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Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.5

Xmas Break: Bonding

I sat at the counter drinking my beer as the girls continued putting the food away.
Elizabeth tried avoiding looking at me to keep from blushing as they did. Jenny had my
cum leaking from her little sore pussy and down her thighs. She stopped every so often
to with it up with her finger and lick it off.

“What’s that” I heard Elizabeth whisper to Jenny.

“That’s JJ cum” she tells her.

“Cum” Elizabeth asks

“His baby seed” she tells her giggling.

“Why are you eating it then” she asks.

“Because it tastes good” Jenny says wiping some from her thigh and holding it to
Elizabeth’s lips.

Elizabeth slowly sticks her little tongue out and Jenny wipes a large glob of my cum on
her tongue. Elizabeth pulls her tongue back in and giggle as she whispers in Jenny’s ear.

“It tastes even better when it’s hot and fresh” Jenny says smiling as she turns and stares
at my cock.

Elizabeth turns beet red again as she too turns and stares at my cock and licks her little
lips. I rubbed my cock causing her to quickly turn away. The girls were finished putting
things away and Elizabeth was still hanging around.

“You better get back before they come looking for you Elizabeth” I tell her.

“It’s ok mom said to stay as long as you, I mean I wanted” she says in a weak almost

I just smile and tell the girls to get ready to go to town. Elizabeth stayed until we left,
she had a little frown on her face as she walked back to the main house. We headed to
the mall, time for a little shopping. Since the girls were my wives I figured they needed
rings to match.

The owner came out and greeted us he was friendly enough until I asked to see the
wedding rings. He gave me a shitty look but walked down and started pulling them out
and showing Jill. His attitude changed for the worse when he realized Jenny was also
wanting a set.

“This is a family business, you need to take your business else where” he says.
“I know all about your family values bro so don’t get all righteous with me” I say putting
my credit card on the counter.

His face drops as he reads the name recognizing it immediately since my father and I
have the same name. The video of him and his 12 year old daughter was seven years old
but still would ruin him and his business. He excuses his self and goes in the back thru a
door, which I couldn’t help but look in as he opened it.

There was a young girl about 5 watching cartoons and a girl about 19 in the back. The 19
year old I’m sure was his daughter Linda and judging from the red hair on her and the
little 5 year old she was her daughter and probably his.

The door closed and I thought for a second before going behind the counter and going
in the back.

“You need to leave and go back up front, I’ll be with you in a minute” the man says
nervously with a much kinder attitude I notice.

“Well I think I’ll hang out back her with your daughter or should I say daughters and you
go up front and take care of my girls” I say in a calm but firm tone.

I could tell from the sweat beading down his face both girls were his daughter he started
to open his mouth but I cut him off.

“My Father name wasn’t the only thing I inherited. She’s put on a few pounds since she
was twelve but I’m sure that little pussy is still tight” I say Groping Linda’s ass.

“Daddy” is all she said as she looked nervously at her father as I stepped behind her and
started grinding my hard cock into her plump ass as I reached around and squeezed her
breasts and pinched her nipples.

“Just do what he says baby girl” he says and reluctantly leaves going back up front.

I keep one hand on her breasts and slid the other down her body to her pussy and
began rubbing and squeezing it.

“Not in front my daughter” she begs with tears in her eyes.

“That up to you slut” I say smiling.

I had her stand behind the couch and bend over the back of the couch so her head was
right there by her daughter. She couldn’t see anything unless she got up. I raised her
skirt and pull her panties until snapped and toss them to the side. A natural redhead I
think as I slide my hard cock thru the little red jungle.

“Now it’s up to you to keep quiet and keep the little slut sitting id you don’t want her to
see momma being a whore” I whisper in her ear.

Luckily for her she was already wet because as my cock slid past her fuck hole I thrust
hard shoving my cock deep inside her. I only made it about 7 inches in on my first thrust
into her tight little pussy but the second thrust my balls slapped against her red jungle. I
got a good grip with one hand on each of her hips and started pounding her hard.

Her pussy was tight and hot but I was also enjoying her silence trying not to alert her
daughter what was happening only a few feet behind her. When her daughters started
talking to her I pounded her harder and faster. I’m sure she resisted but when she came
finally, her breathing was heavy and her body quivering when her daughter said.

“What’s wrong Mommy you sick, What’s that noise back there” she says trying to get up.

I just smiled and filled her pussy with hot cum as she held her little girl down so she
couldn’t see. I pulled my cock from her dripping pussy and she turned back giving me an
evil look. I have a rule about getting my cock cleaned why should today be any different.

“Clean it slut” I tell her in a whisper so her daughter doesn’t her.

She did the only thing she could, she spanked her daughter hard making her cry.

“Now stay right there and don’t you dare move a muscle” she tells the little girl before
kneeling and taking my slimy cum covered cock into her mouth.

Between her sucking and the little girl crying my cock was getting hard again so I
decided it was time to leave. The girls had their rings picked out and I got a little
something for Alessa, Lily and Melody.

He wasn’t very happy when he handed me the bill and I smiled only giving him half what
it said before leaving.

“What no Thank You and CUM again” I say laughing as I leave.

We made a few more stops before leaving and heading over to Alessa’s. When we
arrived Lily was lying on the couch naked and panting as she caught her breathe. Alessa
had just finished eating her little pussy and her face still glistened with Lily’s cum.

Alessa had died her hair blonde I noticed as I sat down beside her to lick Lily’s fresh cum
from her face. There was a heavy musky smell in the room and it wasn’t all coming from
Lily. Alessa’s little pussy was dripping wet begging to be touched. I slid two fingers inside
her as I kissed her. Her pussy spasmed and clenched around my fingers squeezing them

Alessa was ready to cum from the slightest touch. I pulled my fingers and suck her juice
from them as I laid back on the couch.

“Do you like my hair Master” she asks desperately hoping I do.

She did look even sexier with blonde hair, it went well with her dark skin. It also made
her lips and eyes stand out more as she knelt between my legs looking up at me with
her big doe eyes.

Her lips were glistening from Lily’s cum which had my cock twitching. Alessa took that as
my approval of her new look. I reached in my pocket and pulled her present out and put
it around her neck, a diamond studded dog collar.

I pulled my cock out and Alessa smiled as she slid her nice wet full lips over my cock her
and down my shaft. She keep her eyes staring into mine as my cock hit the back of her
throat before she came back up.

“Show me what a nasty slut you are and how bad you want that cock in your pussy” I
say looking in her eyes.

Alessa started tacking my cock into her throat not stopping until her lips touched the
base. She fucked my cock with her mouth for about ten strokes, spit flying and running
down my cock with every stroke as she made gagging sounds. Then she slowly sucked
my cock looking in my eyes for approval.

Her big doe eyes looked even sexier all watery and filled with lust. I slapped her and spit
in her face.

“You have to do better than that slut” I say slapping her once more.

Alessa couldn’t have sucked my cock any better or hard then she had but she tried as I
called her my slut or whore. She was slapped or spit on each time she opened her eyes
to look up at me until my cock erupted into her throat. She stared at me with those eyes
as she swallowed every shot of hot cum and slowly milked every last drop from my cock.

As my cock slid from her lips I seen the little smile on her face as she stood and moved
to straddle me. I sat up stopping her, her bald little pussy level with my face. Her aroma
tingling my nose I took one long lick of her dripping little cunt before pushing her back
to her knees. I bent her over the coffee table and took my riding crop out.

“Bad little slut get spanked” I say as the riding crop leaves a red welt on her ass.

“Did you not like the blow job Master” she asks as the next smack hit her.

“No it was good” I say smacking her harder.

“My hair color” she asks yelping as the next smack hits her.

“No the new color is very sexy” I say smacking her again.

“What did I do Master” she asks.

“Well you forgot you belong to me” I say and smack her hard “your body” smack “that
tight little bald pussy” smack “your pregnant belly” smack “ that nice round ass” smack
“those nice plump cock smoking lips” smack “those big beautiful eyes” smack “and that
long beautiful blonde hair” smack smack smack.

“Next time ask permission before you alter any part of my property” I say smiling as I
look as the red welts criss crossing her little ass.

“Yes Master” she says yelping as the last smack stinks her ass.

She tried to hide it but I could tell she had cum by the smell and fresh cum leaking down
her inner thigh.

“I think as punishment you don’t get any cock today, In fact I’ll leave the girls here and
you can eat their little pussies as well as Lily’s while I’m gone” I say smiling.

“Yes Master” Alessa says as she gets up from the coffee table leaving two little puddles
where her breast had leaked as I spanked her.

I kissed Lily and the girls bye before going over to Alessa. She looked up at me with her
big eyes begging me. I kissed her passionately as I fingered her pussy until her cum
covered my hand as her body quivered and her legs wobbled under her own weight.
Alessa licked my fingers clean before giving me one last kiss.

I left money for them to order Chinese and I went to Melody’s for dinner. Rick was out
by the pool when I arrived getting the grill going. Melody tried to take me straight up to
her room but I figured it best I go out and talk to Rick.

“Look son I know Melody wants to date you but I feel it has more to do with the incident
than anything else” he says looking at me.

“Well Rick I’m sure your right and I’ve told her as much but she’s a hard headed little
thing” I say laughing.

He was a little shocked I had agreed with him.

“Look I’ll make it easy on you Rick I told her I wouldn’t date her unless you approved so
after dinner tonight I’ll just ignore her calls that way your not the bad guy, I’m leaving in
two weeks, plus being an asshole is what people expect from me anyhow” I say.

“The hell you will JJ” I hear Lisa say from behind me.

“It really is for the best Rick is right it just the incident she’ll get over it” I say.

“Well I know my daughter and that’s not it, I also seen you two together JJ. I saw how
you look at Melody and act around her so tell me it’s nothing and I’ll drop it” she says.

Well I wasn’t going to lie and say there wasn’t something special about Melody to me,
even if I didn’t know what it was. Luckily Rick saved me from having to answer that

“Well I know my daughter pretty well and ignoring her isn’t the answer. You can date
her as long as you promise to treat her right, time will work the rest out” he says looking
at me.

Melody came out a few seconds later putting an end to the discussion but not the
awkward feeling each time Melody kissed me Rick looked at me with a fatherly I’ll kill
you if you hurt her. Lisa on the other hand seemed happy as could be. Me I was
sweating like a whore in church on Sunday unsure what I was supposed to do.

I just followed Melody’s lead and things seemed to go well. After dinner Lisa started
talking about when her and Rick started dating. She mentioned the water fall out by the
state park several times. I guess I wasn’t taking the hint because when Melody got up to
put the dessert dishes away.

“Well you know JJ it’s a full moon out, I bet that water fall out by the state park is
beautiful tonight” she says Looking at me.

Needless to say me and Melody ended up walking along the creek holding hands and
kissing until about 10pm when I dropped her off at home.

“Call me before you go to bed” she says after kissing then runs off into the house.

I stopped and picked the girls up from Alessa’s and headed home. Jill sucked on my
cock as I talked to Melody before we went to bed. I didn’t sleep long after filling Jill’s
tight little pussy with cum.

I had a head ache and after searching the bathroom headed over to the main house. I
had asprin in my old bathroom which is now Aunt Lisa and Uncle Paul’s room. When I
reached the door I was fixing to knock when I heard a faint moaning noise coming from
the room.

My cock twitched and started to grow hard thinking of Aunt Lisa almost 9 months
pregnant getting fucked. I opened the door slow and slipped inside unnoticed. Aunt Lisa
was naked sitting up riding Uncle Paul’s cock and moaning. I watch her big belly bounce
up and down sexily and with the light from the window I could clearly see the milk
leaking from her full breast.

After a few minutes Aunt Lisa bent over and laid on Uncle Pauls chest as he slowly
thrust up into her hairy cunt. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Mind if I tap that empty hole” I ask using my index finger to poke Aunt Lisa’s exposed
little asshole.

After the initial shock wore off Aunt Lisa ask me to leave.

“Get the fuck out JJ” I think were her exact words followed by a slap.

Uncle Paul’s reaction was much different. I took note as I went to the bathroom he was
trying to calm Aunt Lisa down.

“Look just be nice dam it, the babies due in a week and we have nowhere else to go” I
hear him tell Aunt Lisa.

What losers I think as I walk back over the bed smiling.

“What the hell you want now JJ” Aunt Lisa says.

I reach down and swipe my finger through a puddle of her milk that had pooled on
Uncle Paul’s chest. I suck the milk from my finger and smiled.

“Milk it’s not just for breakfast anymore” I say laughing and smack her ass before

I noticed as I walked back to the pool house I had picked up a shadow. It was only about
3’ 7” tall and wore just panties and a T-shirt which she left at the door as she followed
me quietly into the bedroom.


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