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First Story :)
Jennifer stood there in the door, still with her hand rubbing furiously down inside her panties; she was awaiting Calista's answer.

Calista could feel herself growing warmer. She had always had sexual fantasies that involved her and other girls, but she was always too afraid to admit them.

She usually hung out with Jen, known as Jennifer, in hope that someday they might be a little more than just "friends". It seemed to her now, that her hopes had come true.
Finally she got the courage to answer.

" I will do whatever you want " She replied.

" Good" Jen said with a sly look on her face.
" Let's see, what should we start with...?" Jen was slowly teasing Calista by making her wait for her answer.

She couldn't hold it back any longer. Calista grabbed her friend and pulled her close. They locked lips and kissed with such a passion.

Their tongues were swirling in and out of each other's mouthes; mixing their saliva and exploring everything the other had to offer. Calista again made the first approach as she removed Jen's hand from fingering herself and replaced it with her own.

She fingered her new lover as hard and fast as she could; making her stand on the tips of her toes, moaning loudly in appreciation of her best friend's skill.
Calista continued to finger-fuck her as she tried not to break the kiss. Suddenly, she felt the back of her pants pull open. She turned around and saw Nyla standing behind her, moving her fingers into Calista's
ass hole.

"Ohhh" Calista moaned as she felt the finger slide inside her.

"How do you like it?" Nyla asked in a sexy tone.
"I love it" Calista replied panting.

Jen was pulling Calista's hand into her as she bounced madly up and down, feeling closer and closer to cumming each time she came down.

"Ohh fuck yes!" She yelled

"Please don't stop!"

Instead of listening, Calista removed her hand from Jen's pants and pulled her to the bed.

Calista took charge. She pulled off Jen's pants and panties, and stared directly at her shaven pussy. She had waited a long time for this moment, and was not going to let it pass her up.

Calista lunged in toward her friend's pussy; licking and slurping all of the juicy wetness that had accumulated while she was being finger fucked.

Nyla couldn't help but masterbate. The sight of her younger sister being eaten out was enough to make her cum right there.

'Hmmm" Nyla moaned as she smelled her sister's musk. She was now masterbating hard as she saw Calista eating away at Jen's cunt.

Calista reached up her arm and started to finger Jen as she ate her out.

Jen's Body writhed with pleasure. Her back arched and She moaned loud. "Ohh god fuck yes!" All of her excitment sent Calista going further into Jen's now dripping pussy.
Her tongue was pushing far into the inner walls of her friend's love hole. She loved the sweet taste that she had longed for, that she hungered for. She would stop at nothing until Jen would cum hard on her face.
Jen was thrashing about on the bed tilting her head back and moaning, practically screaming Calista's name. She grabbed the back of Calista's head and pulled her deep into her cunt. Jen's hips moved
back and forth in a non-rythmic motion as she was doing everything she could to climax. She felt herself on the virge of what would be heaven and she pleaded to Calista.

"Please whatever you do don't stop!" She moaned loudly as she whimpered,
"Don't---" She was cut off mid-sentence as she raged on into her orgasm. Wave after wave shook her body into convulsions that made her scream.

"Fuck yes!" she yelled as Calista stayed persistently eating away at her now pouring pussy.

"Ughhh ohh fuck yes!" Jen yelled again as she was thrown into a second powerful orgasm.

Her muscles tightened as she thrashed on the bed being sent through what seemed an eternity of pleasure.

Just when she thought it couldnt get any more heavenly, her sister came over and decided to join in.
Nyla took the vibrator that she had just used, removed Calista's head and shoved it inside her sister.

Nyla turned it on high, the vibrations nearly killed Jen as she could no longer control her movements. She was rolling and screaming in pleasure and finally after a few moments, her stream of multiple orgasms subsided.

Calista turned toward Nyla.

"Is that good enough? she asked as she licked the cum off the sides of her mouth.

"I dont know, what do you think Jen?" She asked, looking over to her now breathless sister.

All Jen could do was give a "thumbs up" indicating that Calista had passed her "exam" with flying colors.

"I think since you did such a good job, Calista, that we should get the chance to repay you." Said Nyla as she stepped closer to Calista.

Calista's eyes lit with excitement as she saw such a naked beauty approach her.

Nyla reached over and grabbed Calista's shirt. She lifted it up quickly and tossed it aside.

Looking at Calista's bra-less set of C- cups, she leaned forward and kissed her passionatly; her sisters taste still fresh in her mouth.

Nyla's hand moved to caress Calista's brest as she continued to kiss her, tasting Jen's juices in her mouth.

"Yumm," Nyla replied as she broke the kiss to look into Calista's eyes.

"I can see someone is enjoying this," she cooed.

Nyla quietly slid her hand down Calista's pants and rubbed her swollen, dripping pussy.

Calista seemed to melt down to the side of the bed, and Nyla took the opportunity to pull off her pants as well.

Now the three girls were completely naked next to each other, each admiring the others body.

Jen pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and handed it to Nyla. After taking a look at it, she stuck the vibrator in her mouth and licked all the remains of her sister's juices from it.

Then she leaned over to her sister and kissed her, spitting some of her own cum into her mouth. Jen played with it for a moment before swallowing it and saying

"I think i taste good"

"You do!" Calista remarked.

Nyla turned back on the vibrator; it was now Calista's turn for some fun. Nyla inserted the tip into Calista's vagina. Amy let out a soft moan as she moved herself closer to Nyla, forcing more of the vibrator into her wanting pussy. Nyla got down on her knees so she could get a better view and reach. She could smell the scent of her newest playmate, and it excited her very much. She started to pump the vib in an out of her, faster and faster.

Calista was moving her hips to match the vibrator while Nyla kept shoving it in harder and faster.

Jen had finally regained her breath and was watching the fun going on between her sister and best friend. An idea fell upon her that gave her a bit of excitment.

Jen laid on the floor behind her sister and moved her head underneath Nyla's pussy. She moved her head up and started to eat Nyla out.

"Ohh God!" Nyla moaned as she kept pumping the vibrator in and out of Calista.

"That feels so good!"

Jen then stuck her finger in Nula's ass, using the beads of sweat that had accumulated as lube. Nyla again moaned in pleasure as she started to grind her pussy into Jen's mouth.
Calista was getting into it now. She was massaging her breast while she was being fucked with the vibrator. She looked at Calista in pleasure and it sent her on a riot.

"Fuck me Nyla! Fuck me hard!"

Nyla bent down and started licking Calista's pussy. She licked it as fast as she could while pumping the vib hard into Calista's cunt.

Calista couldnt take it anymore, She yelled in pleasure
"God Nyla! You're amazing!"
"Fuck yes! Uhhhh god!"

She screamed as she fell into an orgasm, shocking her body making her grab Nyla's face and pushing it hard into her pussy. Her cum had covered Nyla's face; but she was too occupied to notice.

Jen was sending her sister through a paradice as she fucked her ass while she was eating her out. Nyla couldnt hold on any longer either. She grinded her pussy hard into Jen's face, smearing her juices all over. Jen was doing the best she could to pleasure her sister as she had her orgasm.
Nyla moaned and writhed though an amazing climax that made her weak.

"Oh I love your mouth! Fuck Jen! Don't stop ughhh ohh yes! It feels so good!"

Nyla continued to fuck her sister's face as she came and even some after.

Breathing hard, she moved off her sister. Jen's face glistened with Nyla's pussy juices.

Calista moved over to Jen and started kissing her, sometimes taking her tongue out of Jen's mouth to lick up some of the residing cum off her face.

The three girls sat there panting.

Moments later, they heard the front door open. Nyla ran to look out her bedroom window and saw her dad's car parked in the driveway.

"Oh No!" She said quietly looking at the other girls.

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Diane Combs - To my lovely datuhger and son . You are both amazing and your pictures are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. They capture every emotion that we all shared on your Wedding Day! xoxo

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