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Chapter One

My sister should have known better. Our mother was fanatically against drugs of any kind. She would rail about kids using drugs, and preached to us all the time about how we dare not ever smoke or drink or take any kind of drugs unless there was a preion.

My name is Jack, and I'm a high school junior. I play football and baseball, but I'm not the quarterback or the starting pitcher. I'm a decent player in both, just not a superstar, which is fine with me. I'm good-looking enough to get my fair share of dates and girlfriends, but currently I'm not hooked up with anyone.

My sister's name is Carrie, and she's a freshman. Her body developed early so she has a nice-sized rack, pretty face, and an ass to die for, especially when she wears tight jeans. She's got some cute friends too. In fact, I dated one for a while, Meagan, and I think she told Carrie about us having sex.

Anyway, Carrie sometimes hangs out with a bad-ass whose name, ironically enough, is Angel, a sophomore. She is far from that, and is well-known as a druggie. I think Carrie sees her as a project or something, someone that she can fix. Well, two days ago our parents were out at a religious retreat and Angel came over to hang out with Carrie. They wanted to watch Twilight movies so I just went to my room to get on my computer and chat with some friends. A couple of hours later I went to the kitchen to get a Pepsi and I heard some giggles coming the playroom, which was downstairs. I walked down the steps quietly and peered around the corner, and almost dropped my drink.

Both girls were on the sofa. I could see where they had snorted some coke, which totally shocked me. But even more shocking was that they were making out. Well, it looked like Angel was the aggressor, as she was kissing Carrie and had a hand up under her shirt, rubbing one of Carrie's breasts. This got me hard in no time! Angel moved her mouth to Carrie's ear and said something to her, and Carrie shook her head. Angel said "Do it!" loud enough for me to hear. Then she went back to kissing Carrie on the mouth.

Carrie did what she was told, which was to reach over and rub Angel's breast. This was unreal. I had no idea that Angel was into other girls, and, no idea that Carrie was either. I quickly pulled out my iPhone and, after silencing the sound it made, pulled up the camera and began video taping the action.

A minute later Angel's hand left Carrie's breast and moved down her body and slipped into the shorts she was wearing. I could see Carrie start to protest but Angel simply moved more on top of her and kept Carrie pinned down, never stopping kissing her either. Carrie soon relaxed some and a minute or so later, she spread she legs apart somewhat, giving Angel's hand more room to manuever.

Angel was obviously not new to girl on girl because Carrie's hips soon started moving around; Angel had found Carrie's clit and was rubbing it! Using her other hand, Angel reach around and undid her bra and then deftly moved it up from covering her own tits, and hiked her shirt up too. She then broke off the kiss with Carrie and quickly moved Carrie's face to her breasts, bringing Carrie's mouth to one of her nipples. Like a newborn, Carrie began sucking on it, as Angel's finger action in Carrie's pants urged the younger girl on.

I wanted nothing more than to jerk off because my cock was throbbing and my balls were in need of release, but, I knew I couldn't stop filming this hot action. It was incredible watching my younger sister sucking on Angel's tits while the older girl was bringing her off with her finger.

It was then that all of us at the same time heard the garage door opening; the parents had returned early! The girls immediately jumped up and started scrambling around for clothing and trying to hide all the drug use evidence. I myself backed up the stairs quickly, turning off my phone, and heading back into the kitchen. A minute later the girls flew up the stairs and headed off to Carrie's room, followed shortly by my parents coming in, Mom complaining about this and that and Dad grunting his approval of her complaint.

I went down to the playroom and saw that they had done a good job of getting rid of all of the evidence...except for one glassine packet that had mostly slipped under the sofa. I retrieved it and saw that it was a small back of blow. I pocketed it, and walked back upstairs. Angel was just leaving.

I held up the packet. Both Angel and Carrie just stared for a moment. Then Angel moved towards me, putting her hand out.

"That's mine," she said quietly, eyes darting towards the hallway where my parent's voices could still be heard, "give it to me."

I pulled my hand back and put it in my pocket, shaking my head.

Just then my parents came out of their room and started moving towards the kitchen, judging by the increasing volume of their voices. Angel darted out the door.

"So what are you two up to?" asked our Mom.

"Well, I'm drinking a Pepsi, and I was gonna' get one for Carrie, but then I remembered that she prefers Coke," I said, smirking.

Carrie turned white as a ghost and then ran off to her room.

Chapter Two

"John William Caruso, you know I don't like it when you tease your sister and make her upset. You know that we don't buy Coke products because of the violence associated with their labor issues in Third World Countries," said Mom. I could see that she was just getting revved up for an hour long lecture on the Evil Coca-Cola Empire, so I quickly cut her short.

"You're right, Mom. I'm gonna' go apologize to Carrie right now," and I moved out of the room quickly before she could recover.

I knocked on Carrie's door.

"Come in."

Walking in, I found her pacing around her room, which was larger by far than mine, another petty jealousy I had. When she saw it was me, she stopped and squinted her eyes at me.

"You asshole! I should go tell Mom that you have some cocaine in your pocket!"

"Really?" I said to her. Then I pulled my iPhone out and opened up the video and held it up for her to see. Her mouth dropped and tears came to her eyes immediately.

"Ohmygod..." She could not only see that I had taped her and Angel's session, but that I had zoomed in on the drugs too.

"You know if I go show this to Mom and Dad that you'll be kicked out of the house forever and possibly be put in juvenile detention until you are 18, right?"

Tears were flowing down her face now.

"P-p-pleaseeeee..." she blubbered.

I clicked off the video and put the phone into my pocket.

"Tonight, after Mom and Dad go to sleep, come into my room and we'll talk about all of this." Then I left.

The rest of the night went by quickly as I viewed some porn on my computer, did a little safekeeping with regards to the video, then took a shower and went off to sleep. I knew I'd awaken when Carrie visited me later.

Shortly after midnight I heard Carrie enter my room. I kept my eyes mostly closed. She whispered my name, quietly. I didn't respond. Well, my cock started to harden, so I guess that was a response. But I waited to see what she would do.

She moved over to my desk and found my iPhone. She did some stuff with it, probably erasing the video. Then she looked around a bit and found the coke. She pulled out her own phone and then took a picture of it. Aha! She was going to try the old switcheroo.

I sat up in bed.

"What? What was that?" I acted startled and switched on a small light near my bed.

"That, asshole, was me taking a picture of YOUR cocaine in YOUR desk. I also erased the video you took of me, you pervert. NOW who has the upper hand?" She was all smug.

"What do you want?"

"Good question. Let's see. Well, since you get to work and make money and I don't, I want half of your pay each week for the next year. And, when Mom and Dad aren't around, you'll be doing my chores. And, when it is your day of the month to pick a meal, you'll pick my favorite meal, not yours. That should cover it."

"So," I said carefully, sitting on my bed, looking directly at her, and enunciating my words clearly, "even though it is your cocaine, and even though I caught you being a lesbo with the druggie Angel, you're going to try and blackmail me? Do I have that 100% correct?"

"Yes, dickhead, exactly right."

I smirked and walked over to my dresser where I had a pile of clothes laying on top of it. As I pushed the clothes away, the lens from my Canon video camera was revealed, along with the red light which signaled that it was in Record mode. I flicked a switch and shut it off.

"Thanks, Carrie. You just gave me all the evidence I need, and you proved to me what a bitch you really can be. Oh, and by the way, I uploaded your little tryst with Angel to my Google cloud account. I have an app set so that in 12 hours, the video is going to be emailed anonymously to a dozen of your friends, and, posted on Facebook and YouTube. Won't that be a blast?"

Chapter Three

She was stunned. Totally fucking stunned. She couldn't even speak. But, I could see that she knew that she was defeated.

She hung her head.

"What do you want?"

"Sit," I said, and pointed to my desk chair. She obediently sat. I removed the miniDV tape from the recorder and then opened a little desktop safe I had and put the tape inside, then shut the door and locked it. Then I sat back down on my bed.

"What I want is quite simple. You."

"Me? What do you mean, 'me'?"

"I currently don't have a girlfriend, so, you are going to become my fuck toy. You're going to be my sex slave from now until when I get tired of you. And, if you don't make me happy, don't satisfy me, I'm going to ruin your life. You have 11 hours and 50 minutes to decide. After that, it's outta' my hands."

I laid down in bed and pulled the covers up, effectively dismissing her.

"You can't be serious. I'm your sister."

"I'm totally serious."

"I won't do it."

"Fine. Get out. Enjoy the detention facility."

Even in the darkness I could see her eyes welling up with tears. She sat there for a good ten minutes in silence.


"Okay, what?" I replied.

"Okay I'll do what you want."

"You'll do anything I want."



"What? Here? Now?"

"You know that Mom takes a sleeping pill so she's out for the night and Dad never gets up at night. It's totally safe."

She sat there looking at me for half-a-minute, then stood up. She was wearing a long nightgown. I had no idea what she wore under it.

When she pulled the nightgown up and over her head, I immediately noted that she slept with nothing on underneath!

Her tits were magnificant. I'm no expert on measurements for sure, but, I'm pretty sure her bras were 32C. She had relatively small nipples, but, they were starting to harden. I also noted that she had a small patch of pussy hair, and it looked like it was the same strawberry-blonde color as her hair.

"'re hot, sis!"

She sat back down with her legs crossed and put her arms across her chest.

"We can' know...have sex...I don't wanna' get pregnant."

I'm sure glad I keep my ears open around here and also snoop around when no one is home. I knew that she had started having her period two years ago, and that they were pretty fierce, so despite our Mom's major protests, a doctor had recommended that she go on birth control to regulate and lessen the effects.

"I know about the birth control, sis."

She was surprised at this, and I could see her deflate again.

"Come here."

She got up and came over to the side of the bed.

"Turn around. Good, now spread your feet about shoulder's width apart. Wider. That's good. Now reach down and touch your toes."

When she did this, her tight ass cheeks parted a bit, and I was treated to the sight of her virginal asshole, and her virginal pussy.

"Don't move, no matter what."

I took my middle finger and moved it between her legs to her pussy and rubbed at it a bit. A couple of seconds later her tight lips parted enough for my fingertip to slip inside. She gasped a bit. I moved my finger around inside, feeling her wetness, most likely from the earlier session with Angel. When my finger was sufficiently wet I removed it and then repeated my command:

"Don't move, no matter what."

With that, I moved my finger to her asshole and rubbed some of the wetness around. She started to move but then must have thought better of it.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"This," I said, and then pressed my finger forward, the wetness and the surprise of entry enough to catch her body off-guard. My finger penetrated her little starfish an inch before her muscles clamped down.

"Hey! Don't do that..."

"Hush. No more talking." I wormed my finger a bit deeper, and then pulled back just a fraction, getting her thinking I was removing it. I was really just waiting for her to relax, because when I felt her muscles loosen to let my finger retreat, I did the opposite, and pushed in hard, sinking it all the way I a quick stab.

"Unnnngggghhhhh..." she groaned, not wanted to speak and disobey, but at the same time making an involuntary sound.

I wiggled my finger around inside her ass, then back-and-forthed a bit. I was just testing her resolve, and, the elasticity of her back door. I removed my finger.

"Turn toward me."

She turned and stood upright over me.

"Take my pajama bottoms off."

She hesitated for just a brief moment, then took them in her hands and peeled them down my legs, and then off of me.

Moving back up next to me, she could not avoid looking directly at my cock, which was at full mast.

Remember me describing myself as an average athlete? I did excel, however, in the cock department. I had measured myself one day this past summer and I was just a wee bit over 8 inches in length. My girlfriends were always surprised. So was Carrie.

"Oh my god, that's big!"

"Take your hand and wrap it around it."

Carrie complied.

"Now stroke it. Have you ever jerked off a guy before?"

"Once. Jim McElroy. He was much smaller than you. It took about twenty seconds and then it was over. It made a mess."

"Well, we won't make a mess. Stroke a little harder and longer."

What she didn't have in experience she actually made up for with enthusiasm. I will say that I was surprised that she had warmed to her task. With my hand closest to her, I reached up and caressed her ass, and then began fingering her pussy from behind. Carrie spread her legs a bit to give me better access.

As she stroked my cock, I didn't figure that I would last too long. She might not either, judging by the wiggling she was doing. And her eyes seemed to glaze over a bit.

"Carrie, I'm going to shoot in a couple of minutes. I want you to keep stroking my cock, but, when I tell you, I want you to move your mouth down and take the head of my cock inside of it. I'm going to cum inside your mouth."

Again she was quiet for a few seconds, as if contemplating this one last act and whether she could get out of it.

I worked harder at bringing her off, and as I felt myself getting really close, Carrie moaned and then bit her lip, trying to keep quiet as an orgasm rolled over her. That was enough to send me over the edge.

"Now Carrie!"

She moved her mouth to cover the head of my cock just as I exploded inside with a burst of hot cum. To her credit she stayed on my cock, me thrusting it inside her mouth to get the most sensation, though her eyes did get pretty big as she felt my load pulse into her. When I finished shooting off, I withdrew my cock.

"Carrie, show me the cum in your mouth."

She did, opening her mouth but not enough to spill it.

"Now swallow the entire laod, sis."

She hesitated, then gulped, and my load was on its way to her belly.

"That was good. Now go off to bed, and when you masturbate, think of how much fun you're going to have with my hard cock pounding deep into your pussy."

Carrie looked at me for a few seconds, then turned and left. I shut off the light near my bed.

'Let them good times a roll' I thought to myself.

Chapter Four

Saturday morning was reserved for chores. I had to clean my room, do my laundry, and mow the lawn. After grabbing some breakfast, I went outside and got to mowing. Mom was driving to the next town over to go help out with her sister, who had an operation earlier in the week and was coming home today. She'd be staying there until Tuesday. It was Dad's weekend in the National Guard, so he left early and would be gone until late Sunday night. After what seemed like endless lectures on not setting the house on fire and being responsible and taking care of Carrie, Mom finally left.

It was getting warm already, the hot sun beating down on me. The yard was a little over an acre, plus there was trim to take care of. Partway through I pulled off my shirt and that felt much better.

Inside the house, Angel was looking down from the window in Carrie's bedroom. She had come to the house earlier.

"Your brother is pretty hot looking," she said to Carrie.

Ignoring the comment, Carrie continued her pleading.

"Please Angel...I need some more blow...pretty please?"

Angel turned back toward Carrie and felt a little pity for her younger friend. She knew that Carrie was caught up in the rush of the coke and hadn't yet figured out how to control the urge. The rush that Angel felt was one of power.

"Sure baby, but you're going to have to earn it."


Angel smiled and with a flick of a few fingers, she slipped her stretch shorts off her hips and they hit the carpet. Carrie immediately notice that there was no carpet between Angel's legs; her pussy was shaved bare, no panties obstructing her view.

" that, Angel, I'm really not into..."

"Carrie, you'll do as I say, or I'm walking out that door and you'll never get another speck of blow from me again."

Carrie felt the panic starting to rise in her. She needed some now. The thought of going without today made her decision easier.

"Okay," she said, quietly.

Angel just smiled and then turned around, looking out the window again, and presenting Carrie with a view of her nicely rounded ass.

"Come here," said Angel, looking down at Jack who was now using a weed whacker, "and get on your knees behind me."

Carrie complied and waited for her next order.

"Lick me."

Carrie blushed as she looked at Angel's ass and saw the pouty pussy lips. Resigning herself to the task, she figured the sooner she did this, the sooner she could get high.

She gently took hold of Angel's hips and move her face close, extending her tongue outwards and tentatively touching the smooth vag in front of her.

Angel closed her eyes momentarily as she felt the younger girl's tongue trace along the separation line between her pussy lips. As the girl's tongue moved around, she felt herself starting to lubricate and leak some juice, which was licked up by Carrie.

Angel was looking once again down at Jack, wondering how his tongue would feel between her legs, wondering about his cock too. Angel was a switch-hitter and found cock equally as interesting as pussy.

"Lick my ass now," she told Carrie.

Carrie pulled her face back and timidly licked one ass cheek and then the other.

"Noooooooo...lick my asshole," said Angel more emphatically, reaching back with both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart. "Get in there with your tongue, Carrie, and hurry up!"

Carrie stared at the exposed asshole. It looked perfectly clean from Angel's showering this morning, but, still, she felt a bit queasy about doing this. But the hunger for coke was too strong to resist.

Moving her face forward, she pushed her tongue against Angel's starfish-like opening, wiggling it around and then pushing hard to get the tongue tip a fraction of an inch inside, hoping it would satisfy the girl before her.

"Yessssssssssssss..." moaned Angel, loving the feeling of dominating and subjugating her younger friend. She let go of her ass cheeks and reached with one hand to her clit and began massaging it while squeezing a breast with the other.

Carrie continued her oral assault on Angel's ass, stabbing away and then licking all around, getting it very wet with her saliva.

Then Angel pulled away, much to Carrie's surprise, and for a second Carrie thought she was done and would get her reward. But Angel wasn't finished. She turned and then pushed Carrie down onto the carpet and moved up to straddle her head. She positioned her asshole at Carrie's mouth and commanded: "Lick it!"

Carrie now had to suffer the embarrassment of licking her older friend's asshole while looking up into her eyes as the older girl rubbed her pussy right in front of Carrie's face.

Angel felt her orgasm getting closer so she ground down a bit on Carrie's mouth, the younger girl's tongue washing back and forth as best she could between the dominant girl's ass cheeks.

Angel felt her body go crazy with spasms and she began to squirt all over Carrie's face. The only time she had ever squirted before was when another girl was licking her ass, and it drove her nuts that she was doing it again. Carrie panicked a bit, thinking at first that Angel was peeing on her. Then she realized that Angel was squirting and she calmed down a bit.

Angel rolled off of Carrie and the younger girl up and walked out of her room and quickly made for the bathroom so that she could wash her face.

As she entered the bathroom, she saw her brother just finishing up peeing. He looked at Carrie's face and saw that it was covered with...pussy juice?

There's more to the story, lots more, if you want more. Let me know...

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