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I was about 15 at the time, and I went over to my friend's house to spend the night. My friend James (( I will leae his real name secret )) came up to me and hugged me. I didnt find it strange, we usually did. Well, we unpakced my bag, got the game systems out and started to play some games. Well, also that night, his 7 year olf sister had her friend spend the night, his sisters friend was 16, Crystal (( that is her nickname )) and I had liked her a little. Well, me and James began to play Deus Ex, and I thought that normal, since we usually played games at his house. We played, and I was getting frustrated, I had nevered played an XBox before then. Well, we finally stopped playing XBOX and moved onto the PlayStation2, a system I was pretty good on. We played on that for awhile, probally some RPG game, dont remember, that part of the night wasnt important.

Well, I smiled and looked at his computer, and slowly brought up the idea of some web surfing.

"Hey, James, is your parents asleep?"

"They should be Vince, why?"

"Lets look at some porn, I know an excellent website."

He was kinda cautious of the idea, but I got on it anyways. We got horny, looking at mostly women and men fucking, sometimes the occasonaly blowjob pics, and some lesbian pictures. Well, we were very horny now, and we began to masterbate, and we didnt care to cover up our dicks. He kept looking over at mine, and I was blushing a little, he was making small comments like 'it looks so big Vince', or 'how long is it?' We got a ruler and messuared it, 13 inches long, and then, before removing the ruler, he placed his hand on my dick. I was nervous, but I was also wanting him to continue touching it. He started to give me a handjob, and I began to blush. He then got under his computer chair, and looked at me through my legs.

"Vince, can I suck your dick?"

I was blushing badly, wanting him to, yet also not wanting him to. "Yes James, take it in your mouth."

"You know, I am bi-sexual Vince, and I have wanted you for a long time."

I blushed at that, his mout slowly taking form over my dick. He began to suck it, his teeth slowly scrapping it, but not painfully. I moaned, and my hands gripped his computer chair, scratching at it, the first time i have ever had a blowjob. He started to lick the tip of my dick, me feeling a tingle in my dick. I knew what is was, I have been masterbating for awhile then. I looked at him, and whispered softly.

"James, I have to cum, please, stop." a little nervous voice spoke softly.

"Vince, cum ion my mouth, I want to taste its juice." he said, nibbling on my dick as he sucked it.

I nodded and let him continue, cumming in his mouth. It dripped down, but he took it all in his mouth, swallowing every drop. We moved to the couch, me starting to lick his dick, nervou of this new desire that rose in me. I have always thought myself straight, but now I was wanting this dick in my mouth. I began to suck him, almost as if I were a hungry beast, feeding after several years of starving. I licked the tip, and continued nibbling his dick. It seemed like hours, but lasted atleast 30 minutes. He cummed in my mouth, and I was suprised, and spit in back on his dick, it flowing down his legs and over his dick, a little staying in his pubic hair. I was blushing madly, and he got up, kissing me deeply.

"Vince, I am going to wash, dont wanna be dirty for you."

I nodded and he left, heading to the shower. I heard it start, and I laied on his couch, sprawled out, naked. His sister's friend came in, and I didnt notice at first. I heard a long gasp, and then next thing I saw, a half naked, beautiful, sexually arousing girl, Crystal. I saw her, slowly removing her bra and thong. I looked at her, and she walked over.

"Your dick looks so lovely vince, can I have it?"

I nodded at her, unable to speak, assuming I was merely dreaming. She walked over and sat on my dick, in in her nice, tight ass. To this day, i still want it. She began to pump up and down, throwing her head back, smiling, saying she has always dreamed of a cock this big and long. I blushed, her moaning a little loudly. She began to beg me to cum, and I said I would if I could. She got harder and rougher with her thrusts, and I was moaning slightly now, cumming hard into her ass, it began to drip down her inner thighs. I pressed her to the couch, getting a little controling.

"I am eating your pussy, I want to taste your sweat pussy. I have longed for it for so long, and I will get it now."

I leaned down, and began to lick at her pussy lips. I knew I wasnt good at it, but I did anyways. I then began to tongue fuck her, and from the conversation me and her had last week, she said I as great, but I dont think I was. I remember my thumb beginning to rubb her clit. I as enjoying it, the pussy I have longed for so long was finally mine, and no one elses. She cummed, and I licked what I could, swalling some of it. I felt sick after, but nothing bad. She then pushed me back, and grinned.

"I have your virginity now."

The shoved my dick into her pussy, screaming as it entered her. She was riding me, as she called it in the end. I was moaning a bit louder now, my friend still in the shower. My folks were gone, and I had spent the night. She continued to ride me, wanting me to cum. I was reluctant at first, but then gave in, cumming into her pussy. I up at her, gripping her breasts, caressing them gently. We stopped, and she got up, licing my dick, not stopping. I looked at her, and she began to suck on my dick. I was blushing, but she stopped when my friend walked in. She quickly left, and took a shower as well. I got dressed, and had wet dreams of them both, as I woke up, he as laying with his head on my chest, his hand on my dick. I looked at him, and woke him, gently getting up. My parents hand left one of their cars in our yard, so I went home, knowing they wouldnt be back for awhile. I invited Crystal over a few times I was safe, and me and her actually had sex a few more times. She said she enjoyed it, especially me eating her out. I smiled, and kept waking up with her in my arms, happy.


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2010-03-21 02:07:34
I'm guessing they messed up with centimeters. That would be more around normal range. Maybe above average, but still normal.


2009-05-09 06:58:34
I thought your story was good. I am straight but I bet everyone thinks about it at least once in their lifetime. And if they are on this site, they have a sexual appetite. As far as 13 inches, anything is possible in this life. I actuallly asked a man one time if it was real because it was so big. Just ignore us little peons and do your thing!


2007-01-15 00:58:07
Hell, he might be from Texas. They all have big dick, so they can butt fuck cows don't you know. Bull
shit story, candy and crap


2006-01-03 21:02:48
This story is shit


2005-10-04 00:35:19
I highly doubt your penis is or was 13 inches at that age. When men lie about their size is usually means they are uncomfortable with themselves. This whole blushing deal is repetitive. Seriously how can a person blush this much? And thrusting your "13 inch" penis into her vagina would probably hurt her because the average female human vaginal canal is 6 inches deep. By the way this story sucked, and if you suck you’re only pissing off yourself and everyone around you. And don’t worry, they’ll thank you when you’re done

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