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A story of Cross lives one a normal kid in his search for acceptance and another with a power that makes his life heaven
Ok before I start the story i want people to know that the first story is pretty much my life as a 13 year old freshman and my life through school. However to add a little of fantasy to it I added a secondary life, the secondary life is my brother he is a science expirement that has the ability to control time. Hope you enjoy, let me know if you want me to continue or stop it or even seperate the two stories. Paul and I real sex stories are when we are out of time pause, everything fake is in the time pause.

I awoke to the worst feeling any teenage boy could ever have. The feeling of the first day of high school. I walked downstairs and grabbed myself a bowl of cereal, as I sat upon the couch I looked around, and noticed that my brother had not come down with me. Also, he never came in last night to get on his top bunk of our bunk bed. I called to my mom.
"Mom, Where is Noah?"
"He went to camp."
What the fuck? Now something, didn't feel right Paul was never the one for "camps". He usually told me this crap anyways.
Paul and I have been best friends since the day he was born, I was born 6 hours before him, and through life we've been together at parties and playing sports with our older step-siblings and the neighborhood kids. However it wasn't the first time we were seperated but it was the first time he hadn't told me where he was going. I wasn't really worried he could handle himself.
I got ready for school, looking in the mirror at my 5'4" tall average weighted body I thought of what this year could hold instore. All i could think of was the developing girls and the parties that included sex and beer. What a thought it was such a thought I had gotten myself hard. Now I thought with no brother in the room i could finnaly masturbate. I'll save the details but after i gotten myself off i walked to my bus stop and waited with the group. On my street their werent many kids so the only kids on the bus stop were Paul, Me and Tisha and her little brothers. Tisha was kinda a bull amongst cows in the fact that she was stronger than most boys but also dressed in more guy clothing. However she wasn't that bad her ass was pretty tight ans she had C-cup breasts which was among the top 5 in size at our school. We had been friends since the first day My family moved here to Fillmore, NY from Rush, NY but she was always friendly.
When i arrived at the bus stop it was about 7:30 which gave me about 10 minutes until the bus would come, all I could think was I'm such a dumbass! When i turned the corner i saw Tisha at the bus stop with her blond hair. but this was strange she was wearing a tight shirt and some jeans that hugged her ass, she actually looked like a girl. I walked to the bus stop and stood on her right side.
"Hey Owen, What's new?"
"Not much, you?"
It seemed like we had been standing there forever, then something unexpected happened, she dropped her pencil infront of me and she grinded her ass against my dick as she bent over. Oh she was not gonna get away with that I brought my fingers to her camel toe and started to rub, she instantly stood up and walked back to my left. Again it seemed like forever, but there it was again her hand wandering near my crotch, that was the last straw I threw down my backpack and her's grabbed her by her waist and dragged her into the woods behind our bus stop.
"About time!" she said
I ignored her remark and undid my pants as she dropped to her knees, I checked my watch 8 minutes.
She started to whack me off and all i could do was relax and enjoy the feeling of her soft hand against my dick.
"It's not bad but I was hoping for two dicks to handle, where's your brother?"
"Camp." As I grabbed her head and forced her mouth on my dick, for never doing this before her mouth was so great that it took me about 6 minutes to cum. As I did I smashed my dick all the way down her throat.
The bus came and i headed of to school as Tisha attempted to make sure no ne could she the cum she couldn't keep in her mouth by licking it up and swallowing the protein i left her
After six weeks of school and constant blowjobs from Tisha, my brother returned home and he told me the story that hardly anyone would ever believe.
He told me that he was selected for a military science experiement, they altered his genes so now he can control time, he can stop, rewind and fast forward time without anyone knowing except the ones that contain his blood.
"So does that include me?"
"Not Yet." My brother than made a little incesion on his finger with his pocket knife and let the blood run into a cup.
"Here drink this it will give you the ability to stop time but now you can freely walk in the time pause."
As I did he stopped time, and he began to show me the world of paused time. He told me how to stop, rewind and fast forward time.
So now the fun began as it would be the first time I went to school with the ability to control time. As we turned the corner we saw Tisha with a bright smile on her face.
"WOW!" As Paul saw the flourescent Tisha
" Just wait." I replied
As we approached I threw down my backpack and led her to the woods with my brother following. As she took out our duo of 6" cocks. All she did was smile until I led her mouth to my dick. As she sucked us both my brother walked around and began to take her pants off.
"No I'm not ready yet."
He only smiled as he stopped time.
"You, ready?" Paul said pointing to her tight ass
"Hell yeah!" as I began to fuck her mouth
He began to fuck her pussy all he could say was how tight her pussy was, then he pulled out as I finished in her mouth.
"Im gonna take her ass" as he started fucking it took him 2 minutes to finish in her ass, then we switched places and I fucked her pussy. My god it was the tightest thing I've ever felt, it had to take me about 5 minutes before I had to pull out and put her in her ass and let go deep into her bowels. I pulled up her pants and put us back in the original positions as we resumed time when my brother said.
"Well then you better blow us better than ever before, slut." She only gave a smile before she gave us the best head we've ever recieved.
So leave a comment if you want me to continue the dual fantasy and reality let me know so I can continue the story onto that school day or if you would like for me to seperate the two stories Reality would follow me, Fantasy would follow me and my brother let me know whatcha think!


2012-11-05 06:48:40
not bad not good but not bad

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2012-11-04 19:02:07
I felt this story was not put together well. It lacked detail.

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2012-11-04 19:00:11
Wow ur like me i thought i was the only one man tht shit hurt when they put it in huh man i have so much fun with this ha i went bak in time and raped some girl thn came back i searched her and turns out she got pregnant and her great great grandchild licves five doors away so i raped her in the future man the futures wild man and in 200 years ww3 will begin and will cause the world to explode if u rnt rly like me thn u wolnt believe me but its true

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2012-11-04 17:20:55
Great story. Just make it longer and keep up the good work.

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