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As a backstory, about 3-4 years ago. My brother and I were both into the same girl. It turns out that although she had feelings for us both, she went with the wrong decision. Breaking my heart (at the time), I had always wondered what my life would be like with this girl. Three years on and my brother is still with her, planning on getting married and my feelings were still being ignored.

I'd been plotting for years how to act on my revenge and soon would be my time. Not many people
knew about this but the girl, Rhianna had previously had sex with two other boys, she claimed victim
to one and got away with the other. My brother was none the wiser to the second boy and Rhianna had
presumed she was in the clear.

One night, I spent the evening at my dads, we had a ritual, one day every week we would all sit down
as a family and have a meal. Rhianna was included in this. Afterwards, Rhianna, myself and Henry might
go upstairs, head to a supermarket or generally do something together. I knew that if I waited long enough
I'd be able to seclude her, and get what I'd always wanted.

One night Henry went to go and take a shower, he works full time as a plumber and is often knackered. So
he went to clean up. Now, It's just me and Rhianna on the bed in his bedroom. We're watching TV and I go in
for a hug. Nothing unusual or weird about this, it happens all the time. I have always noticed however,
when Henry is gone she will ease up, sometimes even get flirty.

Being the sneak that I am, I went in for a tickle, before I knew it she was trying her best to make me
laugh. I wouldn't give in, not that easily. Carefully I planned manouvers that I thought might accidentally
get me touching her somewhere. My plan had worked, I tickled and even bit up her side. I slipped up and grabbed her boob. She looked shocked at me, whilst I played the ignorant card as if it never happened.

About five minutes later Henry comes back into the room, not going to lie, that annoyed me. But then,
no point getting huffy about it, the way things were going I'd have my way soon enough. As that night drew
to a close, I found myself saying goodbye, I hugged her from behind and ground my crotch into her. I
could have sworn she returned the motion.

The next week we all sit down again and eat, she is looking at me funny now. Seems almost a little distant.
This doesn't bother me at all, I return the looks and carry on eating, waiting for my moment to really get
to her. She must know I want her by now but not a word is said. We finish eating again, Henry gets bored of
the xbox and decides it's time for his shower. Bingo. Tonight is my night.

Toby leaves the room, I start tickling again. This time however, I'm making no attempts to be suttle. She knows what I'm up to, but it still playing it innocent. I'm running my hands up her sides, across her boobs, I grab her ass and work my hand up around her thigh. You can hear her breathing getting quicker and that's when I knew that it was time to commit, or get out now and never say a word.

I dove for her neck and bit, watching her moan in pain and pleasure, I rubbed my hand on her pussy and worked my mouth to her tits. I ripped her t-shirt open and went straight under her bra. Meanwhile she's panting, "no, it's wrong" and moaning at the same time. She can't control herself, she wants me and I'm taking her. She rubs my cock through my jeans and kisses me. I'm pulling of her leggings and see she isn't wearing any underwear.

My mouth trawls down to her pussy and I lick her furiously, she grabs my head and pulls me closer, screaming my name. I can feel her juices flowing down my neck and just as I go to stand up, I hear the shower stop. I know my time is up. I need to get her back into normal clothes before he gets in. I throw her a t-shirt and a jumper from my room and tell her to get into the downstairs bathroom.

When my brother asked why she had my jumper on, I told him that she got cold. Problem solved. Later that evening I get a text from Rhi saying "Matt, I'm sorry, but what we did was wrong, it can never happen". By this point I figure that if I'm going to get what I want and have her say nothing, I'm gonna have to take it. Nothing else can be done.

About 6 months later one of my friends is having a sleepover, nothing really dodgy, just a birthday party but unfortunately Henry cannot come. Rhianna insists on coming but doesn't have a tent. She had mentioned this to Henry but all that he said was that I've got a tent and that me and her could share, now we are on to a fucking winner. Despite her attempts to get another tent, she failed and just left it at that, probably hoping I wouldn't try anything.

We all drank quite a bit that night and obviously with it being a tent, it was cold. So as soon as we'd all settled, Rhianna and I went back to the tent. I did consider at that point just to leave it. My head was thumping and I could have slept. But my cock was hard and Rhianna had managed to snuggle up against my dick so that we were spooning. I had to have her, I didn't give a fuck.

I took my cock out and grabbed her hand. I placed it on my cock and made her start pumping. Naturally in her sleep she started working out the motions, even squeezing. I fucked her hand for a minute before I decided to stir it up. I grabbed her boob and worked up her t-shirt. There was no stirring yet, I had no idea Rhianna could sleep this deep, but it suited me fine.

Next thing I know, I'm pulling down her pyjama bottoms, she isn't wearing anything underneath. I line up my cock and gently push till I work my full length inside of her. I keep pumping and slowly she works up a rhythm. I grab her shoulders and fuck her harder until I heard a gasp escape her mouth. She was awake, but I didn't care, I kept fucking her, watching her body betray her as her pussy clamped around my cock and she came twice. She was swearing at me, telling me to get off, but half the words escaped my ears.

I slowed down and pulled out. She tried to move away but I grabbed her again. I started planting kisses along her neck. Seemed like her neck appreciated it because Rhianna wouldn't stop moaning. I stuck my dick back inside her and she moaned even louder. I wondered if any of my friends had overheard but still carried on. I flipped her onto her knees and gave it to her doggystyle. I watched as she bounced off me and kept cumming on my dick. I reached around and grabbed her tits and we kept fucking till the early hours.

As I got close to cumming I asked her where she wanted it, she told me to cum on her face. I agreed to this and kept fucking her, she was bouncing on top of me. It was too much to handle, I told her I was cumming, as she went to get off I grabbed her ass and lifted myself up so I could thrust as hard as I could. I fucked her like a piston, ramming it inside her until I shot stream after stream into her tight wet pussy. She was fuming, but too tired. We fell asleep together and when I woke up she had gone.

To this day I don't know if she mentioned it to anyone, but I do know one thing. Little baby Rhi was not Henry's child.

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2012-12-05 18:14:05
Like reading the news?? What the hell dude? I got soooooo freakin wet!

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2012-11-05 02:39:18
Toby, you mixed up Henry with Toby.
Are you kidding me?

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2012-11-02 12:16:42
Story has something but the writing is not good and the chars are shallow. Describe more and explain the situation. There is no real build up. It is like reading news.

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2012-11-02 11:39:44
Ah the fruit of a goood story and a great fuck

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2012-11-02 04:55:59

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