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The Other Day I Cheated On My Boyfriend, This Is How It Went Down...
It was about 12 in the afternoon when Tyre left for work. I'm usually super, super horny this time of day, I have no clue why lol. Anyway, The bad part is Tyre left me at his apartment by myself and I woke up feeling so nauseous due to the fact that I downed a half a bottle of tequila the night before. So I decided to take a hot bubble bath . It felt great, the warm water and suds did my body plenty good. In the middle of my relaxation time, I heard the door buzzer. "Shit! Who is this and why are they here?" I thought. I got out the tub, put on my robe, and walked sluggishly to answer the door. "Who is it?" "Jae it`s Q open the door!" Q (Quentin is his real name) is Tyre's best friend. I hated him so much but, I had to be nice to him to keep Ty happy. "What do you need Quentin?" I asked. "Ty said I could chill here and keep an eye on you" "Whatever, you know where everything is. If you need something just help yourself, and stay out of my way" I ordered. "Ditto" Quentin said. With that being said, I went to the kitchen to pour a cup of ginger ale to relieve my stomach ache. "Hey where's mine?" Quentin joked. I just rolled my eyes and went into the bathroom. About a half-hour later, I heard the door close. I sat up and saw Quentin turned around facing the toilet. "What the fuck do you think you're doing in here dumbass?! I told you to stay your dumbass out there!" I panicked trying to cover myself. "I'm takin' a piss what you think bitch?!" "Hurry up then" "Don't rush me bitch, I should walk ova' there and take a shit in that nasty ass bath water!" "Shut up!" "I still dont see how Ty deal witcho' stupid ass, I woulda' bailed on you a long damn time ago" "Quentin shut the fuck up!" "Bitch" he said as he left the bathroom. I was so annoyed! I put up with all his bullshit for years and I was fed the fuck up! I tried to ignore him as best as I could. Eventually, it started to work. After I finished cleaning the dishes, I went to Tyre's room to take a little cat nap before he came home. A while later I felt someone creep into the bed with me. He started rubbing his hard-on against my back. It made me even more horny than I was before. I turned over thinking it was Ty home from work, but, it was Quentin. "Get out!" I screamed. "Nah, I think I'll stay here witchu' you all thick in all the right places and you smell nice. I was a damn fool for not noticin' that shit before." Quentin complimented. "Ty won't be happy when I tell him about this" I threatened. "I already know you liked we hat I was doin' to you, don't fight what you feelin' baby" "I don't even like you" I got off the bed and backed away. "But you will" Quentin got out of the bed and I took in his body in all it's divinity.He could tell I liked what I saw by me biting my bottom lip. His toned muscular arms, His brawny tattooed chest, His robust legs and feet, and my favorite, no pubic hair! He then walked over to the wall I stood in front of and rose me off of the floor. "I think I can do everything better than your man could, you need to be with me" He whispered as he kissed and nibbled on the side of my neck. I was still trying to fight him off so, I had to act like I didn't like what he was doing to me. I started to push and kick Quentin but he had me trapped. "Pushin' me away only make me try harder baby" Quentin told me. Eventually, I got tired of trying to fight him off, so, I gave up and let him have his way. And he did a damn good job at that. He laid me on the bed and ripped off everything I had on with his big, strong hands. He didn't waste any time with all that foreplay stuff Ty does, he just went straight to work. He was rough with it too, I loved every second of it. He then fingered me with his super long fingers, while simultaneously tugging at my clit ring with his teeth. Right before I hit my climax, Quentin got out of the bed and started digging through my drawers. He then pulled out a rabbit vibrator that was still in the box. He came over and slid the vibrator between my breasts and turned it on. My pussy got soaking wet when he gently slid it across my nipples. He slid further down and made a circle around my belly ring and pressed it there. It tickled a little but, it felt so good. Then he moved the vibrator straight south where I had another ring and pressed it there. He held me close and started to whisper dirty things to me as he tugged at my clit ring. "Jae you sexy as fuck, I shoulda hit that a long time ago." He stroked his member until it stood at attention. He turned me around and bent me over. I thought Ty was huge, but, Q's dick was just about as long as my forearm! He didn't hesitate to ram it in me either. When I have sex with someone, I make this strange growling noise. It never happened with Ty, but, it did with Q. When I hit my climax, I immediately had to kick Quentin out worried that he would be home any minute. I was right. About twenty minutes after Quentin left, Tyre came home. I didn't want him to be suspicious. "Baby, what are you doing? Why are you naked?" Ty laughed. "I just played with myself while you were gone, I missed you" I lied. "Well I'm here now watchu' gon' do bae?" He started to strip. I felt like I owed him for what Quentin and I did so, I decided to suck him up. I pulled down his sweatpants. His dick was already hard, so, I just did what I had to do. I reached my head further under him and took one of his nuts in my mouth. I popped them in and out of my mouth, going left. . .right. . .left. . .right, and stroked his shaft. I took him deep in my throat. I'm not really a pro at giving head but, I'm good enough for my man

Of course, I felt guilty about what went on earlier that day but, whatever, shit happens lol. I hope he doesn't see this...

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2013-09-14 14:37:52
Great story what's his number lol.


2012-11-07 00:26:41
Hell No! But I Was So Horny That Day And He Was Doing And Saying All The Right Things So It Was More Like A "Since You're All Over Me I'm Gonna Get What I Want From You"Type Of Thing lol

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-06 12:58:42
I know you say you don't like him but were you already attracted to him? Thanks for sharing. It was great.


2012-11-06 01:40:59
I appreciate your criticism but, this isn't an english class. I have the right to tell my stories the way I want without your help.

Thanks again,
Janell (:

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-04 22:25:22
I think everone should try writing, but you need a lot of work before you publish any more stories. You need a lot of work in spelling, sentence mechanics, grammar, and practice making what you want to say seem clear to the reader.

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