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Daughter's friend wants to show me how to use my new camera
While I’ve always been fascinated with photography, I’ve never had time to really delve into it until recently. I’ve owned several cheap “point and shoot” cameras and have been fairly satisfied with them, but wanted more. I found a DSLR on sale really cheap on line a few months ago so went ahead and bought it, thinking it would be a good place to start. However, the owner’s manual was crap, assuming knowledge I didn’t have, and most of the information I was finding on line about f/stops and ISO’s were not helpful.

After playing around with it a few weeks, I put it on the shelf and forgot about it for a while. Last week I picked it back up and started looking into it again. This time I went out driving in the country, taking hundreds of pictures, trying the different settings, until I was pretty sure I had it figured out. When I got home and dumped the pics on the computer, I knew what I liked, I just didn’t know why.

Then I remembered Allie, my daughter’s best friend since kindergarten. She is now 26, lives close, and took several photography classes in college. I looked her up on a mutual networking site and sent her a private message. I told her what kind of camera I have, and asked if she could look at it and explain things about how to use it to me. A couple of days later she responded with “I’ll be glad to look at it. I’ll be over in the next two or three days.”

This was a Monday, and I was leaving Tuesday to go to New Orleans on business, about a 10 hour drive from where we live. I sent her the following message, in jest, to let her know when I’d be back: “I’m leaving Tuesday for NOLA, so you have three choices…you can come over today since I’m home all day, you can wait until next weekend, or you can come to NOLA with me. We can visit the casino, as it’s just a few blocks from my hotel.” This, of course, followed by a “smiley face” to let her know I was kidding about the last part.

Within half an hour, I got the shock of my life! She sent me this message: “I’d love to come to NOLA! I love casinos, and I love hotel rooms!” I wasn’t sure what to think at this point. Allie grew up to be a gorgeous young woman, and as I watched her grow up, I was at times infatuated with her, fantasizing about her, and getting off to those fantasies. Being her best friend’s father, though, I am several years her senior, so I would have never imagined she would enjoy doing anything with me, much less going on a 10 hour road trip lasting three nights!

I messaged back “Are you serious? What would our families think?” of course, another smiley face followed.

“Who says we need to tell our families?” was her almost instant reply!

That’s it, I thought. I’m going through with this. If we just look at cameras and casinos and nothing else, I’ve still got more I can fantasize with. If we do more, well, I’m just a very, very lucky guy!

Via several more instant messages, arrangements were made that I would pick her up from her home at 7:00 Tuesday morning. I made sure she knew there was only going to be one hotel room, but it was a suite with a fold-out couch. She said she was fine with that.

I showed up, and she was watching for me. I didn’t even need to ring the bell. She came outside with her bag before I got to the front door. “Ready?” she asked. “Absolutely!” was my response, hoping she didn’t see the tent starting to form between my legs as I thought about the days to come.

The drive there was uneventful. We grabbed fast-food breakfast on the way out of town, stopped at a diner for lunch, and she studied my camera most of the drive. We got to the hotel about seven that evening. I checked in, and we went up to the room to unpack. As soon as that was done, she said something about being hungry. I asked her if she wanted to walk to the casino and eat there, and she said sure. We got to the casino, ate dinner at the buffet, and spent about 20 bucks each on some slots. She then told me she was tired from the drive and was ready to go back to the hotel.

We got back to the hotel, and she said she wanted to take a shower. She let me get ready for bed before she did, though, so when she came out of the shower I’d already be asleep (her words). She told me to take the bed, as she preferred the firmness of a fold-out couch. I heard the shower running, so I got undressed and slipped under the covers. After the comment of my being able fall asleep while she was in the shower, I began to wonder if I’d mis-read her intent. I closed my eyes, but could not fall asleep, thinking about that beautiful body just on the other side of the wall. I was on my back, and my cock began to stiffen as I thought about her, eventually standing straight up, pushing the covers up with it.

I heard the shower stop running, and started to turn over so she wouldn’t notice the lump in the sheet, but thought, “So what? If she sees it, she sees it. What’s the worst that can happen? I can always say I was dreaming.” I left my eyes closed when I heard the restroom door open, but I knew the light was on, so my tent was visible if she looked my way. At first, there was no audible response. I wasn’t sure if she saw me or not, I could just hear her arranging covers on the couch. There was quiet for a few minutes, so I assumed she’d lain down. Suddenly, though, I heard a sound close by. I opened my eyes just a bit, and saw her standing by me, in the nude, tweaking her nipple in one hand, and licking her lips.

On seeing this, my cock twitched. She saw this and grinned, reaching her hand out to the cover, picking it up, and slowly moving it off me. She not only saw my cock at attention, she also saw I was in bed in the nude. “So,” she said softly, as if she thought I was asleep, “you thought something might happen tonight, eh?” At that, my cock twitched again, she smiled, then bent down and kissed the tip where a bit of pre-cum was just starting to ooze out.

After the kiss, she lowered her head to my cock again, this time licking up the pre-cum, then swirling her tongue around the head. Finally, she sucked the head into her mouth, lowering her head slowly until my complete, full, rock-hard cock was touching the back of her throat. Knowing there was no way she would think I could sleep through this, I decided to open my eyes fully and dive in with her. I reached over to her tits, cupping one in my hand, and started massaging it. I placed my other hand on the back of her head, gently pressing her down on my cock as she began to fuck her face with my rod.

At this, she took her hand and cupped my balls, massing them, rolling them around in her hand, while continuing to suck my cock. As she did, she raised one foot off the floor, bringing first one leg up on the bed, then the other, placing us in a perfect 69 position. I took one leg and lifted it over my face so she would be straddling me, then buried my face deep into her pussy. I probed her opening with my tongue for what seemed like forever, furiously fucking her pussy with my tongue as she moved her mouth faster and faster over my rod.

I felt her body tense up as she began to cum, squirting her juices into my throat as I continued to eat her. She began bucking wildly as she felt wave after wave of pleasure hit her. This caused her mouth to clamp down on my cock even harder, and she squeezed my balls almost to the point of pain. Suddenly I started cumming in her mouth, shooting streams of my man-juice to the back of her throat. I thought the spurts of cum would never stop, but eventually they did, just about the same time as her body began to relax from her strong orgasms.

As she came down, she shuddered and moaned, then started laughing. She rolled off me, turned around so we were face to face instead of at a 69 position, and planted a long, wet, deep kiss on my mouth. I, of course, felt no need to hold back, so returned the kiss longingly and lovingly.

“I’ve been noticing you staring at me since I was 14. It’s about time you did something about it!” she said to me.

“Wanted to forever,” I replied, “just didn’t want to get arrested. Plus, I’ve never been very good at picking up girls my own age, much less someone so much younger than I am.”

“OK,” she said, “now that’s behind us, we just need to figure out a way to do this more often. Of course, we’ve got two more nights here, you’ve got a camera you want to know about, and I’ve got a body that just loves to be photographed!” With that, she smiled, grabbed my cock, and moved her face down for another taste.

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