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From curious to first time PART 4
From curious to first time part 4 (Recommend reading first parts to
understand the story)

As the days would pass, I got more and more Hot and bothered when I
would begin to think about the day I visited Gary during my work day.
The thought of being at work, freshly fucked would turn me on for alot
of reasons! We would chat from time to time whenever I had the chance
when I was home. I loved the way he would describe everything from his
point of view...The way I looked, the way I felt, and how big my cock
was! He loved my cock size...and he would describe how good it tasted,
and how he wanted to try to deep throat it! He would get me very hard
when we chatted. He would ask me when he felt the time was right I
think, if I thought I could ever do the same! I would give him the
same answer. How I wasnt sure!!! But the more I thought about it, the
more turned on I would become. One day as I was showering, I began to
think about our get togethers....then I began to think about the day I
visited him during work for a quickie!! Then I began to think about
when he put his cock in front of my face....and how I opened my
mouth...and he slid his cock inside my mouth!! The more I thought
about that ....The hotter the shower got. I began to get hard...and I
began to stroke myself!! The more I thought about his cock in my
mouth...the harder I stroked....and stroked...until i unloaded in the
shower! When I got out of the shower, The thought of me cumming to the
thought of sucking Garys cock had me a little confused...but the HOT
part of it over took the confused part!!!

a few days later, my wife advised me should be going out of town again
in a few weeks, and after I got all the details I was ok with her trip.
At the same time, I began to get a little tingle. The thought of me
having the chance to hang out with Gary a late evening again started to
get me a little turned on. I never let Gary know, but would chat when I
had the chance.

The Night came that my wife headed out. It was a friday afternoon. That
night I decided to jump online into the IM to chat. Gary was not
online. I didnt want to call him, since I didnt give him a heads up.
Didnt want to bug or interrupt anything, in case he had visitors or
something! I stayed online awhile....and as I was ready to log off, I
got a ping from my IM. It was Gary. We chatted as usual. He was
surprised that I was on so late. Told him I was home alone for the
night. He made the comment of "I should have let him know" . I told
him I wasnt sure if I would be home alone, but advised him I may be
home alone tomorrow as well. Gary replied with what I wanted to
read..."Well, I dont have plans tomorrow, so if you would like you can
come hang out for a little, nothing expected offcourse". I replied so
that I wouldnt make it so obvious that I did want to go visit him. I
replied with "OK, Ill let you know. Ill call you to let you know ok".
And our chat ended there and I called it a night. I didnt want to let
him know I was home alone for the weekend, This way he wouldnt expect
me to stay late. Not sure why I was thinking like that, but I did.

The next day, I called him around 1pm. It rang a few times, then he
answered! He sounded out of breath and like if he had been running. I
said "Hello Gary, how are you doing. Are you busy?" He said "No, I
was in the back room and heard the phone....I was gonna let it ring but
then remembered you were gonna be calling, so I ran to get it" . Him
saying that gave me a smile! Also let me know he was thinking about
me, as I was thinking about him. I told him that I was gonna be home
alone again, and that I would be able to visit. His tone changed
right away! He asked me if I thought I would want to do anything. I
replied with I wasnt sure, but I would definitely be over that evening.
Gary asked for a time, so that he would expect me! I told him I
be there around 8pm. When 5 oclock came around, I began to get ready!
I showered, shaved completely, and trimmed myself up! Sprayed myself
with body spray, cologne and put on a casual black collared shirt,
some casual, but loose shorts with some tight work out type undies, and
some black sandals! The shorts I put on were loose on purpose, easy
access!! I liked wearing black...felt more sexy for some reason! I
wasnt sure what was gonna happen this night, but I wanted to make sure
I looked and smelled good for Gary if anything did! I called him right
before I was ready to head his way. He sounded so sexy when I called.
I think he did it on purpose...but I could tell he was very happy that
I was gonna pay him a visit! "See you in a few" he said.

As I approached his house, This time I did not feel as nervous! I
checked myself out in my mirror, and proceeded to his door. When he
opened the door, it was Deja vu!! Handsome older white male opened the
door, I could tell he was checking me out...and I know he noticed I was
checking him out. He was not wearing a shirt this time...Only jeans!!
He looked like he had just got a hair cut as well. Very clean cut. Gary
had a very nice body. Nice and tight body, nice abs..nice chest! I
couldnt believe I was looking at him in this way as he invited me into
his home. As I walked in, the settings were right again....He had only
candles on this time.....slow music playing lightly.....and as he let
me to his couch...I was surprised to see he had an adult movie playing
on his tv. There was no volume on the movie...only the action on the
screen! My eyes were stuck on the movie for a few....and then I took a
seat. I commented "Nice movie" as I sat.....and he smiled. "I really
like this movie....and thought It would be cool to show it to you, just
so you can see some of this action" said Gary. We both smiled and
continued to chat. He brought a glass of water for both of us and he
came to sit right next to me on his couch. I thought I was gonna get a
little nervous, but I did not at all. I think the movie and him not
having a shirt on took my attention away from all my other thoughts.

The movie was a gay porn movie. It was of 1 guy getting shared by 3
guys and I cant lie, It was very hot! All the guys had big cocks in
the movie. I remember thinking to myself "That must hurt". I dont
think I would be able to handle those guys was another thought that ran
across my mind !

As we chatted, we would both turn our attention to the movie! Then
continue chatting. I think he liked that I was into the movie. We
chatted for about 30 minutes...and then I noticed he started talking in
his sexy voice again! again, the thought of him wanting me began to
run through my mind and I liked it. He put his arm closes to me around
and over my head, and with his other hand he began to rub on my thigh!
I got a little nervous and smiled...and continued watching the movie.
He whispered to me "Did you want to do anything tonight?"..... with
him Knowing the movie and the settings were getting me hot. I replied
with "Im not sure"...... as he reached up the leg of my shorts and
grabbed my cock!! I instantly began to get hard!! as he began to
gently stroke my cock, he again asked me "Did you want me to do
anything to you tonight?"..... This time I did not I
watched the movie and at times would close my eyes as he continued to
stroke my cock!! Once my cock got rock hard...he came up to my ear and
whispered "I think the answer is yes" and he slid down! He began to
pull my shorts down and pulled them off completely! then he spread my
legs...kneeled down in between and pulled my cock out of my undies and
took me into his mouth, quickly moving his head up and down! I gasped
at the feeling of him licking the head of my cock ....with a little
force!!! His deep breathing let me know he was really turned on! Then
Gary began to do what he said he wanted to do in our chats. He began
to try to deep throat me!! He would shove my cock deeper and deeper
into his mouth....gasping for air every chance he could!! He continued
to suck on my cock very hard!! Like a man!!! I had never had my cock
sucked like this, and I was loving it. Gary then pulled off and began
to pull down my undies until he removed those as well! Once they were
off, he again got between my legs and picked my legs towards my head!
Suddenly I felt his mouth and tongue licking and pulling on my balls!
Felt really nice, until he began to pull on them a little. Was a little
painful at first, but I could tell he was very turned on and probably
wasnt noticing how hard he was pulling on them!! But I let him
continue....then I felt what he had done the previous times....his
tongue found my asshole again and he again began to rim me!! Slightly
penetrating me with his tongue....he continued to push on my legs up
towards my head! My knees nearly touching my face!! My legs together,
up towards my head as I sat on his couch, with my cock, balls and ass
all in the open for him!! He stroked my cock as he sucked on my
balls....and little by little he began to use his fingers on my
asshole! I had to stop!!! Gary asked me if I was ok, and I said
yes....but your gonna make me cum allready!! He smiled and said it
was ok......and he again pushed my legs up and asked me to hold them
there this time!!! So I did. And again, he began to stroke my
cock....Harder and harder....and with his other hand, He began to use
his finger to play with my asshole!!! Using one and then 2 fingers!!
He had me gasping, moaning and moving around his couch like a crazy
girl!!! Then he pulled my legs back down and began to pull up my shirt
and started to take it off. As I took my shirt off, he began to suck on
my nipples....mmmmmmmm... I moaned!!! I gripped on his head...because
the feeling was so good!! He had found my weak spot!! He switched
from one nipple to the other......and I was gasping and moaning more
and more now!! Fully nude now!! I reached for his crotch area and
began to gently squeeze as he continued to suck on my nipples....then
he moved over to my neck......and up to my ear.... I was melting!!!
Then Gary stopped and stood up. I was a mess on his couch!!! As he
stood there, he began to unbuckle his pants and began to pull them
off!! He was not wearing underwear! As he slowly pulled them off,
His cock just jumped up and it was freshly shaved!!! His cock looked
really nice and good, especially being all shaved!! He finished taking
his pants off and stood in between my legs.....he just stood there!!
Cock rock hard and standing straight up!! I paused for a little...and
realized what he wanted!! I quickly thought "What should I do?" and
figured I owed him for what he had just done to me. So I quickly
decided.......I reached up with both hands and took his cock into my
hands and slowly storked him a little.....then I leaned forward and
opened my mouth!!! For the second time, I was tasting his cock!! I
held his cock in my mouth a little....then slowly began to move my head
back and forth. I wasnt sure if I was doing it right, but I thought to
myself...atleast Im trying this time!! As I continued to take his cock
into my mouth....the more turned on I was becoming....and he took
notice! I began to use my tongue on his head...and worked it round and
round....and then I heard him moan! I knew I was doing something right
at that point and it got me even hotter. I began to move my head
faster and lick harder....after a few minutes...I began to gasp for air
just as he was and at this time it hit me!!! Im sucking a dick!!!! I
kind of slowed down as I thought about that, but then realized I was
liking it...and I was loving the fact that I, with my mouth, was able
to please Gary as well! I began to focus on the tip of his cock with my
tongue...and I also began to try to deep throat him, but I couldnt
...I would gag!! But as I licked on the tip of his cock, I began to
taste something....It was his precum!! I wasnt sure how to feel about
that, but knew I must of been doing a good job...especially when I felt
his hands grab my head and he helped guide me with them!! I reached up
for his hips and began to pull him towards my face every push!! My
lips were very well lubed from my saliva mixed with a little of his
precum! I never expected to be in this position, but here I was,
taking his cock in my mouth, and at times taking it as deep as I
could!! Gary then pulled his cock out of my mouth and reached for my
hand....and pulled me to stand up!!

He led me to his bedroom, and laid me down on his bed....again on the
edge.........gently turned my head towards him....and again he pushed
his cock into my face!!! Again, I welcomed his cock into my
mouth.......I sucked, licked and gently nibbled on his cock this time!!
As I sucked he began to stroke my rock hard cock again.....I would
moan when I times I couldnt because his cock was deep in my
mouth! He had me suck his cock for a few more, and then he whispered
to move towards the center of the bed!! His room was very dark...only
light we had was the moon light coming in...was not much, but was
enough to kind of see what was going on!! Very romantic I thought!! I
seen him standing at the end of the bed, and be began to put on his
condom! He had me right where he wanted me!! Then he climbed on the
bed and got in between my legs...and again began to suck on my cock!!
Gently playing with my ass, using his fingers to penetrate me. Nice
and slow. I let myself go and began to melt on his bed again. I moaned
out loud and he was loving it! after a few, he came up and again
licked and played with my nipples! Then I suddenly felt him raise my
legs up with both of his arms.....My ankles up by my head!!! He asked
me to hold my legs up there....and he moved down again. Sucking on my
cock and using his fingers to penetrate me more!! Cant describe the
feemy ling...but it was very good!! The moon was nice and bright...I
could somewhat see what he was doing when I looked down. Looked like a
hungry man was in between my legs!! The sound of him gasping for air
as his head moved up and down...along with the wet sound of his
saliva.....was hot....but the feeling he was giving me was the best
part of it all!! Then again he moved up and pinned my legs back. He
lightly his cock met with mine...and he gently grinded his
against mine! I think the darkness in the room allowed me to open up a
little more, because I did not feel nervous at all.....and I was
letting him do as he pleased!! Realizing that I was being man handled
got me even more turned on! He slightly moved down again...and his
tongue met my nipples again.....The way he had me pinned down onto his
bed....made it a little hard to move...but my moaning began again!!
Then Gary asked me to hold my legs back...and I did. He moved back a
little...and asked me to pull back more on my legs! The harder I
pulled back on my legs...I noticed it would bring my ass up a little
off the bed....and thats what he wanted!!! Then I let out a painful he again took control of my legs and moved up towards
me.....with 1 try....he had shoved his cock into me and just held it
there!!! He knew I was in a little pain, so he just kept his cock deep
in my ass, as my legs began to shake a little!! Still pinned knees by my head!! Then he raised his chest up, using my
legs to push on to get leverage.....and slowly he began to move his
hips back and forth!! This was now the third time that I had a cock in
me, but it was the first time that he had me in the missionary
position....with my legs pinned back!! I could see my legs in the
air...slowly bouncing and moving around with the rhythm of his hips and
bed!! Gary again asked me to hold my legs up for him, then he reached
inside my thighs to grab on my hips....and he began to push his hips
harder into me...grabbing on me and pulling me into him at the same
time......He seemed to be getting deeper than the previous times in
this position and I was loving it. My breathing and moaning was more
and louder than before! He knew exactly what he was doing to me...and
how I would be feeling it seemed like...and he was well aware of my
enjoyment by the OOOOH and MMMMMM moans I was letting escape my
breath!! THen Gary began to grunt with each push....and thats when
I knew how much he was enjoying me as well. He began to move his hips
faster and faster...while pushing my legs as far back as he
could.....the sound of his nuts slapping against my butt cheeks got
louder and louder!! I remember getting super hornier at this
time....because not only did I realize he was man handling me this
night....but he was FUCKING THE SHIT OUT OF ME as well!!! and yes I
enjoying every second of it. I could feel his cock get to a point where
it could not go any further....inside me! It felt so good. As Gary
began to get a little tired..he released my legs and laid his chest
onto mine! My legs fell wide open, feet on the bed with my knees
up....and a little shaky....Gary had his cock deep in me still. I made
sure I kept my legs in the best possible position to give him the best
access to my ass!! My rock hard cock was stuck between him and
me...and he knew it....As he thrusted his hips into me...he would
slowly grind on my cock....With his upper body at the same time.....and
he knew it!! He continued this until he got me very close to the point
of exploding in between us...But then he lifted back up slightly. Gary
must of regained his energy ...Because again he lifted my legs and
pinned them up....My knees by my head.....But this time he was more of
in a push up position and he went straight to work again...Thrusting
his hips into me. My moaning began again. I closed my eyes and enjoyed
the feeling of his cock going in and out of me. My eyes opened when He
began to slow down his hips...I noticed him lean forward and all his
weight was on me. My legs pinned back, ass wide open.......And now he
had put himself in a position to where we were face to face. Our noses
nearly touching.....And this time i decided not to turn away. Through
the moonlight.... We could see that we were making eye contact......As
he slowly worked his cock into me. ..Then slowly pull out....And again
push slowly into me......I melted as i realized that he was now making
love to me. His warm breath hitting my face...The smell of a man so
close was driving me crazy. I placed both arms around him and began to
carress his back. My hands got wet from the sweat he had worked up on
his back but i did not care. I continued to feel and massage his back
as he slowly kept pushing his cock as deep as he could into me. He made
love to me for quite awhile, the whole time pinning my legs up and
keeping his face right in front of mine. Him with his deep slow
breaths......And me with my low mmmmm moans. Then Gary began to speed
up a little .....I slid my hands down
His back and grabbed each of his butt cheeks. The way he began to push
harder into me let me know he was liking me holding his ass....So i
began to pull him towards me. Helping to push him more into me....And
deeper into me he began to dig. The feeling of his cock running into a
wall inside of me felt so good...That i gripped harder on his ass.
Face to face.... I began to let out more moans.....Each time Gary
pushing his face onto mine. His breathing and movements got quicker
when i began to beg him to fuck me!! Fuck me Gary......I said as I
pulled him more into me....His cock stayed buried deep in me from that
point.....Every time he pushed into me his cock would hit the. Wall and
it was driving me crazy. I began to open my mouth and moan louder and
louder with every push. My legs began to shake from being up so long
but i believe also because of the spot his cock was reaching inside
me.........He had me melting, moaning and breathing very hard. Im sure
anyone would of got turned on and would have to jack off just by the
sounds we were making .......... And then it happened!!! With his
cock continuing to drive me crazy, me and Gary starring straight into
each others eyes......I Lifted my head and placed my lips on his. He
immediately pushed my head back down on to the pillow with his lips ,
using his tongue he split my lips , and with a Moan I opened my mouth.
He slid his tongue right in. And with that I was now kissing a man. I
moved my hands from his ass to his head and gently pulled his face into
to mine. The sound of us gasping for air and sloppy wet kiss seemed so
sexy. Im sure the view would of been hot, him in the push up position
pinning my legs back, pushing his hips into my rear, and now was
feeding me his tongue. Again he slowed down and the feeling of him
slowly working my asshole and kissing me and the same time definitely
had me moaning like a female. After a few minutes he got off and got
off the bed....And again he man handled me. He grabbed my legs and
pulled me to the edge of the bed. He lifted my legs straight up by my
ankles and gently separated them....And again he slid his cock into
me.....My ass was hanging off the bed just enough so that he could
penetrate me as he stood there. Again the slapping sounds......As he
quickly moved his hips......Then with a moan....He asked me to jack
off!! I quickly listened. I could see him holding my ankles through
the moonlight ....His grunts getting more constant....My moans and deep
breathing continued..... I let out a "im gonna cum" and at that moment
he began to pound my asshole. Within seconds i was shooting my load on
my belly and chest. A few seconds later....He let out a manly
moan...And i knew that he was cumming. He had a condum on but knowing
he was inside me while he unloaded made it hotter for me.

After he cummed...We both collapsed on his bed. He laid down next to
me....Both of us trying to catch our breaths. My legs were
trembling.....and I swear I think I fell asleep for atleast 2 minutes.
I opened my eyes once I felt him take my limp cock into his
mouth....and he sucked and licked whatever cum I had on there....then
he worked his way up my belly and the cum off of
me!!! I just laid there motionless. After a few minutes...he stood up
and removed the condom he had on, and walked out of the room. I just
laid on his bed. He returned a few minutes later with two towels. One
for me and one for him. I wiped my body down and stayed laying on his
bed a few more minutes gathering myself.

Once my legs stopped shaking i was able to gather myself and i stood
up, walked to the restroom to wash up. As I washed my face I starred at
myself in the mirror and I was amazed....Amazed at how good everything
Gary did felt. I couldn't believe
That he got me to do what I thought I could not ever do.....Which was
suck on and kiss a man. Not only that, he made me like it. I quickly
told myself that he knew exactly what he was doing.

I came out of the restroom, still nude. Gary was there waiting for me
allready with just his jeans on. Without saying a word he walked up
slowly to me...I backed up into the hallway wall...And with nowhere to
go...He gently pushed up against me and placed his lips back on
mine....Giving me another deep kiss....I melted again as he reached
down ans squeezed my ass. I took it as
his stamp on the night! ! Once he finished i gathered my cloth and
began to get dressed.

When i came back out he was sitting on his couch, glass of water for
both of us. I drank my water and got ready to leave.
He stood up and we made eye contact and he grinned and said WOW! i
smiled and said yea! He walked me to the door and gave me a big hug. I
thanked him for the great night and walked out.

As i drove home...I could taste him in my lips....The smell of man was
still on me...My asshole was worked ......And i had a big smile the
whole drive home. When i got home i laid down just thinking about
everything! The next morning I showered,And as I reached for my cock i
began to get hard thinking of the night before.

As i thought about it more i suddenly realized that gary had taken
of me last night. My ass, my mouth with his cock and his tongue. I was
amazed at the fact that he had Gotten me to do things I didnt think I
could and not only that, he made me like it.

We have kept in touch and I have visited him from time to time. I
think I was lucky to come across a gentleman like Gary handsome,
older, respectful and knew exactly how to handle a young curious male
to male virgin who was curious when we began to chat and met....And
fulfilled my wanting my first in all aspects, especially on this last

My story is true....I like reading comments good or bad....So post

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2016-06-05 17:37:34
I had the same experience and have been happy about it since, I am now looking for a new helper in for a continue of the especially the cock sucking and cum eating.

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2016-06-01 01:23:19
Made me cum. Great story


2015-12-27 17:09:47
Thank you. I will be adding more soon, have just been so busy. Again, i know i use to many quotations etc... but I do that for my style of writing, not to write an essay or a report. Its just to make it more dramatic.

My stories are true.

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2015-11-03 06:59:04
You are one lucky guy I dream of being you for one night. THAMK YOU

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2015-10-16 16:19:04
One of the best stories I have read in a long time... Made me cum so quick...

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