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He had known the camping trip wasn't going to turn out the way he had hoped, but he had suggested it anyway. All he had wanted was to spend some time with his best friend. Their jobs at the hospital had begun to take its toll on them and he had thought this would be a great way to unwind. A nice weekend in the mountains just relaxing and enjoying nature but no, they had to up and disappear from the campsite and worry him to death. She never thought to tell him whenever she decided to disappear and normally it wouldn't have bothered him so much, but they were in the middle of the woods where god knows what could happen to a lone girl in the woods by herself.

The sound of water brought Dean back to attention and he was at the waters edge in seconds. At first all he saw was a basket with a few flowers in it, but soon he saw the water begin to bubble, then with barely a ripple in the water, someone lifted themselves out of the pool and onto a large rock. Dean couldn't believe his eyes, the person sitting on the outcropping was his fantasy, the girl Dean had been pining over for nearly a year, Claire.

He watched her, captivated by the beauty he saw in her form. The woman he loved just sat there, in full view of his eyes. He saw how her long dark hair traveled down her back. His eyes fell downward, following the dips and curves of her waist, hips and legs. Then his eyes traveled upward, taking note of how lean yet toned her figure was. How he longed to make that body his!

Then, beneath his fidgeting feet, a twig snapped. He immediately saw her leap to her feet and face the very spot where he was concealed among the thicket. This action exposed her breasts, which had previously been hidden from view. Then through his haze filled mind he heard her speak. "Who's there! Show your face dammit". She was obviously angry her tendency for profanity was showing, and an angry Claire was a bad thing to have on your hands. He figured he'd may as well reveal himself, maybe she wouldn't be too angry with him.

"Dean?". He heard her say, all anger leaving her voice. He stepped closer, relieved she was no longer angry. She smiled at him and sat down on the outcropping, patting the ground beside her as she began to wring her hair out. The aforementioned action causing her breasts to bounce ever so slightly. He stared for a moment before tearing his eyes away, blushing furiously. Dean heard her tinkling laugh before he heard her say, "Whats the matter, Dean?". He shook his head at her seeming cluelessness about her lack of clothing. He simply shook his head and pointed down, mentioning for her look down at herself. His peripheral vision picked up her look of confusion before realization hit her. He expected her to scream, hit him, or something of that sort but all he heard was a light laugh. When he looked again only a small blush graced her cheeks as she said, " Oh, Dean! Its just skin! Don't be such a pervert!". He shook his head at her nonchalant answer, and turned to head back to the campsite.

"Where are you going?". He heard her ask. "I'm going to get you some clothes, where else?" He replied, as he turned back to the trail he'd made. He heard her tinkling laughter once more. " No your not Dean. Your going to stay and swim with me." She said with conviction.

Dean sighed, already dreading the certainty of those words. " No." He said, as he tried to leave again. Her footstep sounded behind him, telling him that she was walking in his direction. "I can tell you three good reasons why that's a bad idea.". He continued, trying to convince her to forget it. She giggled again, god how sweet that sounded. " Well...lets hear them then.". He knew she must get some enjoyment out of doing this, why else would she do it. He groaned, already seeing his chances of getting away shrinking. " Number one: your completely nude. Number two: the water is probably freezing. And number three: I'm not getting my clothes wet. ". She laughed again, before breaking out into a sly smile. " I can fix all three of those reasons. Ready? One, you've already seen me naked. Two, you and I both know that water isn't that cold. And three, just take your clothes off. See, its really simple!". He inwardly cursed, knowing now that he wasn't getting off the hook.

(Switch to Claire)

Despite the seemingly care free attitude she portrayed around Dean, especially in this situation, Claire was quailing inside. She had loved him almost from the very moment she'd met him. She desperately wanted to confess her love for him, but she to afraid that it might destroy the fragile friendship they had. She couldn't risk that, it was all she had.

She had loved Dean for awhile now. She had never denied these feelings, at first not even knowing them as love, but it soon became clear that love was the only thing it could be. Her heart always gave great leaps in her chest whenever he smiled at her. Her stomach felt as if a thousand butterflies were fluttering about whenever she saw him. Her voice faltered when he spoke to her and expected a reply back. Her body shook when he brushed against her. There was no denying that it was love. Any fool could have seen it, any fool but him it seemed.

She roughly pushed these thoughts aside when he spoke to her. "Claire, are you okay? You look a little flushed." She snapped her attention forward just in time to catch sight of him unbuttoning his shirt and pull it off, making his muscles quiver with barely concealed power. She felt her face heat up again as she hastily averted her eyes.

She heard him chuckle quietly, obviously amused now. She looked up to glare at him but her breath caught in her throat and her eyes never made it to his face. She had never seen such a perfect body. He stood there smirking, his chest bared, shirt forgotten on the forest floor. Her eyes followed as his hands made their way to undo his belt and pants.

Suddenly she was staring at nothing but a pair of boxers. She felt her face burn as she pulled her eyes up to Dean's face, secretly enjoying it as her eyes trailed over his sculpted body. He was still smirking, fully aware of the lust she knew was evident in her gaze. She was glad though, that she wasn't the only one struggling to conceal their lust. Dean had an evident sign of it, in fact. This was unusual, Dean was normally very quiet and reserved, she wondered what had caused such a change in his demeanor.

She had seen plenty of men naked before, that was nothing new to her since she was a nurse. But this was Dean and that's what made it different. Other men she had seen where that ones that lay in their rooms drunk after an act of stupidity left them in the hospital. Those men were disgusting and crude, nothing like Dean at all. Dean was the equivalent of a heavenly being. He was something different entirely.

She giggled and smiled in an attempt to seem at ease, a difficult feat at this point. As she began to make her way to the water, she beckoned to him to follow her into the stream. She felt her feet touch the edge of the water and she stopped to wait for him to venture toward her. She was wondering how he suddenly seemed so at ease with undressing completely in front of her. Then she found out why, he jumped into the water while simultaneously ridding his body of its last article of clothing at such blinding speed she couldn't comprehend what happened and wondered how it was even humanly possible.

She heard him chuckle again, as she began to wade into the water to join him. She could see him shuddering in mock cold and splashed him lightly as she passed him to go deeper into the water. They both knew that the water wasn't cold but she listened to him patiently as he prattled on about how he despised that she'd convinced him to do this. These were some of the fonder moments she had of him. So she had decided to tell him of her love, but for now it would have to wait until she actually mustered up the courage.

Suddenly he disappeared under the water and she followed, smiling at his continued antics as he smiled and mimed struggling all the while making faces at her. She giggled at him bringing forth a small torrent of bubbles. She smiled back at him and began to swim to the surface for air, knowing he would follow. When she surfaced he followed not a moment later.

She gazed at him, feeling her face heating up again as he moved closer toward her. She could feel the closeness of his body and it made her almost delirious with pent up emotion and caused her to squeeze her eyes shut in frustration. Just as she was about to speak she heard him take a breath and felt a pressure in her lips. With a slight shock, she realized he was kissing her.

She felt him begin to pull away, but she reached up and gently touched his cheek, reassuring him. She felt him smirk against her lips as he began to deepen the kiss, letting his fingers rest at the back of her neck and on her hip, silently seeking more approval. She leaned in closer, allowing his hand lay on the side of her throat, feeling her frantic pulse beat against his palm. His arm then completely encircled her waist and pulled her to him, his skin feeling of fire against hers, even in the cool water.

Then just when she though the fire between their skin could get no hotter, he broke the kiss. He did not release her though, instead he pulled her into an embrace, and she laid her head on his shoulder, as she heard him whisper in her ear, " I love you." She felt as if the ground gave way beneath her feet. Had he not been holding her, she was sure that she would had fallen to the ground in shock. She drew in a shaky breath and said, "I...L-love you, t-too". She cursed herself for stuttering, but she felt his chest rumble with a quiet chuckle and she felt his lips on her cheek.

She felt him lift his eyes and look at her and she couldn't help but look away, ashamed of herself. She glimpsed his face harden with something akin to a mix of confusion and anger. Then she felt his fingers, calloused but gentle, grip her chin and turn her gaze upon again. " Why do you look away when I look at you? ". She shuddered at the hidden power and emotion in his voice, but she remained silent.
Then she heard him sigh as he leaned down to where he was nose to nose with her. "Is it because you think your unworthy? ". He asked as he ghosted his fingers over her face and through her hair. She looked away again, silently answering his question, but he gripped her chin again and turned her gaze to him once more. " Don't be ashamed. You've been my dream for so long, your perfect."

She lifted her chin to look him in eye this time, and gave him a shy smile. She felt his chest rumble with another small laugh as he said, "That's much better, your eyes shine more when you hold your head up. ". He kissed her again then, and she felt her eyes flutter close as she deepened the kiss.

His hands, again, found her throat and hips. She smiled against his lips at this. She had met many men before him, none had ever been lovers, but many had tried to be. They had never respected her boundaries like Dean did. Dean had never tried to force himself on her, and even now, though she could feel his body trembling with want, he silently asked her for guidance and what she wanted. This was one of the many reasons she loved him, his gentleness and kindness.

This time she smirked and she pulled back just enough to nip his bottom lip. She felt his muscles stiffen at the boldness of the action. Then she felt him relax as his tongue lightly ran over her lower lip. She smirked again as she readily granted him access. As their tongues battled for dominance she began to let her hands roam up and down his arms and wind her fingers into his hair. She was rewarded with a slight groan as she lightly pushed her body against his. She felt his grip around her waist tighten slightly as she persisted.

She tightened her grip on his arm and clenched her fingers in his hair a little more as she slowly began to drop to the ground, inch by agonizingly slow inch so as not catch him to off guard. Soon they were on the ground. She could feel the smooth river stones press into her back, and felt the shallow water trickle under her back and hips. She could feel his fingers ghosting over her side and his other hands fingers tangled in her hair.

Then he stopped and pulled back, looking at her like a puzzle he was trying to solve. He leaned down again, but only pecked her lips before moving to kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear, " Are you sure you want to do this?". He looked her in the eye as he waited for her answer. She smiled, a real smile, and whispered in his ear, " More than anything else I've ever done." She rubbed his arm reassuringly as she leaned up to kiss him again.

She felt his hand cup her cheek as he regarded her thoughtfully, then he whispered, " I love you. I really do. " She sighed contentedly and whispered back, " I love you. I really do, too. " he chuckled his seductive laugh again and kissed her.

She felt his hands begin to feel up and down her legs and stomach. She gasped as she felt him place feather light touches on the insides of her legs. She could tell he smiled into the kiss when she did that. She began to trail her fingers down his chest and finally let one rest on his upper thigh. When she did that he broke their kiss and began to trail kisses down her neck.

Then he came to her breasts. He glanced up and she smiled and nodded, laying her fingers lightly on the hand that was supporting him on the ground, in reassurance. He dipped his head then and began placing butterfly kisses on her breasts. She couldn't help be squirm at the foreign, but pleasurable, feeling. He looked up, but seeing her face, began again. This time taking a nipple in his mouth, almost tearing screams out of her.

With him positioned above her, she could feel his need against her. She moaned again as he took her other nipple between his fingers and she bucked her hips, feeling his hardened member brush her skin as she did so. This only elicited more moans from her. Then, surprising even herself, she growled and wrapped her legs and arms around his lithe body, silently begging for more. She felt him shift within her grip to oblige to her silent demands

"Are you sure? " She heard his words through a fog. She growled in frustration but replied, "Yes, I'm sure. Just please! " She pleaded, hoping that he would be reassured. She felt a pressure between her legs, she instinctively tensed, but forced herself to relax.

Then she felt him enter her, she shuddered at the feeling, and while it was a bit painful at first, it was also wonderful, and even as she felt her virgin blood run down and get washed away by the shallow waters, she felt complete. She could hear him groan as their bodies twisted together in a lustful dance. She knew Dean would be an amazing lover but she had never imagined it being this amazing. He timed his thrusts with her movements and alternated between sucking and biting her nipples.

She felt him release her nipple and begin kissing her neck, flicking his tongue over racing pulse before leaving his mark there. All the while she felt her self getting closer and closer to the edge as he continued to thrust into her. Soon, though they both reached their limit, and screamed each others names into the peaceful morning air.
This is my first shared story and my very first sex scene. Critiques and Advice are welcomed as it will help me learn and write a better one next time! Thank you!

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2013-03-05 18:38:51
Well, I had enjoyed reading your first shared story on here. I like how the story flowed in the beginning, but I felt it was a little rushed toward to end. I like how you have written parts of the story from Clare and Dean points of view. I felt that the sex scene was decent, but it could had be more drawn out with more sexual foreplay. Anon reader did said some good key points about it. I would love for you to continue writing some more wonderful stories.

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2012-11-11 15:16:14
You are a very talented writer. I like your style. I would have liked it if you were more deive of Claire and Dean's feelings about what was happening to themselves and their thoughts about what their partner might be feeling. Good love making also involves a lot more foreplay than you described. The foreplay could give an opportunity to not only describe these feelings, but also lengthen the story.

Story telling is a lot like love making. The more the foreplay, the more intense the climax.

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it's a good story with lots of romance

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2012-11-03 15:08:14
I must disagree about being more graphic. This isn't a graphic story, it's a romantic story. Being more graphic would detract from the romance. I very much like it the way it is. Write part two! My only grievance is that it ends too quickly. ;)

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