Thank you all for your encouragement to keep this up. I would have wrapped it up at the end of my freshman year, but I am going to continue through high school. I do feel like I owe a chapter for House Girls to the people I left hanging, so I will probably try and finish that before raising the barn at Schultz
Becka was such a comfortable fit for me. Her tiny body nestled in perfectly to my curves when we spooned. I began our lovemaking by kissing her neck and shoulders. She tilted her head to the side to expose more of her silky neck to me. I rubbed her belly and her chest, lingering over her growing breast mounds and taut nipples. My cock rubbed her naked butt, finding the groove to its liking. Becka thrust back. We had been sexually active for many months and I had lost count of the number of times we brought each other to climax over that time frame. My cock pressed between the folds over her sex, rubbing her labia and clit, causing her pussy to secrete its moisture. She felt my cock slide back, raised her leg and thrust her pelvis back toward me, capturing my cock in her outer lips. When I thrust forward, she pressed back with her sex and my cock slid home.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm,” she exhaled in satisfaction. I was in no hurry to finish. I would be content to sleep like this, my cock nestled in the velvet vise of my preteen sister’s cunt. I pushed forward, embedding my erection as deeply as I could. I held that position, hips thrust forward. Becka responded by moving her hips up and down on my shaft, content to make short strokes that rewarded her with pressure on her g-spot. She rolled her face into the pillow and started to moan. I started to rock into her to match her moans. My free hand alternated between her tiny hips and her budding breasts. The feeling of my sister’s pleasure was exquisite. I picked up the pace, starting to thrust harder into her. She pushed the pillow into her mouth with both hands, stifling her gasps of pleasure. Several deep thrusts and I was blowing my wad against her cervix and feeling her pussy milking my cock for everything I could give.

We stayed locked in post coital glow, our sweat mingling. I fell asleep and only awoke when she climbed out the far side of my bed and entered the bathroom that connected our bedrooms. I was asleep again when I thought I heard her come back into my bedroom. I didn’t open my eyes, I just pulled back the covers and let her climb back in. She had put her nightgown on. She nestled back against me in her usual position and I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her tight to me and went back to sleep.

I don’t know how much later it was, but I could feel her hand reaching behind her to play with my cock. My cock stirred, getting my sleepy attention. I just let her have her way. She jacked my rod behind her back until I was ready for more action. I pushed her nightgown up, pulled her panties down and guided my hard cock to her warm pussy. Her hips seemed a little fuller with the nightgown on. I pushed my cock into her and was surprised at the resistance I felt, like she was holding me out. I backed up and thrust in again, this time gaining a little depth. I heard the sharp intake of her breath and she tensed.

“Are you ok?” I whispered.

“Yes, it’s fine. Keep going. All the way,” she whispered back over her shoulder. Then it hit me. This wasn’t Becka. This wasn’t Katie either. This was Katie’s little sister Kim. I froze with my cock only partially penetrating her virginity.

“Kim,” I hissed. “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Oh, and my sister and your sister should? It’s not fair. I want to be a big girl too. I want to feel what it’s like to have a thing inside me. Please don’t stop. Do it for me. Please! Just this once.”

I don’t know if my big head even had a say in the decision. My little head dove deeper into her virgin territory and that was that. Kim Schultz was no longer a virgin. We didn’t make love. I didn’t punish Kim for being so conniving, but I didn’t make love to her either. I kept the pace slow until she accommodated my length and girth, and then I picked up the pace. When she started moaning I rolled her on her belly, pressing her face into the pillow and climbed on her back, still embedded in her cunt. I powered in and out until I felt my load ready to explode. I pulled out, grabbed Kim by the back of the neck, and guided her face to my cock. She caught the full brunt of my explosion on her cheeks and nose. Instead of being repulsed by my abuse of her face, she seemed to relish the feeling of cum splattering her skin. I made her lick my cock to remove her juices and sent her back to her own bedroom. For the first time, I locked my bedroom door from the inside and crawled back into bed.

There was going to be hell to pay with Katie and Becka when they found out I had sex with Kim. I didn’t care. I just wanted some sleep. Paying hell would have to wait.

For the rest of the spring, I was kept pretty busy. Mrs. Schultz and my mom formed a strong friendship. Mrs. Schultz didn’t work like my mom did. She ended up cooking the evening meals and she was a really good cook. We ate a lot of German food that her mother had taught her to cook. There was homemade bread, pies, cakes, buttery cookies filled with jellies, and schnitzel. Having permanent house guests quickly grew to be normal. I had school, baseball practice, baseball games, work for Mister and daily chores making cedar shakes for the barn raising. Every so often I was called over the Schultz Farm and Senior or Junior Hoak would show me how to shape a compound mortise or angled tenon. Those guys were really serious about their wood shaping skills. They taught me how to put an edge on a hone and chisel. They also taught me how to use a shake splitter so that my output of shakes went so much faster. As old as Senior was, he was ten times faster than me when it came to splitting shakes. He could reduce a full round cedar length into a pile of shakes waist high faster than I could split that round into shake widths. He would set his splitter on the natural fault of the wood, where a shake would split easiest, and give it a swift blow with the shake hammer. Before that piece reached the floor, he’d split another. If you had a chance to stand and watch, it was akin to a single stream of shakes being pulled from the wood.

Word got out that Senior Hoak was erecting a barn using the old methods of construction and he was approached by both the engineering and the architectural colleges at Oregon State. They wanted to take part in both the labor and the raising. And they wanted to make an educational movie about it to show future students of all ages. Now I would have thought Senior Hoak would have run them off at the point of a chisel, but I was dead wrong. He seemed genuinely pleased that he was going to be able to teach a lot of college kids some of the old techniques and the craftsmanship that it takes to build a structure without using nails, steel or modern methods. The students were eager to learn all the methods, which was a great help to the Hoaks, but they sure didn’t like splitting shakes, so I ended up splitting about 90% of the entire amount needed.

Centerville High Baseball started racking up wins in impressive numbers. As the season wore on, if we were way ahead in the late innings, I’d get to play center field. If the game was close or the lead was narrow, I’d end up warming up to be the closer. We played double headers most of the time, just to get in enough games between spring rains. The crowds got bigger as the wins piled up. We lost a couple games here and there, and I got shelled more often than I like to remember, but we were number one in the league and a favorite to go deep into the state championships.

As school wound down, and the excitement in the halls grew with the coming of the summer, I had almost forgotten that Kim had tricked me into taking her virginity. Then one evening, after practice was over, dinner was done, and I was in the shed splitting my quota of shakes for the day. When I look back at those days now, I realize that I enjoyed the jobs most that I had to think the least. Hoeing thistle from clover, moving pipe, stacking hay, splitting shakes all had that in common. I could keep my hands moving while my mind wandered. There was a physical benefit to splitting shakes. It improved my hand-eye coordination, grip strength and forearm strength. The callouses on my hands made it easier to pitch without tearing up my fingers. Sometimes for baseball practice, the pitchers would stand in the outfield and throw a football back and forth to work on getting some spiral on the ball. It was the way Coach Billy Parsons thought we would learn to master the curveball. I thought about all that while I was hunched over the cedar chunk that I was splitting into shakes.

Katie joined me in the shed to keep me company. I looked up and smiled, not changing the rhythm of my splitter.

“We are moving home this weekend,” she commented. The repairs to their farmhouse had been completed and the family had been spending late evenings cleaning and painting, preparing to resume their normal lives.

“I know. I heard our folks talking. It’s going to be weird not having you in the same house anymore. I was growing used to it,” I said as I kept splitting.

“How come when you and I want to be alone, we have to climb up into the barn but when you and your sister or you and MY sister want to be alone, you have sex in your bed?” There it was. She was telling me she knew. I knew without a doubt that the next words out of my mouth were the most important of our relationship, if I wanted to keep a relationship. I stopped splitting cedar shakes and put my tools down. It gave me time to think up a reason. It was a good thing I was already seated on a cedar round, because I would have probably missed if I tried to sit down.

“I have sex with Becka in my bed because it’s easy and convenient for both of us. It’s private and really it’s our place. Same goes for the barn. You are the only one I take into the loft. To me, that’s our little private Garden of Eden. Your sister snuck into my room one night and pretended to be my sister, that’s the only way she could ever have sex with me. I didn’t realize who it was until it was too late. I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you, but I decided it would be better if I never told you. I was going to take it to my grave. But I understand if you want to break up with me. Anyone who would do something like that, doesn’t deserve you.”

“Oh I know you don’t deserve me,” she laughed. “I’m surprised you’ve only had sex with Kim once. She used to threaten to steal you away from me all the time. She and Becka schemed and plotted to get you to be Kim’s first. I thought it was cute and that you would never go along with it. I guess it’s kind of my fault that Kim snuck in on you, because I didn’t warn you. I know young teenage boys can be very, very horny. And that’s what makes you such a good boyfriend. Every girl in school wants you in their pants. I’m just lucky you like it in my pants and in the panties of the only two girls I trust you with.”

I was confused. I had been waiting on a serious ass-chewing. Tears. Shouting. Cursing. I got understanding instead. If I live another hundred years, I won’t be able to understand Katie. I tried not to be distracted by her telling me that all the girls in school wanted to get me to bed.

“What do we do now?”

“Do now? Nothing, you silly boy. You are going to continue to have sex with Becka whether you are my boyfriend or not. When we get married, she’s NOT coming on the honeymoon. And if she ever gets married, you WON’T be going on her honeymoon. But I know you love each other and are loyal to each other and I am over having a problem about it. I also know you won’t have sex with Kim any more. And you are going to stay my boyfriend until after we both graduate from college and then you are going to be my fiancé and then my husband.”

“How do you know I won’t have sex with Kim anymore?” I completely ignored the promise, the engagement and the marriage.

“If you wanted to fuck her again you would have fucked her again. She’s been trying to get in to your bed again, but you lock your door at night now. She really did trick you, didn’t she? She sneaks down the hall to your room every night, hoping to repeat her first time. Becka refuses to let her come in through her room either.” My face betrayed my astonishment. “You don’t hear her try your door?”

“Not even once.” It was true. This was a wrinkle I never worked out for myself. As I sat there and thought about it, I didn’t regret for one second that Kim was a one-and-done. Katie stood up and walked over to me, kicking the shakes out of the way. As she stood in front of me, beautiful, sexy, smart, and the most practical girl I knew, I couldn’t help but get a little drunk on her allure. She was wearing a simple brown dress with tiny blue corn flowers that covered her to her knees. It was something her mother had made for her. She was also wearing rubber boots, which pretty much declared Katie Schultz was pure country, through and through. The front of her dress was square across her bodice, showing just the top swelling of her firm young breasts. She had her hair gathered behind her ears and held off her face with a broad yellow headband. She didn’t need makeup to be beautiful. She just radiated beauty.

Katie raised her leg and mounted my lap, gathering her skirt higher on her thighs. She slipped her arms around my neck and we started kissing. Once Katie and I start kissing, work is pretty much over. I had my arms loose around her waist and she had her legs circled around me, and we were just kissing and enjoying the kissing. I had it in my mind to start working her out of her panties and onto my growing erection when I heard the back door of the house slam in the distance.

“Someone’s coming.” Katie kissed me a several more times before I managed to lift her off my lap. She was bent over picking up the finished shakes when Kim and Becka burst into the shed.

“Whatya both doin’?” asked Kim, in a conspiratorial tone. Now that Katie had warmed me to the idea that Kim was trying to catch my eye, I could see it. I could also see the look of amused impatience on Becka’s face. Becka still liked Kim a great deal, but she was jealous and irritated that after helping her friend lose her virginity to me, Kim had kept pursuing me. Becka only begrudgingly shared my affections with Katie and didn’t want to share me with Kim at all.

“Working. If you two are going to be underfoot, you are going to stack shakes,” I threatened.

“Nope. We are going over to our house and check the horses,” declared Kim. The two twelve year olds, grabbed hands and skipped out into the evening, making the trek through the connecting fields hand in hand. After watching them leave, Katie turned to me and moved back to my lap, eager to resume what we had started.

“Not here. Not in the open. Wait until tonight. Leave your window up and let the breeze in. After everyone else is asleep. Be sure to lock your door.” I had been trying to work up the nerve to sneak to her room for weeks. I knew I could move around on the porch roof quietly. She kissed me and pressed her loins to mine. It almost made me change my mind.

“I’ll be waiting,” she whispered. “I am going to make our last night our best night.” My cock jumped in anticipation. “Ohhh! I felt that!” She ground her pelvis against my restrained manhood. It was tough to do, but forced her off my lap and finished my quota of shakes.

After a long bath with my sister laying on the counter playing with her cunt in full view, I told her of my plan to sneak out to see Katie that night. I explained to her this was my last and only chance to have sex with her in a bed for a long time. She pouted, climbed down off the counter and stomped into her bedroom. She wasn’t that mad, she didn’t slam the door as she left. Instead she threw herself down on her bed and started to seriously masturbate while aiming her preteen cunt at me. I stood in her doorway and dried off, my cock at strict attention. It took a great deal of willpower for me not to go cover her young body with my own and give her the sexual release she desired. She locked her eyes to mine, hand furiously rubbing her clit, fingers diving in and out of her slit, disappearing into her pussy. It looked to me like it was hurting her. I wanted to tell her to stop. But her eyes glazed over, her back arched, she clamped her thighs together, she held her breath and her body was wracked by small tremors. When her eyes cleared, and her breathing resumed, she rolled on her side, facing away from me, leaving her ass and pussy exposed. She was swollen, red and glistening. I turned away from the temptation to drive my face into her sex and lick her clean.

I pulled my shorts on and lay down on top of my covers. My heart was racing. It was like my first time all over again. Every twenty seconds I looked over at my clock, willing the minute hand to move faster around the dial. I listened to the sounds of the house dying down. My father left for his night shift and my mother slipped behind her bedroom door. The house was quiet. I waited a full thirty minutes longer before I slipped out of my bed and stepped through the open window onto the gently sloping roof over the deep porch. I kept my hand on the clapboard siding and walked around the house, passing by the room where Kim slept. Her bed was near the window and I could just make out her form on top of her sheets. She had her covers thrown back and her legs were akimbo. The partial moon and the stars gave her a bluish tint. I paused. She didn’t stir. I slipped past, and found the window I was seeking around the next corner. Katie’s bed wasn’t near the window. I stepped through to the floor, standing silhouetted against the window while my eyes adjusted to the darkness. There was a hint of light coming from under the door.

“Over here, Paul,” she whispered from the darkness. I followed the voice in the darkness and when my shadow moved off of her bed, I could see Katie nude against the white sheets. “I’ve been waiting so long, I thought you changed your mind.”

“Never,” I said. “Never in a million years, Katie Schultz.” I dropped to my knees next to her bed and kissed her long and slow. Her body squirmed, but I didn’t lay a finger on her. I kissed her mouth, her cheeks, her eyes, her forehead. Then I kissed her neck, her shoulders, between her breasts. I kept kissing her down the center of her abdomen, then around her navel. I kissed down one hip to her thigh and down her thigh to her knee. I kept going down her calf to her ankle and the top of her foot. She was so ticklish that she was squirming the entire time. I don’t know why, but I pulled her foot to my mouth and even sucked her toes. She squirmed like I was giving her an electrical shock. She writhed and flailed on the bed, fighting to keep from screaming out. Her fists pounded the mattress and her entire body tensed. I let her foot go and she relaxed. Then I started on the other. When I thought she could take no more, I kissed and nibbled my way back up her ankle, her calf, her knee, the inside of her thigh. Just as I was about to kiss her pussy, which was radiating heat and scent, I shifted my focus to her hip and then her stomach. Back upward to her breasts, which I licked and nibbled and kissed. Her nipples had never been so taut. Her neck tasted like salt from her arousal sweat. Her lips found mine and she grasped my head with both her hands, l put my hand on her thigh and danced my fingers up to her pussy, which she thrust up to meet my probing fingers. She moaned into my mouth as my fingers spread her fiery sex. I slid them in and out, circling my thumb around the protruding nub of her clit. She started to cum on my hand, squeezing my fingers with her thighs. She tensed, first driving her pelvis up, then curling up into a ball, eager to increase or lessen my pressure on her labia. She managed to dislodge my fingers from her channel, but not from between her legs. I rubbed her slit, allowing my middle finger to part her folds. When I rubbed her deep, my fingertip found her ass, where I rubbed it around the edges, spreading her natural lubrication. I inserted just the tip of my finger into her nether hole and it gripped and contorted around it, telegraphing the tightening of her pelvic muscles as her second orgasm washed through her system. I withdrew my hand, raising it to her mouth. She sucked on my fingers one at a time and then rolled on her side, fumbling with the waistband of my shorts. She managed to get them down past my massive boner. She guided me to her mouth and then swallowed my rod as far as she could. I felt her hands on my ass, pulling me deeper. I had waited so long I didn’t even try to hold back. If anything, I was trying to cum sooner so I could get to my second erection that I knew would last much longer. As I was about to explode, I gripped the back of her neck with one hand and drove my other into her swollen snatch. She moaned with my intrusion into her sensitive sex and that relaxed her throat just enough for me to shove the last bit deep into her. My orgasm pumped directly into her throat, and she lay limp and willing to let me abuse her in any way I desired. When my ejaculation died down, I pulled my cock from her throat. I climbed onto the bed next to her and we kissed long and passionately.

“If sex is so good when we are 14, what’s it going to be like when we are 24?” she asked.

“By then,” I replied, “we will probably be doing other things.”

“You mean like putting your dick into my butt?” she asked matter of factly.

“Yeah, something like that.”

“I’m not sure I am going to like it. Just the tip of your finger is uncomfortable.”

“Do you want me to stop? You didn’t say anything. I just like to feel your orgasm when it tightens your ass muscles. It’s really sexy.”

“It’s ok. As long as one of us likes it,” she declared, kissing me all over. “Lay back, it’s my turn.”

We exchanged places and she straddled my hips with hers. Her damp cunt was split by my still hard cock. She kissed my face and neck, then sat up and started running her fingernails across my chest. It felt really good, except when she scraped them across my nipples, She continued to scratch me until the my chest got hot. Then she moved down to my stomach. Then she scratched my thighs. My skin was electrified by the overwhelming sensations. She moved back to her original position and leaned forward until just her nipples rubbed against mine. The focus of her arousal was in those two hardened nubbins of flesh. She drug her nipples up my chest and covered my face with her breasts. I could feel her pussy hair against the now-sensitive skin of my stomach. It was a combination of pleasure and pain. I licked at her nipples and raised my hands to grasp her breasts, but she caught them and pinned them to the bed next to my head. She had moved off of my cock and it jumped and shook with excitement. As she slid back down my torso, I made my cock jump up so it would strike her pussy and find its way home. I needed to be inside her. Thankfully she needed me inside her as well.

She released one hand to reach behind and guide my cock into her cunt. When I was seated inside her, and not in danger of slipping out, she gripped my hand again and used my hands as leverage to press herself down the length of my tool. She was in charge and I was just there for the ride.

She moved her hips up and down, feeling the ridges of my cock against the inner lips of her sex. When she had pressed me as deep as I could go, she would grind her ass, shifting my balls with her cheeks. Then she would lean forward and we would repeat the process. She rode me for a long time. I was nearly ready to explode when she collapsed against my chest, spent. This would not do.

I made her lay flat on me, chest to chest. Then I made her stick her legs out straight on top of mine. With my cock still engaged, I rolled us over so I was on top. Instead of letting her spread her legs, I moved mine to the outside, and slowly ground my hard-on against her pubic bone. Katie couldn’t take this. All of the focused friction was too much. She struggled to free herself, but I locked her lips to mine and began the slow grind that would allow me to finish. Her tongue drove itself deep into my mouth and I started to match my thrusts to her tongue. If she went around, I moved my hips in a circle. If she darted in, I darted in. Her tongue became my puppet master. I dropped my hands under her ass and squeezed. The added pressure was too much and I began pumping a load of cum into her belly. The extra lubrication was all I needed to be able to pick up the pace. Katie started gasping into my mouth, moaning and grunting. She rolled her head back, exposing her neck. I buried my face against her neck and that was all she wrote. Katie rode the waves of pleasure until she couldn’t see straight. She went limp. I was scared I caused her to pass out, when her giggling gave her away.

“Dang you Paul David! I was going to make you stay here all night, but you done wore me out. I am a well-loved young lady. Thank you thank you thank you!” She covered my face with kisses. I finally disengaged and rolled over to one side of her.

“The bed is soaked through, thanks to you!” she laughed. She moved over and I felt where she had been laying. True enough, it was damp in the perfect outline of her body.

“I guess I’d better get back to bed. It’s a big day tomorrow, helping you move.” I sat up and found my shorts in the darkened bedroom. It was much easier now to see by the partial moonlight.

“I love you Katie Schultz!” I declared, bending over to kiss her goodnight.

“I love you too Paul David.”

I climbed out the window and into the chilly spring night air. I paused before passing by Kim’s window. I couldn’t see her in bed. As I watched, her door opened and she walked in. She climbed into bed and pulled the covers up over her. I waited a couple of minutes and snuck past, slipping back into my own room. My bed was being warmed by my little sister Becka. I slipped in beside her, moving back to back with her. Her warmth flowed through me and I fell into the sleep of the satisfied.

I woke up at the crack of dawn. I kissed Becka lightly on the cheek and slipped out of bed to dress in the bathroom. I exited through Becka’s room and slipped downstairs. My mother was just pouring coffee for herself and the Schultz’s. She handed me her cup and grabbed another. We sat around the country kitchen table and talked quietly. Sam and Barbara Schultz were family now. It was going to be strange to be a family of four again. We were working on our second cups of coffee when the door opened and my father returned from work.

“It’s going to be a beautiful day today,” he exclaimed. “I almost stopped by your house and set it afire. We have really enjoyed having you stay with us. And we are all going to miss your cooking Barbara.” My mother nodded.

“Don’t you worry, your wife is a fine cook and I showed her how to make everything I make. I am sure you will do just fine. Besides,” she winked, “we are just the next place over if you want to come for supper.”

Moving the Schultz family back home didn’t take long. They only had their clothing and a few rescued mementos to take back to their farm. It was a lot tougher on Becka and I to lose our companions. But they were less than half a mile away, an easy walk. We had already beaten a smooth path between the two houses. Still it was a bittersweet day all around.

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