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Who's that girl?
What are good friends for? Chapter 1

Tom was feeling frustrated, frustrated and angry that Arlene, his wife of 17 years wasn’t here at home. She was at her bloody mothers, the old hag as usual clicked her fingers and Arlene came running like a good little girl.

Tom didn’t know why her mother needed her this time and really didn’t care but it was probably some big imaginary emergency of the old hag.

“Why can’t the bitch just curl up and die and leave Arlene alone to lead her life as a wife to me and as a mother to Kate and not fucking lackey of her fucking mother.” This was a common thought of Tom’s, it would often be accompanied with a vivid picture of the old hag falling down her stairs at home, braking her neck as her head bounced off the steps a few times. The vivid picture would end with Tom being at the top of stairs, his face full of mock concern after he “Accidently” tripped her up.

Tom was grinding his teeth in his frustration, his anger wasn’t targeted at his wife, he knew why she kept running to her mothers and it was as much out of guilt as much as out of love for her mother.

5 years previously her mother did have a real life emergency, she had a heart attack, collapsed and she was practically unconscious for over 2 days, until Arlene had popped around for a cuppa and a chat on a Sunday afternoon.

Arlene’s mother never forgave her for leaving her like that for so long and Arlene’s guilt never dulled and the old hag knew this and milked it for all it was worth.

Tom was angry and frustrated because his wife should be here with her naked ass in the air, her face buried in a pillow and Tom’s fat cock buried in Arlene’s cunt. She had been away for 2 days and Tom needed relief. It would be another day at least before he could fuck his wife. When Arlene was at home they would fuck at least twice a day, even after 17 years of marriage.

He still loved his wife; he loved her with all his heart and soul. They met at school when they were 15 and became sweethearts. They married when they both hit 18 and 10 months later they had a beautiful daughter, Kate, now 17 years old. She was the apple of his eye.

Kate was also at the old hag’s house with her mum.

He had never strayed, never had an affair and never fucked anybody else except his Arlene. And for Arlene it was the same, Tom was the only man who had fucked her.

That’s not to say Tom didn’t have his fantasies, the girls he would imagine fucking while his cock was buried deep in Arlene. The actress such as Gwyneth Paltrow or it would be whole of the girl band Girls Aloud, especially the ginger one. Sometimes it could even be some sexy slut in skin tight jeans and big tits just walking along the street, her ass jiggling from side to side and her tits were bouncing up and down. Tome would close his eyes and imagine the girl just getting on her knees and pulling out his fat cock and taking him in the middle of the street.

He also had a fantasy that shamed him a little as she was 16 and a daughter to a good friend of his.

Tom fired up his laptop at his desk, if he couldn’t fuck his wife and as some slut wasn’t nearby taking his cock in her mouth, he would have to get his relief from watching a few porn clips. He loved his amateur porn, whether it was some teen with a mobile phone videoing herself fingering her cunt or a couple videoing themselves fucking or the guy getting a blowjob from his girlfriend. Tom knew that when the girls were having an orgasm it was real, not like the fake tittied, professional porn actresses that wouldn’t know an orgasm from a punch in the face.

His laptop finished booting up and he got his browser on screen and from the Bookmarks loaded up his favourite video porn site. He clicked on the Latest Videos tab and the screen changed to his choice. In the past few days there were over 300 new videos added, too many to check individually but on the right side of the screen there were filter buttons that would reduce the amount to a more personal choice. He clicked on the Teens, fucking, amateur and slim. Tom hated fat girls, they made his stomach churn if he saw them naked.

The choice was reduced to just 50 and ranged in length from less than a minute to about 15 minutes. Tome filtered the choice from shortest to longest in length and stood up from his chair and took all his clothes off and got his bottle of lube out of the top drawer in his desk and squeezed out the cool and clear liquid over the head of his cock.

He clicked on the first video, it was a brief 30 second clip of some drunk slut sucking cock in an alleyway behind a night club. The slut was working that cock and soon Tom’s cock got hard and he spread the lube over his cock slowly and methodically.

After about 10 minutes of quick fucks , blow jobs and girls with their fingers in their cunts while on cam freely to some fat fucker a thousand miles away pretending to be 16 and football player but his camera was not working so he couldn’t show himself, Tom clicked on a 10 minute clip called Dad fucks his 16yo daughter.

Tom knew that 9999 times out of a 10000, these vids were bullshit. They were just some older guy fucking a teen and pretending it was his daughter or something similar. If dad’s were really fucking their daughters than they would have to be the stupidest guys in the world to upload them to such a big and freely available porn website for their neighbours to view then probably call the police and wait outside the stupid fuckers door until they arrived.

But Tom watched the scene unfold on his screen.

It started with the guy standing up, he was naked and his cock was hard and pointing straight out and he was holding it firmly at its base. His face was out of shot. It was filmed in a bedroom as he was next to the bed, but it probably a hotel room, the furniture looked cheap and well it just looked like a hotel room.

Then the girl came into view, her back and ass were visible, she had long blonde hair, slightly curly that ended way down her back. She was stick thin, no body curves at all. And not much in the way of tits either. She stood infront of the guy just in view of the camera she took his cock in her hand and was slowly stroking its length. The guy now had his hands running through her hair. She did this for a minute then got on her knees and took the guys cock in her mouth. It was a bit obscured as some of her long hair had fallen to the side of her face.

The guy was obviously enjoying it as he was letting out a few gentle moans, his hands were now at the back of her head and pulling her head and mouth deeper onto his cock.
There were a few gagging noises from the girls throat, but he was still pulling her head further onto his cock until its full length was deep in her throat, then he started to thrust and fuck her mouth.

The sound from the video wasn’t the best as the guy was speaking but it was the sound was tinny, distorted. But Tom made out a name said by the guy, Mandy.

Tom’s ears pricked up at this, as funnily enough that was the same name as the daughter of a good and long time friend Steve. Mandy was his shameful secret fantasy.

Steve was married to Sarah, they were about the same age as Tom and Arlene and had been married about the same time. And their daughter Mandy was just a few months younger than Kate. They were and still are friends throughout school.

Tom had known Steve for about 10 years

They would often go out for dinners as families or just as couples, even a few times on holidays together. The girls would still have sleep over’s at each other’s house.
But Tom had dismissed Mandy’s name as coincidence, but there was...

5 minutes in to the video and Mandy was still getting her mouth fucked, spit was running down her chin from the corners of her mouth. The guy’s breath was shallow and rapid and Mandy was almost choking on the cock.

He then stopped and pulled his cock out from her mouth, his swollen member slick and shiny for Mandy’s saliva.

The guy said something, but was still distorted but she climbed on to bed on all 4’s. Her ass was just over the edge of the bed. The guy stood behind her and roughly forced his cock into her cunt, Mandy let out a short scream and roughly started to fuck her.

Tom was trying to see the girls face, but the angle she was at to the camera and her long hair still obscuring her face he couldn’t make out her features clearly.

The guy had hold of her hips and pulling her cunt onto his cock as he thrust forward deep into her and he kept this up for several minutes.

Tom had stopped jacking off as soon as he heard Mandy’s name and there was only a minute of the video left and he was still trying to get a clear view of Mandy’s face but with no luck.

With 20 seconds left to go the guy had pulled his cock out and was furiously jacking off nearly ready to cum.

Tom thought she might turn around so the guy would give her a face full of cum or have her suck him until he cum and shoot down her throat, but she didn’t move and when he did cum he shot it all over her ass cheeks then buried it deep in her cunt once more and slowly fucked her once more.

Then the video ended

Tom immediately hit the download button, the screen changed and was given several resolution options. One for a mobile phone then increasing in size up to full HD quality. He chose the full HD quality and hit download.

Less than a minute later, the file had finished downloading and he opened the video file with VLC media player. When the video had started playing he clicked the full screen icon and the moving images filled the screen of Tom’s laptop.

He dragged the slider along so the video jumped further along to where Mandy was getting fucked from behind and slowed the video down to quarter speed.

Tom watched the video another 6 times like that, but try as he could he just couldn’t tell if it was Steve’s daughter Mandy.

He ran her picture through his mind, she does have blonde hair but she doesn’t have long hair at least not now, but remembering back a few months ago when he last stayed with Kate for the weekend she did then. But was it that long as the Mandy in the video? And Mandy was quite slim but was she that skinny? Loads of questions ran through his mind and Tom couldn’t get a true answer.

Tom picked up the phone and called Steve. After a few rings Steve answered.

“HI mate, it’s Tom, how are you doing and the family too?” he asked picturing Mandy.
After a quick 2 minute catch up call Tom and Steve were going for a drink at their local bar.

Tom got dressed and made himself presentable and headed out of his door. He was calling on Steve on the way to the bar and as Steve’s house was only a 5 minute walk and the bar another 5 minutes further on he would leave his car at home so he could have a few drinks
Tom knocked on Steve’s front door, Steve answered and they shook hands and Tom was lead into the family room. No one else was there, Mandy was not there.

“Make yourself at home Tom I’ll be ready in a sec.” And he left the room and went upstairs to his bedroom.

Tom liked the house, always had. It was comfortable and large, it felt very much like a home.

Tom noticed all the photos on the wall opposite and went over to look at them.

His eyes scanned the many pictures and saw one of Mandy taken about a year ago, she was in a simple white bikini and sitting on a towel on a sandy beach. Her legs were straight out infront of her and she was squinting a little in the bright sun.

Her hair was blonde, long and slightly curly and ended way down her back.
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