Visiting a multiorgasmic friend after work
“You know the invitation is still open for the hot tub.” Theresa had been offering to let me use the hot tub since I twisted wrong a few weeks ago. The back is all better but she won’t let it go.

“How about today after work, but I got to run by the house, got nothing to wear in.”

“Don’t worry about it, the old man is out of town, and I think his trunks will fit you.”

“OK, cool, that will work.” I am not a big fan of wearing someone else’s clothes but this kills two birds with one stone, I get in a hot tub and Theresa shuts up about it.

Now the day goes by pretty uneventful. Four o’clock finally rolls around I meet her in the parking lot. I confirmed that I was following her and I got in my car and take the twenty minute drive to her house.
As she is unlocking the door she looks at me, “what size are you?”


“Shit, your not going to fit. I’m sorry I should have thought about it.”

“Don’t blame yourself; I should have realized my damn self.” I wasn’t feeling wearing his shorts anyway, but she lives on the opposite side of town from me, if I go home now I am not coming back, rush hour is about to start before I make it back to town.

“I have a plan,” she says, “Come on.” She leads me through the dining room and out the patio door. I help her get the cover to the hot tub off, and she fiddles with the controls for a second and the jets roar to life.

“OK, I’m going to go upstairs and get ready, you can get in naked if you want, with the jets on I can’t tell. Then when its time to get out I will head back in and I will never be the wiser one way or the other. How’s that?”

“It works for me.” She walks back in and heads around the corner. I decide to go full on, I strip right there. I fold my clothes and stack them in a chair by the tub. I get into the tub and sit down. The massaging action of the jets feels great. My muscles are loosing up a bit and I actually begin to doze a little.
When she walks back out to the back porch she has a bath robe on. Theresa is a quite reserved person at work, so I am expecting a conservative one-piece, probably even has a modesty skirt on. She has pulled her dark brown hair into a single braid that is resting on her left shoulder. Her bright green eyes are almost glowing in the sunlight.

“I felt bad, you having to be in there naked and all, so I thought to settle the score.” With that she dropped the robe and was standing there just as naked as I am. Her tits are much bigger than I had realized. I am betting on double Ds, if you had asked me an hour ago, I would have said C was a stretch. Hanging from one nipple is a captured ball ring. Her pussy is shaved bare. I take that back, she waxes, no stubble to be seen.

I can feel a raging hard on under the water. She is going to have to get out before I do, or their will be some embarrassment.

She climbs into the tub and sits down, her tits going below the waterline. What a disappointment, I would have loved to stare at those a bit longer. We start a fairly short conversation about work that seems so much longer, all my brain can do is go back the image of her standing their naked. My cock seems unwilling to forget too, I can’t shake this wood.

After a few minutes the conversation lulls into silence. I lean my head back and apparently doze off again.
I get woken up by something brushing lightly across my knee. I jump a little Theresa is gone I start to look around when I feel something brush my cock. Now I am full on alarmed, I don’t know what the hell is going on. A hand reaches up out of the water and falls onto my chest.

Theresa must be under the water. The back of her head breaks the surface then I feel her tongue on the head of my dick. Her lips wrap around me the suddenly she takes all of me into her mouth, I am pushing back into her throat. She holds me there for a minute, and then she sits up, and kisses me. A hand takes the place of her mouth wrapped around me. She starts kissing down my neck and starts planting kisses over my chest.

I grab her around the waist and pull her into my lap. Her hand guides my cock to the opening of her cunt. I take the nipple that is pierced into my mouth, I bite down lightly and play with the ring with my tongue. Her breathing gets heavy as she slides up and down on my cock. I shift my mouth to the other nipple, kissing and nibbling.

She pulls my hair lightly and I let go of her tits. She moans heavily never moving her mouth from mine. Her pussy clinches down on my cock as an orgasm washes over her.

She lifts herself off my cock and grabs it with her hand. “That’s all you get of that right now.” She keeps stroking my dick. “I can’t do much of that in here, got to keep the water clean, but I don’t want to get out yet. So for now you get a handjob. I need one favor though. You got to tell me when you’re going to cum, I can’t let it out in the water.” Her hand never quit stroking my dick the whole time she was talking. She was on her knees right in front of me.

She takes her breast with the pierced nipple and starts sliding it up and down my shaft while still jacking me off. Between everything together, her hand caressing my cock, the ball sliding up and down my shaft, and the jets of the hot tub, it didn’t take long, “Oh, baby, I’m cumming.”

Theresa takes a deep breath and disappears under the water. I feel her mouth close over my dick right as I am about to explode. The orgasm is so intense I can’t help but hump her face as I spew forth what feels like buckets of cum in her mouth. I feel her jerk back a few times like she can’t keep all my cum in her mouth. It feels like just waves of intensity kept washing over.

When my orgasm finally ceases, and my body relaxes Theresa’s head breaks the surface of the water. “You had a lot in there,” she smiles and licked her lips. “Guys always cum so hard in the hot water. Relax for a bit and it will be my turn.” She leans back on the seat next to me and rests her hand on my thigh.
We sit there in silence for a little bit, and she moves over so she can get out of the tub. She picks up a towel and begins to dry off. I start climbing out of the tub, never taking my eyes off of her. She turns her back to me and bends over to dry her legs. Her pussy peeks out between her legs, her lips are already a little red. She catches me looking, “You like what you see? You want a little of it?”

“Hell yes,” I close the distance between us before she even gets the chance to move I give her a light slap on the ass and slide two fingers inside. She straightens up a little but not so that I can’t still finger fuck her. She reaches out and grabs the side of the hot tub. She wiggles her ass around as my fingers slide in and out of her cunt. I hook them down to find her g-spot and rub it. Her hips move faster and I hear her breath starting to get heavier.

She moans and her pussy starts to clench around my fingers. The moaning gets louder but she is trying to stay quite. When the orgasm stops she stands up and steps away from me quickly. “We got to go inside, I cum loud.”

She walks to the door and steps in. I am hot on her heels. She makes it to the dining room table before I stop her by grabbing a handful of hair. I start kissing her neck as my free hand reaches around to grab a tit. She spins around in my arms, and kisses me. I grip her ass with both my hands and lift her up. I turn, and kick a chair out of the way. I sit her down on the table and drop to my knees.
She throws her legs over my shoulders and I quickly find her clit with my tongue. Her taste is wonderful. I add two fingers back to her pussy that is incredibly wet. It only takes a minute of teasing her clit and finger fucking her before another orgasm hits. Her cum just gushes out. I do my best to lap up all of it before I get a little idea, I take my finger on my spare hand and sop up some of the wetness. I start massaging her asshole with it. The moans get louder and louder.

As from her moans and breathing I can tell that she is about to cum again, I push the finger past the sphincter. I am totally unprepared for the stream of cum that sprays into my mouth. Again, I lick up every drop. I add a second finger to her ass. She really starts humping my face and hands hard. Her pussy lips are grinding into my mouth and she cums in a spray again.

Her cum is all over my face and especially in my mouth. I decide that its time for a third finger in her pussy. Her breath is coming in gasps, her hips still grinding her pussy in my face. The grinding gets faster, the moans louder. “F-f-fuuuuck. . .” another jet of cum all over me, “M-m-mee!”

She didn’t have to ask twice, I stood up and my cock found her pussy with no assistance needed. I slide the fingers that were just in her pussy into her mouth. She sucks them in as far as they will go, my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. She grabs her nipple piercing and starts pulling on it, twisting it back and forth. She starts gasping for breath, her moans becoming almost screams.

As her screams crescendo I feel warm wetness spray over my stomach. She pushes me back, and out of her so she can stand up. She turns around and bends over the table. I finger her clit for just a few seconds to gather up the moisture there. I take the fingers on that hand and push them into her ass. My dick finds its way back to her cunt and slides in.

Her pussy is a little tighter now because of my fingers in her ass. I start pounding my hips into her ass, my fingers working in her tight hole with every push. I feel Theresa’s finger tips on the underside of my cock and she slides them up to rub her clit.

I grab her hair with my free hand and pull it for leverage as I fuck her. I can feel her pussy squeeze around me as she screams through another orgasm.

“My ass… fuck my ass baby, please.” She says through heavy breaths. I slide out of her pussy and my fingers from her ass. I put the head of my cock at her sphincter and start to push my cock inside. I just barely get my head inside when she pushes back into me taking it all the way in.
I slide back so that I can just see the pink of my head and she spears her ass on me again. “Get out of my ass if you aren’t going to pound the fuck out of me.”

I slam my hips against her ass a few times, “Is this what you want?” each word is punctuated by me driving myself as deep inside her as I can.

“Oh, yes, oh god yes,” she moans out. Each time I slam my hips forward she pushes back to meet me.
As she starts to scream through another orgasm, I blast my load of cum into her ass. My body spasms slightly through the explosion and I push forward and hold my cock in her ass as it slowly goes flaccid. It finally goes limp enough that it slides out.

Theresa turns around and leans against the table I hug her tightly, my limp cock against her wet pussy, and kiss her deeply. We stay like this for a while, my tongue searching the depths of her mouth, when my text notification goes off.

I look at the phone, it’s my fiancé, “Going to be kind of late tonight, sorry. I will make up to you tonight I promise.” She had attached a photo of her pussy.

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