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Not a true story.
Ok, this story takes place about six years ago, when I was thirteen. Not really, just setting the story. I lived in the burbs and I had a great life. There was a girl I had always liked, Naomi. I guess I always liked her name because it was I moan backwards. Yeah, wierd.

It started out during school, around noon. Naomi and I were sitting next to each other, working on a science project. Something about magnesium and how it blows up when it touches moisture. Naomi was pretty hot and popular. She was about 5ft 1', blond, electric blue eyes, and a drop-dead smile.The bell rang, and we walked out of class and to the cafeteria. I sat down at a table and started talking to my friends. About three minutes later she sat down next to me.
"Hi", she said.
"Um, listen, do you want to come over to my house after school and work on our project"? she asked curiously, obviously waiting for a certain answer.
"Sure, why not. How about three"? I replied.
"Ok, great. My parents are out of town on buisness. They work for the museum downtown", she said.
We talked for the rest of our lunch time, and went back to class. I couldn't stop thinking about her. My parents are out of town. Those words kept ringing in my head. Maybe I could get away with something, I thought. "Yeah, right, and my dog just threw the winning pass at the Green Bay Packers game.", I muttered to myself.

Later at dismissal I walked by Naoimi. "See you later", she called as I walked down the hall. "Right, see you later", I called back. I walked home from school, and since Naomi walked to, and lived across from me, I thought it was wierd that I didn't see her on the way home. At three I walked over to her house. "Come in", she said from inside when I knocked. I walked in and saw her laying on the couch, her legs open. She was wearing a skirt and a pair of sky blue panties, and listening to a cd player. "Hey", she said, and turned the cd player off, but not changing position. "Uh, hi", I said, looking at her panties, my cock getting hard. I'm not sure if she saw me doing it, but she giggled. "W-what?" I stammered. "Never mind, come on, lets go down to the basement. We have a computer down there", she said with a smile. She got up, not before giving one last good look at her panties. I followered her down the stairs to her basement. "Wow, nice", I said looking around. She had couch, table, tv, computer, stereo, and plenty else. "Thanks. This is kind of my other room, you know, for sleepovers and stuff", said. "ok, lets get started", I said. "Ok, but first let me get some drinks. Want anything"?, she asked. "Uh, sure, coke, if you have any", I said. "Ok", she said and walked up the stairs. I walked over to the tv. "Nice, she has free cable. Huh, I wonder", I said and turned it on. I searched until I found something good. A nice porno. I turned the volume down and sat on the couch. In about ten minutes, and after I had a very nice hard-on, she came back down. "Here you go", she said handing my coke to me. I took a sip, and immediately knew something was wrong. "Huh, thats wierd. Naomi, whats in this"? I asked. " Just coke... and a little vodka for flavor. "Huh, not bad", I said, taking a long sip. It tasted pretty good. "What are you watching"? she asked. Then I realized what she was saying. I never turned the tv off. "Oh, shit", I said. "Uh, well, I..." my voice trailed off as I saw her starting to grin. She was looking straight at my crotch. "Look, sorry, maybe this wasn't a good idea", I said getting up to leave. As I reached the stairs, she grabbed my shoulder and spun me around, planting a long, hard kiss on my lips. I stood their,suprised, then started to return her kiss. I had never kissed a girl before, but saw it on a lot of porno's. I slid my toungue into her mouth, exploring, which she gladly responded to. We broke, and laid down on the couch. I kissed her again, and moved down, toward her nice C-cups. She removed her shirt and unclasped her bra. As I pushed it away, I started kissing her nipples. "Oh, oh god that feels nice, do more", she said with a little moan. I continued, massaging her other breast with one hand, using the other to slip into her skirt. As I hit her panties, she moaned sharply. I pushed my index finger past the fabric, touching her lips, and pushing in. "Oh, god yes, oh, that feels so good. More, push it in more. I did, and she came, hard. "OH, OH GOD YEAH! That feels so FUCKING GOOD"! she moaned. I pulled my finger out, and she moved down to mypants. She unzipped my jeans and pulled my 7' 1/2 inch cock out. She moved her hand up and down my shaft, making me moan. She giggled, and put it in her mouth. She sucked hard, and moved her hands up and down my shaft. "Oh, yeah, keep it up", I said. My breathing started to get heavy, and I felt the sperm in my balls start moving up. "Oh, god, I'm gonna come"! I said, and blew my load down her throat. I decided to try something else. I moved down to her wet cunt and licked my lips. I smiled up at her, and stuck my tongue into her pussy. "Oh shit! Oh yeah!"she yelled, and orgasmed. After I licked up her cum, I removed he skirt and panties, and she took off my shirt. Slowly, I pushed my cock to her pussy, and slid the head in. "Man, that feels good. Your so tight!" I said and pushed another three inches into her cunt. After I got the full seven and half inches in, I started pumping slowly into and out of her. "Ohhh, yessssss. That feels incredible. Your HUGE!" she said. "Damn, I'm gonna come. I gotta pull out", I said. "No, don't.Its ok. My mom has me on the pill", she said. "Good. Oh, shiiit!" I said and shot a load into her cunt. "Damn, that was good. So, want to do some more work tomorrow?" I asked. "Sure", she said. "Huh, I should watch the Packers game tonight", I said to myself on the way out.

Please tell me what you think.

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2014-11-25 22:46:35
great story, but add details and put us in the action. make it feel like you were there again.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-16 11:48:39
paragraphs are your friend. be nice to your friends.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-07-03 21:09:08
Good story.
I know a few 13yo that are on the pill but are still virgins. It's called 'Over-protective Mother' people.
Any idiot will know if a pussy is tight by the feel of it when they stick their cock in.....its not hard to work out!!
I liked the story....needs to be longer and more deive. maybe some paragraphs too


2008-01-17 14:28:13
not bad rookie


2007-10-08 02:30:41
have you ever heard of double spacing? shit

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