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A young man gets dominated by his girlfriend...who is a shemale!
(FICTIONAL)I had my girlfriend for a while at the time. She was 20, and I was 18. We had been going out for 7 months but never done anything more than a kiss. A few times I could tell that she was trying to go further but my nervousness held me back. I was a virgin, and I assumed she wasn't. I don't know why, but something gave me the feeling that she wasn't. Her name was Katia (a Russian name translating to "Pure"). She was 6'0". I was 6'4". I was a starting Point Guard for my college basketball team. I wasn't sure what she did, but I knew she was going to school to be an epidemiologist(someone who studies the spread of disease). On one of our dates in early December-the 8th I recall-she was especially...oncoming about further sexual activities. I was tired after an NCAA basketball win today, and Katia was energetic. We were at a park playing basketball, which she was actually alright at. She asked me if I wanted to go over to her apartment, which I had never been to before-I only ever did homework with her at her dorm. It was a messy place, and she asked me to hang up my jacket in her closet. I did, and noticed that there was an odd circular silhouette in the far right corner. I figured it was a toy or something from her childhood that she wanted to keep. It was a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. She had a large bed and three pet dwarf hamsters, which she was attempting to breed. She sighed and asked me if I wanted some black tea. I said yes and thanked her. The tea was soon done, and we drank it on her three seat couch. She quietly asked, "I think you know why I asked you to come here. Are you sure you want this? There's no turning back.". I thought for a second and just nodded. She said that she would "get ready" and that I should too. I told her that this was my first time doing this, and I didn't know what she wanted. "Just take your clothes off." was what Katia said. I did, assuming she knew what she was doing. She came out of her bedroom after a minute or two, and I was startled by what happened when she came out. She had an erect 6" penis, mine being 7". I stuttered, not knowing what I was trying to say, maybe something about me maybe wanting to turn back-but I knew she wouldn't let me. She asked me if I was ready, and I realized that I was hard as well. I nodded reluctantly. She told me to bend over. I was scared now. I just did as I was told, and she said "Thanks for the cooperation. I'll go slow at first, 'cause this is your first time. It'll probably hurt a bit at first, though. She slowly pushed her throbbing penis inside me, and I found that I was quickly in extreme pleasure with a moderate amount of pain. She seemed to be satisfied, as well. Katia started rubbing my dick, attempting to make me ejaculate. I did, slightly before her. When I did, my body almost went limp. But I knew that if I let it, I would get my ass hammered harder than I wanted to. There was soon a large amount of her sperm inside me. She regained her energy and said "I'll be going a lot faster this time. I'll bet you'll cum before I do again. You've officially been analfucked. Congratulations. And by the way, we're not stopping when you get tired. We're stopping when I want to. There's no going back, like I said.". I was frightened but didn't have time to say anything before I had a her long shaft inside me. It hurt more now, but it felt even better. I had 2 orgasms before she had one, and by this time I was moaning and yelling like a young virgin girl. According to Kaita, anyway. I went limp without realizing what I was doing. She then started going as fast as she possibly could, and I was loudly moaning. She said things like "You're my bitch now" and "You're moaning like you're addicted to this". I felt like I was getting addicted to it. I soon started saying, "Yes! Yes, I'm your bitch! Please, do this more...". I knew I had lost myself to her when I said that. Then she smirked and said "Good boy. I knew it would be easier to break you if you were a virgin, so I've been keeping you safe from anyone else. I realized that she was right-she had been keeping me from any other girls. Her plan had gone perfectly according to plan. She went on for 10 minutes longer before she stopped for a second and asked me how it felt. I was in too much pleasure to realize what she said, or respond to it. She told me to answer or I'd have to swallow her sperm. I told her that it was amazing, and that I wanted to do that anyway. She giggled and said "Ooh. So are you saying that not only are you my bitch, but now you're just my playtoy?" I nodded and looked up at her. She smiled and stuck her still throbbing dick out. I knew what to do. I deepthroated her while she put her hand on my head and helped move me back and forth. She ejaculated and her sperm didn't taste very good, but since I was just a playtoy and had no say in it, I swallowed it. She told me to bend down again and that she'd take a few more rounds on my ass. I quickly did that and shook my ass in happiness as she put her now even larger than before rod in me. The pleasure was increasing and now unbearable. I screamed at a few points and then she spanked me. It didn't hurt because I was in so much pleasure. We had simultaneous orgasms and then I just fell down, exhausted, still leaking cum. Kaita said, "I knew it would be better if you didn't go back. Next time, I'll invite Amber. She's like me, too. I can take you from behind while you suck her. Then you'll be ours, not just mine. I'll do this every other day for you." I was surprised because Amber was a good girl and I didn't know that she would do this. I didn't care though, I would still get fucked by two people at once. I stayed the night and since then we have been doing it every other day, sometimes with Amber. My life has been amazing since that day, and I am now a genuine, living, sex slave to Kaita and Amber.
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