A Princess comes to visit

Strawberry (Chap 8) A Princess comes to visit.

Halloween was last week and all the kids had a great time walking the neighborhood and collecting a bunch of candy. Janice-Strawberry dressed as a big pink bunny and it made me laugh because I had given all the girls big pink rabbits with vibrators hidden in them. Instead of wearing a mask, Janet had painted Strawberry’s face with studio makeup and made her look like a rabbit with freckles. Too cute. She had a big plastic carrot in her hand and when no one was looking she would turn to me and suck on it suggestively. “You big tease, I know what you’re doing”, I thought and throw candy at her.

The dozen or so weeks I have lived in Janet’s basement have surely flow by fast. My morning routine now was to stop for coffee and see my favorite barista, teen Kelly. Weeks ago when she spent the first afternoon in my apartment, she lost her virginity and fell in love. I figured it would last two weeks until she met some football jock; but she is still my best teen girlfriend. Kelly also fixed me up with her mom, as her masseur. That has led to an interesting development because now I spend nearly half my nights at Kelly’s. Janet is not happy about it, but I pay her mortgage and most of the house’s expenses. Plus she has selfishly admitted that she loves to get fucked regularly but not by strangers.

Kelly had finally got mom interested in men again; but my problem is I am the only one she is interested in. Just thinking about it makes me hard while I’m trying to do some surprise house cleaning at Janet’s. She and Strawberry often clean the whole house on Friday evenings, so I decided to take this Thursday afternoon off and surprise them by doing a top to bottom cleanup. It soothes my guilt trip for playing house with Kelly and her mom.

Living the bachelor life in my apartment had me spoiled. This domestic routine is hard work, except for some giggles when doing the girls’ laundry and comparing Janet’s big bras against Strawberry’s A-cups. She will have those same C’s in a few years if not sooner. Ever since Strawberry has been swallowing cum it seems her chest is expanding nicely.

Its mid-afternoon now and I had finally gotten down to the basement and cleaned up my own mess, done my laundry and piled up some of my summer clothes to take back to the apartment. These cold mornings call for warmer jackets.

A knock on the basement door announces visitors and when I open it Beth is there with a big smile on her face. She is the oldest of the three girls living next door. When I first moved in I had sex with all three, even the younger eight and nine year old. But we stopped the sex play with the two younger because it was too dangerous to do it almost daily, not being sure they could keep it a secret.

Beth, at eleven is mature beyond her years because she is practically raising her younger siblings. In the dozen weeks I have been here I’ve only seen her parents on one weekend. Even during Halloween Janet chaperoned the neighbor’s kids. Coming through the door Beth grins and I know something is up. She is wearing her school uniform, a knock-off from some British institution in red plaid. Looks great. I notice her skirt seems a bit short and just barely covers her panties. Her long legs look gorgeous, however, she is wearing non-regulation blue striped knee-high socks. It makes me laugh.

I gave her those socks as a Halloween gift along with a matching blue thong. I assume she is wearing the thong. Beth has her hair curled and it now hangs down to her shoulders. With her long curly hair, sparkling blue eyes and long legs, she is turning into an extremely sexy pre-teen. I kneel down on one knee and give her a big hug and she says, “Daddy, I have a surprise for you”, followed by a big kiss with just a touch of tongue. When I look at her she shouts, “Come in.”

A princess comes through the door and I almost laugh. It’s as if the girl was still in her Halloween costume. A girl about the same age and height as Beth, she stands shyly inside the door and looks at me with big brown eyes. Her jet-black hair is cut in a bob with a little sparkling tiara in it. Her pink princess dress comes almost to her mid-thigh and it has lots of sparkling silver trim. Pink sock and black shoes finish her, except for a tiny black purse.

“Hello Princess”, I say with a more neutral tone, trying not to offend Beth’s friend. “This is my friend Charlize from school”, Beth says, “she is spending the weekend with me. You can call her Charly or Princess”. Charly gives me a small handshake and stands next to Beth and looks me over. “Girls, I was about to take all these clothes to my apartment, do you want to come along?” I ask. They nod and I tell them to get into the truck after I load it. “Beth, where are the kids?” I want to know about the two youngsters. Beth waves her new phone at me and says they are playing at home and will be OK.

At the apartment I unload my clothes and other stuff and then plop down in my recliner. I hear dishes clinking in the kitchen and a few minutes later Charly bring out trays with cookies and cheese, their standard afternoon snacks. Beth follows behind her with three glasses of what looks to be wine. We clink glasses and sip. Beth grins, but Charly is a bit tentative on the wine. “Come on Charly”, Beth urges, “you know there would be wine”. Charly smiles quietly and sips some more. Ah, good girl.

They eat some of their snacks and then Beth climbs into my lap on the recliner. She faces me and her legs hang over the sides, one on each side. When she settles down she flips her short skirt up and yes, she is wearing her gift, my thong. Sweet. As she leans back her pussy puts pressure on my cock and the smirk on her face tells me she knows exactly what she is doing. She rocks forward and gives me a little kiss and a quick stab of tongue; then she rocks back onto my cock again. Mr. Cock had not been paying attention but the second squeeze woke him up and he vibrates hard. Beth snickers and leans forward and whispers into my ear, “Daddy, want to have some fun?”

I shake my head no and tell her not in front of her friend; remember, I don’t want to be in jail because someone told. Beth whispers, “Charly is eleven and can keep good secrets. She has never seen a cock. Can she see yours?” Both of our eyes go to Charly and I can see her turning beet red. She knows we are talking about her. I tell Beth, “Switch places with Charly and let her ask me.”

“Charly, come talk to me, sweetie”, I tell her and motion for her to jump on my lap. She comes over slowly and straddles my lap like Beth had done. We are face to face and its time to see what Charly wants. Her big brown eyes bore into me and her black hair frames her face and little upturned nose. “Would you like me to call you Charly or Princess?” I ask and she tells me to call her Charly. It’s more grown up, she explains, because her mother dresses her in some type of Princess outfit most days.

“Ok Charly, we are going to play a little game. When I ask you a question, instead of saying ‘Yes’, give me a little kiss”, I tell her. She nods her head and I correct her by tapping my lips. Charly leans forward slowly and gives me a chaste quick kiss on the lips. “Kissing grand-pa”, I think; but tell her that it was very nice. Charly smiles and waits expectantly. When she sits back, I can feel her bottom pressing on Mr. Cock.

“Are you eleven years old”, is the next question and Charly leans forward and kisses me again. This time holding the kiss a bit longer. When she rocks back, I press Mr. Cock upward and she feels something hard between her legs. Her eyes open wide and she moves to lift up; but my hands on her hips keep her locked down. Charly relaxes and wiggles her ass on Mr. Cock. Nice. A small smirk plays on Charly’s lips. I think she is starting to learn this game.

“Do you like kissing”, I ask her next. Charly smiles and leans into me and we kiss hard. My hands go into her hair and my tongue taps her lips till she opens wide and lets me explore a bit. I play nice and keep my bad tongue just on her lips and then back out to see if she will do the same. Charly tentatively explores my lips with her small tongue and it tickles my mouth. When she finally pushes a bit further into my mouth, I give her tongue a small suck. Charly jerks but I have her head under control and suck on her tongue a bit more before releasing her. Charly takes a deep breath and puts her forehead against mine. “OMG, Tom”, she whispers. Oh yes, just wait where that tongue will be before long.

“Is there something you want to see?” I ask and push her hips down on Mr. Cock. Charly nods and I pull her to me for a serious French-kiss. I can see her baby nipples are hard and my thumbs tease them as she wraps her arms around my head and pulls me tight. We kiss for a couple of minutes and when Charly breaks for fresh air she giggles like crazy. “OMG Tom”, she whispers again. I love it and grin with her.

Beth laughs from across the room and I tell her to freshen up the wine. A minute later, we clink glasses again and sip more wine. I notice Charly seems to like it a whole lot better the second time. Charly leans back and waits for the next question. I raise her arms high up and tug her dress upward. Beth helps from the other side and Charly loses her dress. She does not wear a bra and her preteen tits are half-apple size. Pink nipples are hard as rocks in small areolas. Charly crosses her arms over her chest and I shake my head ‘No’ till she drops them. “That’s better”, I tell her, “no need to be shy, you are really beautiful.”

Charly grins and I cup her baby breasts and run my thumbs across her nipples some more. She inhales hard and closes her eyes. Leaning forward, I suck one nipple gently into my mouth and she grabs my head and sinks her nails into my hair. She has me locked to her chest like a newborn, so there is nothing to do but to tongue her harder and suck. Charly moans and clearly I may run out of air before she lets me stop. Finally she relaxes a bit and I can breathe before switching to her other tit and punishing it even harder. When I bite her nipple Charly rocks her bottom against Mr. Cock a couple of times. She moves forward and back and grinds against me with unstoppable lust. Charly is about to explode.

My mouth moves back to her first tit and I bite her, not too hard, but enough to make her groan. She is rocking her pussy against my cock hard and with a little scream I feel dampness saturating my pants. Baby has a good cum. She holds onto me tightly and rocks for a minute before she starts giggling again. I tell her, "That was nice baby, just relax against me.” My arms are around her and she seems to be nearly asleep but breathing hard. Beth is besides us and mouths the words, “Wow.”

A few minutes later, I take the two girls to my bedroom and have them kneel on a blanket before the bed. Beth has stripped down also and after my pants hit the floor I sit on the bed in front of the girls. “Beth, how about showing Charly what to do”, I say. Beth gently grabs my cock and pulls the skin down and strokes me up and down several times. Mr. Cock shows his appreciation by twitching like crazy. “Ok, now its Charly’s turn”, I tell the girls.

Charly takes my cock from Beth and looks at it closely. Mr. Cock twitches once or twice and she giggles. She runs her fingers along the veins and looks at the opening in my cockhead. Then she stokes me down and then up slowly and giggles. “You can do it a little bit harder”, I tell her. She tightens her grip and stokes me harder. It’s a good hand-job for a beginner. A minute later, I tell her, “Go ahead and kiss my cock.” I know she has seen it on the internet; may as well see if she will give me a blow-job. Charly giggles and pulls my cock to her lips, gives it a little kiss and then runs her tongue down the sensitive underside.

Oh yea, this baby has been watching porn and knows exactly what will make a guy happy. When I inhale sharply she giggles and points my cock at Beth. Beth takes me in her mouth and also runs her tongue down my sensitive spots. Of course, Beth knows exactly what I like, we have been doing it for weeks. Beth gives my cock back to Charly and tells her to make me cum.

Charly gets a serious look on her face, looks up at me and pushes my cock deep into her mouth. I can feel it hitting the back of her throat and Charly sucks hard. She pushes harder and tries to get me down her throat until her gag reflex hits. She gags, chokes and pulls me out of her mouth coughing hard. Beth giggles and I can’t help but snicker. “Baby, don’t try that until you have more practice”, I tell her and lift her up and give her a hug and kiss. Charly relaxes and gets back on her knees.

What a vision between my knees; two preteen eleven year old sweeties on their knees sucking my cock like champs. Beth is the “expert” and Charly the “beginner”. From what Charly is doing with her tongue on my cock she will be rated as “expert” in about one hour. The girls switch back and forth and I can tell a little competition is going on. My cock is hard as a rock and I know I will be sharing cum with the girls in a few minutes.

I tell Charly to get ready for her reward. She looks up at me in surprise and even though she knows what will happen, the first time is always a surprise. Charly has my cock deep in her mouth and I grab her head so she can’t move when I feel my balls shooting the first load of Jizz down her throat. Charly groans and her fingers dig into my legs as the second load goes into her mouth. I pull her head back and Charly locks her lips and teeth around my cockhead. I shoot the third load onto her tongue and Charly bites down just a bit to let me know this kitten has claws and teeth. “Don’t swallow, baby”, I tell her and she looks up at me with a big question mark.

“Show me”, I say and Charly opens her mouth and sticks her cum covered tongue out. “Share it with Beth”, is my next command and turn her head toward Beth. Charly’s eyes get extra wide; but before she can say anything Beth has her lips locked against her and I can see tongues moving like crazy. Holy shit, preteen porn in action and I had not set up my cameras. Good grief, I could sell this scene for thousands. Beth cleans Charly’s mouth and Charly does the same for Beth. The two kittens are so hot, I wonder if I have to get a pail of water and wet them down. When they finally break apart, they giggle like crazy. I know I need at least fifteen minutes to recuperate, so I tell the girls to get on the bed and wait. I slide their panties off and look at a perfect set of heart shaped baby asses.

Both have the white triangles from their summer suntans. “In a few minutes”, I think and go into the kitchen for some more wine. Their glasses are just partially filled because I know I can’t have them go home drunk and they can’t spend the night. Too bad. The girls eat some more snacks and drink their wine and grin all the while. Both probably know what is coming next; but I’m keeping them guessing.

I pull Charly to me and give her a very nice long ‘boyfriend’ kiss. “Thank you baby, that was wonderful”, I tell her and hug and kiss her again. She runs her tongue around the inside of my mouth and holds the kiss for several minutes. Well, we sure made a lot of progress during the last hour. Beth is besides us watching; she lies on her stomach. I tell Charly to also lie down and I kiss both their sweet bottoms for a few minutes. There is baby oil in my dresser and I dabble a few drops of it onto their asses and massage them. Both girls ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ as my hands work their ass cheeks.

Charly get some extra attention and I push her legs wide apart and run my hands down her crack over her pooper and her pussy. She wiggles and giggles as my middle finger digs into her pussy on every down stroke. Then it happens, her ass start rocking slightly with my hands. When I touch her pussy she rocks upward, so my middle finger digs deeper into her again and again. Finally, I stop massaging her ass and just finger fuck her pussy. Is she ready for a second cum?

I don’t want to waste her being hot and bothered so I tell her to roll over onto her back. Charly is breathing hard and I pull her to the edge of the bed and line up my half hard cock with her pussy. I push into her gently for about an inch or two and rock into her in small fucking moves. Charly has her eyes closed but a big grin on her face. “Baby, look at me”, I tell her because I want her to remember losing her virginity with great detail. She opens her eyes and smiles wide until I hit her hymen. She jerks like an electric cattle prod has hit her. “OMG Tom, I’m a virgin”, she whines.

“Not anymore”, I answer as I hold her hips tight and push my cock into her. Her hymen pops and Charly yelps loudly as I sink nearly all the way into her new woman pussy. Beth watches with wide eyes and holds Charly’s hand. “OMG Tom, don’t get me pregnant”, Charly whines some more. I fuck her with long slow strokes and notice the smile has returned to her face. In a minute her ass starts moving with pelvic thrusts as Charly is clearly enjoying her first fuck. She is panting and moans, “Please, get me off”. Oh yes baby, Daddy can get you off in ways you will like. I pull my cock out of her wet pussy, drop to my knees and go for her clit with my tongue.

When I hit it, I rub it hard and hold Charly to me so she can’t escape. Charly howls and twists, but my tongue is locked to her clit and savages it hard. It only takes a few minutes for Charly’s second orgasm to hit and she nearly lifts off the bed as she thrashes her legs. Then she clamps them around my head and squeezes the dear life out of me. This time I’m thinking, “OMG, where did this girl get the strength?” Charly is a squirter and sweet pussy juice fills my mouth. I lap it up the best I can.

When Charly relaxes for a second I move away and motion for Beth, “Want to taste?” Charly’s pussy is preteen tight, but her pink inside is visible while her clit is near blood red and standing up like a pencil nub. Beth is so worked up that she is also near exploding. She slides between Charly’s legs and licks her pussy. I can hear slurping from Beth and moaning from Charly. I sure hope I have not taught the two of them a new way to get each other off. Probably did. Beth’s ass and pussy is in the air, so I slide up behind her and give her the same tongue treatment she is giving Charly.

Beth wiggles her ass in appreciation and she cums in a few minutes with my tongue in her cunt. All three of us are worn out and collapse on the bed. I pull a blanket over us, set my alarm for an hour and fall asleep. One hour later, I wake the girls and push them into the shower. When I hear lots of giggling, I know they have reverted to being eleven year olds. While they dry off and fix their hair, I jump into the shower and get myself cleaned up also. Then the three of us straighten up the apartment and head for the door.

Charly catches me before we leave and pulls me back into the bedroom. She kisses me seriously hard and tells me, “I love you forever”. Oh yea, it’s time to break her heart a bit. “Thank you baby”, I tell her and explain that I hope her first time has been wonderful for her. She grins, but then I tell her that she will probably meet some young guys in a year or so who will steal her heart and I will become a memory. In the meantime she can visit me whenever she wants. That puts a smile back on her face and I tell her we need to get going. Plus, it has to be a secret, not to be discussed with anyone; especially not in Beth’s house were the kids may hear.

Charly nods and heads for my truck. I crank up some teen music and the girls sing along with the latest boy band. We stop at a drive through and get enough food for us and the “kids” because Beth never knows if her mother will cook. In my basement there is one more round of good-bye French kisses, feeling their bottoms and Beth grabs my ear and whispers, “Charly needs her ass fucked.” She kisses my lips and the two preteens disappear out the door.

Good grief, that was educational and fun.

My i-phone vibrates and I look at the screen. Teen Kelly sent a message, “Mom and me are waiting. Can you be here in one hour?”

I text back, “Yes, let me pack a bag for overnight.”

Looks like it may be an even more educational night with mom and daughter. It makes me think back on the Tuesday when I gave mom her first massage.

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