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A surprising twist to a quick fantasy
About myself, just a little. I was 5 11, and 135 lbs. a Junior in highschool. Blonde hair and a thin body.

A Shotgun romance, or a twist of fate?

Peter. I saw him on the first day of the second semester. Despite being in the same school for the previous one, I never one can remember if I saw him. However, this anomaly ended when I walked into the final gym semester of my high school career. Pushing open the door into the locker room, a pungent gale of teenage sweat assaulted my nostrils. Being early on purpose, I walked directly into the changing process of the previous class hour. Skinny, sweaty boys of all shapes and sizes bustled about, changing out of their sweat-stained gym clothes, walking out of the steamy showers, and slipping into fresh new clothing. I could barely contain myself with such a spectacle driving my hormones to the sky. I walked shakingly to a locker at the end of a row. Trying not to arouse suspicion, I fumbled excruciatingly slow with my combination lock while peeking around, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of a fantasy. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch a toweled boy walk to a locker next to mine. Immediately, my breathing became non-existent, my pulse quickening, and blood shooting to between my legs. He stood about a little under six feet tall. His hair, dripping wet, hung over his brown eyes. I let my eyes eat up his body, lean muscles pushing the veins to the surface on his arms entice me to grab them. His moderately toned six pack, complemented by the occasional brown freckle on his white skin, reach out for me from its stomach prison. Without knowing, I had stopped the fake maneuvering of my lock, instead standing completely still, drinking in the beauty pouring off of this boy. I watched the droplets of water trickle down his face, his body. The strain in my pants was unbearable with the full force of my average-sized member raging to be released. “Ugh, I hate swim class!” I hear someone say. Snapping out of euphoria, I realized the boy was looking and talking to me. “uh, yeah, big time” I muttered back to him through the biggest smile I had ever worn. He leaned his hands against his locker, revealing patches of brown armpit hair under each arm. I saw him reach for his towel, time slowed to a halt and I lost sense of the world. My only focus, existence became his next actions. I hoped with all my heart that what was under the towel was as beautiful as the rest of him. Slowly, he lifted the fold in his towel, sliding it off with his other hand. Disappointment flooded my body when I saw that he was still wearing his swim trunks. Not wanting to be obvious in my lustful analysis, I slowly, but carefully, began the process of preparing myself for my class. He started running his towel over his body to dry off. Starting with his hair, he scrubbed away the moisture while sending water droplets flying onto me. “Sorry!” he mumbled, noticing he was spraying me. “It's okay.” I laughed back in response. “Do you have swim for the first unit?” He asked me while moving on to his torso. “No, I think we have badminton.” “Lucky you”, he tells me, making full eye contact,”you don't have to deal with arctic waters and the effects that come with.” That made us both laugh without breaking our electrifying gaze. Sadly, it off when he moved down lower. Without worrying about him catching me staring at him, my gaze followed his actions. His wet trunks clung to his body like an extra layer of skin. From my angle, I could see an obvious protrusion what could only have been his dick. My mouth began to water at the sight of the head. Even though he mentioned shrinkage, he didn't seem to have shrunk at all. Unless, of course, he had a monster caged up down there. My curiosity grew every second to see him slide off those wet trunks. But again, as if tantalizing me, he crushed my hopes by wrapping his towel around his waist before sliding the chains that bound him. He reached in his locker, removing a pair of dark boxer briefs, and slid them on without a hint of what was under his towel. With them on, he yanked off his towel and tossed it in the locker. His briefs hugged his body tightly. His round bubble butt was showcased perfectly in his attire. In his front, a good sized bulge complimented his butt perfectly. Too quickly by far, he had pulled on a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a tee shirt. “See you later, man!” he said to me before walking out of the room. “Yeah, later,” I replied to him. With the show over, I too got dressed in my gym clothes, though after letting my friend settle down, and sadly went to class.

For the rest of the day, I thought about that boy, leaving me in a state of perma-erection. I had completely fallen for someone who's name I didn't even know! By the time the last bell screeched, I was ready to go home and blow the load of a century. I walked out of the school towards the bus, a thirty minute ride to get home. For some odd reason, my bus was not in the space it usually occupied. It was probably late I thought to myself. I walked over to a small wall and sat down to wait. I watched the other kids on the same bus as me cluster together in anticipation. “Don't you have a bus to catch?” I looked up to the same smile that graced me earlier in gym class. Why was he talking to me? We were barely acquaintances even. “Uhhh, yeah. Well, I'm supposed to, but it's late, I think.” “That sucks, I remember when I had to take the bus, all those annoying kids screaming just gave me a headache.” “God, I know, right? If only I had a car!” I replied giggling. Immediately, he produced a set of keys and jingled them in front of my face. “I guess not everyone can be as lucky as me. Let me tell you what, I can give you a ride home, you don't even know how long you're going to wait for that shitty bus.” Suspicion filled me as soon as the words left his soft lips. The whole situation was highly odd, and he even wanted to drive me home without even knowing my name. But not wanting to miss a close-quarters trip with this boy, I replied, “Oh, sure, that would be great, uhhh. . .” “Peter” He finished for me. “Oliver” I told him, returning my name for his. “Come on, I'll take you to my car.” I got up and followed him closely through the throngs of kids rushing to their buses. I saw my bus fly into the parking lot but purposely refrained from mentioning that fact to him. He led me to a small car and manually unlocked the door for me. Inside, we made small talk, well, he made small talk. I just responded to his polite questions as best as I could through the distraction he presented to me. The whole time my heart raced Nascar and my jeans threatened to explode. When we pulled into my empty driveway, I made sure to point out that my parents worked late and didn't come home for hours. To my surprise, he turned off his car and asked if he could use my bathroom. “Yeah, no problem!” I replied to him, trying to hide the excitement from seeping into my voice. I walked him to my door, and inside, locking the door behind us. “It's right here” I told him, gesturing to a door at the end of our entrance hall. “Thanks” he replied as he closed the door behind him. A symphony of chaotic thoughts rushed through my head. Oh my God! I'm alone with this guy! Am I dreaming? What's going on? I'm so confused! There's no way that something like this happens! What do I do? Is he trying to set us up for something? I must be dreaming.

My thoughts evaporated instantaneously as the door to the bathroom opened. “Thanks, you have a really nice house.” “Thank you, you should see my room”. The last part shot out before I could stop it. Without showing a hint of suspicion, he replied “Yeah, I'd love to”. I ushered him to the stairs, letting him go in front of me. As he ascended the stairs, I relished every moment watching him go, his tight jeans rippling over his butt with every step he took. We entered my room, he walked around looking at my collection of stuff, junk as others called it, treasure as I saw it, and I sat on my bed. “You have a lot of books! It's like a library!” He exclaimed. “I love reading” was all I could say with my mind trapped in a hole. He pulled off a book I had nestled on top of others on the shelf, not wanting it to be found. “This, is about a gay kid.” He said, matter-of-factly. He flipped through the pages, not really reading anything, but engrossed in it, as though in deep remembrance. “This is the most beautiful book that I've ever read. Is it yours?” A yes is all that I could muster. He set the book down carefully, as if it was a priceless possession. “I think you and this book are the same thing. Beautiful.” He whispers to me, his eyes still trained on the book, his fingers running soft lines on the cover. “I have to tell you the truth, the only thing inside my head today, was you. I knew you were looking at me earlier. That's when I knew. Everything after that, I did to be alone with you. To talk. You're the first person to know about me, Oliver. The first.” “And what's that?” I croaked out, knowing the answer already, my nerves bleating painfully while my head rode the Tilt-A-Whirl. “I believe you already know that answer” He said, smiling at me, finally piercing me again with the luscious brown orbs of his eyes. He walked up to me, still sitting on my bed, and leaned into me, keeping his face mere centimeters from mine. I could smell the lingering traces of mint gum on his breath as it floated onto my face. My breathing quickened from his very presence. “I think you. I think you love me.” “yes” I wheezed, transfixed in his stare. He leaned closer, his eyes closing, and mine with his. His soft lips met mine, engulfing my mouth with his warmth, his passion. His soft hair fell against me as we cascaded backwards onto my bed. He pressed me down with the entire weight and heat of his body. His tongue preened about my mouth, finding an entrance and overcoming my teeth and embracing my tongue. His arms wrapped around my head, his fingers running gently through my blonde hair, sending messages of pleasure of pure electricity. I ate up his breath, the air between us becoming shared, one system of breathing. His hands trickled softly down the nape of my neck. I searched his head, letting my fingers dance in his hair like he did for me. He continued down my back, using my spine as guidance, fingering each and every groove like a ladder. I felt his fingers flick under my shirt and I let him tear it over my head, breaking our kiss for the slightest of moments. I pressed my lips to his again, feeling the moisture of our last encounter still fresh on his skin. I moved to remove his shirt, feeling the muscles bulge in his back, the strong, broad shoulders moving in unison. In seconds, his shirt was off, our kiss barely interrupted. Our chests met, our burning skin sticking together, binding us together in our passionate embrace. With my arms wrapped around his strong back, he twisted us around, sending me on top of him. I licked his tender lips, feeling a soft breath of satisfaction come from between them. He reached for my jeans, skillfully unbuttoning and unzippering them together. Caressing my butt, he slid them down over my waistline, revealing the solid red of my boxers and my rock-hard member tenting the front. I reached for his jeans, and tinkered with his button. Breaking our kiss, I moved on to kiss his smooth cheeks, moving to his neck, licking and kissing at will. I kiss every brown spot dotting his neck , his collarbone, and eat up every part of his shoulders. I grasp his hard chest, sculpted from his swim team experience, and visit his nipples, sucking the hard tips feverishly. I hear him let out a small moan of pleasure, and switch between making small circles around each nipple with my tongue, and toying with the other with my fingers, squeezing them slightly. His hands, still wrapped in my hair, pull and play sensually with my locks, becoming locked with every moment of intense excitement. I let my hands explore his sweaty and hairy armpits as I make a long lick with my tongue to the bulging muscles of his stomach, dipping into his belly button for moments of fierce licking. He didn't taste bad, so I lapped away at the indentation, creating shudders of ecstasy that rippled through him, pleading for me to continue. My hand slipped over his heart, feeling the heat erupting, the skin pulsing, and the organ bouncing with every intense, fast pulsation. I caressed the area under his navel, while simultaneously unbottoning his pants. I stuck my hands under him, finally cupping the perfection that his jeans accentuated. I hooked my thumbs over his waistline, between his jeans and briefs, and pulled his jeans to his knees, eying the throbbing organ that pushed at the underwear that incarcerated it. Through his underwear, I kissed kissed it, breathed on it, intaking the sweet aroma that wafted from him. My tongue flicked over the large, cut head, causing him to visibly shake. He moved his hands to my chin and pulled me back to his face, shoving his tongue back to mine. His hands then tore my jeans from my body, leaving us both in just our underwear, our sticky skin burning as one, our hard-ons rubbing together in an act of immeasurable pleasure. Reaching for mine, and I for his, we grabbed each others members. With the dual contact, I nearly blew my load in my already pre-cum-soaked boxers. As if by some mental link, we both hooked onto each others underwear, and pulled off our last remaining stitch of clothing. Leaving us there, two naked, sweaty, teenage boys rolling around on a bed, bound together in a kiss of sheer perfection.

Our dicks touched together for the first time since being naked. His brown, groomed patch of pubic hair meeting mine. I squeezed at the round crescents of his hairless butt, massaging each side. He traced pictures on my back with his fingers, tantalizing my nerves. To his objection, I slipped back down his body. I spread his toned thighs apart and gazed at what he hid between his legs. A well proportioned, seven inch organ flopped around on his belly as he breathed. A well cared for coat of pubic hair adorned his penis, while his large balls pulsed, devoid of any hair. With a hand on each, I rubbed each thigh through a small amount of leg hair. I began to lick his inner thigh, slowly and intentionally moving upwards with his shivers. My blonde hair drooped onto his genitalia as I approached. My nose brushed against the intense heat of his balls as I moved to them. I let my tongue start behind them, and moved to completely engulf them from the back to front. I stuck them both into my mouth and sucked on them while he moaned in the ambiance. My tongue mapped out every ridge, every bump that they concealed. Having teased them enough, I let them fall out of my mouth, thick with a coat of my saliva, and moved onto the bigger prize. I wrapped my hand around the base of his penis and directed it to stand up. The tip of it gleamed red hot and dribbled a constant stream of precum. I started by licking up the sweet-tasting liquid from the tip, then moving to dip into the slit on top. My mouth soon followed by tongue, my lips puckering and slowly wrapping around the head, filling my mouth with his warmth. I allowed my mouth to linger momentarily on just the head, drinking in the precum that spewed out and exploring the area softly with my teeth and tongue. When I began moving forward, his moans erupted in soft explosions giving me reason to press on in my duty. His pulsing veins met my lips, the taste of the whole thing bristling on my taste buds. Without even thinking, my nose met his hair, greedily stealing in the scent of him, building my hormones to an impossibly high state. Despite my nose's objections, I pulled back my mouth tho the head, but only ever so shortly. After a short licking, I pushed forward again, smelling him again and repeating the process. Building a rhythm. He clutched at my hair, now sounding an opera of ecstatic pleasure from the lips I hungrily tasted. Sweat dripped from my forehead and from his body alike. I cupped his wet balls with one hand , grasping them tightly and moving them about, feeling them hop around in sexual motives. My other hand flicked his his taint and fondled his cheeks, not knowing which to devote more time to. I built up more speed, bobbing faster and faster, his dick poking at the back of my throat, doing its best to make me gag. My mouth lubricated his shaft with an intense mixture of his copious precum and my saliva, serving as a stimulant to move even faster. I heard him whisper something, an intense warning to his climax. But I had no intention of stopping. I wanted to taste more of him. My senses wanted only him. I wanted to drink him in, taste him, smell him even more. Incoherent words sputtered from his mouth as I went impossibly faster with licking him like a savory lollipop. In a final, intense thrust, I threw my mouth onto him, filling me up completely, my nose engulfed in his hair, my hand squeezing his globes, and my other wrapped around his round butt. On cue, I felt his balls pulse and retract, signaling what came next. An impossibly hot liquid catapulted into my mouth, over and over again, coating my taste buds with a starchy taste. More and more flew from him, desiring nothing else but to be within me. I ravenously swallowed the gift that just kept on giving. He screamed out inn the background in a euphoric state. Destroying my joy, the last of his reserves emptied themselves too soon. I pulled off of him with a slurp, and jumped on top of him. Staring at me intensely, he pushed me into a kneeling position on top of him and snapped for his turn. Lifting his head up slightly, he took my equally sized organ into his mouth, lapping away like a man dying of thirst. My hormones, exploding from the eternity of stimulation, left nearly no time before I blew into him without a shred of warning. I collapsed onto him, fitting our mouths together again despite our exhaustion. A potent combination of semen and saliva impassioned our tired exchange even greater. “I do. I really do love you Peter” I told whispered in his ear. “Me too, I love you too Oliver. You don't even know how much.” With that, we continued our actions of love into eternity and not long enough by far.

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