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This is a series on the Movie business, and it will take many parts to tell the whole story. it is based on my book called We Did It Our Way. If you enjoy the story please vote Remember that this purely fictional
As we laid on the couch in each others arms, basking in the enjoyment of becoming parents, the doorbell rang.

“Hello anyone at home.” Sarah yelled.

“We are in the living room.” Shannon called back to her.

“What is the matter guys, why are you laying together like that?” She asked.

We both looked at her smiling, not saying a word.

“O MY GOD your pregnant, your going to be parents.” She shouted with joy.

Shannon smiled at her and just shook her head yes. We got up off the couch, and had a group hug.

“Have you told anyone yet, what about mom, told her yet, or Tom’s folks do they know?” Sarah asked questions in rapid fire.

“I just got back from the doctor’s getting confirmation that I am pregnant, and I figure I should at least tell my husband first.” She replied to Sarah’s questions.

She and Sarah headed off to make the calls to our folks to tell them the good news.

I laid back down on the couch, and did some thinking. Just how many children did Shannon want to have, we never really discussed that issue, and maybe it is time for a different house. Our finances are good, we are worth just over 100 million. Our 2 business are both going strong.
The production company is booked solid, and our film distribution company has been very busy. I was still rehashing this things, when the girls came back into the room.

They filled me in all the calls that they made, and that everyone is just thrilled for her. Some how I feel left out of the whole thing, just do the planting and get the hell out of the way.

Shannon sat on the couch with me, and Sarah sat in a chair by the couch. I proceeded to go over Shannon schedule. She had 2 movies lined up for the fall, and 2 possible for the winter. I said after the 2 are done in the fall, I am shutting you down till the baby is born. I could not believe it but she agreed with me.

Then I started to talk about building a new house. She was not so sure on that, she really like the house that we have now. As it was her first house in Hollywood.

The fall of 1987 went by fast, Shannon did 2 movies, and both did well. Three men and a baby was released in November, and was an instant hit, when all got said and done, we got our investment back plus 25 million of the net gross.

I had slacked off on my writing and directing part of the business, as I was busy managing her career, and running our 2 business, plus producing a few movies.

I was also looking for a new place to live, and found a place Southeast of town, about an hours drive away. It was a farm with 500 acres. I took Shannon out to look at it, and then told her my vision on rebuilding a new house there. She bought into the idea, and wanted to help on the design of the new house. It took all most 6 months to finally buy the farm, and another year to get the house and surrounding area built to what we wanted. We were looking at moving into the house either late 1989, or early in 1990. The farm was going to be called Windy Acres.

Things sort of fast forward for us in the winter of 1988, as we waited for the birth of our first child. The blessed day came oddly enough on April 1, as Shaun Nicholas Wright, was born at 4 pm, and he weighed in at 7 pounds and 7 ounces.

Shannon took the rest of the year off to take care of Shaun, and work to get back into shape. I was busy with the house, and our business, but I always did missed the action of doing a film.

Right after the baby was born, I started to work on a sequel to Winner Take All. I figured I could have everything done and ready for filming by the time Shannon was ready to get back into the acting business. I had to put things on hold for 6 months, due to the following phone call.

Just after the 4 of July 1989, I get a phone call from my director friend Jerry Marshall. ” I am about to start shooting a movie in 3 weeks, called Pretty Woman, but the female lead actress was in a traffic accident, and will be out of commission for about 6 months. “ He informed me. “I wonder if Shannon would be available?” He asked hopefully. Shannon and I met with him the next day and reviewed the . She liked it and agreed to do it. I settled on terms with the producers for $250,000, plus 2.5% of the net gross. Pretty Woman gross 464 million. Netting her a little over 10 million.

It was a colossal hit, and Shannon was up for best actress award at the next Academy Awards. Although she did not win it, the exposure was good for her career. She really looked sexy in that movie for a new mommy, and the offers started to pour in again.

One of the things I did financial, is everything that Shannon has earned for acting in the movies, I kept separated form the monies that we earned together or the business earned. Her money was hers to spend as she wanted to. She has earned over 20 million on her own, plus interest, and investment profits.

By March of 1990 we had completely moved into the new house on the farm. Let me take some time to tell you about the farm. The house is 10000 sft, 2 stories, the upstairs has 8 bedrooms total, with full bathrooms to each. At both ends of the house there is a master bedroom. One is ours and one is for our folks when they visit.

Downstairs there is the main entranceway, full dinning room, living room and kitchen. Directly under our room is a 20 seat theater which is state of the art. Next to the theater is my office. There is also an exercise room, and a kids game room. Plus a lot more that I will not describe.

Outside there is a huge heat pool, a hot tub, a guest house, a changing room with a shower in it. A stable for the horses, we have 6 horses on farm, a barn to house all of our equipment. A driving range, and a 3 hole golf course. The first hole is a 500 yard par 5 up the hill, the second is a 400 yard par 4, going sideways down the hill, and the 3 hole is a 150 yard par 3 over a pond. I designed the course and I am quite proud of it.

I rented the farmable land out to a farmer who plants crops on it, and pays rent. We saved the old farmhouse and move it down to the end of our farm. We rented to a Mexican family and they became our caretakers of the farm in place of rent on the farmhouse. They are a great family and do a terrific job. They do almost all of the outside work except the pools. The father’s name is Juan, and mother’s name is Maria, and they have 6 kids. Maria is a great cook, and helped Shannon with the cooking when I am not home. We have a maid services that comes every 2 weeks to clean the house, and a pool service to take of the pool and hot tub. In between times Juan and family help take care of those chores.

We started to film Beautiful Loser in January of 1990 and wrapped up in March. This was my first solo venture. I wrote, directed, produce the movie. We also financed the whole film. I used my own production and distribution companies, and we film it all on locations. I did all the editing in my new in house theater. God it was a lot of work, but I got it all done and ready to be released over the Labor day weekend

I need a break from Born Loser, and Shannon was looking tired also. I had a 20 year class reunion coming up in July, so a week after the fourth, we took 10 day vacation at the cottage, and visited my side of the family. It was fun at the reunion, as I got to see lots of old classmates. We were the center of attention, as everyone wanted Shannon autograph, and wanted to know what life was like in Hollywood.

It was restful at the cottage, and watching little Shaun play in the water and sand , was very enjoyable for us. He was just over 2 years old now, and fast as a little jet. Mom was out often to see, and play with her grandson. She was able to bring TJ with her a couple of times, and we had fun going fishing and boating. We had a couple of family outings while we were there also.

Shannon had put little Shaun to bed, and she came into our bedroom, and cuddle up next to me.

“You know that lately we have not had much time for each other, and I miss that.” She said to me in a soft voice.

“I know, I am sorry that I have neglected you.” I said as I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips.

We have been trying to have another child, so far no luck.

She reached up around my neck and kissed me harder with more passion. I responded by reacquainting my tongue to her mouth, and caressed her tongue. She reacted by increasing the pressure of her kiss on my lips.

We broke the kiss, and she said, “I need you so bad.” as she took of her nightie and panties.

“I know baby, and I am going to make you purr like a kitten, “I said as I stripped naked.

We held each other tight for a moment, and then her lips searched out mine for a soft kiss, letting out tongues intertwine together, as her body built up some excitement. As we kissed, my hand got busy rubbing, massaging, and groping her breast. I twisted and pinched her nipples, easy at first, but then I put more pressure on the twist.

She gave a gasp into my mouth, and mumbled, “harder, do it harder.”

I grasped her breast and gave them a good squeeze, and then pinched her nipples harder. Her nubs were sticking out like two firecrackers ready to explode.

“Baby suck my tits, bite my nipple make me feel good.” She moaned into my mouth.

I locked my mouth over her left breast and started to suck on her nipple like a pump. My teeth bit her nipple, and then I gently nibbled on her nipple, then I increased the pressure on her nipple with my teeth. I kind of racked my teeth over her nipple, and the bumps on her areolas causing her intense pleasure.

My hand slowly worked it’s way down to her bare slit, and I could feel her liquid juices on her outer lips. Her excitement was intensifying, as her body was tensing up. I invade her love hole with my finger, and she was loose and wet. I reached up and rub her sensitive G-spot on vagina.

“OOO God baby that feels so good. “ she cooed to me in a lustful way.

I moved my finger over to her clitoris, and flicked it a couple of times and then rubbed it fast and harder.

She gave a soft scream and locked her legs tight against my hand as her orgasm wracked her body with a massive wave of pleasure. Filling my hand with her honey juices.

“ I am ready now baby please fuck me hard, make me cum again, fill me with your seed, make it take.” she said still feel the effects of her last orgasm.

I rolled her over and started to fuck her doggie style, I just pounded away as fast and as hard as I could into her pussy. I would spank her soft ass once an a while just to spice up the feeling. She was meeting my thrust by thrusting back at me, forcing my cock deep into her pussy. I tried to keep this up for a while, but my legs were starting to give out on me.

“Baby I am close to cuming,” She panted at me in pure lust.

“Hold on honey I am going blow my load. “ I puffed at her in heated desire.

She gave a scream, just as I blew my load deep into her pussy. I held her ass tight to my cock as I emptied the cum from both nuts into her pussy.

She collapsed down on the bed with her legs wide apart, and I could see some of my cum leaking from her pussy.

“O honey I really needed a good fucking just like that, “ She said exhaustively.

I laid down next to her physically spent, “I love you.” I whispered into her ear.

“I love you too,” she said still panting for air, “I hope this one takes, you did fuck me hard, like the first time I got pregnant.” she said with love in her voice.

I moved up close to her and drew her up into my arms, and we went to sleep.

It was a relaxing vacation, that we both needed, but it was time to go home.

When we got back home, I put the finishing touches on Beautiful Loser, and we hit our targeted date of labor day weekend.

It was a colossal hit, as neither Shannon nor I took a salary on this movie ( we were getting paid out of our share of the profits). The movie cost 25 million to make and when it totaled out world wide the movie gross 150 million. Making a net gross of 125 million profit for us. We were up for 7 academy awards, with Shannon winning her second best actress award, and Shannon Tweed winning her first award for best supporting actress. I won 2 awards one for best director, and one for best original screenplay.

In September, we took a long weekend trip to Hawaii, just the 2 of us, like a second honeymoon. Sarah watched Shaun for us while we were gone. We never left the estate, and Shannon hardly let me out of the bed. It seem that she fucked me morning, noon, and night. We even did it one night on the beach. I would like to say it was a relaxing long weekend, but I was so tired from us fucking all the time, I needed to get back home to rest.

Mid November, and I was on the couch watching a tape replay of the Michigan football game, and Shaun was next to me sleeping in the playpen, when Shannon came bound into the house. She was about to leap on me when she saw Shaun, so she laid down on top of me, and said, “guess what?”

Well went through this once before, so I had a pretty good idea what was going on. So I grabbed her and gave a hard kiss, and said, “you got yourself knocked up again.”

“That is not a nice way to say that, besides you did it.” She stated, as she slapped me on the arm.

I did not say a word, I just held her close to me for a while, then I whispered into her ear,” you know that you are still the most important person in my life, and I love you with all my heart.”

She looked up to me with her eyes tearing over, and kissed me softly on the lips, “thank you for saying that, I have never doubted your love, and I do love you with every part of my body.” She said as she kissed me again on the lips.

Just then Shaun started to stir, and wake up, and her mommy instincts kicked in, and she went to her son, and picked him up. Just watch them together, made feel proud to call her my wife. As I watched her play with Shaun, the phone rang. I reached over and picked it, and my mother said hello.

I told her the good news that she was going to be a grandmother again, which made her happy.
We chatted for a while and I told her that they should come out here for Christmas. They have not seen the house yet, and we have loads of space. They agreed to come for Christmas.

Shannon came over and handed me Shaun, and she took the phone to talk with mom for a while. When she got done, she called her mother and told her the good news and invited her to come for Christmas, and she agreed to come for the holidays. Sounds like we were going to have a busy Christmas.

I went back to watching the football game and playing with Shaun, while Shannon was talking with Sarah filling her in on everything. Things were pretty quiet for us from November thru December, which felt good to do nothing. We had to do some planning as Shannon due date was in June sometime.

Mom and Dad were coming in on Dec. 21 and staying till Dec. 30, and Shannon’s mom was coming in on Dec. 23, and leaving on Dec. 30 also. One more surprise mom called and said she got my exwife to let her take TJ with them for the trip west. He is ten now and we had a good time this summer at the cottage. Now I get him for 9 days here to bond with.

Shannon and I were so excited with all the company coming here for the holidays, that we busted ass getting the place to shine. She worked on the inside with the maid’s help and Maria, while I worked outside with Juan and his boys getting things looking great.

I sent the limo out to pick up the folks at the airport, they were due in around 2 pm. The airport is 90 minutes from the farm. I figured they would be hungry so I had Maria make an early dinner. The limo arrived back at our house around 4 pm, and we greeted everyone.

We showed them their rooms, and then toured the house, they were impressed. We then toured the outside, and TJ wanted me to saddle up a horse for him. I told him after dinner we would go for a ride. Dad just loved the driving range and golf course.

It was getting close to 5 pm and Maria hollered at us,”Dinner is ready.” So we headed to the dinning room to feast on taco’s and taco salad (my favorite). Maria is a terrific cook.
By the time we finished up with dinner, it was getting dark outside, so I told TJ that we would go horse riding in the morning when it was daylight outside. He said,”ok,” and dashed off to the game room.

The time seem to just fly by us as we had fun with our families at the farm, and soon it was time for them to leave. What a sad day it was for both Shannon and I, as we watch the limo take them to the airport.

We had to get busy, as Shannon had a movie to shoot the second week of January, and she would be on location for 3 weeks or so. She finished up the filming the second week of February, it went a little longer than we planned. This would be her last film till after the baby is born.

She came home the middle of February from her doctor’s appointment and laid down on the couch with me. “Guess what?” She asked me.

“Not this again, I already know that you are pregnant.” I replied.

“The doctor heard 2 different heart beats.” She grinned at my shocked look.

“Twins,” I gulped.

“Um you guessed it honey,” She laughed at my facial expression.

I just laid there absorbing it all in. “WOW,” I shouted out loud.

We laid there in each others arms, we both were lost in deep thought about this new information.
Maria then came into the room with little Shaun, who when he saw us, he came running over and climbed on top of us, like a three layer pyramid.

God how I love that little guy, and now I am going to have 2 more to love.

They pegged her due date mid June sometime. In May, she started to have some difficulties, with her pregnancy. The end of the month she was having major problems, and the middle of the night, I had to call the ambulance to take her to the hospital. I called Maria asked,” can you come down and watch Shaun for me, so I can follow the ambulance to the hospital?” I filled her in on what is happening.

They took her into the emergency room, and I waited out side the room. Soon Shannon’s doctor showed up and went into the room. He came a few minutes later shouting instructions to the nurse, as they wheeled Shannon out of the room and towards the elevators.

“What is going on?” I asked very concerned.

The doctor turned and looked at me and said, “ we have major problems here and have to get her to surgery. Take the elevator to the 4th floor waiting room and I will stop there when this is over.”

Away he went with Shannon, and I never got a chance to say anything to her, or tell her that I love her, or give her a kiss. I felt like a lost sheep. I didn’t even bring my cell phone, that is how rushed everything was. I stopped at a pay phone and gave Sarah a call, telling her what is going on and I would be on the 4th floor in the waiting room.

30 minutes later in rushes Sarah firing questions at me left and right. I just held up my hand to stop her, and told her exactly what I knew, which was not much. Minutes ticked into an hour, an hour doubled into 2 hours, which doubled into 4 hours. The wait was agonizing, not know what was going on was killing us. I prayed to God that everything was going ok in there, I could not bear the thought of losing Shannon, or the babies. Tears were flowing down both my face and Sarah’s face as the tension was becoming unbearable . They took her to surgery at 9pm, it was now 2am June 1, 1991.

Finally after 5 hours the doctor came into the waiting room. Both of our eyes bore holes right into him. Sarah was gripping my hand so hard, I was afraid she might break my hand.

The doctor sat down by us, he looked exhausted. He looked us both in the eyes and sort of smiled. He then said,” it was bad in there, we had many complications going on at the same time. First was a breech birth, where the baby was entering the birth canal in a position other than head first. Second for some reason they both wanted to come down at the same time. Third we had what is called an uterine rupture, this was an unique rupture, which causes massive bleeding. Fourth we had to do an emergency caesarean section to retrieve the babies, good thing we did, they both were wrapped up in the umbilical cord, and repair the rupture, the only way was to do a partial hysterectomy. She will never be able to bear children again. I am sorry about that. Finally with the large amount of blood loss, it caused her blood pressure to drop so low her heart stop beating. We did CPR on her and restarted the heart.

I know that is a lot to tell you. The good news is the babies are doing fine. They will need sometime in neonatal care unit, but they should be just. Shannon on the other hand is in ICU in critical condition, and the next 24 hours are crucial to her survival. She has had a extremely difficult shock to her body, and we have done the best we can, the rest is up to her.

We sat here stunned, not know what to do or say. Finally Sarah asked him,”what sex are the babies?”

“O he said, “they both are girls, weighing about 5 pounds each. We did not have names, so we called the first born baby A, and the second born baby B.”

“I know I have laid a lot on you two, is there any more question that I can answer?” He asked us.

“I would like to see both Shannon and the girls, if I could?” I asked him.

“Seeing the girls will not be a problem, but I would like you to let Shannon rest till morning.” He replied.

“Doctor after I see my daughters, I will see my wife, and I will spend the night with her, I hope that you will make those arrangements for me.” I stated strongly.

He looked me for a moment and then he nodded his head yes.

We went down and saw the girls in the NICU. They were incubator type container things. I talked to the nurse who was on duty there.

“Everything is just fine with these 2 little girls, they are doing just fine, and I don’t think they will be here long.” She told us.

We walked back up to ICU, and I told Sarah, “I need you to go back to the farm and take care of Shaun for me. I left him in Maria’s hands. Also I need you to call your mom and tell what has happen. I plan on staying here with Shannon.”

She argued with me on this, but I held firm, and finally she agreed to go, promising me to call her when I knew something. I agreed.

By the time I walked into the ICU, it was 5 am, and I was pooped. The nurse, who had been briefed by the doctor, took me over to Shannon’s bed. I sat on the chair next to her bed, and held her hand, as I gazed in at her in a lost helpless feeling. I sat there all day talking to her, tell her not to leave, that we have two lovely girls to raise, and I can’t do it by myself. I did not leave her side all day, till around dinner time, I took a piss and got something to eat. I also gave Sarah a call and told that there was no new news.

I went back to her, and sometime during the night, I must have fallen asleep, with my head on her bed and her hand in mine. Sometime in the early morning, I felt a movement, and a voice saying “hey give me my hand.” I thought to myself what does that nurse want now, as I looked around. All of a sudden it hit me it was Shannon who said that.

My head snapped back to look at her, and there were those beautiful blue eyes looking back at me with a smile in them. My heart raced up into my throat, and I croaked, “your awake.”

She smile, and nodded her head yes.

I proceed to tell her everything that has happen to her in the past 24 hours. I told her the baby girls are doing fine. They are in the NICU, as a precautionary measure, under the names Baby A, and Baby B.

Her head snapped up and she stared at me, “why have you not given the girls the name we picked out,” she demand with her eyes blazing fire at me.

I picked up her hand and said,”because I was not going to do that until we can do it as their mother and father.” I told her with a serious look on my face. .

Just then the nurse came over and started to run some test on her and was asking her some questions. Right behind her came the doctor and he started to check her over. So I figure good time to leave and go take a piss. I had better give Sarah a call or life will end as I know it. I also want to stop down and see the girls, and call my folks and tell them what happen. It took me an hour to do all of that, plus I stopped and got a bite to eat.

I got back into ICU, and Shannon was gone. I went over to the nurse, and she told me they took Shannon to a private room, she got the number for me and I bolted for her room. I got there just as the doctor was finishing up. Shannon was insisting to see her babies, and he made arrangement to have them brought up to her room. He pulled me aside and said, “she is recovering very well, and if everything goes real well she and the girls could leave in a week.”

God did that make my heart sing to hear those words. I thanked him profusely for all that he did for us in the last couple of days. Just then the babies came in and that took my attention away from the doctor real fast.

Shannon called me over, as she held baby A. “Her name will be Sabrina Sandra.” She informed the nurse who wrote this down. She handed me Sabrina, as the nurse gave her baby B. “Her name will be Shanessa Sarah,” She informed the nurse again, as she wrote down that information. A couple of good Irish names she picked out.

Just then the door banged open and in came Sarah and Shaun.

“Hi buddy, come over here and meet your two new baby sisters.” I told him with a big smile on my face, as I handed Sabrina to Sarah.

A week later I took all my girls home with me.

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