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This story is completely fictional with no real people as characters. *FEED BACK PLEASE*

What a lazy slow Saturday. I was strolling across one of my favorite parks with not much else to offer than a very simple swing set and teeter totter, a quiet little neighborhood park on the edge of a broad city owned stretch of woods in a water well protection zone. This little park brings the sweeties to play without busy mothers or annoying ice cream trucks. It has a great tree line of thick woods that offers just enough cover for those special days when a girl would be swinging on the swing set wearing a little skirt showing me panties or tight shorts and I could sneak off and relieve the pain of my aching cock while watching them play. But this day the park was slow, slower than usual. I thought to myself as I found my way to a bench that I had dragged to face directly at the swing set and a lonely teeter totter months ago. I sat mildly disappointed thinking that the heat of this long dry summer was keeping the little ones inside playing video games.

As I sat reading my newspaper and enjoying a fantastic cigar as was my habit, I heard the screams and giggles of young girls. I felt an adrenaline rush when I spotted two beauties racing up the worn bike path wearing swim suits! One girl was a dark haired beauty with olive skin, pouty lips, and brave little buds protruding from her chest shouting her entrance to puberty. I think her name was Shelly as some of the boys would yell from the teeter totter, Shelly Belly, Shelly Belly, a sweet tender beauty. The girl with her, I had never seen before, and I had been cruising this park for two years now. I couldn’t believe my luck as Shelly, about 10, maybe 11, always played at the swing set and would swing high, kicking her legs out high and wide as if she seemed to know it made me happy. Shelly was definitely one of my favorites as I have spent many a night with my eyes closed dreaming of tasting her or better yet, on days when I could sneak to the bushes and watch her while stroking my swollen member. The little blue one piece swim suit was too small and showed every inch of her beautiful form. The subtle curves of her waist and it did not cover much of her perfect little buttocks as she sprang from the bike running at a sprint to the first hard board swing. She was STUNNING!

The second girl screamed, “no way Shelly, I beat you fair and square, I’m first, you have to push me!” Shelly glanced my way and smiled a big smile giving a quick wave, and she quickly whispered something into the new girl’s ear while looking my way. The pretty, little strawberry blonde had long flowing hair that took flight in the breeze without effort as if she was in a commercial for no tangle hair spray. She glanced back at me over her shoulder and slightly bent at her knees as she laughed excitedly. What is up with that I thought? Her tall slender form was covered by a flower patterned two piece swim suit that was obviously way too big for slender form, baggy in all the right places, slipping low on her hips. The top, at the right angles I think would give me glimpses of her small breasts as it hung open at the sides and top. This I hoped would expose her breasts that looked to be two inches in height extending from her chest and they were about an inch and a half in diameter. These beautiful buds springing were probably puffies. Her bottoms slightly covered a perfect round and full butt that seemed to reach out for caressing. I swear I could set a glass on her cheeks at the small of her back and it would have stayed not spilling a drop as if setting the glass on a shelf. Her skin gleamed white from the glory of the sun, her thin yet muscular legs vibrated with her jumps as she renewed her protest of being first. Her tight butt jiggled with each leap, her suit exposing the crack of her cheeks and shuttered at each landing. What glory I thought, taking my mental pictures for bate fodder.

Shelly looking my way asked in the most delightful tone, “Mister, would you pleeeease push us? We have been riding all day, it’s so hot, and would be so nice, pleeeease?” My brain froze. I looked about the park, no one was in sight. Not a soul but two gorgeous preteens in swim suits pleading for a push. “Pleeeeease be a peach and give us a push” the new girl begged with the cutest southern accent, my mind swam with possibility. Close up looks at such sweet treats, dare I take such a risk I thought? Wait, no harm in giving a few pushes, it’s not illegal, just my thoughts were and no one would ever know what I was thinking, would they?

Are you sure you want a push I said, I mean you won the race and all, looking towards the little southern belle. Shelly squealed in earnest, “please, please, please. I see you here all the time and you have a nice smile mister, pleeeeeeease, just a little!” Oh, alright, just a little then I will want to finish my cigar, moving to put it down Shelly said, “no, keep it smoking, my uncle used to smoke and smell of cigars, I love the smell!”

I slowly walked up to the swings with two giddy girls now resting their bodies on the hard wood seats, both had delight gleaming from their eyes and joy expressed by wide smiles. ‘Hi, my name is …. (Lie! What are you thinking as I almost told them my name) Mr. Allen and you are Shelly, what’s your name sweetie? Sam! Her name is Sam said Shelly. Well, its Samantha but everyone calls me Sam” the southern tart followed glaring at Shelly. “Just because you are a year older than me by a few weeks doesn’t give you the right to talk for me all the time Shelly Belly!”

Shelly Belly, there it was again. Shelly did not seem happy at all about Sam’s retort. “Stop calling me that Sam boy, you promised if I told you why the boys called me that you’d never call me that.” Now, now girls, no reason to fuss, give your swings a tight hold, I moved slightly towards the back of the swings and gave each a quick, strong push launching them both and achieved what I was after, as each tiny firm butt scooted slightly back from my effort exposing more of Sam’s cute little crack. They both squealed with delight and I was rewarded with many giggles as they yelled out “harder Mr. Allen, harder!” Call me Robert! We’re now friends. “Harder Robert harder!” My cock jumped to attention hearing their sweet young voices scream harder Robert, harder, giving me an audio file to crank my staff to along with all my mental photos.
I turned my wrists, palms upwards reaching for their swings as they rocketed back towards me, taking a risk, I filled my hands with sweet preteen butts, oh my god, the warm soft firm butts filling my hands was so wrong but so right, I gave them a great push forward with firmness. To my pleasure they both squealed that squeal only little girls can make. They laughed and giggled asking me to push harder, “harder pleeeease, harder.” I pushed for what felt like ten minutes, being rewarded each time with a handful of preteen ass, and as I started to slow down Sam scooted back further on her seat, my fingertips brushing her bulging mons and my middle finger touched smooth hot flesh and sank slightly into her slit pushing the loose swim bottoms to the side and for a moment I thought I felt wetness between her legs. I moved my finger to my nose and was greeted with the wonderful aroma of preteen wetness. My mind reeled as I became dizzy and precum surged from my hard cock. I continued my efforts for about ten more minutes with reward of Sam’s wiggles and giggles each time my finger met up with her little love slit. I couldn’t stand the thrill, much more as I was about to jizz in my shorts. Girls, its break time. “Awwwwwww” they moaned, that was the best! Sam glanced back across her shoulder and undeniably glared open mouth at the tent my cock had made in my baggy cargo shorts.

I slowly walked to the bench smelling my finger and I took my finger into my mouth, the taste of preteen teased my taste buds. Reaching the bench I brought out a bottle of water and some sour candies I had stashed in a bag, setting the candy down I took a big swallow of water sitting down hoping to hide my raging hard on and the precum that was visible through my shorts as I don’t wear underwear. Shelly and Sam were busy whispering and giggling when they noticed my absence. Shelly skipped over with Sam in tow by her wrist.” May we have a drink, it’s so hot,” slightly collapsing her body at the knees tilting one inwards emphasizing the drama. Of course sweetie, handing her the bottle, I watched intently as she wrapped her pouty lips around the bottle taking a big swallow then our eyes met just as I started to look away knowing I had been caught watching her suck on the bottle. She smiled handing the bottle to Sam then turning around bent straight over at her hips falsely complaining of her shoelace coming untied. Shelly placed her tight little ass in my face, the air filled with her scent, my mind swooned watching the tight fabric snake further between her butt cheeks, she glanced between her legs catching me again, I could not remove my eyes from the sweet wet sliver of fabric hiding my most desired dreams of preteen snatch, and she gave me a knowing smile. WAIT! Did she do that on purpose, is this child teasing me? Seducing me? She began taking of her tennis shoes and socks giving me the visual treat of her small feet. I am not a foot guy but there is no denying the beauty of little girl feet. Shelly still smiling said, I like when you look at me Robert, it makes me all tingly and warm. How do I look at you sweetheart? Shelly’s face got all screwed up, “like you’re hungry and sometimes in pain, yet happy. Oh I am so busted here, but she likes it. I recovered saying, “Shelly you are very limber, like a gymnast.” She giggled, “Sam and I are cheerleaders” and I’m the team Captain back home said Sam. Shelly and I practice all the time because she is going to be team Captain next year at her school. Yep, said Shelly, Sam is staying allll summer with me. She’s my birthday gift, her cute face beaming. I am not, well kind of, Sam said. My parents, Shelly’s Uncle and my Mom, are away all summer on a long trip for their honeymoon.

Oh how nice, you girls are cousins? By marriage said Sam, I love my Shelly! Shelly began doing a cart wheel giving me a wonderful view between her legs, my cock twitched as she was soaked between her thighs. “Bravo” I said giving her a clap. You think that’s something, said Sam, slowly raising her leg placing the heel of her bare foot into her hand and slowly raised her leg out and upward over her head. As she placed her leg at its highest I could not tear my eyes from her wet little snatch, the fabric open at the side showed me her puffy, soft, almost hairless lip glistening with was sweat or maybe her lubrication from my finger play on the swing. I thought for sure I was going to blast my load right then and there. Shelly stomped, yelling “show off” dropping into the splits. She is also a ballerina, Sam is teaching me to dance pretty. My mind was on overload! Where to look, what to say, my mouth filled with saliva, licking my lips I said can I, do you mind if, I, I take a few pictures of you girls with my phone to show my niece who wants to be a cheerleader (LIE!). Shelly smiled the cutest evil smile, saying you can take all the pictures you want but I know they are for you, not some niece. My face flushed, as I snapped several quick photos. Ok, you are right, it’s just that you two are so beautiful, so pretty and so fantastic at splits, and leg stands, I, I just want to save the memory of such a great day. Sam smiled with glee, you think we are beautiful and pretty? Shelly said, pretty enough to have boyfriends? Of course you both are two of the prettiest girls I have ever seen, this was no lie. All the boys at your school must want to be your boyfriend. Shelly frowned as she said, they are all so childish! I mean an older boyfriend like you! Boys are so boring they don’t know anything. They pull on their peckers and go off so fast.

I was shocked! Sam smacked Shelly’s arm. Well it’s true, they are all grabby feely, they don’t know how to take their time and when one boy squirts his stuff on your tummy then its “Shelly Belly, Shelly Belly”. They can’t even keep good secrets!

Wow, um, I don’t know if you should be telling me this as I looked about nervously thinking this has to be a sting, a setup of the man who sits on the bench or hides in the bushes and whacks off to sweet little girls swinging and playing in the playground. How could a man of my age be your boyfriend? I am old enough to be your Dad.

Oh, Robert you’re the perfect age, that’s what Sam says and besides (damn, I told them my real first name), you can keep secrets, can’t you? We hope so. Hope so what I thought? Shelly’s pouty expression was so precious, so cute, she smiled and winked! Holy god of all pedophiles I am being seduced, I think I am, oh god please, oh please let her be seducing me.

Shelly, how do you know I can keep secrets? Shelly’s face got a confused look and Sam chimed in saying, she thinks you can because you do what you do in the bushes and haven’t brought any other men here. Fear seized my brain. “Because you do what you do in the bushes” she said. What is it you think I do? Shelly’s face all red, she looked down at her feet shuffling back and forth. “I, well, I saw you one time after you left the playground, when you went into the woods. My heart raced, what did you see me doing in the woods? I was curious, Shelly said, I have seen you go that way so many times, I was curious, please don’t be mad. I thought maybe you went to pee and I wanted to see a man’s penis Sam said they are nicer. What did you see Shelly? Its ok, I can keep secrets. What did you see? Well, you had your thingy in your hand and you were pulling up and down on it real fast, it was so big and swollen looking, it made my kitty all tingly. I could not believe my ears as I watched the words escape her mouth, her cute pouty mouth. She continued to describe my hard cock with great enthusiasm amazed at how long it took me to squirt she said. All the boys around here shoot so fast when I play with them. Your balls and cock are so big and it’s beautiful, I come here a lot hoping you’ll be here so I can see it again, maybe up close, maybe tou.. touch it?

I swallowed hard. I could not believe my ears, such a sweet little thing saying things like cock and balls, her “kitty all tingly”, how she believed my cock was beautiful and, and she comes here to look for me. ME! Oh heavenly god of pedophiles can I, be so blessed? Is this really happening? WAIT! Run back the tape. Did she say, “Touch it”? Holy crap, she did! She said she wanted to see my cock up close and maybe touch “it”. My heart leaped into my throat, my cock lurched in my shorts, I felt the blood leave my face, my mouth fell open, Sam began to laugh as Shelly just looked at me with pleading eyes. It’s ok Robert, Sam said soothingly. I think he’s going to pass out Shelly all the blood has rushed to his cock, see look it’s all purple, as she pointed. The head of my cock had poked out through the leg of my shorts, I thought well, there it is, that’s it, and I’m going to prison. Oh my god it’s so big and swollen Shelly exclaimed, my hands covered my betraying helmut.

Now girls, I can get in a lot of trouble here. I could go…. You won’t be in trouble, we won’t tell, we swear, we swear, don’t we Sam? Sam is a little slut back home, she told me about sucking my uncles’ cock, and how it tasted kind of salty when it squirts… Shelly, Sam hissed, and how it’s hard but soft and warm at the same time. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut as I looked at Sam and asked her point blank. Did you like your new daddies cock honey? Did it make your kitty tingle as you sucked down his cock and emptied his balls into your sweet little mouth? Sam just glared at Shelly blushing red, you swore. Yes I did, but Robert needs to know its ok, that we understand, that we want to play with him, which I want to… I told you he was pretty, and had a nice smile. That I want to do stuff with him… That you want to what Shelly? What do you want of me?

Girls it’s easy to see you can’t keep secrets. As much as I would love to teach you, show you, give you lots of pleasure there is no way…. Shelly leaped forward onto my lap putting her tiny hand to my mouth, tears beginning to well up in her eyes, her pouty lips trembling, please don’t say it Robert, please! Let us prove we can keep secrets, a super special secret. Oh god she was on my lap, her soft tiny hand on my mouth, her eyes pleading for a chance, I could feel the heat of her as she straddled my leg, my cock pressing up against her warmth. Sam sat biting her lower lip before she broke the silence. We’ll do anything you ask to prove to you. Shelly is right, you are handsome, as she glanced at Shelly, and nice. I know you liked feeling my butt as you pushed us on the swing, your hand was so strong and felt so nice, it, it made my kitty tingle when you touched it. It felt as if I was on fire, please, what is it we can do to prove it?

My mind raced. What could I do and still be safe having them prove their word? The fact settled on me that there isn’t a thing that I could have them do that wouldn’t end me up in jail, I shuddered. Then kissed the palm of Shelly’s hand as she moved it away from my mouth, down my chin and neck to my shoulder, she leaned kissing me fully on the lips. Our lips parted and I drank in the most sensual of kisses, our tongues played the dance of passion. Time seemed to stop, I have never shared such a passionate heart felt kiss and my mind shouted, “YOU ARE IN A PUBLIC PLACE WIDE OPEN FOR ALL TO SEE IDIOT!” I started pulling back our kiss broke, I looked at Shelly’s face, her eyes were rolled back a bit in her head as she came out of the stupor we both shared. I looked around nervously hoping beyond hope that we were not seen. Sam’s face said it all. WOW! I even felt that she blurted out, my turn! I held up my hand, not in protest as I knew I was doomed. It was an act of surrender. I knew now that I had no choice, I had to have more, I was hopelessly hooked. Sam’s face displayed her dismay, I said not here little lovelies grab your bikes and into the woods with me, if we are going to play we must be out of site. They sped like bolts of lightning, giggling their pleasure at my turn of choice to submit. I was beaten! The sheer terror mixed with joy ran through me as I watched these two incredible tarts run for their bikes. Their sweet little bulbous buttocks teasing my eyes with delight knowing that soon I shall have them both. Screw it, jail, prison whatever may come it would be worth every minute, I was going to see to that.

As we entered the woods there was a clearing about two hundred feet in, I knew this would be far from site and quiet. We could hear anyone coming from far away. My heart beat a like a bass drum in my ears, everything seemed surreal. Was this actually happening? Was I really entering these woods with not one but two gorgeous preteen nymphets begging for my attention? The girls were quiet as mice, I looked back and I could see they were in as much disbelief as I was, yet anticipation and joy was evident on their faces. We reached the clearing I turned to the most beautiful of sights, one raven haired beauty with pouty lips I had masturbated to time and time again there directly in front of me wearing nothing but her skimpy blue one piece, both tiny nipples jutting hard against the blue fabric and Sam, a goddess to be sure, tall and thin, a beautiful midriff and eyes blue as the Mediterranean. Both were wet dreams had impeccable flawless skin, one olive the other milky white perfection.

Girls, you can have what you want. I surrender, but you must promise me that you will never tell anyone ever. I know you both want this, so please don’t hurt me by telling our secret. It would ruin my life forever. You wouldn’t want that would you? Both nodded their sweet little heads as they kept eying my crotch. No, say it. Say I swear I will never ever tell our secret. They both chimed in unison, “I swear, I will never ever tell our secret.

“Ok, girls I trust you. Get your beach towels and spread them out next to each other here on the grass. They scrambled for their towels laying them out, side by side. I sat and reached out my arms for both girls they came to me and I pulled them down close to me sitting one on each thigh I leaned in to Sam pulling her closer, I could feel her hot breath on my face as our lips met, electricity exploded as our lips parted and I took her tongue into my mouth. Her lips so soft and her saliva so sweet, my hands went further down her back as I cupped one of her butt cheeks she groaned as I squeezed and pulled her deeper into my embrace. Shelly was squirming on my cock. I could feel the intense heat of her preteen mons, the heat, the damp heat of her preteen desire. Sam and my kiss broke I pulled Shelly into Sam, their eyes locked and they kissed. My mouth searched for Shelly’s beautiful neck, her body stiffened as I bit into her flesh firmly and passionately. The groan was evident, her hunger plain, as she pulled Sam in fiercely, it appeared that she had her tongue deep into Sam’s mouth to its fullest. Their passionate kiss broke as I was fumbling with the ties of Sam’s bikini top. I pulled the string and peeled the sweat soaked top away from two of the prettiest pink puffy little titties my eyes had ever seen. Oh my god Sam, you are beautiful, leaning up I moved my hand to the small of her back laying her down as I pulled Shelly with me down towards Sam’s perfect nubs, my tongue snaked out licking around Sam’s pink puffy breast. Shelly needed no guidance, no invitation as she joined me exploring Sam’s little body. Sam cooed with delight, arching her back up to meet our mouths. I sucked in her swollen sensitive tit into my mouth, her hand came up to the top of my head encouraging me with her ecstasy. Shelly pulled away, standing she lifted the strings over her shoulders and down her arms, slowly pulling the one piece down over her chest exposing perfect little buds with hard tan and tiny nipples, she continued down her body below her belly, biting her pouty lip, her eyes locked to mine. Her suit continued down exposing her cute belly button, she shifted her thumbs hooking the bundled fabric at her waste and continued the slow tortuous motion moving it downward exposing her upper pelvic area, the little piece of heaven began to appear. Shelly worked the one piece down showing with delight as my eyes drank in her preteen perfection, daylight glistening on a very few pubic hairs, maybe five, no six perfect little pubes across the sweetest little kitty I could have ever imagined. The heavy hot air around us filled with the sweet and light musty smell of preteen pussy as she took the suit all the way down and falling from her tiny perfect feet.

Shelly you are so beautiful sweetheart! My heart hammered in my chest, my aching cock straining against the fabric of my shorts, the sick agony of pain in my balls rising in waves. Shelly stepped forward towards us, I reached out and pulled her to my mouth kissing at her navel area, I sucked on her belly below her belly button, I could feel her body quiver, I could smell her sweet musty wetness escaping up from between her thighs. It is the unique and unexplainable smell of a preteen girl in heat, there is nothing like it in the world, nothing but another preteen girl. I licked her tiny slit drinking in her flavor. Wow, was she wet, soaking wet. Her juices flowing into my mouth were delightful beyond my dreams. Shelly’s body quivered as I brought my mouth over her tiny love button. I sucked a light even pressure flicking the tiny swollen bulb. Shelly’s orgasm was immediate. I opened my mouth wider covering her girlhood as her juices ran through my mouth and down my throat. My mouth left her tiny, swollen mound as Sam rose up pulling down her cute bottoms. Her perfect little butt towards me soon exposed in all its glory, her hips and ass showing her steps toward full puberty, and have never before or to this day seen a more beautiful and perfect ass. Each cheek full and round accentuated by the small of her arching back and thin waist. I reached out placing my thumb at her crack squeezing and spreading her ass exposing what I somehow already knew would be a pink little rosebud. Sam leaned forward at the waist exposing her complete ass while taking Shelly’s nipple into her mouth, her pink rosebud winking at me, taunting me to lick it. I hungrily attacked her button with such force I nearly knocked both girls down. The salty sweat, the earthy tastes of her burst onto my taste buds, grabbing her hips I pulled her ass into my face burying my nose and all into her crack. Sam moaned loudly as my tongue pierced her rosebud, my tongue stretching deeper and deeper into her, Sam’s body trembled, my right hand moving down her hip reaching forward and around to her front, only to find Shelly’s head already between Sam’s legs lapping furiously at Shelly’s slit. Her tiny lithe body shook violently her knees buckling, I held her firmly almost lifting her ass deeper to my hungry mouth as Shelly completed her surprising work on Sam’s joy button. Sam panting screamed out in a world shattering orgasm. Sam’s body went completely limp in my hands as I eased her back into my arms. I cradled her as I ran my fingers through her angel strawberry blonde hair. Shelly on her knees, eyes twinkling, and her face covered in the sweet slime of saliva and Sam’s juices.

Shelly moved forward to me laying across Sam brought her slime covered lips to mine, our lips parted, her entire tongue jutted deep into my mouth, the sweet taste of Sam’s juices mixed with her saliva ignited a wave of pain from my balls. I was lost in the glorious flavor and fire passionate kiss, we rolled over laying down Sam sandwiched between us I felt a small hand reaching for and bungling around with my shorts button. I eased up and away from these angels of wet dreams onto my knees pulling my shirt over my head, I stood up both girls eyes dancing all over my chest then locked in focus to my shorts as my hands undid my button. As my zipper went down my cock sprang from my shorts throbbing and swollen. I have never been so hard, so engorged and the girl’s mouths pooped open in surprise at the size of my cock leaping out and forward as it bounced. The reality is I am large, and this had to be a shock for these tiny girls as most full grown women cream at the sight of my full 9 inch cock but that usually isn’t the issue. I am 3/4 as wide as a pop can in girth. I am proud of my cock but now I am wondering what if anything these tiny vixens could do with such a monster.

See Sam, I told you it was huge. Sam grinned, it is twice as thick as Daddies cock and, and longer. Well girls this is what you wanted but what can you do with it. Shelly immediately shouted I want to touch it and hold it, lick it and suck it! I want to taste your cream. I sat back down leaning against a tree. Well my little darlings come get it.

Precum was oozing from my head, actually my head was covered in the clear sticky goo, both girls wiggled forward, Sam between my legs and Shelly to my right, Sam said go ahead give it a kiss…. Shelly leaned over my cock and I tilted my head to the left so I could watch her pouty lips approach my swollen monster, her lips met the tip of my piss hole, my cock jumped at her touch, I know I won’t be long for this, I hadn’t jacked off in days and with all this teasing and fear, and naked beauties around me my balls were full and complaining with pain to release my spunk. Shelly came back up licking her lips, you taste good Robert, so good and your head is so hot and spongy. I reached for her head lowering her mouth back to my cock, saying I must cum honey, my balls ache to give you my cream, suck my cock sweetheart please lick and suck my cock. As Shelly went down Sam told her to be slow and gentle, remember not to bite, cover your teeth with your lips, as she was speaking I could feel the crown of my cock stretch Shelly’s pouty lips and pop into her warm soft preteen mouth. It’s a wonder I didn’t shoot right then, her mouth popped off of my cock and Sam said to Shelly to “spit on it”, Shelly spat a load of her saliva on to my cock, her little hand trying to wrap around my shaft and again I watched my crown disappear past Shelly’s pouty lips, her tongue began to work my head and snake around as she forced more of my shaft into her mouth working her head up in down to the rhythm of her hand sliding up and down my entire length of cock. That’s when Sam began laying down on her belly scooting forward until I felt her tongue lightly lick my clean shaven balls, slowly she licked in circles around my left ball, then my right, back and forth as Shelly worked my cock like a hungry slut. I couldn’t take it any longer I felt my come frothing up in my balls and beginning its travel up the well-known path of my shaft… I’m, I’m going to cum my sweeties, oh god yes suck my cock and balls! Yes my girls, oh my god, I love you both, just at that moment Sam sucked in my right ball and sucked it just right, her finger snaked between my crack I felt her slender finger press up into my ass, I EXPLODED! Cum blasted between Shellys lips and my shaft as the first load slammed into the back of her throat, did I mention I am also a prolific cummer? Shelly gagged as she tried to swallow the second rush of cum, pulling off my cock and back the third and largest spunk load splashed up at her nose, her lips and cheeks. My fourth sprayed all over her left eye and hair as she kept pumping my cock with both her tiny soft hands. Sam scrambled up and swallowed half my cock in one movement sucking hard as if her life depended on it. I could she her throat widen as she took my cock three quarters of the way down, no woman, none had ever taken so much of my cock in one fell swoop. As she came up she was rewarded with two more small loads of cum that she kept in her mouth, squishing it back and forth, she opened her mouth showing me my spunk all frothy and white, then closed her mouth and swallowed. She opened her mouth proudly showing me it was all gone while running her tongue across her teeth getting every last bit. I glanced through my half closed eyes at Shelly licking her lips and cheeks taking her fingers to scoop the rest of my spunk to her mouth. Oh my god this was the impossible dream.

Shelly exclaimed, I love your cum Robert. I love you too Robert, I do, I do and you said you love us too. I did, I did say I loved them in the height of passion and then knowing it was true, my heart swelled at these two angels, “I do love you Shelly, I love you too Sam.” They both rushed into my arms exclaiming their love for me… Oh what to do now, what to do? I must have them always, I must keep them.

- Stay tuned for the story continued, “A run for the border”.

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