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Sweet Little Sister – Part 2

That was hard to believe, hard to accept… Way harder to resist.

Her mouth was hot and smooth. I had already tasted it in mine, but now she was getting a taste of me. I couldn’t picture something more disturbing than that, having my little sister kneeling in front of me while I’m seating on a couch like a king. And yet feeling her mouth around me, her tongue licking the pre-cum oozing just for her…

“You don’t need to do it, you know?” I said grabbing hard on the couch.
She looked at me while brushing a lock of hair behind her ear “I want to” Just that, and her mouth was on me again, licking just the tip for a while but soon she put the most she could of my pulsating dick in her mouth, sliding slowly in and out.
“Ohhh,” I moaned when she slurped it out of her mouth, almost making a popping sound.
“Adam… You’re big,” she said while stroking her hand up and down very slowly.
“Oh, c’mon Carol…” I said smiling.
“No, I mean it,” she said, tilting her head and kissing its sides “I’ve seeing another guys, remember? They were smaller, that makes you big, right?”
“Well…” I couldn’t keep up, because I was in her mouth again. She bent a little more towards me and concentrated on what she was doing.

I noticed she was experimenting. Feeling the taste, the rhythm, discovering how to do it. For me it was awkward… But really gratifying in some way – apart from the pleasure she was giving me. She was discovering her way to do this with me… Suddenly having my little Carol kneeling on the floor, with her dress dropped to her waist and her perfect breasts exposed to the moon light wasn’t disturbing me anymore… I couldn’t describe the feeling. It was something between being amazed and being glad… She was with me after all. My protective side was really happy with that. Better with me than with some random guy out there, right?

What a hypocrite.

She was giving me a blowjob, sucking me in her mouth, inserting me in and out of her perfect mouth, her face concentrated, eyes barely open, looking down to me through her long and dark lashes, taking me out to breath, time or other, than resuming to her experience. Even the sound she was making while recovering her breath was arousing. Then she tried to swallow me deeper and had to stop, coughing.

“Whoa,” I said stroking her hair and looking down to her.

Carol just smiled weakly and put herself to work again. I moaned louder than I wanted and had to control myself. She resumed to her previous rhythm and, less than fifteen seconds after, tried to swallow me again, failing again, this time putting both hands on the ground and coughing a lot.

I bent to her and held her hair in a ponytail while she was recovering her breath “You don’t need to go this far, Carol.” I said gently.
“But I want to,” she looked up defiantly.
Suddenly I knew what this was all about “Are you trying to give me a deep throat?”
She looked surprised “Oh! You knew…”
“Of course I knew I’m not a saint, Carol. Actually I’m really far from that” I said laughing and caressing her cheeks. For a moment I had my old Carol back, looking at me while I explained something to her. “You don’t need to blow my mind right now, Miss Ford.”
“But you blew mine,” she said unquiet.
“Don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of time to try that, you don’t need to hurry,” I said wiping a line of drool off her chin.
“Really?” Expectation was all over her face.
“Yes, so for now stick with the basics because you’re doing great, thrust me,” I said. She smiled, wanked me for a while, making me groan and put me on her mouth again.

She got it really fast, taking rhythm and clearly enjoying it, playing with her tongue around the tip for a while then moving faster and taking as much as possible inside of her. In no time I was ready to go. I bent towards her and stroked her head “Babe, I’m coming”.

I held myself as much as I could to give her time to decide if she was stopping or letting it go inside her mouth. She didn’t need any time to decide, she moved faster, sucking harder. I came violently inside her mouth, grabbing hard on the couch and groaning. I watched astonished while she was taking her time to have my entire load in her mouth and was swallowing it.


I was zipping up my pants when she sat by my side. I took her panties and looked to her.
“Time to put this on,” I said.
“Are you finished with me?” She asked sounding a little disappointed.
“For now, yes. I’ll put you in bed if you like.” I said smiling.
“Oh, come on” she said grinning but sounding upset. She stood and took her panties from my hand, ready to wear them on.
“No, come here” I held her and pulled her to me, holding her panties and waiting her to step in, then I pulled her panties up stroking her legs like I did to take them off, but stronger, groping her firm and tight ass. She squealed excited and I put her seated over my lap, straddling me.
“What will you do tomorrow?” I asked while nuzzling between her breasts and putting the straps of her dress on.
“I’ll lunch with my parents, and then I’ll start looking for an apartment for me and my mother. She and my dad are trying to get back together.”
“That’s great news. I’ll tell you what: why don’t you call me as soon as you are done with your mother and we have dinner together?” I asked her. Her face lightens up in a smile.
“You mean, like a date?” Her happiness is infectious and I’m laughing when I respond.
“Yeah, you can call it that. Then I can show you my apartment, if you like” I say before thinking.

She is still, looking at me. A sea breeze brushes her hair and she looks serious when her face approaches mine, her nose touching mine.

“Will you have me for real then?” She whispers.

All my body tenses at the thought and then I realize. That is it; I want it to be me.

“Yes, then you’ll be mine,” I answer and my words seemed to take a long time to sink in, but when it does, she kisses me furiously and I kiss her back, pulling her as strong as I can towards me. I can hear her losing her breath. Damn… What am I doing…?

Carol changed her mind about me putting her to bed after she discovered I planned to see her the day after, so we sneaked into the house and went to my old bedroom. It was still the way I had left. I had grown up in this same room; it still had my rock band, movie and car posters all over the walls. It felt unreal being there with Carol while my parents were just across the corridor. Especially when she picked up the purse she had brought and pulled out a nightgown from it, giving it to me and whispering “Help me change?”
When I took it she turned around just beside the bed. I asked her to wait, locked up the door, closed the blinds and turned on the lights. She looked at me curiously and smiled.

“That way I’ll think you plan on spending the night” she said when I got behind her and moved her hair to the right, letting it fall from her right shoulder and nuzzled her neck. She moaned.
“Nah, I just wanted to have a good vision of what expects me tomorrow” I said slipping out the straps of her dress and letting it fall.
“Oh… how naughty of you” she answered, then gasped when I carefully ran my hands down the sides of her body, caressing her breasts, ribs, waist, grabbing the edges of her panties and pulling it slowly down her legs. Then I took her hand and turned her to me.

What a sight. She just stood there completely and gloriously naked, looking at me, waiting what I’d do to her next. I found her even more perfect now that I could actually see her. The curves, the smoothness of her skin, the color… And still that little goddess was there, waiting for me. Then it hit me… She was being snobbish, even bitchy all night long but since she had declared to me, she has being doing and letting me do everything I want. I decided to try her a little further.

“Carol, can you sit on the bed for me please?” I asked.
“Sure,” she answered sweetly, sitting on the bed.
“Ok, now lie down,” I said still standing right in front of her, arms crossed.
She gave me a naughty smile and complied, just letting her slender body fall on the bed.
“Bend your knees for me?” I said grinning.
“Oh… I see what you’re doing,” she said, but yet, she bent her knees. Her breath was getting heavier. She tilted her head right and looked at me while biting her folded index finger, waiting for my next order. I myself was getting tense.
“Now spread your legs for me…” I asked shifting my weight from foot to foot. With her barely open and lascivious eyes, she was looking at me when she breathed hard and did it, not hesitating for even a second.

I could see her secret, most delicate part, completely. Those white perfect outer lips covering that beautiful pink line. It was small and looked so flawless, pristine. I took a good moment admiring it, and then I decided to leave before I ruined my own plans.

I slowly climbed into bed, she was breathing heavier and heavier with apprehension and I lay over her, my hips pressing between her legs and supporting myself by my elbows, hovering over her. She was looking at me intensely while I caressed her reddened cheeks and stroked her hair. I kissed her passionately.

“Thank you” I whispered.
“You won’t stay? Really?” she asked.
“No, I’m not, but tomorrow night will be our night. I promise.”
She smiled and nodded while I reached for her nightgown. I helped her wear it while lying on the bed, what was really nice, since I had to slide it down her body.

I turned off the lights, covered her with the sheet and kissed her forehead. She laughed.
“This brings back memories, doesn’t it?” She asked.
“Yes, it does. I miss those days” I answered sounding nostalgic.
“You'll like these new days better” she said.
“You know what? I don't doubt it.” I said smiling “Good night, sweetheart.”
“Good night, Adam. I love you…” …and so, something she would normally say while she was just my little sister caught us both unprepared.

Tension rose between us, but I had no other answer for that.
“I love you too, Carol” I whispered back and kissed her on the lips then left, sneaking out of my old house.

I received Carol’s call at 6pm and I went to pick her up in downtown.

“That’s a nice car you have” she said after entering my Audi TT.
“Thanks. Nice dress, you look really pretty” I answered. She was wearing a silver wipes bosom evening dress. Pretty was little to say, she was stunning, but I preferred to save praise for now.
“Thanks, you look good too. What’s the occasion?” She said grinning. We both laughed conspiratorially.

Soon we were at the restaurant of a friend of mine, really classy.
“Heeey, if it isn’t Mr. Businessman!?” Lars came joking, wearing his social “I own this place” clothes and behavior, as always.
“What’s up Lars” I complimented, shaking his hand.
“And who’s this gorgeous lady?” He said aiming Carol, who was completely at ease, chin resting on her enlaced fingers, elbows on the table.
“What? Don’t you recognize her?” I darted. He looked at me confused while holding her hand and I continued “Do you remember the little girl who spilled soda all over Tina’s prom gown?”
“You gotta be kidding!” He laughed “If it isn't Miss Caroline, how good to see you again! You look great!”
"Thanks! And call me Carol," she answered. Whoa, no more snobbish Carol?
“Well, it seems you are in good company, my friend. I’m going to send you two a good wine. But you, Miss, promise me not to spill it on anyone… Poor Tina never recovered from that night,” he said theatrically and left, leaving us laughing.
“I was stupid to let her near you, after everything you already had done to my previous dates…” I said grinning. She arched an eyebrow.
“Now you know I wasn’t kidding, Mr. Businessman,” she grinned back.

One of the waiters brought our wine and we talked for a while, then we ate. The food was great and Lars came more than once to check up on us. Carol seemed to like him. Probably the fine outfit and his German accent pleased her. Or his playfulness, I couldn’t know for sure.

“So, moving up with your mother, huh? That's unexpected,” I said.
“Yes… She and my father wanted to get back together, living on the same house. I said that, if that happened, I’d need to live by my own” Carol answered, something dark on her expression and I knew exactly what it was, but she reminded me anyway “How can they expect me to live under the same hoof… I mean, it took me six months to recover from their fights… The way they throw me at each other like a cannon ball…”
“I remember those days very well. You stopped eating and you were getting too skinny” I said reliving those moments in my mind. That was a really sad time. Everybody worried about her, everybody but her parents.
“Yes, and someone used to steal me through the window and take me to eat ice cream,” she said laughing, but her eyes were getting teary. Suddenly she stood and sat by my side throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me “Can you please take me to your home now?”
“Of course” I said caressing her chin.

When we were close to leave I was standing near the exit, waiting her touch up her make-up, and Lars came by to talk to me.
“You big dog! I saw her kissing you!”
“Yeah… I know,” I said apologetically.
“Well, I can’t blame you, she’s really gorgeous,” he said grinning.
“I don’t know what to do. I know that’s not right, I mean, I’m twenty-six, she’s barely seventeen… And we grew up together. Well, at least I saw her growing up,” I said passing my hands through my hair.
“Adam, I’m tired of looking young couples here. I’m tired of my own relationships and, you know what? I don’t see such a matching couple in a long time. If you asked me, I’d say, go for it.”
“You mean it?” I asked him.
“Yes. I’d bet this is your first date, right?”
“Geez, Lars. When did you become such a guru?” I ask laughing.
“I know things. And I know you. So listen: set things straight with her first, then you’ll know if you want to face all the problems that may or may not come from this relationship.”
“Thanks, Lars. You’re a good friend.”
“Do I have a discount on our next consult about my business?” He grinned, I smirked “Oh, and don’t you dare to treat her like those old girlfriends of yours, you may scare her.”
That moment we see Carol heading our way, attracting the attention of half restaurant.
“Lars… You have no idea of what this girl is made of…”

Apprehension was forming between us when waiting for the elevator to reach my floor. She was biting her lower lip while I took her hand, caressing it. When we arrived I did a little tour, walking around the apartment and showing her the place. It had two suites, a kitchen, a living room, a home office and a mid size balcony. All decorated in modern style, a lot of black, white and silver. Our last stop was my bedroom.

“So, king size bed, huh?” She poked. “Has it seen too much action?”
“No. Actually, you are the first girl who has seen it and…” I lifted her by her waist and laid her on the bed, over the white bedspread “…Now you are the first girl who has laid on it.”
She giggled “Just like this?”
I touch her nose with mine “Yup, just like this.” Then we kiss.

While kissing I travel my hand all over her body and, as I expected, I find no opposition. Soon I have her naked and she helps me undress, but I’m still wearing my underwear. No more giggling. I can feel her tensing up… But it didn’t stop me. My hands and my mouth touch and kiss every inch of her beautiful young body. She was breathing really hard when I stop between her legs, my face just over her beautiful pink pussy.

I carefully parted her lips, exposing her moist petals… I could see her hymen, the proof she had really saved herself for me. As I opened her a little wider Carol groaned and I looked at her.
“Discomforting?” I asked.
She had tilted her head in that sexy way, locks of hair falling from her fringe to her face and looking at me through her black long lashes. “No. I like to think that you like what you’re seeing.”
“Liking is not the right word for this…” I kissed her there, near her tiny clit, she gasped “…Amazed. That’s what I am. You’re so beautiful…” I start licking her all over.
I could hear her breathing and feel every movement I did caressing her petals with my tongue reflected on the trembling of her legs. I hold her legs with my arms and suck harder, focusing on her clit. She moans harder for me and grabs my hair.

Feeling her reaction was outstanding. I loved to hear her moaning. Her moans were so soft, yet so passionate. I had girls in this exact same position and it never was even close to what I was living now. I was making her reach her limits and, just seeing her tremble, seeing her struggling with the pleasure she was feeling, was making me reach mine. But I had my plans to follow.

I worked my tongue faster, circling her clit and sucking until she clutched her fingers on the mattress and arched her back. She closed her eyes and her breath was heavier than ever…
“A-Adam,” she moaned, and I stopped.

I took off my underwear and crawled up the bed, my big muscular and white body over her slightly tanned and slender one. Carol was still trying to catch her breath when I touched her forehead with mine. My blue eyes met her half opened light brown ones. I passed her arms around my neck and spread her legs using mine. Her expression was still that of ecstasy, but she was completely with me when noticed what was coming next.

“Protection?” I whispered to her.
“No need,” she meowed back.
I kissed her slowly, involving her, while I positioned myself, the tip of me, just between her labia, only touching her entrance.
“I’ll make you mine, baby”
“I already am…” she groaned feeling the pressure I did on her entrance“…I always was.”

I forced myself inside of her slowly. I could feel the soft skin of her labia giving me passage and her initial tightness stretching.
“Agh!” She groaned and I kissed her, forcing a bit more of myself inside of her. She groaned even more inside of my mouth.
Slowly moving in and out of her, inch by inch I was getting deeper, feeling that small and perfect pussy spreading around me, so goddamn tight.

“That’s it babe,” I whispered when I felt I was more than halfway in.
She opened her eyes, breathing heavy, and a single drop of sweat running down her forehead. I was giving her time to get used to me inside her tiny and virgin entrance. I kissed her once, twice, then I started moving in and out slowly again. She moaned for me in a less painful way then looked at me and, between gasps she said “Don’t worry…”

And again Carol was trying to rush things, looking at me literally in pain but telling me to go for it. And I did.
I kissed her and pushed myself in all the way I could. She groaned loudly. I withdrew and thrust again, all the way in. Her legs tightened by my sides, as did her arms around my neck. Her teary eyes fixed on mine as I did it again and again. Soon I felt her limit, the head of my member touching the deepest part of her.
“Huuugh” she squealed and I felt every single muscle of her pussy tightening around me.
I started to develop speed, thrusting inside her frantically. I was completely lost inside of her.
She groaned and cried but, still, was reciprocating every time I kissed her. Carol’s velvety insides melting around me. Doing everything I could to prevent hitting her cervix, I kept slamming her, until I felt myself coming.

“Carol, I’m coming” I warned, passed my arms around her back and one second after I was jolting deep inside of her with long and deep thrusts. She moaned, arching her back, her mouth open and her eyes shut tight.

I lay over her chest, kissing the skin between her breasts while recovering my breath and watching as she recovered hers. Then I moved up and gave her a long kiss while caressing her cheeks. Her eyes soft and glowing, her cheeks red and she was smiling at me. My fear of being too rough with her disappeared.

I carefully turned her and we were spooning when I whispered on her ear “Your turn”.
She looked at me curiously, and then felt my hands, one cupping her breast and the other running down her belly and caressing her pussy. She trembled and groaned.
“Shhh… Just relax” I knew I had touched somewhere sore and I wasn’t repeating, so I aimed her clit and started moving my fingers, massaging her breast and playing with her nipple at the same time.

Soon she was trembling in my hands, her eyes closed tight and she breathing fast yet again. I figured I loved the sound of her moans when she was near to come. I pushed her to the edge two times then stopped to kiss her neck and caress all around, and then she unexpectedly begged “A-Adam… Make m-me come, p-please” she managed to purr between breaths.

I hugged her stronger and put some effort on making it the most intense orgasm possible. She came in my arms. As I did yesterday, I insisted on her orgasm until she seemed to have lost her breath, her small hands holding mines tightly.
“Now we are even” I whispered at her ear.

We cuddled for one hour or so. She looked exhausted and I just pulled a blanket up her waist and hugged her, letting her rest. She ended up falling asleep, but I had to wake her up, as she had to go home or her parents would freak out. They didn’t even know she was with me. I joined her on a bath, faster than we wanted it to be, and soon she was ready to go home.

“Oops… I stained your bed” she murmured while pointing to the blood mark on the sheets, her cheeks completely red.
“I think I’ll keep this sheet” I said smiling.
“Eew! Gross.” She grinned.
“Just kidding. But that is not a problem. I’d buy another ten beds just to do that again” I said kissing her neck.
“Don’t you prefer me not gritting my teeth while you’re inside me?” She scowls.
“Oh… Of course” I smile.

“Adam, thanks for tonight. I loved it,” she said holding my hand while we’re in the elevator.
“Pleasure has been all mine” I smile and kiss her hand.
“That would be true if you haven’t tied the score” she said laughing “Oh… I’ve being questioning myself. Why does your apartment have two suites?” she asks when we are getting to the car.
“I bought this apartment with a friend a long time ago, but he decided to live elsewhere and I finished up living there alone, what’s hell better, why?”
“I was thinking… I know this is all of a sudden and you might think wrong of me, but…” she looked really troubled, so I intervened.
“Carol, no such thing between us, you can ask me or tell me anything” I said caressing her cheek again “Just say it” I demanded, but I was almost certain of what was to come.
“What would you think of me living here with you? It could be good, you know…” She said completely wanton.

The sweetest and hottest girl I know wanting to live with me.
How tragic.
If I could manage to pull this off and not end up killed by my parents or hers, I’d be luckiest bastard alive.

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Was awesome! 26 and has an Audi TT and that kind of suite and a real decent job? Bitch be livin' the good life! I loved how open the friend was about them though LOL


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