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Part 26
Latina Night

The compound filled with grief and sadness. The doctors had been too optimistic. Misha crossed over first, only four months after her trip to Brisbane. Rachael passed a few days later as though to meet her lover. Michael spent their final days with them, holding them close. Each was in his arms when they crossed.

The harem and Michael scattered their ashes on the cold winter ocean wind.

Rain splattered against the ocean view windows. The harem, Becka and Sandy were in the main living room with the babies and Michaela. Rafaela held a sleeping Elizabeth, “Liz”; Kat held a fussy Victoria, “Vika”; Alice played with Michele, now known as “Little Misha”.

Michael strode in looking haggard. The deaths of his two oldest mates had hit him hard. Shoshana went to him. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to hers. Tomorrow Shoshana, Michael and Lynne had an appointment with the fertility clinic.

“Ready for tomorrow, Honey?” he asked.

“More than ready, my love.”

Lynne came to them. “How about you, Momma? Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, but I want some loving when I get back. I want to feel like we made the baby together,” she said smiling at Shoshana.

He went to the bar and collected a dozen flutes, lining them up on the bar. He opened several bottles of champagne and filled them.

“Girls, come here,” He called out in a loud, happy voice, “take a glass.”

The stood around him, glasses in hand.

“We loved Rachael and Misha. I’m sure they were in heaven an hour before the devil even knew they were dead.” Misty eyed, they all drank.

“To life,” Lynne said in Hebrew.

“They wanted us to be happy, so I think it’s time to start planning tomorrows,” Michael said firmly, “Becka, Sandy, any ideas?”

Alice had suggested focusing on them. They’d lost their Mom, Dad, Rachael and Misha all within the space of a year. They were having a hard time getting over their rapes. They felt alone and isolated because they had not joined or been asked to join the harem. They needed to feel special.

“I want to learn to surf,” Becka said immediately.

“I want to try the water parks, Surfer’s Paradise and the Brisbane Mall. I want to SHOP!” Sandy exclaimed.

Michael smiled and looked at Jennifer, “I’ll call Tim, but I don’t think there’s much risk for them,” Michael said deciding it was probably time that most of the girls were no longer in danger, “Anyone else want to go?”

The room exploded with pent up need for freedom.

Tim nixed Rafaela, Maria, Nita and Alice. Though the feds had dropped the charges and the Listas appeared to no longer be a threat, Rafaela’s face had been plastered over the American media. They were devastated; sure they would spend the rest of their lives as caged birds.

Michael had an idea. He talked with Tim.

“Look, most of the danger comes from facial recognition, right?” Michael asked. “Can we get them plastic surgery, altering their features just enough that the facial recognition software won’t trigger?”

“There’s a guy I know at CIA. I’ll get back with you.” Tim said before hanging up.

Two days later, Michael found an encrypted message from Tim. It was a file containing the exact procedures that would be necessary to alter the girls’ features just enough to prevent detection.

He went to see Jennifer.

The night before the trip to the water park, Michael called everyone into the main living room. He had the nannies take his children to the den. He put a flash drive in the flat screen television and turned it on.

The first face was Rafaela. The image changed. It looked a lot like Rafaela, but the new image had a softer chin, slightly wider nose and more generous forehead.

Maria’s image came up. Her face changed. The round shape became slightly more angular, her nostrils slimmer, her brow thinner and her cheeks higher.

Nita was next. Her face became less angular, her cheeks less prominent, her nose smaller and thinner.

Alice’s image came next. Her face changed into a true beauty with fuller lips, rounded chin, wider nose and higher forehead.

“According to Tim, these small changes will defeat almost any commercial face recognition software,” Michael said softly, “and the changes are small enough that it won’t force us to change passports.”

He looked at the Latin women and Alice, “You up for it?”

They looked at each other, “YES!” screamed Maria. The others nodded smiling.
“When can we have this done and what is the recovery time?” Rafaela asked

“Tomorrow,” Jennifer said, “and you can cover the scars with makeup after three or four weeks. The scars themselves will fade in several months. We can also have your body surgery done if you like.”

Rafaela nodded. Her two pregnancies had postponed removal of her brand and repair of several horrific scars from her gang rape many years ago.

“Then we can go out?” Nita asked.

Michael nodded.

The four of them mobbed him.

Rafaela looked at Beth who nodded happily.

Rafaela pulled Michael to her. “Tonight will be the last night for Rafaela. I need you to say goodbye,” looking over at Maria, Alice and Nita, “do you want to say goodbye with us?”

The three women looked to Beth who nodded. They popped up together to join Rafaela and Michael. They headed for the master bedroom.

Beth looked at Becka and Sandy, sitting disconsolately on the couch.

“I’m incredibly horny,” Sandy said, her frustration growing.

“Me too,” Becka wailed, “Why won’t you let us be with Michael? We love him as much as you do!”

Beth sighed. She nodded to Jennifer.

Jennifer and Alice had discussed this. She marched to the bedroom door and knocked. Michael was still dressed. Both showers were running.

“Michael, I hate to rain on Rafaela’s parade, but we’ve got a problem. Those two little girls are going to rape the first boy they see if we don’t do something. I’m not talking about having them join the harem, but they need to satisfy their bodies with something more than their fingers. They need to understand what making love is.”

Alice’s head appeared in the bathroom doorway. Jennifer waived her out and explained. Alice had grown to love the girls and understood that it was time for them to have sexual contact, though she had hoped it would be a boy of their own age. Thinking about it, though, this probably had been inevitable.

Alice went off to burst three Latina’s dreams for the evening.

When they emerged, they had smiles on their faces if not in their hearts.

Michael came out looking for Beth. She closed her eyes so he would not see the sadness and nodded.

He went to Becka and Sandy. He sat on the ottoman in front of them.

“What’s up?” he left the question open so they could either tell him or hide the truth.

Becka reached forward and took his hands in her small delicate fingers, “Alice has taken us about as far as she can with words. Sandy and I both need to feel whole again. To do that, we have to trust a man. We both trust you. Why won’t you let us?”

“Honey, your Mom trusted me to make the right choices for you. You only have one first time to give yourself, heart and soul to a man. I don’t want to take that away from you because you want to feel pleasure.”

“You see the rings on their fingers? They chose to place their hearts in my care. Forever. They’re committed to me and I to them. Do you think you’re ready to make that commitment? That’s what it is to make love.”

“I know you’re frustrated, but I want you to wait for a while. Get to know some of the boys. Then if you’re sure you want to be my woman, I will never refuse you. I love you both.”

“You may want to play with my ladies, to practice kissing and stuff.”

Becka giggled. Sandy kissed him on his cheek. She looked at Beth, “He’s a great Dad.”
Beth nodded, smiling.

Michael rounded up his Latina women. Alice stayed with the Burkett girls.

They talked for a while, but the girls’ physical frustration was obvious. Jennifer came to Alice and whispered in her ear. Alice started in surprise, considering her idea. She nodded.

“Girls, let’s go to my apartment,” Jennifer said with a smile. Other members of the harem that heard her, giggled. Jennifer waved the others to join her.

Becka, Sandy, Lynne, Shoshana, Kat, Beth and Jennifer crossed the compound to the infirmary. They climbed the stairs to a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment overlooking the sea. Alice stayed, knowing she had to maintain her objectivity as their counselor. She went to join Michael and his Latin harem.

“Let me show you around,” Jennifer said suppressing a giggle.

She took them into the first bedroom. It had a King size bed, but their attention was on the bedside tables. Sitting on top were several vibrators, fake phalluses and two butt plugs. Padded handcuffs and lube sat on the other bedside table.

No one said anything about the instruments of pleasure.

Jennifer led the now confused girls to the other bedroom. The bed had long since been removed. The carpet had been replaced with a three-inch thick closed cell foam pad. Two strange devices sat on low stands with thick, white towels underneath. They were rounded with a fake phallus on top with a raised strip topped with bumps.

“What are those?” Sandy asked pointing.

“They’re Sybians, Honey.” Beth said, “When we’re horny and can’t have Michael, we come up here. This is our sex gym.”

“Can we try it?” Becka asked, feeling her pussy begin to leak.

“Sure, Honey,” Jennifer said, “do you want us to help you or just show you how it works?”

Looking at Beth, Sandy asked, “Will you play with us?”

Beth smiled warmly. Lynne giggled.

Beth led the girls to one bathroom; Jennifer, Lynne and Shoshana went to the other.

Minutes later they were back in the padded room in bathrobes.

Beth took the lead. She adjusted the height of the platform. She went to a dresser in the corner, taking out a box of condoms. “First we put a condom on the fake cock.”

“Why?” Becka asked.

“Honey, your vagina has bacteria in it. It also has a specific ph. Other women have slightly different balances. The condom is a precaution to be sure you don’t get an infection,” explained Jennifer.

Becka and Sandy nodded.

Kat took some warming lube from the dresser in the corner and squeezed some on her fingers. She went to Beth sliding her other hand inside Beth’s robe and pulled Beth into a long passionate kiss. Her lubed fingers found Beth’s slit, spreading the warming gel along Beth’s intimate lips and opening.

When Kat broke the kiss, Beth’s green eyes had a dreamy expression. Kat pushed the robe from Beth’s shoulders.

Kat led her to the device and helped her mount it, the fake phallus disappearing into Beth’s welcoming love tunnel. Beth’s clit rested on the raised bumps.

Shoshana and Lynne stood at Beth’s side. Kat took the remote, flipping two switches. She twisted the right knob. Beth’s eyes snapped open as the cock and strip of bumps began to vibrate. Shoshana took Beth’s left nipple into her mouth. Lynne sucked on the right.

Kat turned the other knob and the cock started to rotate in Beth’s tunnel and the strip rose to kiss her clit. Beth squealed her delight. Her eyes closed as she bathed in the sensations. Her body began to glisten with sweat.

Kat turned the knobs a bit. Beth rose a bit and slammed back down, her natural lubricant streaming down the sides of the device.

Shoshana slid a hand beneath Beth’s ass, gently inserting a lubed finger in Beth’s asshole.

Kat turned the knobs again. Beth screamed her orgasm.

Kat turned the knobs again. She knew her lover. Beth started cascading, multiple orgasms.

Kat watched Beth carefully. When Beth’s eyes snapped open, Kat immediately switched the device off, put the remote down and embraced her lover.

She gently kissed Beth.

“God, I love you,” Beth said to Kat.

Sandy and Becka had watched in awe.

“Can I be next? Becka asked.

“Honey, you can both be next,” Jennifer said smiling, “we have two Sybians!”

Kat led Beth to the other bedroom, knowing the girls would be fine. Kat loved Beth desperately and completely and wanted only her tonight.

She lay Beth down on the bed and slid beside her. Beth was still deep in her well of physical pleasure. Her nerve endings still vibrated and sang. She mewed when Kat took her into her arms. Kat had never known so much joy.

Shoshana led Becka to one Sybian; Jennifer led Sandy to the other.

Alice quietly opened the door to the master bedroom. Inside, Latin music played while shadows, thrown by flickering candles, danced across the room. The room reeked of sex.

Michael was on his back. Rafaela rode his cock while Nita rode his face, facing Rafaela. Nita and Rafaela were in a passionate kiss. Maria sat on her knees behind Rafaela, stuffing a small vibrator into Rafaela’s ass.

Maria’s eyes lit when she saw Alice. She shoved the vibrator a little further into Rafaela and came to Alice, pulling her onto the bed. Alice looked to the bathroom, intent on showering first. Alice was a bit of a clean freak, but Maria would not wait.

Nita joined Maria and Alice. Alice was on her back. Maria’s lips locked onto hers. Maria ripped Alice’s blouse off. Buttons flew everywhere. Her bra followed, freeing her small breasts with their sensitive tips.

Nita ripped her shorts and panties off.

Rafaela was screaming her pleasure, though the vibrator had fallen out of her ass. Michael was close too. They came together. It was his first orgasm of the night.

Maria signaled Nita as Rafaela rolled off Michael’s semi rigid cock. Together they pulled Alice to Rafaela’s sex.

Alice had always avoided tasting the mixed fluids that now ran in copious amounts from Rafaela’s pussy. Nita and Maria had noticed and were perplexed. The mixture of shared sweat, female lubricant and semen tasted wonderful and was a great turn on to them.

Nita put a finger to Rafaela’s leaking pussy and scooped up a glob of the mixture. She licked it from her finger, smiling at Alice. Maria kissed Rafaela’s dripping labia, making sure the fluid was thick on her lips. She looked at Alice, her eyes pleading.

Alice placed her lips on Maria’s tentatively. Maria pressed her lips back firmly, sliding them to maximize the fluid on Alice’s. After a moment, Alice pulled back and licked her lips, tasting the mixture for the first time. She smiled.

“Get it from the source,” Maria said, pushing Alice to Rafaela’s crotch. At first, she was tentative, her natural instincts fighting her phobia. She licked Rafaela’s outer lips. Her tongue traveled the length of her slit to her clit, still engorged. Finally, Alice began to relax, letting her natural instincts take over. She began to devour her lover’s cunt.

Michael watched, smiling. Maria and Nita came to him. Nita took his semi-hard cock in her loving mouth, tasting the same mixed juice as Alice now enjoyed. Looking down into her trusting eyes, Michael’s cock sprang to full life.

Maria pushed Michael back. Facing him, she swung a leg over his body. She wiggled her ass to Nita. Nita deftly fitted Michael’s shaft into Maria’s hot, steamy snatch. As Maria rotated her hips, slowly impaling herself, Nita left to get something.

She was wearing a strap-on when she returned. She lubed it well. Approaching Alice’s ass, she turned the vibrator phallus on, sending thrills though her small body. She spread Alice’s legs. Nita crawled between Alice’s lovely spread thighs. She tried to lift Alice. Alice understood. She rose to her knees, her mouth still glued to Rafaela’s pussy.

Nita gently rubbed the vibrating cock between Alice’s wet nether lips. Finding her target, she pushed forward gently into Alice’s pussy. Alice pushed back urgently. After a few strokes, the cock was fully buried in her inner depths. Nita began to sway her hips to the tempo of the music. Alice moaned into Rafaela’s pussy.

Rafaela pulled away from Alice’s lips, reversed herself so her face was directly beneath Alice’s. Their lips joined in a sloppy, wet kiss.

Alice pulled back from the kiss. Her pussy throbbed urgently. Her breathing became ragged, her nipples engorged. Rafaela understood. She took a nipple in her mouth and sucked hard.

Alice squealed. Rafaela twisted the other nipple hard.

“Yes,” a short pause, “Yes,” Alice screamed. Rafaela bit down.

AIEEEEEEEEEE! Alice’s body bucked, froze, shuddered and finally collapsed, the fake cock coming out of her pussy.

Beside Alice, Maria continued to dance atop Michael’s cock with his strong hands kneading her large breasts.

Later that evening, after Michael came inside Nita, Alice eagerly had the small teen sit on her face.

Five very physically satisfied women lounged in the living room of the sex gym.

“I can’t believe that thing!” Becka murmured. “I never knew sex could feel this good.”

“I never knew it could feel good, period!” Sandy said, her eyes still focused on the enormous orgasm she’d just experienced.

“Wait until you make love,” Shoshana said, “You just had the physical pleasure. Wait until it combines with the emotional and spiritual part. You won’t believe it!”

The girls looked dubious, still enthralled with the physical pleasure they’d just experienced.

Jennifer spoke up, “Look, we’re female. We’re hardwired to need both physical and emotional intimacy. The men that raped you took your bodies. They never touched your heart. Don’t let the fear of physical intimacy keep you from the incredible joy of emotional intimacy. Your bodies are now whole. Now it’s up to you to choose the man you give your heart to. That’s why Michael said “no” tonight. He wants you to have the opportunity to choose.”

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Keep up the great work.

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