Trials and Tribulations of A sub.

Lauren and I had been getting to know each other for a while. Various chance encounters had led to the two of us getting closer to each other. Whilst not shy in coming forward, she remained a bit of an enigma with her closely guarded emotions. Having looked on from afar, whilst she maintained her relationship with Mark and looked after her son Josh, I thought there was always the potential there for something more but to date nothing had been forthcoming. One night, after a random conversation this all changed........

How to describe Lauren? At 26 she stands at a petite 5”4 with a sensuous hour glass shape. Brown hair with highlights dress forth from her Jamaican roots. Her devilish brown eyes always dance with a playful hint of mischief. Her lightly bronzed skin wraps itself around her tight frame. She is the sort of girl that can leave men foaming at the mouth, with her hour glass figure, Size F breasts and a flirty nature many men have tried. What Lauren keeps somewhat secret however, is her perverse kinky side.

When away from prying eyes and behind closed doors her demeanour changes from lady to a freak between the sheets.

“There's easier ways to get a lady to strip” Lauren replied, her usual flirty tone, highlighted by the chirp of the text on the phone.

“Oh really, So If I had said so, you would have done it” I replied, in a slightly intrigued way. Was there enough in the text to indicate she was interested......

A short pause ensued before the phone lit up again.

“Hypothetically speaking, if no one gets hurt........” She continued the conversation but the message was well and truly out of the box. As the conversation continued various strands of their friendship converged into one.

Already knowing Lauren's kink of humiliation, ideas formed in my head. This could become quite exciting indeed.
“I'm going to give you some tasks to do. I expect them done.”

Would she take the bait.....

“What sort of tasks” came her reply.

“For large parts of your near future now, I am going to own your body. You will cum on request, perform for me how I see fit and we will stretch your limits with your submission”

“Simple one to start with, you have to come up with 5 punishments, for when you fail a task, for every poor punishment you suggest a video of yours will be posted online for the whole world to see how much of a slut you are. You shall also not wear any panties in work today!”

“Ok” she replied, a slight whirl of anticipation was in the air. Would she see the challenge through? Whilst she thought she was submissive, some of the tasks would really push her boundaries out, whilst she liked the idea of that, how would it play out?

Later on that day, the message came through, she had done as requested. Her paper thin pencil skirt covered her round shapely ass, leaving little to the imagination. As the day wore on she could feel eyes in the back of her head, people staring at her ass, trying to detect the outline of her thong. Would anyone notice? The thought turned her on and she started to get wet. Her mind raced at the things she wanted to do. Sat next to her boss and colleagues, the turn on of being so filthy just under their noses made her wet even more. She started thinking about her punishments. Whilst the idea of the videos also turned her on, she was somewhat reluctant to get caught. The punishments would have to be suitable! She liked a bit of pain but a enjoying a punishment wasnt an option. She knew I would decide if they were suitable and I wasnt to messed around.

Her phone lit up startling her out of her day dream.

“At 3.30pm Go to the toilet, drop your skirt and finger yourself hard for 5 mins, I want the juices to pour out of you.” Her breath became somewhat shallow for a while, the thought immensely turned her on. But how would she complete the task, at work? As the minutes ticked down, she made her excuses about making a call and scampered off to the bathroom. Inside the toilet, she waited for the final minute to tick off. She knew he wanted her to really finger herself hard. Beads of sweat appeared at the bottom of her neck as she knew if anyone else came in to an apparent empty toilet, the sounds of her fingering herself furiously would be apparent. She eased the pencil skirt down her legs and just let it hold around her knees. She reached down to her pussy and was slightly shocked at how wet she was, her fingers glistened as she started working them in and out of her pussy. She tried to stiffle a moan but was unsuccesful. She added another finger and started to pound her pussy , sloshing noises rebounded round the bathroom, as her fingers disappeared at pace inside her. She pushed deep in her pussy and dragged her nails down the velvety flesh of her pussy inside her. The thoughts of her humiliation and vulnerability pushed her on further. She felt the orgasm build inside her but just as she drew close, the alarm went, her 5 mins were up. Panting as she pulled her skirt back up, wishing she had the comfort of her panties to hide the smell of her sex and to mop up some of the obvious juices running down her legs, she returned to work, informing me that she had fulfilled her task. As she left the bathroom she licked the juices off her fingers. She was enjoying being a submissive and being tested, it excited her more than she had believed it could do.

“Make your excuses tonight, I want to see you for dinner!” I replied, maintaining my composure but knowing quite simply if she had been there I would forced her against the wall and pounded into her to secure some release.

It had not been easy to organise time out that evening. Lauren's mind had been wandering all day. Her episode in the bathroom and left her pussy aching to be touched and finished off. She was dying to find some time to get her vibrator out and orgasm as she knew she could. Furthermore telling Mark she was off out to meet her friend, had caused a little awkwardness. If he knew what really was going on there would be hell to pay. As she dressed for the meal, she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked good, she knew it. Her fantasies of being used and explored sexually were on the precipice of being realised. Her heart beat a bit faster.

The meal passed without incident, much to her frustration. She couldnt work out why I had not issued her another task. She ached to please and perform.

“Get in your car and follow me, I'm going to fuck you and make you swallow my cum”

She oozed just at the thought. As they followed in tandem down the city streets, they came up to a small housing estate. Dimly lit they pulled to the end of the lane just outside a small set of apartments. I beckoned her into the car. The kissing started, passionately they explored each other before it quickly turned into nibbling. The hot breath on her collarbone caused her to moan involuntarily. As she slipped out of her jeans, she noticed I had done the same. Her breasts pushed to be released from her bra, literally bursting at the seams, I grabbed her head.

“At no point do I want to see you use your hands, I am going to fuck your face and throat now”

The humiliation of being spoken to like a whore, turned her on further. She further went into her submissive trance as she put her hands behind her back.

“Look at me, whilst I fuck you in the head”

Her eyes stared into mine. As her lips engulfed the cock she noted how much she liked the taste. She also noticed how big this cock was. Maybe 9 inches in length but the girth was the real key, so thick it pushed its way down into her throat. She had not gagged before on a cock, it didnt take long before she started gagging on this cock. As her dark brown eyes fluttered with panic, her throat spasmed around the cock. I held her head in place firmly. The 2nd gag caused her to shut her eyes, I instantly ordered her to reopen them. She gagged a third time, tears streamed from her eyes. Her mascara ran down her eyes. She could feel the tears. Never before had she really been treated like this. She was loving every minute and craved more. The lack of oxygen was getting to her now and as she gagged a 4th time she started to choke. She felt her head being lifted as I allowed her to breathe in. She coughed up some spit on my cock and I wiped It over her face. Keeping her hands behind her she had moved her hands down to her pussy now, finding it soaking and yearning to be touched. She moaned as her fingers found their spot. Pumping into her pussy with rhythm. She was loving every minute of being A's slut. Her head was forced down on to the cock again, this time not as far as last time, however this time I started pumping my cock into her face. Her eyes rolled back into her head. The sloshing sounds from her pussy were matched by those of the cock being repeatedly forced down her throat. She tried to resist moving her head back but finding it was being firmly held in place. More tears followed, she did as she was told and stared back into my eyes. Watching as I fucked her throat over and over again. Her pace picked up further than she thought possible. It was almost like she was punching herself in the pussy she was hitting in that hard now. As she started to blackout again she noticed she was brought up for air, coughing up more saliva and spit over her face. Her face was now covered with spit, saliva and little bits of precum. She loved her looks, she spent an age everyday making sure she looked her very best. It was one of the things that defined her. She was loving the humiliation of being turned into a sex toy. She could imagine what she looked like with smeared mascara, coating her face and the spit and other juices hardening over her pristine skin.

Whilst still day dreaming she hadnt noticed I saw how hard she was pumping her pussy. I flipped her around into a simply doggy position, her Jeans kept her knees tight together making her pussy even tighter than it would normally be. Looking at her pussy, she was practically flowing with juices. I forced her own fingers down her throat as she cleaned herself up. I spat at her pussy, hearing her whimper and sink further into her submissive and humiliated role. This was not normal sex, she was forced back onto the cock as it ploughed inside her. Screaming yes she sensed her orgasm about to overwhelm her. I held her hips and with no tenderness, started fucking her like the dirty whore she knew she was but a side virtually no one else had seen. As she tried to catch her breath as I pulled and pushed her hips into me, the cock being slammed into her pussy, her orgasm was complete, forcing a hard orgasm out of her. Her clit by now engorged was being teased by my fingers and she desperately tried to calm me down so she could recover from her orgasm but it didnt happen. The force was infact increased the cock now slamming into her pussy, waves of fluid poured out of her. As she felt the hand roughly grab her air forcing another moan and scream out of her, I pulled out letting her juices out of her. She thought this would be her chance to recover but as I flipped her onto her back, my knees pinning her arm down, she suddenly realised what was coming next. She was about to taste her own juices and more importantly she knew he was going to cum in her mouth. I pushed hard and barbarically into her throat, instantly causing her to gag, as I came into her throat I pushed myself back allowing the next spurts to drop into her mouth, making sure she tasted every last drop of me. After telling her to clean my cock and make sure she sucked every drop of cum out of me, we pulled apart.

“I loved it, Thank you”She gasped.

“Would you fuck me tomorrow, I should be able to be yours all night as Mark is away with Josh.”

I told her to say please. “Do I have to” she replied, regaining her composure.

“Yes if you want it to happen” the stern reply came back.

Snapping back into her submissive mode,

“Please fuck me tomorrow?” she said

I scribbled down the address of a hotel and told her to be there at midnight. Any later and I wont let you cum for a week!

“I couldnt do that” she replied.

“You will do what you are told”

Whilst still friends, she noted the tone of the voice and realised, that when like this together. Her role was submissive and always would be.


She turned up at the hotel, wearing her suspenders, and a long shirt dress that came down above her thighs. She looked sexy, she knew it, it was turning her on. However she had worn it to turn me on. As I saw her enter the building, my cock stood to attention showing it had worked.

She knocked on the door and walked into the room. Normally she had power over men when dressed like this. It was a comfort blanket she liked. She was impressed that it didnt seem to have the same affect on me. It instantly made her feel submissive.

As we kissed our hands started roaming, it wasnt sensual but it was erotic. Clothes were strewn around the room, get on the bed, face down and ass in the air. Treated like the piece of meat she craved to be, she quickly got into a position. I pulled her thong off her, soaked before we had even started. Open your mouth, she did as requested, she wasnt expecting as her pussy juice soaked thong was pushed down her mouth and partially into her throat. She partially gagged but held it in.

“I'm going to spank you” She rubbed her legs together, she had enjoyed being spanked.

However what came next was not what she expected. Her image of being spanked was a few spanks when she was being fucked.

“I want you to count to ten, with every spank”

The first spank hit are on the ass, jarring her back into reality. She bit down on her thong, forcing more of the juice into her mouth. An instant red welt appeared on her ass.

“2....3......4......5 (whimper)”
The spanks fell on her ass, alternating cheek to cheek. The timing was moved for each one so she couldnt get into a routine. Her eyes remained shut as she tried to counteract the pain by focusing.


Tears in her eyes and her ass started glowing. Little bruises were starting to form on her ass from the intensity of the spanks. She was screaming 9 and 10 as the final few landed. Her ass was really glowing now. Some purple marks indicated the bruising that would form later.

As I finished I grabbed her head and started finger fucking her, she was dripping from the start. The humiliation and pain of the spanks had worked their magic. 1 finger soon went to 3 and finally 4 and they moved in and out of her with a blur. Forcing her pussy open as wide as it could be, my hand was soaking in her juices. She clearly enjoyed it hard and as 1 finger pressed down inside her the rest of my hand smacked into her, crushing her lips. Her body was in turmoil the pain charged around her body but further turning her on. She didnt understand the sensation but was craving more and more. She came quickly leaving a wet pool on the bed. As she climbed on top and forced her legs wide and rode the cock her 2nd and 3rd orgasms ripped out of her, complete with a full on squirt soaking my cock and chest as she moved her pussy up to prove how much she was gushing.

As her legs trembled, I grabbed her throat and started playing with her massive tits. Biting and nibbling her nipples watching her reaction as the pain went through her.

“You have 2 minutes to get my cock as wet as possible before I rip your ass open”

The words sparked her into a frenzy, she sucked the cock like a seasoned whore. Desperately spitting on it to get it as wet as possible.

“Resume your position”, as she did so with her ass In the air, I mused over how comfortable all this felt yet only days ago this would never have even crossed my mind. Her hands grasped the pillow and duvet as my cock started its assault of her ass. She gritted her teeth in pain. Eyes firmly shut she bit her lip hard. It was evident she hadnt been fucked in the ass in a while and certainly by not such a large cock. She thrashed around as her ass slowly started giving in, cm by cm. The cock worked its way inside her. I could feel as her ass slowly gave in, feeling my descent further inside in. She screamed as the pace picked up, my cock fucking her ass, her head thrashing round. Screaming at equal amounts of pleasure and pain. Her ass was very tight, gripping the cock tightly. She loved being submissive, more importantly she loved being my submissive. Her ass was a sight to behold. gripping tightly onto my cock, her pussy still dripping from before as her fingers worked their way inside her. I pushed a bit harder and her ass gave in, taking the cock fully. She screamed a bit higher and moaned deeper. Her fantasies were being rolled into one and replayed over and over. When I had judged she couldnt take any more pain I pulled out of her ass. As she sobbed quietly whilst regaining composure I told her I wanted to see her lick her ass off my cock. She knew what she was doing. Maintaining eye contact all the way through she licked my cock from shaft to top showing me her tongue was tasting her ass. How she loved this humiliation.

I was now eager to cum, she had orgasmed again with her fingers in her pussy whilst I had pounded her ass. I spat on her ass watching the spit slide down her little brown hole and drip down onto her pussy. Without warning I slipped my cock inside her, grabbed her around the throat and with one hand on her hip pumped hard and fast over and over into her. She couldnt keep her balance and as she fell her hair ripped back into my hand. She was being fucked like she had only dreamed of, her body ached. In pain and in pleasure. Her ass was now bruising off, her head hurt all over. Her hair has been pulled from all angles, her eyes were covered in tears. Her head had been left off the lip of the bed allowing me to really fuck deeply into her throat, everytime she coughed up it covered her face. Her body was covered in bite marks and her ass stung with every pounding her pussy received. I came deep inside her, unable to hold myself any further. She moaned to another orgasm and bounced her pussy up and down at the same time milking my cock of every last drop of cum.

As we curled up I whispered into her ear.

“ next time im going to cum in your ass and have you eat my cum out of your ass in a spoon” Her mind was overwhelmed. She needed this more than she dared admit and as much as she tried to remain aloof she curled up completely comfortable in her own submission and drifted off into a sex induced coma.
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