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Kimi gets her comeuppance in this third and probably final episode.
Eric heard the doorbell chime and looked around for his wife. “You gonna get that?” he shouted. Hearing the shower running, he reluctantly muted the remote and got up to answer the door. There were two people standing in the hallway. One was a tall, well-dressed black man in his late twenties, the other a striking teenage girl of about 15. She was holding a shopping bag.

“Can I help you,” said Eric, looking at them quizzically.

The black man spoke first. “I wonder if we might speak with Kimi for a moment.”

Eric scrutinized him for a moment, wondering what his connection was with his wife. “She’s in the shower. Does she know you?”

The black man laughed. “Yeah, I guess you could say we’re acquainted.” The blonde girl only smiled. “Just tell her it’s DeShawn and Crystal.”

Something in the way he said it bothered Eric a little, but he nevertheless invited the two strangers inside. “She’ll be out in a few minutes. Have a seat.” He turned his back and led them toward the living room. Instantly, DeShawn took a handgun from his pocket and cracked Eric over the head with it. Eric slumped to the floor, unconscious.

“Quick, get his clothes off and tie him up,” said DeShawn. Together, they stripped him naked and sat him in a straight-backed wooden chair Crystal brought from the kitchen. Pulling a length of rope from the shopping bag, DeShawn tied him securely, his arms bound together at the wrists behind the back of the chair. Then he put a gag in his mouth. They finished just as they heard the shower stop.

A few minutes later, Kimi walked into the living room with a towel tied around her, drying her hair with another. She froze in fear as she saw her bound, naked husband, slumped in the chair. Then her eyes quickly flew to DeShawn and Crystal, both seated on the couch.

“Oh, my god, DeShawn!! What did you do to him? What are you DOING here??”

“Hey, baby,” said DeShawn calmly. “Long time no see.”

Kimi ran to her husband. “Eric! Are you all right?”

“He’s going to rest for a little while, Kimi.,” said DeShawn. He’s just got a little bump on the head. That will give us time to talk.”

“We don’t have anything to talk about,” said Kimi angrily. “How did you find out where I live, anyway?”

“Oh, I have ways,” he chuckled. “Don’t underestimate me, Kimi. That’s not healthy.”

“What do you want,” asked Kimi coldly.

“You never called, Kimi. You should have called me.”

“Look, DeShawn, it was just a night out, you know, a fantasy thing. I’m not about to be one of your whores.” She glanced quickly at Crystal.

“It’s like I told you, Kimi, you don’t ever want to be saying no to me,” said DeShawn. “And even if you don’t come and work for me, I still want to be able to fuck that tight little cunt of yours any time I feel like it. Not to mention that luscious ass.

“You’re insane!” hissed Kimi. “I won’t do it!”

DeShawn continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “Kimi, I think there’s something important you’re forgetting. What do you think hubby here is going to think when I tell him where you’ve been spending your free nights? Huh? Does he know what a little slut he married?”

Kimi glared at him. She knew she was trapped. If he told Eric everything, she’d be humiliated and her marriage would be over. But if she did what DeShawn wanted….what DID he want? What had ever possessed her to allow this maniac into her life? Her mind raced as she frantically considered the few options she had. One thing was certain: she had to get him out of here. Her shoulders slumped in defeat. “All right…you win. Let’s go back to your room.”

DeShawn chuckled. “No, that won’t do at all, Kimi.” He looked around the condo. “This is a nice place you have here. I think maybe we’ll fuck right here. If you’re lucky, your husband won’t wake up and find out just what kind of a woman you are.”

“You can’t be serious!” said Kimi.

“Oh, I’m dead fuckin’ serious, babe.” He held up the gun and pointed it at Kimi’s chest. “I’m serious as a heart attack. Now drop that towel, get over here and suck my dick.”

Kimi froze, trembling with fear as she stared at the gun. Do what he says, she thought to herself. She dropped the towel she had been using to dry her hair.

“The other one, too,” said DeShawn, still holding the gun menacingly and waving it at her impatiently.

Kimi reached up, undid the knot in the towel just above her breasts and let it fall, leaving her naked before him. She walked toward him as if in a trance, moving down to her knees on the carpet.

DeShawn stood up, quickly stripping off his shirt, his shoes, his pants. “We might as well all get comfy, eh?” he said as he finished disrobing. “You too, Crystal.”

Obediently, Crystal stood up and pulled her cropped tee-shirt over her head, then wriggled out of her denim shorts and her skimpy bikini panties. Her slim, pale body contrasted vividly with DeShawn’s dark skin.

DeShawn sat down on the couch again in front of Kimi, his semi-hard cock resting like a hose against one thigh. Motioning to Crystal, she walked over and sat down next to him, his hand sliding around her neck and fondling one of her pert breasts. “C’mon, suck it, babe.”

Kimi leaned forward, both of her hands closing around the thick shaft, feeling it lengthen and thicken as she slowly stroked the loose foreskin. She had resigned herself to the need to submit to DeShawn, hoping against hope that Eric wouldn’t wake up until she could get rid of him. Then she might be able to figure out what else to do. Right now….she needed to get him off.

Despite her fear, she found herself staring at the thick shaft of his cock, the way the glans appeared as she slid his foreskin down, then disappeared beneath it as her fingers moved upward again. God, it was beautiful! She felt herself becoming wet as her mind replayed the scene in the hotel room yet again. She had never been fucked like that in her life. As if in a trance, she moved her head toward it, extended her tongue, and slowly encircled the gleaming head.

“Yeahhh…that’s it, baby. Take it in your mouth.”’

Kimi’s lips touched the head and slowly slid down around it, ovalled tightly as she engulfed the first few inches of his cock. Her fingers pulled his foreskin down toward the base of the thick shaft and she began to suck him in a slow, steady rhythm.

Crystal watched her nurse on his cock with interest. “Mmmm, she’s good at it,” she said. She reached down and slid her fingers around the base of his cock and slowly masturbated it into Kimi’s wet mouth, her fingers meeting Kimi’s lips with each slow stroke.

“Oh yeah, she loves to suck dick,” said DeShawn. “That’s it, baby, jerk me off into her mouth.”

Kimi sucked hungrily, moaning around the cock in her mouth as Crystal stroked it. Kimi’s pussy flooding with nectar. She knew she was lost. She would do whatever this man wanted –- she knew it and he knew it. Not because he was blackmailing him or had a gun. Because she needed it. Needed it more than she needed her husband.

DeShawn felt his arousal building under the twin assault of Kimi and Crystal. He knew he could hold back, though. He fully intended to save himself for the main event. “Crystal, get down there and suck on my cock while Kimi licks and sucks my balls.”

Crystal kneeled on the couch on her knees and leaned forward. Kimi let his cock slip from between her lips, and guided it with her fingers between Crystal’s parted lips. The girl sucked eagerly on it, her eyes closed and her head slowly bobbing up and down. She may be 15, but she’s had some experience, Kimi thought to herself. Kimi moved lower and slowly began licking his big balls, tracing all around them and bathing them with her saliva. She patiently explored, letting her tongue slide down lower, insinuating itself between the cheeks of his ass. He scooted lower on the couch cushion, allowing her to spear her tongue against the tight muscle of his asshole. DeShawn groaned as Kimi’s tongue played with his ass, wiggling against it. The little bitch was his, he thought. He had read her right from the start. All she needed was a stiff cock buried inside her, in any or all of her holes.

Kimi slid her tongue upward again, and slowly sucked his balls into her mouth, making love to each of them in turn. Eventually, she released them and traced upward with her tongue. Crystal released his cock from her mouth, and the two of them licked and sucked on the ebony shaft, working together on opposite sides of it. When they reached the head, they kissed softly, Kimi vividly remembering the fluttering of Crystal’s tongue against her clit, and the ecstatic convulsions it induced in her.

DeShawn abruptly shattered Kimi’s reverie. “That’s enough. Get down on your knees, right there where your hubby can get a good view.”

Kimi was past caring what happened next, what Eric would think if he awoke. Eric didn’t matter now. Only DeShawn’s cock mattered. Quickly, she crawled in front of her unconscious husband, her back arched downward, her upturned ass swaying from side to side in obscene invitation. DeShawn crawled up behind her, grabbed the base of his cock, and guided it to the dripping-wet entrance to her yearning vagina. With one slow thrust, he buried it completely in her cunt, which stretched deliciously to accommodate its girth. Kimi groaned as she felt him penetrate her snug, silky depths. Her vagina gripped him tightly as he began to withdraw, then thrust forward again, sinking into her as she wriggled slightly and pushed back against him.

“Fuck, I’d almost forgotten how tight that little Japanese cunt of yours is, Kimi.,” he said, beginning to thrust slowly in and out. “Crystal, why don’t you get down there and let her eat your pussy?”

Crystal needed no prompting. She moved around Kimi and eased down onto the carpet, her legs spread to exposed her young sex. “Lick me, Kimi,” she said. “Like I did you.”

Kimi gazed at the girl’s moist cleft, her sparse strands of curly blonde hair. She was so immersed now in the steamy scene that she would have agreed to almost anything. Was it any worse than what she had already done? she thought. Would it harm the girl if Kimi repaid her for the pleasure she had given her the week before? With a little sigh, she lowered her head, and licked upward along the folds of Crystal’s labia, her tongue slipping between them. The girl tasted heavenly, like strawberries and cream. She began to avidly lap at her sex, her tongue glancing off the girl’s tiny clit button as Crystal whimpered softly. Kimi stiffened her tongue and skewered inside her tight little vagina as Crystal moaned and thrust her hips against Kimi’s eagerly thrusting tongue.

The fog slowly lifted from Eric’s head as he began to regain consciousness. He raised his head, and his blurry eyes gradually opened. It took him a moment to fully comprehend what was transpiring right in front of him. Kimi! She was on her knees, her face buried between the legs of the young girl who had come to his door! Christ, she was licking her, tongue-fucking her! A child!

Then his eyes drifted to the left. The black man! He was behind her, slowly driving his impossibly huge penis in and out of his wife’s pussy! His eyes widened as he came to full consciousness, riveted to the glistening black cock sawing in and out of his wife.

As he attempted to struggle, he discovered that he was bound tightly to the chair and gagged. He could neither move nor speak. At was at that moment that he also noticed that he was naked. What the fuck had happened?

“Hmmmmm…look who’s awake,” said DeShawn, turning his head to look at Eric. “Look, Kimi, your husband’s back with us.”

Kimi lifted her head and turned to face her husband, her face flushing with shame. “Eric, he forced me!” she whispered.

Eric tried to speak, but couldn’t do more than make strangled sounds around the gag.

“Kimi, I think your hubby is probably smarter than that,” laughed DeShawn, still slowly thrusting his cock in and out of her. “Isn’t that right….Eric, isn’t it?” Eric glared at him.

“Well, Eric, I think you should know that your cute little wife is a whore. I picked her up down in the Tenderloin a week or so ago and paid her $500, which wasn’t a bad deal considering the fact that she damn near fucked me to death. Gotta tell you, dude, you’re one lucky man. I don’t know when I’ve ever felt a pussy suck on my dick the way hers does.”

Eric struggled violently against the ropes, but they held fast. His wife, a prostitute, a whore! Could this black bastard be right? Despite his rage, he felt his cock lurch to life as he watched the obscene tableau in front of him. God, Kimi looked beautiful, impaled on this stranger’s throbbing member!

Eric’s reaction was not lost on DeShawn. “Crystal, I think our boy is getting a little bit excited. Why don’t you go over there and suck his dick for him while he watches. He might as well enjoy watching his wife getting fucked.”

Crystal eased reluctantly from under Kimi’s face, and crawled on hands and knees to Eric. He was powerless to resist or protest, as she lifted his cock and slowly slid her lips down over it, sucking him enthusiastically. Eric groaned as the girl engulfed his penis, and he felt it lengthen and thicken in her mouth. Christ, she was just a child, he thought. Where had she learned to suck a man’s cock like that?

DeShawn, watching Crystal with satisfaction, now returned his attention to Kimiko. “Don’t worry, Kimi, Crystal will make him feel real nice. Now, why don’t you tell your husband how much you love getting fucked this way?”

Kimi groaned in humiliation, but she kept silent, even as her body betrayed her, moving back to meet the thrusts of his cock. Crystal slurped noisily on Eric’s cock, her mouth flooded with saliva.

DeShawn buried his glistening cock in her to the balls. His voice was taunting. “C’mon, Kimi, tell your husband the truth. You ever have a cock this big?”

Kimi shivered as he sank his prick inside her, his balls slapping against her clit. Her orgasm seethed just beneath the surface. Just a little more. “No….please….don’t make me….” she moaned.

Roughtly, DeShawn reached out and grabbed her hair, yanking her head around to face her husband as he buried his cock in her again. “YOU EVER HAVE A COCK THIS BIG, BITCH?” he growled.

“No!” she hissed. “Not this big.”

“Your husband ever FUCK you this good? Huh?” He rammed his cock into her and she writhed back against him. “HUH?”

“No!” she groaned, teetering on the brink of orgasm. “I can’t….”

“SAY IT!!”

Kimi’s capitulation was total. Eric didn’t matter now. All that mattered now was his pistoning cock, mercilessly driving her toward her burgeoning climax. “NO!” she screamed, fucking back against DeShawn’s skewering cock. “NOBODY EVER FUCKED ME THIS GOOD!!!”

DeShawn reveled in her abject surrender. “YOUR HUSBAND HAVE A COCK THIS BIG?”

“NO!” Kimi sobbed. “YOURS IS BIGGER!! Bigger and better and FUCK ME!! MAKE ME CUM!!

Eric watched incredulously as his wife pleaded with the black man to fuck her harder. The bitch was loving it! It was if she had become another person, a wanton, deranged sex-machine!

Through the haze of his anger, he realized that he was rock hard, bizarrely aroused by his wife’s betrayal, and by her obscene fucking by the black man. Crystal, meanwhile, was still hungrily sucking on his raging cock, taking him deep in her throat, her lips all the way down to the base of his shaft. But now she released him, standing up and turning away from him. He was disappointed for a moment, but then she lowered herself onto his lap, reaching down and guiding his erect penis between the folds of her tight teenage cunt. Slowly, she lowered her slim body, impaling herself on his rampant, dripping-wet cock. He groaned as she began moving on him, fucking herself on his cock as if it were a dildo, while she watched DeShawn fucking Kimi with a silent fury. She leaned back and whispered urgently in his ear as her cunt clasped his cock tightly. “Mmmm, fuck me….fuck me while he fucks your wife!” Eric moaned as he heard the obscene entreaties from the mouth of the young girl, and his balls began to tense in anticipation of flooding her cunt with his sperm. She reached down and caressed her clit with her fingers as she drove both of them to the brink of orgasm.

The two couples drove toward their inevitable climax, Crystal bouncing on Eric’s cock as DeShawn grabbed Kimi’s hips and pistoned his cock in and out of her hard and fast. Kimi suddenly cried out as she felt her body erupt in a furious orgasm. “OHGOD!!! YEEESSSSS!!! GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!!”

DeShawn violently thrust his dick into her as he felt his balls constrict, sending hot, thick spurts of cum into her welcoming, spasming cunt. The sounds of their climax drove Eric to the point of no return. “OHHHFUUUUCKKKK!!” he groaned, his cock flourishing, sending thick pulses of cum into the teenage girl’s eager womb. Crystal, too, convulsed as he bathed her with his thick, white sperm, her cunt eagerly milking the syrupy cum from his balls. Their orgasms seemed to continue unabated for seconds, cum spurting endlessly from deeply embedded cocks into semen-flooded vaginal tunnels.

Kimi walked slowly up Larkin Street, thinking about how suddenly her life had changed. It was a month since DeShawn and Crystal had appeared unexpectedly at her home. Her marriage was over. Eric had thrown her out, left his job and taken another one in another city. Most of Kimi’s friends had deserted her, at least those that knew both she and Eric.

She sighed as she pondered her fate. Her reverie was short-lived. A car pulled up, and she turned. Smiling at the driver, she walked around the car and leaned in the front window. “So, you looking for fun tonight?”

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