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My brother come back
It was a Sunday. I was called to the school early that day for an extra class. It was damn boring. And all i was thinking was only of my mother which was making me wet all the way down. Till the class was over i was literally dripping from my panties. After the class was over i went over to the girls washroom. I was so horny that i needed something inside me which can fill me completely. As it was a sunday, only our teacher who had called us for the extra class was in the school for the time being. I saw some boys go inside the men's after the class. I stopped a girl and asked if sir was gone or not. The reply was thankfully on my side. I almost ran to the men's room and opened the door. And there they were, three of them peeing. as i entered, their eyes became as widened as they can be. I advanced towards them earnestly. I was in desperate need of something inside my cunt. The first boy was done with the job, and before he can chain his cock inside the pants i grabbed him by his waist and dragged him out. There was his 9" pole right in front of me, solid like a rod. I grabbed it. The ecstatic smell of pee entered my nose as i brought my mouth near the rock hard penis. i was unaware that the other two boys had been standing beside me as i sucked the first boy. Sub consciously i caught hols of the other two hanging rods as i went on sucking the first one. After sucking the three studs alternatively and getting them harder than anything they have done till now (as they had said later), i stood up and dropped my complete dress on the wet floor as they too dropped their shorts.
I played with their dicks for a little longer time. Then i laid down on the floor. One of the boys got under me, and without any preliminaries rammed his dick inside mi asshole. I thought of cutting his penis out with my nails but the feeling was so good that i started moaning right away. The other boy went to close the doors before he also rammed his dick inside my now awesomely burning clit. After some teasing session, we started making passionate and wild love. It was my first anal, first DP, and first threesome and awesome experience. After fucking for some half an hour and after they have cummed inside me for not less that four times i washed myself picked up my now almost see-through dress and ran out of the room to the parking, where my car was parked. It was 4 pm. My brother was due to arrive in 15 minutes.
It was the first time i had driven so fast. i have covered the 1 and a half hour journey to the airport in 25 minutes, thanks to the less traffic. As i was about to enter the lounge i saw my bro coming out of the security. I would say love, wild love at first sight. He was not the guy i had seen in the photos. He was now a stud, a damn good looking guy. He didn't even recognize me first. I ran after him. It was a relief when i hugged him from the back, just like the old times. He hugged me back tightly. then stood there for sometime watching me top to bottom. He only said one word after what he saw, "Slutty sis". I was dumbstruck. i was thinking that my bro would have changed after so many years but he was the same guy. I French kissed him hard for many minutes, then we walked back to the car hand in hand.
After keeping the boxes in the boot of the car, we sat at the back seat talking about the old days. After sometime, holmes (he asked me to use this name) started talking about his studdy encounters at the college. And i narrated him my whole story, including the encounter today. It was almost impossible to stop ourselves then. It started with another hard and long french kiss. It was him dominating this time. His hands slowly opened my blouse and started rubbing my tits. then suddenly he started jerking me like hell. "What the hell are you doing holmes?". he said, "You gave your virginity to those fucking guys. I am going to kill you sis now." I started crying. "No, bro, No please." ............. "Wake up, hon. Its time, we get dressed.". It was my mom. standing beside my bed as i opened my eyes. "Good morning honey, Your brother is coming today. Get ready" mom said pleasantly. I sat up with a jerk. There was musty room freshener smelling in the room. I blinked at my mom. She selecting a lingerie for her and me. She said, "I don't want the house to smell of cum, when he enters. And i dont want us to be late to receive him. so let's go for the bath right away.". She dragged me all the way to the bathroom. we made passionate mother-daughter love again and after half an hour set out to bring home our man.
AS i was sitting in the car listening to the hard metal, i thought how lucky i was that i didn't have any extra class that day. It was just a dream. It was my wish from a long time that i will lose my virginity to no one other than my bro. and i am happy that it is going to happen my way. ...........................................................................................................................

Hey guys, my bro is back now... will tell you more about my life in the coming parts..... i love sharing these experiences with you............. thanks for your love for my stories.................................

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2012-11-02 02:33:35
Hurry up I want tono if you fuck yr mom an bro an the sametime

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