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Nicole Part One: Game Night

Nicole moved her piece along the monopoly board stopping a few short of my property. Her brown eyes scrutinized the three imposing hotels counting to herself how high she needed to roll next turn to avoid landing there. My wife took her turn, my friend his then came mine. I landed on a railroad owned by my wife. The price was not too steep but I playfully joked that I'd pay her with a kiss which she shyly turned down. Then it was Nicole's turn again. She hesitantly picked up the dice and rolled. I was disappointed to see her pass by my property as she landed on her own. Six turns later she had landed on property owned by everyone else and was sitting short of my property again. Her money pile was running low but she'd only be worried if she rolled an eleven or twelve. Without much concern she rolled the dice. As she counted out the spaces her eyes showed the angst of realizing she had in fact landed on my property. I looked down and asked for the sum knowing that she didn't have it. She took a quick visual summary of her holdings no doubt considering which properties she would have to mortgage. She played with her lower lip as she contemplated her situation. She used to play with her hair while she thought about things but only a week before she had cut her hair really short. Though a tad boyish it showcased her very cute face much better.

"I don't suppose you would take a kiss instead?" she asked.

I believed she was joking or just playing around since only a few minutes before I had offered a similar offer to my wife. For a brief moment I did not know what to say. The obvious answer was to turn her down.

"Fine by me." said my friend, her fiancée as he volunteered me. I thought he was joking and come to think of if he probably was at the time. My wife did not object which seemed odd. Nicole stood up and leaned across the table, I stretched out and took a quick grade schooler style peck then quickly retreated. My friend looked on in subtle disbelief but did not say anything.

We played out the rest of the game without incident. Nicole went on to lose a few turns later, I gambled loading up my properties with hotels and houses only to land twice on my friends high priced property and was forced to sell down and eventually mortgage most of my property. Within half an hour I was out leaving my friend and wife to fight it out.

I retired to the living room and switched on the TV. Nicole soon joined me. We sat there watching one at bat after another while the other two continued to play in the other room for what seemed like an eternity. Before long Nicole moved to the couch beside me. It was not uncommon for her to sit so close as she and my friend were frequently guests at our house.

Then to my bewildered surprise she straddled me and pressed her lips against mine. For a very brief moment I intended to end the kiss but soon found myself kissing back my tongue intertwined with hers. My hands slid up along her sides to rest just above her hips. Then it was over as she broke the kiss.

"There. I owed you that." she said and rolled off returning to sitting position.

I felt a hard-on forming in my pants and suddenly felt a tad ashamed and worried about what she might say if she noticed.

"I won't have time to shower in the morning." I said standing up and leaving the room. "I am going to have one now while the two monopoly titans fight it out."

Nicole sounded her acknowledgement to my back as I departed down the hall.

The water was warm and soothing. My mind raced to what had just taken place in the living-room. My wife would not approve that much I was sure of. For years I had stolen a quick glance of Nicole when I thought no one was looking. She was attractive to me which made it difficult to behave myself during these dinner parties. I could barely convey how badly I wanted that brief kiss to go on and on. As I recounted the whole maybe ten seconds it had lasted my penis leapt to attention. I could not just put it out of my mind, in fact I could not think of anything else at that moment. I tried to be the good husband and set my focus on washing myself and trying very hard to forget what happened.

I was nearly done, I always saved my hair for last though I never knew why. I had worked up a good lather and had my eyes tightly clamped shut as the suds ran down my face when I heard the door open into the ensuite. Our friends never came into our bathroom so it had to be my wife. When we had company she always used our bathroom rather than the main bathroom.

"Hey hun." I said. "I think I forgot to grab a fresh towel. Do you mind grabbing me one? How is the game going?"

I received no reply meaning it was not going well. She enjoyed playing but she was very competitive. Shortly after the shower curtain was pulled back. I was nearly done rinsing my hair by then. I reached out for the towel and was greeted by a hand.

"Thanks." I said assuming she intended to give me a steadying hand as I stepped out but as I brushed the water away I suddenly realized I was looking at Nicole. She had large grin on her face kind of like a cat right after eating your prized budgie. Something was afoot, I just did not know what yet.

"Nicole?" I said looking for a towel or cloth to cover myself. "You should not be here. They are in the kitchen and I doubt either of them would approve of this. Hell my wife would probably divorce me. Please get out before they find out that you are here."

"They went to the store and won't be back for half an hour maybe forty five minutes." she replied. He gaze dropped to my very erect manhood that I desperately wanted to cover up if only there was something within reach. "Can you keep a secret?"

"If you get me a towel yes!" I replied.

She glanced to the side then retrieved a towel from around the corner. As I reached out for it she dropped it on the floor in front of me. Before I could reach down to pick it up she dropped onto her knees and grabbed my manhood with her left hand while brushing my hands away with her right.

"Nicole I don't think this is..." I could not finish my thought as my mind went numb the moment her mouth slide onto my cock. "Ohhh"

I fought only a moment longer then gave in. She reached around and firmly grabbed my left buttock. She pulled me forward forcing my cock further down her throat. I had never had anyone deep throat me before. She worked a slow steady rhythm on my erection never releasing her grasp until I told her I was going to cum. then like every girl I had ever known she let go and retreated back leaving me there with my hard-on waving in the wind. I looked at her wondering why she didn't bother to finish what she had started.

"Not so fast. I haven't been fucked in weeks." she said peeling off her clothing. I might have taken a few moments to admire her silk bra and panties but in a flash they were dumped on the floor with the rest of her clothes.

As much as I had admired her from a distance to see her naked was far more amazing. Her breasts were firm and round, maybe a C-cup or just a large B. She had neatly trimmed herself, shaved her legs and arm pits recently too as there was not even the hint of hair to be seen. She turned around and bent over the vanity sticking her round ass out.

"What are you waiting for?" She said. "Fuck me!"

I moved in behind her and with one hand moved my cock into position. I had not had sex with anyone but my wife in nearly a decade. That thought suddenly struck me. This was unfamiliar territory I was heading into but it was just so tempting I could not help myself. With a slow push I slid into her. My wife required lube but Nicole was moist from the get go. She let out an awe as I pushed the last inch in. She was tighter than my wife her love tunnel held firm around my member warming it, enticing it to keep going. Slowly I withdrew a few inches then pushed back in. She adjusted a little giving me a better angle of entry then settled in enjoying the slow sensual rhythm of my thrusts. Upon entry I immediately had to fight the urge to cum. I went slow to prolong things while that urge slowly faded. For a couple minutes we stayed like that. I reached down and cupped her ass cheeks noting how firm they were. I knew she was into running and fitness and her rear end spoke volumes about the hours of work she put in at the gym and on the track. Before long my hands were around her hips pulling her back into my thrusts as the tempo began to climb. My initial urge to cum had subsided allowing me to pick up the pace. With each deep thrust she moaned making me withdraw then push it all the way in eliciting another moan.
I reached around in front of her and slide my hand down her flat athletic stomach to her snatch. My middle finger found her clit, smaller than my wife's but a little more prominent. I worked her clit as I fucked her from behind. I thought she was wet before but the more I worked her clit the wetter she became until she reached back and prompted me to stop.
"You didn't cum in me did you?" she asked fingering her self. I shook my head wanting to be back inside her so badly I didn't have the words to explain.

"I am not on the pill so don't cum in me." she warned.
"Where?" I asked still dumbfounded and eager to resume.

"Just tell me when okay?" she said. "And pull out right away!"

I nodded my agreement. She turned around and bent back over the counter placing her hands on either side of the sink for support. I moved back into position and slid into her. It was like being allowed back into heaven. It was joy wrapped in joy as I went back to fucking her tight pussy. I also resumed working her clit. It wasn't long before I heard her moans change, her breathing increase then she bucked against me and I damn near came inside her right then an there. Her pussy contracted and she cried out. I held on tight with my left hand and worked her clit with my right. She tried to break away from my sensual assault but I did not relent until she let out a loud unintelligible stream of noises and bucked against me so hard she nearly knocked me off my feet.

She had barely finished her orgasm when I yanked my cock out of her. I was sitting at the threshold and had been for the duration of her climax.

"I...I..." was all I could get out as I fought to hold back the cum that had boiled up in my balls. Like a cat she spun around and dropped down on her knees. Her mouth took my manhood all the way to the base in one gulp. Any chance of holding back was entirely gone. She slid her mouth up and down on my pole as I unleashed the most intense cum shot of my life. I reached down and grabbed her head if only to steady myself. I continued through my orgasm and on a bit after milking the last few drops from my cock before releasing me.

I was so spent that I had to sit on the side of the tub for fear that my legs might give out. She wiped a drop of semen from the corner of her mouth and licked her finger clean. I stared at her wondering what had just happened. Our eyes held each others for a few moments. I realized that it wasn't just a hallow spur of the moment thing that we would regret but the start of something wonderful and unexpected. She continued to smile as she dressed then leaned in and whispered into me ear.

"I have wanted to do that for a long time." She said. "I think you have too."

By the time my wife and friend returned I had taken a second, cold this time, shower. Nicole had returned to the living room and was watching some home improvement show. I cleaned up after us and tossed the dirty towels in the hamper. To the best of my knowledge my wife never knew about that first incident. If she did she never said anything. My friend on the other hand; that is a story for another time.

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