Michael visits his aunt Betty through marriage who has been suddenly rendered a widow to realise years upon years of sexual tension and frustration during one sordid afternoon. Based on a true story.
Going to Visit the Lonely MILF

Michael drove down towards his step aunts house in his usual carefree way of going too fast around bends and flipping off drivers who annoyed him despite him being the cause of their horn beeping. Michael though was excited, all pepped up to see his wonderful and attractive aunt Betty. Aunt Betty as she was sometimes called had recently lost her husband not so long ago, but she had not lost him through death but lost him through his cheating ways.

Despite his cheating ways she regarded herself as a widow and would often claim the man she married was dead to her, Betty had oddly even held a wake for Michael which antagonised all of her husband's family and friends none of whom attended the pseudo wake but all of whom Betty was sure got an invite. Betty found it fulfilling to severe contact not just with her husband but all the bad apples on her husband's side, none of who had been very nice to her during her marriage to her darling can do no wrong husband.

Betty had taken to living alone in the house they were meant to bring up children in. Unfortunately the dream of raising kids had tragically died to her along with any ideas of true love.

The cause of Michael driving to see her was not one of his customary visits but was more to do with how he wanted to see her about buying her television which he had heard she was selling amongst many other items that she was getting rid of. All the items belonged to her ex who had also left the country because of tax evasion in his successful business, he had also left the country with his fortune and in doing so had left his workers out of pocket. Despite her ex-hubbies obvious criminality many in his family persistently blamed Betty for behaviour.

As Michael drove up her long drive and passed the bronze gate little did Michael know how after this visit to see her that both of them would be changed.

Betty was at this point in her master bedroom laying down naked in her bed. During her newly found single days she had taken to watching some of her husband's pornographic movies and found herself masturbating more now in her 40s than she did when she was a young girl in her teens and 20s.

The movies were littered with young girls and young guys as the main pornographic stars. These pornographic stars were a generation or so away from Betty's yet despite this Betty found herself during moments she had alone which was an alone time she had too often unto herself was drawn to this usual type
of behaviour.

Betty it must be remembered was incredibly lonely as was natural but physically she felt deprived. Betty watched the younger dark haired man with olive skin in the movie approach the blonde who was naked with her legs wide open on the desk of an office. Betty watched as the young man proceeded to fuck her, bucking his hips into her pussy with relative ease.

Betty mimicking the blondes position kept her fantasy in line with what she was witnessing in the movie. Indeed the young blonde would have passed for being a daughter of Betty's so Betty to spice up her imagination and fire up her horniness imagined she was the blondes mother and this was her daughter's boyfriend who had called around only to be seduced by his girlfriends mother. Betty tried to scan her mind of all the similar looking boys who resembled that olive skinned handsome lad who was fucking the blonde in the movie, she focused on a young man who worked in her office who she was partially attracted to.

With her legs up in the air at the edge of her bed Betty thrust her hips up into the cock of the young boy she imagined who was in her bedroom with her, to compensate for the fantasy lovers cock she held a dildo in her right hand which she placed onto her pussy and pressed inside her pussy "Yes, she won't have to know" Betty role playing this fantasy in the comforts of her bedroom "I won't tell her".

Betty felt invigorated as this young lad in the movie she imagined was something like her son in law was fucking her senseless "You like fucking your girlfriends mother" Betty teased the lad as she looked at the screen, the young man was seen as Betty took her left hand and pretended to fondle his ass by pressing him deep inside her "Fuck me".

The 45 year old widower having fun with her imaginary lover in her mind as she then took the dildo from her pussy and placed it in her mouth, she moved it in and out picturing herself giving this young man who in the movie who was around 23 or so a blowjob "I am wild" Betty stated as she then went onto her knees at the edge of the bed following the young girls lead who was now by this time on her knees in front of the desk sucking off the man.

Betty looking up "She won't be home for a while" she kept toying with him much to do with a need to increase
her own sexual desire. Eventually he came in the movie and Betty imagined as she now laid down on the floor that he came inside her "YESSSSSSS" she yelped.

Betty was sweating by the effort of this masturbation and was exhausted yet so painfully alone in such a big master bedroom. Suddenly after she had satisfied herself to a point of tolerance the white walls and cream duvet made her feel suddenly alone as the film finished. She stood up and went towards the card board box with more movie titles like "My Sons Wife" "Naughty Principal" "The Girl Next Door" all these titles were provocative and yet none caught her imagination.

It was at this point she heard the doorbell ring, "Who could this be" she was not expecting anyone to call and when she handed out instructions to her usual callers they stayed away. Betty figured it was a delivery man but it was okay he could just call back, or perhaps it was a salesperson which in that case she could ignore.
Common practice of Betty would be to ignore the caller and keep doing what she was doing, after all it was 17:00 and soon anyone working would be finished for the day which would allow her to go back to engaging in her own means to get herself off.

Betty though went towards the window and still naked looked down, she recognised him and it was not until she saw him move around looking in the window that she realised "Michael". Then she stepped back "That is who the boy in the movie resembled". Betty heard the bell ring again and watched as Michael begun to walk to his car "He is going" she thought to herself, mainly out of fear he would leave.

Betty overcome with something akin to unquenched desire suddenly placed on her dressing gown and opened the window "Michael" she called out, he stopped and looked up at her master bedroom window "Betty! I am sorry did I wake you" "No, I was just having a bath" put a nice image in his mind she thought.

"Oh" he paused letting her comment pass over him "I called because I heard you were selling some things. I uh heard you were selling a television, a lap-top, some sporting equipment" "I have already sold most of them. There is nothing really left" he seemed disappointed "That is a shame". Betty was still dripping wet from her masturbation session "Do you want to come inside..." Betty paused and then seductively said "For a coffee".

He picked up on this instantly "Sure, I am quite thirsty". Betty instructed him "Well I am still naked so why don't you use the key under the mat and let yourself in. Do not forget to double lock it when you are in". "Still naked" he thought picturing her laying on the floor masturbating in front of him.

Betty then closed her window and looked at her sex movies, her dildo and her lubricant "Why not" she asked herself "He is young, an adult and is single from as far as I know. Whilst I am an adult, single and have desires and needs. He is related through marriage so why not".

Betty heard him enter and called down "Michael is anyone else coming here" "No, not as far as I know. I have not really told anyone I was coming here" she liked this idea all ready "Well do you want to come upstairs" she asked naughtily. He met her naughtiness by asking "Are you still naked?" Unashamed she allowed herself to go along with her natural inclinations by responding "Underneath my dressing gown I am but I can take it off if it bothers you".

"It does not bother me" Betty had to pinch herself "What am I saying to this boy" Michael then was heard making his way up the stairs, Betty stood in the landing with her dressing gown on "I have not seen you for a while". "I know" she smiled "You want something else to drink, except coffee".

"What do you" he was checking her out "Have in mind". Betty sighed as she dropped her dressing gown. Standing naked now, her 5'6 height with blonde/whitish hair and blue eyes, she was quite slim too "This" referring to her body "Aunt Bet" "You still call me aunt Bet, how sweet".

"Would an Aunt though show herself to you like this" "You are" he was stunned at her sight "Can I" Betty came close and then dared him "You want to touch me". They looked at each other and within seconds both were overcome by animalistic lust, he held her tightly and rammed her up against the wall, he started to tongue her passionately all around her neck as she was taking off his clothes.

Betty undid his belt and no longer did she have to worry about imagining a lover she was going to have a real life one. Betty had taken off his dark t-shirt, and his belt was on the landing, he kicked off his trousers whilst she who was already naked was now making out with him on the landing stroking his cock through his boxer shorts, his own fingers had found themselves going all around her pussy which was free from the constraints of knickers.

Betty jumped and wrapped her legs around him, he easily held her. This fit over 6'0 muscular nephew of hers through marriage. Michael rubbed her up and down on his cock as she moaned "Yes baby...carry me into my bedroom". She told him between kisses.

Michael was directed by Betty's further instruction until he took her over towards her makeup desk, and then Michael placed Betty onto her stool. Upon doing this Betty opened her legs so wide, she placed her left hand down onto her cunt her eyes still on him as he watched standing up five meters from her "I just need a man to look at me when I am like this".

Betty then lent forward and took hold of his boxer shorts "Let me see it...." she flicked her tongue across her lips "Please". He moved back and begun to take off his white boxer shorts. He stood tall and proud, only wearing grey socks and big walking boots. The sight of him made Betty's mouth water.

Bet came towards him and pressed her lips onto his. Her red lipstick tasting like the cherry flavour it was meant to taste like. Bet then went down onto her knees, she felt as her knee caps were comforted by the white carpet. Betty caressed her tongue onto his balls as his hands stroked and masturbated his erect member.

Betty no longer self-conscious of her pornography and dildo fetish as she was now truly unabashed "I have not given a man a blowjob for such a long time" "Was it since your husband left you". Michael gasped as he glanced down to see her blonde hair moving around symmetrical of his penis, her dark blue eyes were gazing up at him. Betty was relaxed and taking her time with his penis.

Each time she licked his balls she nibbled upon them momentarily before going towards his helmet and proceeded to give him a deep sensual kiss, her mouth sucking on his helmet as though it were an icicle.
Michael placed his hands onto her blonde hair as Betty brought up her face to which he lent down and embraced her in a kiss, their tongues dancing like swords, as Betty was doing this she was instinctively fondling her breasts which were being kept tightly behind a white bra.

Betty pressed her busty chest into his cock, the bra she had on grating on his thick meaty member as both of them continued to kiss each other, Michael devouring Betty's mouth inside his. Betty next backed off as she held up her tits cupping them neatly and then used them to hold together his thick cock "Want to ride my tits" he nodded as he rested back on the makeup table.

"Bet"...he said her name in delight as Betty started slowly to give him a tit-wank, she picked up speed until she was automatically moving back and forward all the while looking up at his face and enjoying the total control she had over this young boy.

Michael felt his erection growing as Betty pressed his helmet onto each of her nipples "I have wanted to fuck you for years" he said "Even when I was married to your uncle..naughty boy. You are my nephew" "By marriage" he replied "I know, it is still immoral isn't". All the while saying this, playing with this idea of being against it when she is wanking him off with her tits in her bedroom.

"Your cock is so thick and are such a good man" Betty continued to wank him off. Betty next stood up and turned her back on him, she bent over pushing her buttocks inside into his erect penis and started to pummel at him. Making him even harder as he took her hair and stroked at it.

Her blonde/whitish hair was all long and wild whilst she was toying with him by teasing his penis to the point he was desperate to ram it inside her pussy. Betty kept on digging into his cock allowing her ass to massage him as her hips swayed manoeuvring the young lad to a point of helpless adulation over this mature woman.
"Bet you are too fucking good" Betty smiled as she teased him "I bet you want to fuck me Michael. I bet you want to spread my legs and drill me don't you" "What do you think" he kept on stroking her hair.

Betty finally stood up and turned to face him, she looked him up and down commenting on his only piece of clothing "Grey socks and mountain boots" "Would you like me to take them off Bet" she shook her head "Keep them on. What I would like you to do Michael is follow me". Betty walked out of her bedroom and back onto the second floor landing she held onto the oak railing and walked down the marble stairs.
Michael watched her "Where are you going?" "I am going to get comfortable. Come on, do not be shy".

Michael stroking his cock as he followed Betty down the stairs and into the porch near the front door. Betty was taking her time playing with Michael once again leading him on.

As they entered the big spacious lounge and kitchen which had no wall Betty went towards the couch which was a milky white leather couch and sat down. Michael walked in front of her near the small brown coffee table Betty had bought from the Aston Laure store as comfort following her husband's departure, yet now this was her newfound comfort.

Betty opened up her legs "You do not need me to spell it out for you do you?" Betty asked after watching Michael's somewhat bewildered face become even more bewildered by her behaviour. He though caught onto her intent for him "I thought you would never ask". Michael went on his knees held both her legs up and spread each leg as wide as he could.

He studied her pussy which was pink and wet, dripping down on either side. Michael smiled as he looked at Betty whose blue eyes sparkled at the prospect of him fulfilling another one of her long unquenched desires of having her pink wet cunt licked and sucked.

Michael buried his head into her pussy and licked her clit with expert tenderness. His three fingers entered her pussy as he felt her hands grate on his dark hair. Betty was rummaging her hands on his hair far more aggressively than he was to hers when she was sucking him off. His fingers pinched around her pussy, entering and re-entering whilst his tongue took on an instinctual flicking motion that he did not even have to think about.

Betty watched him fascinated by how he knew what he was doing as if he was reading her mind "Betty this is a dream come true" "Not just yours". He stopped and looked at her "Really, you have fantasised about me doing this to you" "I have had so many fantasies as of late Michael. When a marriage ends reservations of behaviour and thoughts just disappear. I now know what women mean when they say they were liberated from their marriages ending".

Michael went back down as Betty started to tweak her nipples and lent her head back on the couch stroking her hair between going back to tweaking her nipples or watching his tongue lick her pussy and clit. She was smiling taken to new heights of pleasure she had never imagined she could reach.

Betty moaned as she tossed and turned due to the shivering physical sensation moving all across her "My toes are tingling" she muttered unsure why she felt the need to share the information. Michael ignored her as he feasted upon her clit and tried all he could to make her cum.

Betty was soon going to explode as she arched her back pressing her tits together "It is happening" Betty rolled from the couch onto the floor such was the sensations reaction to her. Michael was relentless as he followed her down and laid onto the white carpet his erection pressed between his body and her floor whilst Betty wrapped her legs together pressing his head inside her pussy until "FUCKING FANTASTIC" she yelled.

Michael moved back watching as the cum shot out squirting at his face and all across the floor, the cum was like water as opposed to cream of previous girls he had been with yet Betty did not differ from the celebratory calls out as she bit her tongue whilst her fingers rubbed her clit eager for the feeling to be prolonged.

Betty, after 4 minutes of tossing and turning and many orgasms later had managed to stop by breathing deeply. Michael sat up with his erection still crying out for more stimulation from her. Michael was leaning against the couch awaiting Betty to either do something to him or say something. The television was on as Michael turned down the volume using the remote controls which had been knocked off the couch from Betty "Go get yourself a drink and some more energy" she told him.

He stood up "Want anything" Betty sat up pushing her upper body up with her elbows "You've given me more than enough". she smiled as he smiled back and went to the kitchen. Betty laid back down and was still playing with herself while Michael opened her fridge and took out some orange juice.

He took a glass and poured some, then grabbed some cookies on a plate. Betty looked outside as she stood up and went to the window "It is getting darker" it was not totally dark outside yet as there was a deep blue colour still caressing the sky holding the clouds together.

Michael finished his drink and felt reenergised, he walked over to her as Betty turned "I never imagined you could do those things with your tongue" "Wait until you see what I can do with this" holding his cock in his hands "You really want to fuck me?" she asked him still questioning if this was happening "Your own auntie" she added "By marriage" reminding himself and her.

Betty and he hugged as they both kissed near the window their tongues toying with each other. Betty was incredibly horny still at this point "My pussy needs your cock" she whispered "I know". Still speaking between kisses "Where do you want me to fuck you". Betty pointed to the kitchen table "On top of the table".

He and she walked over still hugging and kissing, Betty climbed the kitchen table which was oak, the table was also coloured in a chestnut spray. Betty stood on the table as Michael followed her, they kissed standing until Betty sat down on the table and opened her legs, Michael laid down on top of her as she wrapped her legs around his ass cheeks.

Then they in a missionary position started to fuck, his hips bucking with ease with Betty making the most of his mouth which was warm and tasty to her. Michael felt his cock enter her 5 inches as he withdrew but he from previous partners had learned that the deeper he got his cock into their cunt and held his penis then the louder they screamed and this is exactly what he did to Betty and how Betty reacted.

"Yess...yess....yess....yess" she said, the cold from the table no longer a niggling factor to her as the heat they were both generating also made them comfortable. He was over 6'0 and stretched easily along the length of the dining table. Betty yelled as Michael licked her neck and pressed his tongue into hers once more. Betty came as Michaels eyes were wide eyed "You are coming" he nodded as his hips buckled. Betty met his thrusts with her own "Keep slamming inside".

Michael pushed his hips into hers as Betty bit onto his shoulder, as wave after wave of Michael's cum entered her pussy "Too long...been too long" was all Betty said. Michael had finished as both set about to have a tender affectionate kissing sessions on the table. In plain view of the open curtains on this rather miserable day.

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