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A young boy is raped and abused by his two older brothers as they come of age.

Copyright, 2012, Patricia Steel (

Do whatever you want with this story, only keep my name attached, please. Please report any and all orgasms arrived at through reading and masturbating to these words. I love knowing that I am deliberately manipulating your mind into an erotic state. This story is to be considered “Fiction” although it has its basis in “Fact”. This is not to be considered a true tale of underage sex, statutory rape, or molestation, as these events happened more than a quarter century ago. Some of the principal parties are no longer living. The only reason I’m telling you that it has its basis in truth, is it might make it all the more sexy for you, and maybe make your orgasms better/stronger/faster. Thank you, and enjoy.

I asked Jesse for his permission to write this story. He granted it, without a problem, and, while some of the scenes are “fleshed out” with fantasy, the basis of this tale lies in the realm of truth. This is a “sexy” story for many of us, who are turned on by “on the edge” topics like incest and gay rape, but we must realize the psychological and physical damage that was done to Jesse, and pledge to ourselves and our children that such abuse will NEVER happen in our own homes. If we can do that, then we can enjoy stories like this, while at the same time raising awareness of these sorts of situations where sexual abuse by siblings occurs frequently, and in the most severe ways imaginable.

Part 3

And so the pattern that we see developing continued. Roy would rape Jesse whenever he wanted to over the next few years, ending only when Roy, himself, ended up in a Juvenile Detention Center for multiple charges of simple assault (he never had to sexually assault anyone else, but Jesse, after all). Brad would try and comfort him after these assaults, some of which ended in pretty severe injuries.

One time, when Roy wanted Jesse to stop resisting, he held his arms behind his back, and found that in doing this, the kid would lift his ass up in the air. So, Roy, being the idiot that he was, lifted the kids arms so high, that he broke one of them. Brad could hear the snapping of bone, and his little brother shrieking, but Roy continued until he had cum in his baby brother’s ass not just once, but twice. An extra time, he said, for the scream, which made him horny. It was Brad who sat up all night, comforting Jesse, and Brad to walked him to the clinic the next day, and rode the bus down to the hospital with him. But after all of that, Brad insisted on giving Jesse a “back rub” once they got home, which ultimately ended with Brad’s cock in Jesse’s still-bleeding ass, after which, the two of them slept together, spooning, to send a message to Roy, that this time was more than enough. The kid wore a cast for 6 months on his right humorous. Roy told their parents that they were just wrestling around in the attic bedroom, and he forgot how much bigger he was than Jesse. He apologized and all was well.

Jesse honestly grew to love Brad over the years, but it was an odd sort of love. More the way a slave loves a slave owner or a dog loves his master than a boy loves his bigger brother.

When Roy ultimately was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center, he was 15. Brad was 13, and Jesse 11. Jesse no longer “needed” Brad to comfort him the way he used to. He didn’t sit on Brad’s lap an cry any longer, but he did sit on Brad’s lap when he was naked, sometimes, and whisper in his ear “what do you want, brother?” Brad would either ask him to get on his knees, or bend over the chair for him. Afterwards, they’d cuddle and spoon on the bed. They didn’t take baths together anymore, but they did shower together, and Jesse would wash Brad completely, then suck Brad’s cock, and then Brad would leave Jesse to finish and wash himself. In short Jesse was Brad’s personal fuck-slave.

When Brad was 14, he would sometimes bring his girlfriend up into the attic bedroom. Brad would ask Jesse to undress, and stand in front of these girls, offering his body as a “toy” for their amusement, if they desired. Brad even had a dog’s collar and leash which he would hand to his girlfriend when Jesse presented himself. Most of these girls hadn’t a clue what to do with a naked boy on a leash, which was probably a good thing for Jesse.

One, however squeezed his little scrotum. Squeezed it like a little balloon. Squeezed and twisted it so hard that Jesse squirmed in pain. ”Stay where you are, Jesse, or it will feel worse.” Brad offered. She began twisting and twisting his little scrotum, the way a clown twists those long balloons to make balloon animals. The pain overwhelmed Jesse, and he went down in shock. Brad carried him to a mattress in the corner, fixed his scrotum as best he could, so that circulation was restored, at least, made sure he was breathing OK, and returned to his date for the evening. “I do believe you were a little much for the little guy, baby.” Brad laughed.

He fucked that particular girl hard and wild that night. His brother’s agony foremost in his mind the entire time. Jesse would come in and out of consciousness, the pain making sleep a much more attractive option time and time again. When he was awake, he could hear the sounds of fucking nearby, but at the slightest twinge of an erection, his injured scrotum ached all the worse.

The next day, Brad took him to the clinic again, and told the octor that he had a fight with a particularly vindictive girl. While the doctor was amused at first, soon, things turned very serious, as he investigated the injury.

Jesse would need a CAT scan on his scrotum to confirm the Doctor’s suspicion, but it seemed that the testicular placenta, and tubule had been ripped away from the testicle itself. While the blood supply seemed intact. This would require corrective surgery, or, possibly the testicle would need to be removed. Brad rode the bus with him down to the hospital for the CAT scan. The return appointment to the Doctor the next week was bad. The Testicle needed to be removed, and the damaged tubule and tissue needed to be removed as well. It was damaged and would likely become cancerous if left the way it was. Brad signed the papers for him lying about his age, and the surgery was scheduled for the following week.

You’ve heard the tales of patients waking up during surgery because the anesthesia wasn’t carefully monitored? Well, Jesse’s luck wasn’t any better when it came to surgery, than it was when it came to brothers. He awoke halfway through the surgery, with his testicle lying in his navel, and the various vessels being cut. He’d never felt more excruciating pain in his life. He said he immediately tried to scream, but couldn’t because of the ventilator. One arm was immobilized, as was standard procedure, so all he could do was kick his legs to get their attention. Instead of scolding the anesthetist, however, the surgeon scolded Jesse. No matter, in a moment or two, he was back under the effects of the anesthesia and all was well.

Ultimately, Jesse did recover from this, with ice packs to his scrotum, lovingly applied by Brad, but always at a cost in terms of flesh. Jesse’s attitudes towards love ultimately changed to include the concept that love always came with a price tag that was payable in flesh. This was even demonstrable to me, some 10 years after this episode. In the end, it adversely affected his emotional relationship with his wife, and his stepson, I think.

In time, Brad moved on to his own life, with a wife and kids. Still, from time to time, when Jesse visited him at his garage, he would use some sort of power-trick to make Jesse subservient to him in some way, either in common ways, or in sexual ways. This continued until well after Jesse’s own marriage. Jesse first was ‘trapped’ by an older woman, who wanted him for his looks, primarily. He was a trophy-boi. They had a daughter together, but she wasn’t cut out for motherhood, and she left him when he was only 17, with a baby that had a congenital heart problem. I have to admit that he did a fantastic job of caring for his daughter until her heart problem became urgent, then, only the support of his family and friends got him through a tough time of getting her through a necessary surgery, which totally changed her life. If you’d see the girl today, you’d never believe she had heart problems as a child.

Jesse began a “somewhat normal” sex life — he had some strange ideas, no doubt… he definitely preferred a dominant woman, but preferred the idea of being a ‘trophy boi’ — when he married, some years later, he had this relationship, but unfortunately, it did not last long. Instead he was simply treated as “another child” — which was sad to see for everyone. Too bad he hadn’t married me instead… I would have kept him as a trophy boi as long as he lived…

Physically, Jesse had quite a few problems. The remains of that testicle developed into a “pre-cancerous” condition, and had to be surgically dealt with again. He developed Crohn’s disease, likely from having his intestines shifted around so violently from when he was just a boy. He lives in chronic pain because of this, which makes me very sad….

Some years back, Jesse was seeing a therapist for some of this stuff, while he was living locally here. As part of his therapy, he was supposed to go to both of his brothers, and try to get some sort of “closure” on the matter, and, if possible, even an apology…. Well… Roy got immediately angry, and started to physically attack him….. Brad never admitted a thing, but tried to get him into one of the many “small rooms’ in his ex-factory/now garage, in order to have his way with Jesse….

The therapist hadn’t realized that his Brothers hadn’t changed one little bit in the last 15-20 years… there was no hope of closure. Maybe that’s why he told me his story… Maybe that’s why he granted me permission to tell it…. Either way, I have always hoped that Jesse found peace somehow, somewhere…..

Which brings us to a point I wish to make in closing here. Sibling abuse, and Sibling rape obviously never occur when there is only 1 child. It rarely occurs when there are 2 children. In families with 3 children, it is usually only a problem if the older 2 are boys, in which case there is a 1 in 4 chance of sibling sexual crime. In families of 4, in which 2 of the oldest are boys, the odds remain the same, but if 3 are boys, regardless of the sex of the victim, the odds rise to 1 in 2. In families of more than 4 children, when at least 3 are boys, the chances of sibling sex crime is very high… actually, more probable than not.

Statistics say that most children do not tell their parents about incestuous sexual abuse or rape out of fear that their parents won’t believe them. If you are living in a multiple sibling family, make sure that the lines of communication are open between the children and the parents on this subject, even if they are not open on other matters. Only a parent can fix a situation of nightly sexual abuse for a boy — everyone else says “be a man” or “deal with it” or some such crap. For a girl, there is usually some “evidence” of the crime, and the crime itself is usually one of violence instead of power. This makes it all the more horrible, but also makes it much more believable to parents.

Parents, listen to, and believe your children — even your boys —- kids — talk to your parents about unendurable situations.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think —

Love you all,

—Patricia Steel



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