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Never dare a stripper to do something!
A few years ago when I was relatively settled (and unhappily married to the first wife), I met a girl working in a strip club in the city.

This was my first experience of the east europeans, We would see each other a few times a week either for a meal or I would go and see her dance. The club had rules that you could not touch the dancers and they could not touch you which was really disappointing - and there were security cameras to make sure no-one did anything wrong.

One night we were in a restaurant she told me she knew how to turn off the security camera for her VIP area! I teased her and told her she would never do it, because she would never want to touch a customer - she smiled and said maybe. Later I bought her some more drink and then teased her about it - I told her now she was drunk I wanted her to turn off the camera and send me a photo of her kissing a customers cock - she said she would!

That night, she went to work and I went home. I couldn't sleep, I kept checking my phone for a photo all night - at 2am it arrived :) She sent me a photo of her mouth wrapped around a big cock - she text and said she loved the taste!

I went to sleep happy, but the next day she told me so much more!

Her boss saw the flash of the camera and came and gave her grief for what they guessed she did and was pissed off and sent her home. She was so angry she just left without changing - just in bra and thong and heels with suspender belt (She lived very close to the club). While she walked away down the street, the customer came out too and they talked and he apologies for her getting caught, and he asked if she would strip dance for him at his hotel room for $500 - she said he was a nice tall guy visiting from Norway - and she loved how his cock tasted so she said yes!

She went back to his room which she said was a nice suite in one of the better hotels nearby. They drank some more - and dance together but then he sat and said he wanted his lap dance. She put on some sexy music and wave her ass and did her dance. She took around 10 minutes to strip off and then for extra she laid on her back and finger fucked herself and forget the world and cum very hard - but when she opened her eyes she got such a surprise! He had taken his trousers off and was wanking his hard cock! She LOVED it! She moved across the floor and started to suck him and she loved when he pushed her head down hard on it - it made her so wet! She knew she had to fuck him so she had another big shot of whisky and took him to the bed, laid him down and fuck him hard until he filled her pussy full of his norwegian cum!

She sucked him clean and then she went for a shower so she could go home.

But when she came out of the bathroom naked she was met by 3 more guys she recognised from the club that night. They were all clapping and said her show was excellent - these were all his friends and they came in to the room while they were fucking to watch. She was so pissed off! Then he told her that they all bet him that $100 he could not convince her to fuck him - they lost their money! She said it was her money, but he would not give her it.

He said if she do a lap dance for all, then she could have the money. She was still drunk and horny and could still feel his cum inside, so she said yes. She had another double shot and started to dance. These 4 guys said they all want to give her a drink when she is naked so she danced and stripped quickly. Each guy was sitting down and each balanced a shot glass on their belly and told her she must drink it without using her hands, and if she spilt any she must lick it up. She managed to drink 2 without spilling but she knocked the 3rd over and she had to lick off his belly. 4th guy knew she would spill so he just got his cock out and tipped the whisky down it - she just licked it up and swallowed his cock.

Until this night she told me she only ever had 6 cocks, but now she knew she would have another 4 in one night.

The others just stripped and took her to the bed. They decided they all needed more whisky so they held her legs of and filled herpussy with whisky and eat took a drink. She was pissed off that she had no drink so one guy stuck his cock in and fucked a little and then give her his cock to suck to get whisky - they all did this and she licked like drunk dirty lollypops.

All 4 guys fucked her without condom and she cum so many times but she was so drunk, she was unconscious for part! When she woke up, the 3 friends had left, but the norwegian showed her a few photos of her fucking the bottle, and with her with a cock in her ass and pussy. She was very embarrassed and very sore!

She had another shower and tried to get dressed but she remembered she only had stripper clothes to walk home in, and now it was early morning and starting to be some daylight!

She walked home and got some weird looks from neighbours :)

She loved to think about this and when we fuck, and it got her so wet - but she cannot drink whisky anymore!

The Norwegian called her later and she visited him in Norway the following month, but this a whole load more stories!
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