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I work for a pretty big company, around 400 employees. A lot of people come and go. It's the kind of place where you might not even bother getting to know someone until they've been around for a while. I've moved around to different positions over the years and known a lot of people. There are always at least a couple of hot teenage girls working there and plenty of women my age and older as well. I usually make it a rule not to date women from work just because I've seen others do it and it almost always comes back to haunt them. Usually.

I had been there a couple of years when Ruth started working. She was a short little Mexican woman. She was pretty but wouldn't stand out in a crowd. She was short, tan and had nice black hair....three strikes in her favor as far as I was concerned. I would have guessed her to be about 38. She worked in a different department and I didn't take much notice of her at first. Seems like she noticed me though. In the break room or the hall in passing she would always manage to make a comment about me. If she overheard I did something nice or did a good job at something, she would jump in with something like "Ooh, a man that can cook" or "Oh, you're soo sweet." I didn't really even know her and it kind of made me uncomfortable.

Shortly after that, I moved to a department much closer to hers and we got to know each other a little better. She was married so I gave up on thinking she was hitting on me and that put me more at ease and we got to be pretty good friends. I found myself becoming more attracted to her over time. She always wore dresses that showed off her legs to good advantage. Nice calves. She had small pointy breasts and was a little thick in the middle. Not fat, just not thin. She had an awesome accent and I liked talking to her just to hear it. She seemed to like the way I talked too. This has happened before, I don't know why exactly. Other Latina women have commented on the way I say things, I just seem to click with them.

Ruth only worked at the office for about 6 months so things never really went anywhere at the time. She would come in to visit once in a while but she knew a lot of people better than me so I usually just got a few minutes when she came through. One day, however, she asked me if I wanted to go to lunch. I think maybe the women she usually visited with had already gone or something. Never one to take offense at being second choice, I accepted.

We just went to a local bar for hamburgers and talked a lot. She had started her own business when she left the office and she filled me in on its progress. I told her about people at the office. I was pretty comfortable and Ruth asked me how my love life was going. I told her I wasn't seeing anyone. "Don't ever get married," she told me "It sucks." She complained about her marriage for a little bit. To be honest, it didn't sound all that bad, I think she was just bored. She said she needed to find a man that would pay attention to her.

I don't know why I even responded. "Maybe you shouldn't be talking to me about this. I seem to have a thing for married women." I think I thought I was joking. She looked up at me over her burger though and I could see the wheels turning in her head. "What do you mean?" she asked in her sweet little Mexican accent.

I kind of shut down and said "Nothing." In fact, I did have a history of getting involved with married women. I always felt bad afterward and didn't think it was a good idea to get involved with Ruth. She pressed a few more times but when I failed to respond she moved on to the topic of her weight. She wanted to lose a few pounds and we talked about exercise and diet while polishing off our cheeseburgers and fries. I told her she looked fine and had great legs and she thanked me like she didn't really believe me. I assured her I was telling the truth. After a little more small talk Ruth dropped me off at back at the office and I went back to work. I was feeling a little heated thinking about her and I went back to my office to stare at the computer. Not five minutes had gone by when my phone rang.

"What did you mean? You have a thing for married women?" It was Ruth. Something snapped inside of me, I knew we weren't going to stop. "Where are you?" I asked. She said she was still outside and I told her to stay there. I went back out to her van and climbed in next to her. There was an electricity between us and I could tell she wanted me as bad as I wanted her. "why don't you head down this way..." I pointed. I knew a pretty private spot by the river where we wouldn't be bothered. Ruth followed my directions and we found ourselves parked in a secluded area within minutes. We sat in silence for a minute as we both tried to figure out how to say "let's fuck" in a more subtle or genteel manner.

Ruth asked if I would like to join her on the bench in the back of the van and we practically bowled each other over in our rush to get there. Once we were seated, I decided to forgo the clever chatter and reached for her shoulder to pull her toward me. Ruth knew what I was doing and leaned into me. It was awkward at first but after our lips met and I swirled my tongue around hers a little we got into the swing of things. Her mouth was tiny and soft, and her hands were all over me. She was wearing a dress so I began sliding a hand up the inside of her thigh. Ruth offered no resistence as I worked my way toward her panties. She squeezed my shoulders and pushed her tongue into my mouth while I rubbed the soft fabric of her panties against her already moistening crotch. She pushed her hips up toward me and her legs spread wider apart. Excited, I slid my hand under her pants to feel her wetness. Her pubic hair was soft and the lips of her pussy parted easily as I slid my fingers along her slippery slit.

Ruth moaned and bucked her hips again. I couldn't wait to fuck her. I slid a finger into her and began rubbing the palm of my hand against her clit. Ruth was humping away at my hand and I started working my mouth down her neck to her collar bone. I think I had some inkling that I wanted to taste her pussy but before I got anywhere, she began to convulse and squeeze her thighs around my hand. She moaned low and guttural and panted in-between. I felt her pussy tighten on the three fingers that I had worked into her hole. I was so turned on. I love a girl that can cum that quick. My cock was throbbing in my pants and I couldn't wait to get it inside of her. My plans didn't pan out though. Ruth asked me if I had any condoms and I showed her the one in my wallet. "Is it latex?" she asked, "I'm allergic to latex."

What a load of crap. My heart and my cock both wilted. Ruth put her hand on my crotch and told me she was going to make me feel better than I'd ever felt before, next time she saw me. What a load of crap again. I had heard that line before and girls who said it never made me feel better than ever. As a gesture of good faith, Ruth pulled my dick out and sucked it for all of 10 seconds. I don't know about anyone else but I have never enjoyed a 10 second blow job. I tried to hide my disappointment as Ruth drove me back to the office. Never one to burn bridges, I agreed to see her the next night and get some sort of condom that wasn't latex. In my mind, I was already making plans to find someone else since I didn't really believe her.

The next night I tried hard to find someone or something to do with no luck. Nothing has ever fallen in my lap when I was actually looking for it. When Ruth called me around 9 o'clock I could barely contain my excitement. Sure, sure, I've got the condoms, come on over. As soon as I hung up the phone, I raced down the street to the drug store to find some kind of non latex condom. There's got to be a better name for them but since she's still the only woman I ever had to buy them for, I've forgotten. I made it back home just as her van was pulling up. Whew!

Inside, I gave Ruth a quick tour of the house with the bedroom being the last stop. My dick was raging in my pants. I pushed her back onto my bed and climbed on top of her. She kissed me hungrily and pushed our crotches against each other. Ruth helped me get my shirt off and then we both ended up just standing up and taking off all of our clothes. I love looking at women naked. Ruth was indeed a little thick in the middle but not bad. her legs were slim and well proportioned and her small breasts were pert with dark nipples. Her pubic hair was well trimmed and of the sort I love; soft, black and straight rather than kinky. I pulled her to me and my dick pressed against her belly as I leaned down to kiss her. She broke away almost immediately to stare down at my cock as she grasped it in her little hands. I pushed her against the bed so she was sitting and guided my cock to her mouth. I was determined to get more than 10 seconds this time.

Ruth was as good as her word. If nothing else, she was the best cock sucker I had ever met. Taking my cock all the way into her mouth, she sucked and swirled and played with my balls. It may have been the second shortest blow job I'd ever had when I filled her mouth with my sticky man juice. Ruth sucked and slurped it all down and cleaned my cock off good before looking up at me for approval. I pulled her up to me and shoved my tongue in her mouth to taste my cum on her. Then I threw her on the bed and dove on top of her. Ruth giggled as I rolled around the bed feeling her body all over before working my way to her pussy.

She was wet already and I knew I wanted to taste her. She was laying on top of me as we sucked each other's tongues and I started to pull her up so she was straddling my face. Maybe every guy doesn't dream of being suffocated by a big hairy pussy but I sure have. I dove into her with a fury and she ground her furry crotch against my face as she leaned against the head board. I was delighted at how clean she was. In and out, I thrust my tongue as I cupped her ass cheeks, I suppose to keep her from getting away. Ruth was moaning loudly and I could feel her pussy juices flowing as I lapped and sucked. She was saying some things in spanish which I didn't get but then she said she wanted me to fuck her. Me too!

Ruth shimmied her body back down my torso until my cock was pressed against her sticky opening. I realized I didn't have a condom on and I guess she did too. She said something to the effect that it was the thought that counts. Ugh...I could have just thought about buying them instead of making the trip.......I shoved my cock hard into her hole and she gasped. Grabbing her hips, I started pumping my manhood into her as hard as I could. Her legs tightened around my thighs almost immediately and she leaned in to press her little tits to my face. I jack hammered into her for a while before sitting up to feel my cock swell larger inside of her. She gasped again and began riding me as I slid my hand down the crack of her ass. I didn't expect to last much longer and I flipped her on her back so I could get her legs up over my shoulders. Ruth went back to the spanish as I started slamming my cock into her and pulling it all the way back out again. I could feel my balls boiling and cock was tingling in anticipation. Repeatedly I slammed into her and at the last moment I pulled out to shoot a nice stream of jiz all over the black patch of fur above her cunt. I laid on top of her gasping for a minute and rubbing my cock along the wetness of her slit.

"Why did you cum on my stomach?" she asked me. Not angry or anything. "Because I didn't have a condom on." I replied. Ruth told me that she’d had a hysterectomy and again I sighed inwardly......the crap I go through.... We laid there and talked a while. Ruth was very comfortable with being naked which I loved. I ran my hands all over her while we talked and then she was in my arms again. On our sides, facing each other, she played with my cock until it was hard and I slid it into her. She threw on leg up over my side and we just ground our hips together for 15 or 20 minutes before I shot a weak load into her pussy. Well, a small load but the orgasm was painfully exquisite as for me, it seems like every subsequent orgasm is more intense but my cock always feels more and more sore. After a while Ruth had to go. We made plans to see each other again.

We did get together one more time and it was just as good as the first. After that, we just couldn't seem to make it work. I still see her on very rare occasions but again it never works out timewise. Either I'm busy or she is, but I still think about her from time to time. She's probably number 3 on my list of best fucks so I still hope things will work out so I get another go with her.

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