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Some Of the rest of the break...
The rest of the day for all of you keeping up with what happened I just laid there in my dads room naked thinking about how me and his friends had this big threesome. I wanted so bad to be fucked by Lyle. To me his cock just looked so good. I've always kinda wondered how it felt to be fucked. Watching all this porn really can give you some ideas.
After the cum feeling left I finally got up and took a shower. The whole time I was in the shower my cock was on hard. I started to stroke it thinking it would calm it down. For a minute it did but not long. It wasn't long before I just went into a trans and just started to stoke myself the soap was a great lube. It felt so good. Something stopped me though. I started to think about what if my dad knew what happened. Soon as the thought came up into my mind I just stopped, washed, and got out of the tub. Pretty lame hugh. I would exaggerate and tell you some guy walked in but om that would over tell the story. But anyway I got some clothes on (the same clothes I wore to school that day) and went for a cool down walk outside. While walking the hole time I was thinking how it felt to actually be fucked. I wanted to know. I had to know. I needed dick! I was so horny and will to let anybody just man handle me. I wanted it so bad.
On the way walking I looked over and noticed a man looking at me from his porch. I couldn't just walk over there and say lets fuck so I drew a line. If another man walked out of the house and proved he was gay then I'll walk over and introduce myself. Turns out I didn't have to. He called me over. From far he didn't look like he was anything. But when I got close up he was like the built stud type 6'5-6'6 I dont know. He was tall though. He asked me where I headed. I told him just for a walk.
"From the bulge in your pants I can see your headed for trouble," He said.
I looked down and I was rock hard. Of course you always know when your on hard this time was an exeption for me I guess. He asked me in. Of course hungry for cock as I was I accepted. When I got into the house I heard a voice from the far room ask who was there.
"A neighbor," he said.
The guy walked out. He stood around 6'1 smooth skin, and built as hell he looked like a body builder. I wondered how big his dick was.
"Who's this," he said
"John," I said
"Nice to meet you," he responded
"I'm Kevin," He said
"I'm Neil," The inviter said
Neil went over and wispered something in Kevin's ear. Kevin started to smile.
"You watch porn son," Neil asked
"Yeah," I responded "All kinds,"
He went over and had a DVD flipped over on the top of the t.v..
"Something to get this started," Neil said
He put the dvd in and it started to play and immediately went to a seen with two guys having sex. I went and sat down on the couch. Neil and Kevin sat on oposite sides of me and started to feel on me. Again this is happening. I didn't care this time though I was going to get fucked today if it was the last thing I did. I spead my legs and the started to feel on my hole and Kevin started to kiss my neck. Neil went straight in for my lips. Their hads were so huge and muscular. The felt good. Took off my shirt then starte to play with both of their cocks. Kevins was bulging out of his pants. I unzipped it and started to suck it. It grew bigger in my mouth. About a 8 inch I could get the whole thing in my mouth but I did what I could with what I had. Neil unzipped my pants and started to suck my throbbing cock. I felt like I was going to cum but I didn't. He slowly slipped my pants down then started to finger me. Kevin was guiding my head up and down on his cock. He told me to stroke and so I did. Kevin the took his pants all the way down. Then pulled my head up. He started to kiss me while Neil was still sucking my cock. Kevin went down and joined him. I felt like this was a dream. Two older guys sucking on my 6 inch. My ass was soo wet from Neil fingering me. I wanted it and I wanted it bad. I looked over and noticed Neils pants were already down and his dick was not really that huge but it was really fat. That was how I wanted it. It was an 8.5 but sooo fat. I whispered which one of you studs want to bang me first. Neil wetn down further and started to lick my asshole. I started to moan loudly. I felt like I was about to go crazy. These two men really were giving me something to think about in the future.
Neil came up and reached into the drawer beside the sofa and pulls out a lubricated condom . How do I know? It said lubricated on the cover. But anyway, he slid it on and told me to turn over. Kevin got up and sot on the arm rest. I got on all fours and started to suck his cock while teasing Neil with my ass. He started to rub his hard throb between my warm ass cheeks. He said that I was tight. I asked if that was how he liked it. He said he would. He started to force his hed into my ass. It hurt at first but slid right in. I shrieked at first. But then he started to push in and out. It started to feel good, and I started to moan. I couldn't help it. I started to moan louder but Kevin started to guide my head on his dick. Neil started to fuck my little hole harder. Which made my precum oos out. My ass was soo wet that I could fill up a pool. He was fucking me so hard and I was enjoying every minute of it. After about ten minutes of pounding me he told me he was about to cum. I said for him to cum inside of me. He was still pounding then he let out a loud moan and I could feel his warm cum through the condom. Kevin guided my head off his dick and went around to my ass and said that it was his turn. His cock was a little bigger so it made me shriek again.
"Its so big," I said.
"You'll get use to it," He said
He put it in slowly and slowly started to push in and out. After the third push he got the whole 8 inches in. Instead of hurting it felt good. He started to fuck me and stroke my at the same time. I loved every minute of it. I moaned out that I was about to cum. And in the next minute of him stroking me I did all over the sofa. I let out so much that day I could have made a world record. I knew it wasn't over though. He kept fucking me and Neil put his cock back in my mouth. After a while he told me that he was could to cum. He didn't have a rubber on so I knew I was in for it. He shreiked and came inside my my tight asshole. I could feel ever bit of his nice oos. He took out then went down and started to like it out of me. That was the best feeling of my life. I stopped sucking Neil and we just sat there on the sofa............ Not speaking a word. It was like I couldn't move after that one. I could still feel his cock pushing in and out of me. It felt all too good to be true. It was the action I was looking for though and I got it.
After the cum I got up and started to put my clothes on. Neil and Kevin got up too. Kevin I think went into the room and Neil went into the kitchen for something. He came back out and asked me how I liked it. I told him that it was my first time and it was ok.
"OKAY", Neil said. "Just OKAY thats all it was"
"Yeah" I said
He stared at me a little bit while I put on my clothes. Then he told me I had a nice body. I told him thanks. His was better though. It got me horny just thinking about how hard he could fuck me. He had abs, and a chest like a god. I loved looking at him almost as much as I liked being fucked by Kevin.
"Want to do it again,"He asked
I didn't even have to respond. My cock started to grow again. He immediatley came over and started to kiss me. It shocked me at first but after a few I started to kiss back. Then he pulled off my draws which was the only thing I had on anyway and started to finger me. I felt like I was going into a trans. He pushed me up against the wall and lifted my leg and continued to finger fuck me.
"How is this," He asked
I couldn't say a word. All I could do is just moan. He took his finger out and went down on me wrapping my legs around his kneck. Then he started to lick my hole. My legs tightened around his kneck. It made me so horny how strong he was. Here I was stuck up against a wall being tongue fucked by a 25 year old muscle god. It felt soo good. I finally got some words out.
"I want you to fuck me," Now, I said
He wrapped my legs around his waste and started to fuck me. He didn't even lube up so it started to hurt a little. My ass started to wetten up around his dick. He was fucking me with every thing he had and I waa loving every bit of it. I noticed Kevin watching it in the far corner. He was feeling himself up. Neil soon came inside of me then put me down and started to jerk me off. After I came and we waited for a little while. He asked again. How was it? I said great. Now I felt drained so I put back on my clothes and we said our good byes and I left. On the way home I started to think. What a fucken day. I was fucked twice in the same place and I loved it. I wanted more.
I got home and went up stairs to my room and went to sleep. Still thinking what a fucken say. I guess some times you get what you want and sometimes you don't. I got what I wanted and a little more that day. I wonder what tommorrow will be like.

Dr. DoomReport

2010-07-03 23:49:02
Great story little boy. so nice to read a bottoms perspective.Work on your spelling and grammer young man. Your ideas are naughty and hot. Keep up the good work...On and off the page.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-10-10 12:46:54
this sotory is cool man, it got me so so so horny i have to have a wank after reading it. can you write another chapter to it?


2008-08-05 07:10:03
Good story had a wank while I read it


2008-02-10 13:31:51
screw all the negative comments, the story was exactly what we want it to be. just a story about a naughty boy and all those men who love cock like we do. keep writing and i'll keep stroking


2008-02-10 00:55:22
loved the story jerked off twice my cock got so fucking hard i also love getting fucked and sucking big hard cocks love cum yummy

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