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Julie and the Team Part 2

It was a few days after the first time Sean shared me with his friends - a Friday night, and Sean came over to my place to pick me up to go out. I thought we were going to go for dinner and maybe a movie or back to Sean's place for some more intimate fun. Sean drove, and he took us to a street in a fairly expensive suburb.
'What are we doing here?' I asked as he got out of the car.
'Come on Julie, I've arranged a special evening for you,' said Sean. I got out of the car and followed him down a long driveway to a large, nice looking house.
'Who's place is this?' I asked. Sean just turned and grinned, then knocked on the door. His mischievous mood was starting to make me a little bit nervous and excited. We had talked a lot about what had happened with his friends, and both agreed that we loved it. I had more than a suspicion of what was about to happen, and my heart started racing. My suspicions proved correct when Ethan answered the door. He smiled broadly and opened the door wide, looking at me appreciatively as Sean took my hand and I followed him inside.
'So good to see you, Julie!' said Ethan.
'Welcome to my humble abode, to coin a phrase,'
'Nice place!' I said. I could feel a thrill of excitement filling my body as I remembered the fun I'd had with Ethan, Tim and Sean.
'I told you we couldn't keep this a secret!' said Sean. I could feel my pussy starting to moisten at the prospect of what was to come.

'So you enjoyed our bit of fun?' Ethan asked me as he showed us through into his house. His eyes looked me up and down as I smiled.
'I must admit that I fucking loved it!' I replied. Ethan and Sean laughed.
'Yeah she's been a sex mad machine all week!' said Sean. I could hear conversation and laughter from inside. Ethan took us through to his kitchen, which was open to the lounge with a large breakfast bar. Sitting at the bar was a large guy, tall and muscular. He turned when we came in.
'Joseph, this is Julie. Julie, Joseph.' said Ethan. Joseph smiled and looked me up and down.
'Hey Julie, fucking nice to meet you! Ethan wasn't kidding!' he said.
'Hi!' I replied, with a little wave.
'Joseph's our goalie, very fast hands! And over there is Mike,' Ethan continued, as another guy stood up from the couch and came over to us. I waved again. My nervousness was fading away, and I felt my excitement starting to take over.
'So, what are you guys all doing tonight?' I said. Mike was appraising my body, staring in particular at my breasts.
'Well - I was told we'd be fucking you, baby!' he said.
'Oh really?' I asked, feeling a shiver run up my spine as I felt four pairs of eyes staring at me. I gave Mike a little smile and then quickly stripped off my tshirt, throwing it at him.
'Holy shit!' said Joseph, standing up quickly as Mike laughed and threw my tshirt away. Sean stood back and watched with a big smile as they all stared at my tits, perfect size C breasts snugly cupped by my black bra. I pulled my long black hair back behind my head, then undid my jeans.
'Fuck, you were telling the truth!' said Mike.

I stripped down to just my bra and panties. My panties were black as well, so the guys couldn't really see just how wet I was already. I turned to see Ethan dropping his jeans, and then his boxers. He came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me down. I knelt on the kitchen floor, and he stood in front of me, jerking his dick slowly.
'You guys will love how Julie sucks cock!' he told them, as I leaned forward to lick the tip of his dick. He pushed the head of his dick into my mouth, and I tasted the sweet flavour of his precum which covered the bulging head of his cock. I closed my eyes and rubbed my tongue around the tip of his dick, sucking hungrily. My heart pounded with excitement, I could hear my heartbeat in my ears as I concentrated on sucking the rock hard dick being pushed into my mouth.
'Ok baby, Joseph's turn!' said Ethan, stepping back. I opened my eyes, and saw Joseph coming forward towards me. His dick was thick, and his foreskin covered the head. He was still wearing all his clothes, his jeans undone and pulled down slightly. I reached out to grab his dick, stroking it and then pulling back his foreskin, revealing the large glistening head of his cock.
'Ohhh yeah, fuck!' he groaned as I opened my mouth and took the first two inches of his dick in, sucking hard and rubbing with my tongue. I glanced to either side of me, and saw Sean and Mike undressing hurriedly. I gripped the base of Joseph's cock and moved my head up and down on his dick as I sucked. I could feel large veins bulging along the length of his shaft as I took it deeper into my mouth.
'Oh my god, what a horny slut!' said Joseph.

Sean tapped Joseph on the shoulder and he pulled his dick out of my mouth. He then stripped off his clothes as Sean pointed his large, throbbing cock into my face.
'How are you feeling, babe?' he asked, as I grabbed his cock with both hands.
'Hungry!' I replied. The guys seemed to like that, as they laughed and Sean squeezed his dick at the base, pushing his hand upwards as a large blob of clear, thick precum appeared at the end of his prick. I put my tongue out and licked it off with a soft moan. Sean pushed forward and I began to suck his dick. I moved my head up and down as he looked down at me, and I gently rubbed his balls as I took his dick into my mouth. He soon stepped aside and Mike rushed in to take his place.
'Oh my god!' he gasped as I clamped my lips around his dick and started to suck, my tongue flicking around the head.
'I hear you like a bit of porn,' Mike said, looking down at me as I worked on his member. I nodded and moaned. He put his hand behind my head and gently pushed his dick further into my mouth.
'You are so hot!' he mumbled, sliding his cock back out and then pushing harder, forcing about four inches of his shaft into my mouth. I felt the head slide over my tongue and just touch the back of my throat. He pulled out again and I sucked hard, taking a deep breath as Mike grunted with pleasure. Suddenly I felt his hand pulling on my head again, and his hips thrust forwards - his dick sliding down my throat as he pushed my head down onto himself, my lips sliding over his thick shaft until my nose touched his stomach. I let out a muffled groan as Mike grunted.
'Oh fuck yeah! What a cocksucker!' he groaned.

Mike pulled his dick out of my mouth as Ethan pulled me to my feet. I stood in the middle of the kitchen, my panties now very wet and my pussy aching with excitement as the four of them admired me standing in my underwear before them. I felt Sean's hands on my shoulders, and he kissed my neck, his hands then slid down to my slim waist. He knelt behind me and his hands moved down, grabbing my panties and slowly sliding them down.
'Look at that hot little pussy, shit!' said Joseph, stroking his dick slowly as he got his first look at my smooth, hairless pussy.
'Check out this sweet little ass,' said Sean, turning me around and pulling my arms down, making me bend over with my ass facing Joseph and Mike. My smooth, round buttocks pointing at them as Sean pulled my panties right down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and Mike moved in behind me, his hands moving from my lower back down to caress and grab my ass. One of his hands slipped between my legs, and I felt his fingers rubbing my pussy lips.
'She's soaking wet, I think she needs a fuck!' he announced.
'Mm, yeah I need a hard fuck!' I mumbled, abandoning myself to these four guys. I felt Mike push his cock up between my legs, and he quickly pressed it between my slippery pussy lips. I gasped as he roughly slid his rock hard cock into my hot cunt. He then grabbed my waist with both hands, holding me just above my hips. He pushed my torso downwards and pulled my ass back against him, his dick sliding deep into my pussy. I let out a long groan.
'Such a hot little slut,' Mike whispered as he began to fuck me.

As Mike started to grind his prick deep into my pussy, Joseph unhooked my bra and pulled it off, then squatted next to me and reached up to grab my breasts.
'You've got perfect fucking tits, babe!' he said, gripping one with one hand as he watched the other swinging gently as Mike fucked me. Sean moved in front of me and pulled my chin up with one hand, then forced his cock into my mouth as I groaned.
'Yeah, does that feel good Julie? Getting spitroasted?' asked Ethan, stroking his cock hard as he watched. I sucked hungrily on Sean's throbbing dick as Mike pulled my hips back and slammed his member deep into my tight slit. After a short while Mike pulled his cock out of my tight hole and stepped aside as Joseph moved around behind me. He guided his dick to my pussy lips with his hand, and then I groaned loudly as I felt Joseph's very thick cock enter my cunt. Sean held my head with one hand and pushed his tool down my throat as Joseph gripped my waist and fucked me with fast, hard strokes. I could hear his body slapping against mine as I relaxed to allow Sean to fuck my face. I felt Joseph's hand move down from my waist and he began to rub my pussy with his fingers, just above where his dick was slamming in and out of my cunt. He rubbed my juices up from my wet pussy and gently began to caress my clit. I felt a swelling warmth inside me and soon I started to cum.
'Hell yeah baby! You love to be fucked don't you, slut?' said Joseph, pounding my pussy as my orgasm arrived. My wet cunt was tightening and dripping as Joseph's dick thrust deep inside me and Sean pulled his cock out of my mouth.
'Ohhh yes! Fuck me!' I moaned, and Sean slapped his dick against my forehead a couple of times as Joseph continued to fuck me. He pushed his cock right up inside me as my whole body quivered, and he held it there as my cunt clenched and spasmed around him.
'Wow!' he said, stepping back as his rock hard and dripping wet dick sprang from my clasping pussy lips.

I straightened up and put my hand down to feel my tender, wet pussy. Ethan quickly came over and picked me up, carrying me through to the lounge.
'You love to be fucked don't you Julie?' he asked. I nodded and watched as Mike grabbed a duvet off the back of the couch and spread it out on the carpeted floor.
'I love to be fucked, I fucking love it!' I told him as he lay me down on the floor on my back.
'Grab your legs baby,' he said, pushing my legs back towards my chest. I held on to them, and he then got down and started to lick my pussy lips, running his tongue up and down my slit and then flicking my clit, making me gasp. He moved up and squatted, pointing his cock at my pussy. He then thrust it in with one quick movement, holding my thighs as he started to pump his cock into my pussy. Joseph squatted over my face, pointing his dick down as I opened my mouth. He pushed his cock up and down in my mouth for a few moments, groaning. He then moved away to be replaced by Mike who forced his dick into my throat.
'Guys, watch this!' said Ethan, slowing his pace. Mike stood up and stood with Sean and Joseph, who watched with big smiles as Ethan pulled his dick out of my pussy. Ethan grabbed a cushion off the couch and pushed it under my ass, then rubbed my slit with his fingers. He rubbed down from the bottom of my pussy and his fingers circled my asshole, smearing my slippery juices around it. He positioned the shiny, pussy lubricated head of his dick at my tiny little asshole.

'Tell me how much you love it up the ass!' Ethan told me, rubbing his dick very slowly up and down from my asshole to the very bottom of my pussy lips.
'I love having a big hard cock deep in my ass!' I moaned. I was so horny, I wanted to make these guys crazy. I felt so hot and dirty.
'Please fuck my tight ass!' I begged.
'Shit, I think you'd better fuck her ass!' Sean said. They all laughed. I tried to relax totally as I felt Ethan pressing his cock against my asshole. It slowly stretched, and the head of his cock began to slide in, gripped so tight by my tiny rosebud. He held on to my thighs and put more weight behind it, and I screamed as his cock suddenly popped past the resistance of my asshole and plunged about halfway into my anus.
'Oh my god, what a tight little ass!' said Mike, watching as Ethan started to push the rest of the length of his member into my butt.
'YES, fuck my tight ass!' I grunted, rubbing my pussy with one hand as he thrust himself deeper. I felt his stiff prick thrusting deep into my anus, and he fucked my ass as the other three watched. Ethan then pulled his cock out of my butt and got up, and Mike quickly got down in his place. I gasped as Mike pushed his cock against my now slightly loosened ass and thrust it in with one movement. Ethan squatted by my face and pulled my head up towards his dick. I started to suck him, my tongue lashing all over his slimy cock.
'Holy shit, what a dirty bitch!' said Mike breathlessly as he fucked my tight asshole and watched me clean Ethan's cock in my mouth.
'You like the taste of your own ass huh babe?' Joseph asked.
'Mmmm!' I replied as Ethan grinned, fucking my face.

Mike suddenly pulled out of my asshole with a loud groan and grabbed his dick, gripping it tight. Ethan let go of my head and I lay gasping for breath as Mike stood up and looked down at me.
'Shit, what a hot little ass!' he said,
'I was about to cum!'
'Ok Julie - get up,' Sean instructed. He helped me to my feet, and he lay on his back on the duvet. He pulled me down facing towards him and I quickly mounted his dick, feeling it slip between my wet labia and deep into my hot cunt. He put his arms around me, pulling me down towards him and I glanced over my shoulder to see Joseph squatting behind me.
'So you like to be fucked in both holes at once?' he asked, as his fingers started to rub my tender, reddened asshole.
'I love it!' I told him. He laughed and pushed a finger inside my ass, hooking it upwards and pulling.
'Go on Joe, fuck her up the ass!' said Ethan. He and Mike watched as Joseph pulled his finger from me and guided his dick towards my tight hole.

I squealed and groaned with delight as Joseph forced his cock very slowly into my ass. He seemed to be savouring the moment as his shaft slid inch by inch into my anus, and once he was all the way inside he sighed with pleasure.
'Fuck, that feels fucking good! I'm going to fuck you so hard!' he groaned. Sean pulled my head down and kissed me, and then watched my face as Joseph started to piston his cock in and out of my ass.
'You like that baby?' he whispered.
'Yes Sean! I! Love! It!' I replied, grunting each word as Joseph pumped his dick deep into my aching butt. Sean started to push upwards, his hands on my waist as he slid his cock up and down in my dripping pussy.
'Suck me!' I heard Mike say, and I turned to see his dick looming towards my face. I opened my mouth and he took hold of my head, pushing his cock in and out as I began to suck him. Ethan came close on the other side of me, and he then took my head and made me suck his cock. Soon Joseph was really slamming his cock into my ass. He had his hands on my shoulders now as he pulled me backwards with every thrust. I could feel his thick, incredibly hard member deep in my anus as Sean slowly thrust upwards into my pussy.
'Oh GOD!' I moaned as Ethan's dick slipped out of my mouth. I began to cum, my body shaking as my vagina and asshole clenched tight in rapid spasms around the large cocks impaling me. Ethan and Mike began to slap my face with their dicks, laughing as I groaned and panted through my enormous orgasm.

I collapsed onto Sean and he started to kiss my face and neck as Joseph slowly extracted his dick from my asshole. Sean pushed me up and over onto my back, and stood up. He positioned me so that I was kneeling in the middle of the duvet, and Joseph came over to me. I reached out to grab his cock, and started to hungrily suck on it.
'Fuck Julie! Oh god,' he moaned as I rubbed the tip of his cock with my tongue. I jerked the lower half of his shaft as I sucked the head and soon I felt his dick stiffen even further, twitching in my mouth. Suddenly with a groan Joseph started to unload a massive gush of hot cum into my mouth. I closed my eyes and swallowed, sucking hard as he unloaded his delicious cum.
'Cum on her face!' said Mike, and I opened my eyes as Joseph pulled his cock from my mouth. He held on to the back of my neck and I stared up at him as his dick squirted again, spraying a thick splatter of cum across my left cheek.
'Fuck yeah!' he moaned, pumping another couple of jets of cum onto my chin and lips. He squeezed his cock, and another few drips of cum dropped from his dick onto my face.
'Looking good, Julie!' said Mike.

Joseph stepped away and sat on the couch to watch as Mike moved forward. Mike grabbed me and pushed me backwards, laying my head on the coffee table.
'Don't move now,' he said, jerking his dick rapidly. He pointed his cock at my forehead and moaned softly, and his thick sticky cum started to pour out of his dick. His cum didn't spurt, it flowed out in huge thick globs that stuck to my forehead, and he splattered some on my eyebrows as well. After he had finished he wiped a thick drop of cum from the end of his dick onto my nose, and then pushed his cock into my mouth. I moaned and sucked his dick. I tasted his thick, pungent cum and could feel his sperm slowly oozing down my face towards my ears.
'Thanks baby! You just stay still now!' he instructed me breathlessly.

Sean stepped up and stroked his cock. He dipped the head into my mouth and I sucked him, my tongue pressing against the hole in the tip of his cock, and soon he began to jerk it rapidly. He pulled out and a powerful jet of his cum shot out and hit me in the top lip. I felt it splashing up my face, into my nose and dribbling down my chin as Sean continued to spurt his thick juice onto my face.
'Mmmm, cover me in your cum!' I moaned. I felt so horny and dirty. I could feel all the cum starting to cool and chill my skin, drips were starting to run down my neck and from my chin onto my tits. Sean stepped back now and Ethan who had been jerking his cock rapidly quickly pointed his throbbing member at my face. I looked up at him and he groaned.
'Are you ready, slut? Fuck! Yes!' he said huskily, and he pointed his dick at my left eye. A hot, thick jet of his sperm shot right into my eye and I flinched. Ethan grabbed a handful of hair on the top of my head and held me still as his cum splattered out onto my face. He moved his cock, plastering enormous spurts of his cum all over my face. He then directed his prick at my tits, and sprayed them with the last spurts of his cum.
'Ohhh my god!' he moaned. He held his dick tight, and slapped it a few times around my cheeks and forehead, then pushed it into my mouth. It was covered in a mixture of all of their cum. I sucked him clean.

The guys all stood around grinning, getting their breath back.
'That was fucking incredible!' said Mike.
'What a dirty little slut you are!' Joseph told me as I lay back, rubbing my slimy pussy with one hand and licking my lips.
'How do I look, boys?' I asked quietly, grinning as sperm oozed and dripped from my face. I sat up and they all stared at me.
'Too good to be true!' said Joseph. Ethan left the room as I started to wipe cum from my face with my fingers, sucking the sperm off them and then scraping up more from my slimy skin.
'You can have a shower if you like,' said Ethan as he came back, carrying a large towel. I got up and took it.
'Then when you're freshened up, who knows?' he said. They all laughed.
'Don't be too long!' said Joseph as Ethan showed me to the bathroom.
'I hope you guys have more where that came from!' I replied, closing the door behind me...

Stay tuned for part 3...

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thats happened at partys but iv never planed it . il-pam


2010-03-27 19:41:58
Your story reminds me of my ex wife and I. When we were stationed overseas we did a lot of 3 and moresomes. There were lots of American GI's just jumping at the bit to get to fuck a good looking broad as most were overseas without their own pussy with them. My ex was a former exotic dancer with a fabulous body and loved to show it off and really got off fucking several guys and I enjoyed sharing her with my buddies. Sooooo, your hot stories have made me think of those times and get really hot. Thanks for writing and sharing with us.

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Big props! Let some of the rest of the team get some after a game.


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Please, please, write more chapters about Julie.


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Yeah, I agree with another girl. Maybe one of the other teammates' girlfriends walks in and ends up licking the cum from you.
Nice work. Please write a part 3!

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