing you aint seen. She laughed and gave me a kiss in the cheek. I massaged both her feet as she relaxed in the jacuzzi and I kinda felt jealous so I hopped in with her. She opened her eyes as she saw my dick in front of her getting in the jacuzzi and just smiled. We washed together for a few minutes and I started to fart in the jacuzzi teasing her. You see I usually fart and so does she so its nothing embarrassing and she done one huge fart which I felt vibrate louder than the jacuzzi. I said 'Ergh mom that's a big one' and she she said 'Ahh I had a big lunch'. Soon after I felt to do a shit and said I need the toilet putting my hand down my belly, she said go on then your hear anyway laughing.

I got out the jacuzzi not bothering to dry myself and started to shit, my mom said I'm gonna join you in a minute but shocked me. She got out and sat on my lap as I was in the toilet seat, she done a big fart and I kinda enjoyed it, she heard a big drop that went down into the toilet which was my shit and then opened her legs and peeied and shat. I giggled and said 'MOMMM !!!' She turnt her head and laughed and stuck her tounge out which was literally an inch away. I stuck my toungue out and started to french kiss. She got up and I looked down on my lap to see the mess she done on me and said 'You going to clean that up?'
To my suprise she said 'Hell yeah' and bent down and licked my thighs which were full of her piss. I farted again and my dick got really hard. She grabbed ma dick and said your dicks right in my face. I said 'Deal with it' and immediatly she sucked my dick. Never have me and mom gotten into any sexual interactions before but today was the day. I cummed all over her mouth and she smiled and swallowed. She got up as my dick got soft and I said 'Mom, make a mess on me again soon' With a nice wink and we headed of to bed.

Everyday I would make a mess on her and clean it all off. And so would she, she was my sex in the house slave.

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2013-10-21 22:44:01
grammer check please!

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2013-10-21 22:41:52
this sucks. i think you need to go see a doctor or grow a dick

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2012-11-07 10:33:50
not nice, disgusting as hell!

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2012-11-05 11:55:07
First off learn to spell and second you and you mom are fucking feral

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2012-11-03 20:13:35
That is the stupidist and disgusting story ever you are and yer mom are sick and retard bastard and skank bitch nasty dumbass son of a real bitch!

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