This is a rewrite of part two.
Damn My Sons Dick is Huge!; Part 2R
Chapter Four; Mom's Mistake: Jeremy's Joy

Kyle was napping on the couch when a knock on the door awoke him. Rising he looked out and saw it was his friend Jeremy so he opened the door and said, "Come on in".

"Say man I'm headed to the mall to meet Lyd, wanna come along? That Jenny chick is supposed to be there", he said.

"Naw, think I'm gonna just lay here and snooze", Kyle answered as he lay back down on the couch remembering his promise to Tera. Any other time the thought of new pussy, especially ones as hot as Jenny would have him already out the door. Remembering Tera's awesome deep throating blow job and knowing she wanted to do it again gave him no desire to leave.

"Care if I use your bathroom before I head out Kyle", Jeremy asked? "Naw go ahead", Kyle answered, so Jeremy closed the door and began climbing the stairs.

Jeremy decided to use the bathroom upstairs hoping to see Kyle's mom or sister so he could flirt with them. He glanced in Tera's open door but she wasn't there so he headed on down the hall to the bathroom at the end of the hallway feeling disappointment at not seeing her, it was his predestined mission in life to fuck Kyle's little sis and mom. Even though Kyle wouldn't admit it he knew he felt the same way about his mom and sister. He saw how Kyle couldn't keep his gaze off them when either or both were around and the lump that formed in his pants if he stared at them too long.

As he passed Kyle's mom's bedroom he glanced past the open door and then stunned, took a double take, his jaw dropping in amazement at the sight he saw. There laying on the bed was Kyle's sister and his mom, both stark naked, laying there like a gift from heaven. His sister had her arm laying over her mother's breasts like she was holding her with her head on her shoulder. Jeremy's black dick came instantly alive, straining his pants as it grew. He couldn't believe his luck as he stood there rubbing his dick through his pants. His gaze literally feasted upon their nude bodies. Tera's pussy looked red and swollen, gaped, open to where he could see its internal pink flesh as she lay with one leg across her mom's thighs.

Tera moved and he jumped back and quickly, silently moved to the bathroom and went in and shut the door. He opened his pants and allowed his long thick dick the freedom it needed as he grasped it and began stroking it slowly as he remembered what he had seen. Why were they naked he wondered and why was Tera's pussy so swollen? He heard something in the hall and opened the door a little and saw Tera walking to her room nude. The sight of her white ass moving, asscheeks rubbing together sensually almost made him cum. He wanted to run catch her and throw her down and ram his dick up her pussy. If she were a few years older he might have confronted her but instead he just watched and stroked his dick. His mind was on Kyle's mom who now lay nude in her room alone. Tera walked to the top of the stairs and stood there looking downward and then turned and went into her room and shut the door behind her.

He crept towards their mom's room and glanced in again. Rita was laying face down, her head beneath a pillow, one leg pulled up and bent at her knee and the other spread a little and lying straight out from her pussy giving him a perfect view of her older womanhood. He stands there mesmerized by the sight before him. She is like a white goddess. His dick throbs, jerks strongly in his grasp and his balls ache their need to fill her shaved milf pussy with their hot seed. Her pussy is clenching, her inner flesh wet and glistening, her clit swollen, visible as it pokes from beneath its fleshy hood. The longer he stands there the more courage his arousement gives him. When her hips begin slowly undulating, pressing her clit into the sheet he thinks he will cum his dick thrills so strongly at the sensuality of the sight.

He thinks he hears her say something, a low moaning sound, unintelligible except for the word Kyle. His mind is lost to her beauty and seductive pose and he slowly enters the room and moves closer to the bed as his gaze devours her asscheeks and her perfectly puckered asshole. His hand grasps his dick tighter, strokes it, as he feels he can cum any second. His breathing is becoming deep, quickened as she again moans, "Fuck me baby, give momma your big dick. Oh Kyle I need it so bad, need to feel you in me baby....ohhhhh", and rubs her clit against the sheets, hunching and moaning. She's dreaming, and it sounds like she is dreaming of fucking her son Kyle. He sees her chest heaving with her need, asscheeks squeezing, pussy clenching and he feels possessed as he quickly undresses and crawls up on the bed and positions himself between her open thighs and places his black cockhead against her open pussy and begins pressing into her soft inner flesh.

He can't help himself, he wants her so badly. His young emotions are overwhelmed by her beauty and his testosterone driven need. Its obvious that her incestuous dream has her highly aroused and she thinks she's fucking her son Kyle. He can't think rationally as his cock stiffens as her need cries out to him to fulfill her craving. She moans, presses back into his hot glans as he enters her, hips moving, pussy squeezing him tightly as in her dream her son enters her. He hovers over her, suspended on his hands and knees as only his cock touches her as he presses his blackness into her. God her pussy is so friggin hot and wet he thinks as he has to hold his cock still, pulsing in her moist grip to keep from shooting his load already. Her warm moist body squeezes him, caresses his inflamed swollen glans with its slick moves, instilling a madness in his young mind as she undulates below him. Seeing his black dick contrasted against the whiteness of her body as he presses into her excites him almost as much as knowing he's really fucking Kyle's mom.

He's never fucked a white girl before and now he has his young black cock being engulfed by Kyle's mom's older white pussy as it rolls, lifts and clenches. Her pussy is like a cauldron of liquid lava, so hot, wet, as she hungrily consumes his black meat. Her ass never stops rolling and her inner muscles clench repeatedly as Jeremy's head flails trying to dispel the intense sensations that cause his hips to hunch his ebony dick deeper into the paradise of her body. He needs to moan, scream, anything to express how her womanly pussy is making him feel but he is afraid she'll awaken and drive him away so all he can do is press deeper into her alabaster body. The feel of his cock reinforces her dreams, heightens their effect on her as she moans her love of her son's dick. She presses her white pussy up into his slow thrusts, moaning her love of his cock as she murmurs, "Oh god baby, you're so thick, so good, so much bigger than your dad, fuck me, give it to me Kyle baby"! He knows she is dreaming of fucking her son but Jeremy doesn't care, its even more exciting feeling her pussy opening to his thrusts and hungrily sucking him into her knowing she's enjoying the incest of fucking Kyle, her son. That's hot he thinks, who would ever have suspected that she would harbor such fantasy's? Her and his own mom are so alike that it doesn't even seem possible!

Her upturned leg lowers until she lay straight out on the bed with her legs slightly spread, ass lifting, hips angling up to allow Jeremy to press deeper into her pussy. She needs to feel her son driving deeper, hurting her, punishing her bereft pussy for its incestuous needs. Jeremy feels Rita's pussy open, gape as she presses up into his thrusts and then as he enters her more deeply, clamping him in her vise like moist grip to pull at him, milk his cock with her need for his hot seed. Her hands hold the pillow down on her head as if his hard thrusts have her awake and she can't bring herself to see her son as he fucks his mother's pussy. Jeremy is fucking her deeply, hard, driven by his youthful excitement and her pleas to be hurt, filled, punished! His desire for her to feel all his cock in her older white pussy before she awakens has his thrusting quickening. He knows she can never resist while his dick stretches her womb.

She cries out with each forceful thrust of his young hips. Seven, eight inches of his steel hard black cock are buried in her pussy as her ass lifts and she begs him to hurt her pussy, to slam his big dick in her deep. No longer murmurs of a dreaming woman her cries are loud, desperate pleas. His dick is stiffer than it has ever been as he lays down on her and slides his hands under her to grip her supple breasts, fingers squeezing her swollen nipples hard, hurting them, bringing forth a sharp cry and an uplifting of her hips that allows his cock to deepen its penetration of her craving need. Jeremy continues to force feed her pussy his black dick and her response to his hurtful thrusts is to hold her pussy up so he can ram more of his fat dick inside her tight cunt. Her reaction to the pain he inflicts is to press back harder, grinding her pussy into his glans while moaning, Yes, yes, oh god fuck me like that baby!"

He fucks her with a vengeance now, ramming his dick repeatedly into her until it meets a resistance, an orifice that defies a lesser man's entry. Her moans plead for his entry, body pressing hard back against his swelling tip. He holds a hard pressure to his dick as he feels it stiffen to the challenge of defeating her cervix's refusal to relent. His steely hardness won't not be denied, he needs to be there, needs her to feel him there. Jeremy's need cannot be compared to the all-consuming desire Rita feels to have him implanted deeper than anyone has ever been within her When his black cock conquers, her body relents, and his dick forces into and fills her uterine passage, she sobs, chokes back the emotions that render her lost, subjugated by the dick throbbing within her as it fills her darkest, most profound life-long fantasy.

She cries openly thinking it is her sons cock that offers her this intense pleasure. Rita feels impaled, nothing has ever been so deep inside her and her entire body shakes with the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced. She screams, moans and holds her pussy back into his frenzied thrusting until his fat glans is stretching her womb. He holds her to his dick with his hands squeezing her breasts as his hips lift and slam back down as he roughly womb fucks her. Rita doesn't know if she is awake or dreaming. The sensations she feels and the length of hard dick impaling her, the assumption that her son is fucking her senseless, giving her this astounding pleasure, seems so surreal and wonderful.

Rita loves this, loves knowing her son is fucking his big hard dick into his mother's pussy unashamedly. It seems so real, can this really be a dream she wonders? When Jeremy lifts her hips till her ass is held in the air and then rams his entire eleven inches deep in her pussy she knows it is real. The pain of her womb stretching till it feels ripping imparts the reality of the cock fucking her. She begins tensing, cumming as the dream of her lifetime becomes real. God she loves the pain she is experiencing deep inside her. She has never felt anything so wonderful, so hurtful and fulfilling. She begs her son, "CUM, cum in my pussy baby, fill your mommas cunt up, oh god I need it so badly".

Rita's face was still under the pillow but she can see back between her legs and what she sees fills her with horror and an inner excitement that immediately has her cumming intensely, BLACK BALLS! "Oh my god, you're not Kyle, you're black, oh fuck I have a black dick in my white pussy....oh shit....fuck cock up my pussy........fuck me...fuckmehard...oh damn your black dick is so good, so big. Knowing she is fucking a black guy has her afire, lost in a carnal place she has never allowed her mind much less her body to enter except in her most aroused states of masturbation. "FUCK IT!...oh god I need your black cum....cum in me...please..doit", she begs. Rita's mind is inflamed as she feels his dick stiffen the length of her birth canal, his glans, his black glans rammed fully into her womb, lost to the knowledge that a black man wants her pussy, wants to leave his baby seed in her never before blackened white married pussy. Only in her most aroused masturbation sessions would she allow the thoughts of a huge hung black fucking her pussy. It always made her cum so intensely it scared her, scared her that she could easily become one of those black cock sluts she'd always heard of.

Jeremy wants her to know who it is fucking her so he rolls her over on her back and removes the pillow from her face and kneels there between her thighs with his hard black dick swaying in the air, jerking as Rita stares at first his face and then his dick. Her gaze is riveted on his black cock, long stiff and thick, evil looking in its blackness as its tip leaks precum. She feels her chest heaving with desire and she feels so slutty knowing her best friend Tanya's 16 year old black son Jeremy is fucking her white married pussy. Its a good feeling, a feeling she knows she will embrace often now. Sixteen year old Jeremy's dick is longer than Kyle's though not as fat. But its blackness instills a different kind of lust in her, not as intense as the incestual one caused by her son but a seething sluttiness that addicts her to even the thought of his fucking his black cock deep inside her. She didn't want to want it but couldn't prevent it either, she did!! She wants it back stretching her womb, hurting her, making her cum better than anyone in her life has before.

Jeremy can see the need in her eyes, the craving she feels, he's seen it before in the eyes of girls that have felt his cock stretching their wombs and he knows she is his to use in any manner he wishes now. He takes advantage of her addiction to his dick saying, "I want that asshole now Mrs. Fine-ass", he said, deliberately mispronouncing her name Fineas, pronounced Fin-e-as. She didn't care, the thought of a black dick in her ass, his black dick, sends shudders of anticipation racing through her body and makes her asshole squeeze and yearn. She is too embarrassed by her need to speak so she just lays back and raises her knees alongside her chest and holds them there as her asshole feels open, gaped and vulnerable to his entry.

She fills with a trepidation of him using her ass but the hot arousement that has her blood racing through her body assures she can never deny him any pleasure he wishes her to perform. She watches him move closer, his cock held like a weapon of destruction at the ready. She wants it, wants to feel it raping her body, subjugating her to its needs. Her chest heaves with excited anticipation as she watches him press his stiffened cock down until his swollen glans lays against her raw ass muscle throbbing. "Beautiful baby, I've wanted your asshole ever since the first time I saw you", he says cravenly. Rita feels the raw skin of his black glans pressing against her sensitive ass muscle and her inhibitions fly from her body as she says, "Oh god Jeremy I want your black dick in my ass so bad, I've never had a real dick in me there, cum in my ass, promise me you'll cum in my asshole". "Oh yeah Rita, I'm gonna cum in all your holes before we're through today, I'm even gonna let you suck this nigga dick for a good while. Baby I can fuck and cum all night if you need it. I'm the only nigga you'll ever need fuckin this white ass".

His words and the feel of his black cock entering her ass have her arousement peaking. This is what she has always feared, his blackness was so taboo, so erotic and knowing she has a black dick in her ass sends her mind reeling and her body tensing as he begins stroking deep inside her like Tera had with the dildo. His dick is so hot and feels nothing like the dildo did. She wishes she had Tera there to suck her clit as he pumps her ass full of cum but she doesn't so she begins rubbing her own clit as he labors at fucking her ass wonderfully. She is cumming almost instantly as she emotions of having a black cock fucking her ass fills her with mind with a roiling pressure.

She watches it piston in her asshole, sees her muscles tight grip on him while feeling the thrills racing from her tightly mashed ring of nerves as they urge her to a heavenly bliss. Seeing his blackness delving deep inside her ass as it instills pleasures never before felt by her is addicting in its intensity. He places her ankles on his shoulders and grips her hips and begins pounding her ass, hurting her strained anus, and it only serves to intensify her orgasms and addict her to this young boy's black dick.

"You're such a slut Mrs. Fineas, cumming your white ass off while I fuck my nigga dick into your husbands wife's asshole. You love it don't you, love knowing you have a teenagers black dick in your asshole. This is supposed to be your husbands asshole but you don't give it up to him do you, no you need a big black cock to fill it with cum. Tell me how much better I fuck you than he does, tell me how bad you need this dick to hurt you, punish your slut pussy and ass".

Rita has tears forming in her eyes, not because he is humiliating her but because everything he says is true. Something has been unleashed within her that she has repressed for years and first Kyle's and now Jeremy's big young cock has freed her to allow her inner slut to flourish and grow. A part of her is still loyal to Rob and she never wants to lose what they have together, even if she can't control these new-found urges and desires. She can't say what Jeremy wants her to, not yet anyway, that would impose too much guilt in her so she says nothing. She doesn't have to; her body says it all as she screams and cums repeatedly as he fucks her ass with the stamina of an excited black sixteen year old fucking a beautiful white sluts asshole. She begs for his cum even as he continues to humiliate her with his words, laughing at how she pleads for a black boy to cum in her middle-aged white asshole. His words excite and intensify her orgasms. She needs to be treated like the slut she is for his black cock, a part of her psyche hungers for it! She would endure anything he said or did as long as he continued pumping his big dick in her ass and gives her his cum.

Rita sees Jeremy's face grow solemn, serious and feels his dick stiffen and swell in the tight grasp of her ringed muscle and she can't help but chide him saying, "What's wrong Jeremy, my middle-aged white asshole gonna make that big black dick cum. You like fucking my white cunt and ass don't you. Tell me how much you love my pussy Jeremy, how much you love fucking Kyle's moms asshole. I'm going to make you fuck me everyday Jeremy, cum in my pussy and my mouth over and over. I might even make you fuck Tera and me together".

That does it, Jeremy groans and rams deep in her ass and she feels a hotness spreading in her rectum and coating his thrusting cock with its slickness, lubing it until his cock slides faster and faster, deeper with each hard penetrating thrust as his balls spew repeatedly. Rita moans in passion filled release, not wanting his deep spewing to ever stop. "You want to fuck Tera, don't you, want to cum in her young white pussy like you're cumming in my ass don't you Jeremy"? Her words bring forth a wild battering of her ass by his enraged black cock and more hot cum from his tip until she feels it sliding wetly, slickly down the crack of her ass to puddle below them soaking the sheets. His nuts and cock are soaked in his plentiful spewing and his body makes wet smacking sounds as he drains his balls in her ass thinking of her daughter Tera.

Finally he collapses atop her as her legs wrap him and she milks his flagging cock with her hunching and squeezing ass muscle. Rita loves the feeling of a real dick lodged up her asshole, especially now when she is slick with Jeremy's cum and the sensations awere even more pronounced and numerous. She wants more of his young hard black dick. Something about his color intensifies every feeling and sensation. It is like he is the devil and he is fucking his fiery devil cock into her soul and she loves it. She had been right, she is a black cock slut now. As she lays there squeezing the dregs of his cum into her ass she wonders how big Jeremy's dad Brad is, if his black cock can fill her like his sons does. She has always known there is an attraction between her and him and once when he had gave her ass a quick squeeze she had become instantly aroused. Only her love of Tanya had kept her from responding to his advance, her arousement had gripped her so completely. She had never even considered her husbands feelings, just Tanya's at that moment.

Jeremy rolls off her and lays on his back panting as her gaze falls to his black cock. God he's huge she thinks. Remembering the way he had felt stretching her womb had her craving to have him in her again. She knows he is right, she is a slut, forty years old and craving her teen son and his friends cocks. Not just craving but actually enjoying them, finding intense pleasure while Jeremy rapes her slut pussy. She can't allow herself to care about what she is becoming, not as long as Jeremy's big dick is so close to her mouth.

She lifts his dick, an intense shudder wracks her body as her fingers enclose him. Her action seems so slutty now that she's awake and aware of her actions. Her pussy clenches and her clit pulses tautly with her first feel of black cock. She squeezes him, hefts his entire length in both hands as she feels him filling, jerking powerfully, her hands touch it as if she's adoring it and in many ways she is. His cock is her phallic idol and the pleasure it imbues in her demands her love of it. Holding his balls as her hand slowly squeezes and strokes him she is enthralled by the strong surges she feels at his inner core as he hardens. She longs to again feel his meaty weight and girth gripped by the entire length of her birth canal, her uterus contracting repeatedly as it draws him deeper into her womb. Then as his hot glans tries to rip her wombs deepest walls, again, her uterus squeezes strongly, contracts, milking his scalding baby seed into her most fertile place as his balls send it streaming up his swollen instrument of love to expel and seethe within her womb.

Knowing it had been a black cock impregnating her married white pussy had her mind lost, an excitement filling her that only a white woman with a black cock spewing within her will ever feel and embrace as it addicted her to the act forever. Even in her wildest fantasy's she could never have imagined the actual pained pleasure she would endure as a cock filled her from her inner labia to her deepest walls, stretching her womb as she felt it throbbing, pulsing against its walls as it signaled her dreams were about to be realized. Once her orgasm started with him lodged there, every small movement, every uterine contraction or throb of his dick had kept her tensing and screaming, each hot outpouring of his steaming juice had left her hunching uncontrollably, wildly grinding into his swollen belching dick as it painfully impaled her.

Those memory's flood her mind, heightening her arousement as her mind is mesmerized by his length and girth, so unlike her white husbands. Its texture tells of it ability to impale and hurt a woman's pussy as she had already experienced in her blackening. The knowledge she is caressing a 16 year old black boys dick has her arousement demanding she suck his black pillar to its full state of engorgement. Her lips part as her mouth is drawn to engulf his meaty tip. Rita's mind is feverish as she sees his long blackness extending from her lips and feels his fingers entwined in her long golden hair, pressing her mouth onto him as he opens her throat. Her entire body now craves to feel him wholly within her again, his black dick buried deep inside her as its feel again gifts her a pained pleasure she has craved forever and now craves even more intensely. Now felt, her craving seems multiplied a hundred times over.

His dick instills a pleasure that can only be intensified by her orgasms not sated. As her lips suck at his dick, her mouth hungrily pressing him into her throat its obvious how much she craves his juice. Moaning her need as she attempts to swallow his thick cockhead, she hears his humiliating but true words, "Damn woman you are such a slut for my black dick". She knows he is right as she presses his cock into her throat eliciting a moan from his mouth as his dick twitches, jerks as it awakens and grows between her lips, glans swelling in the tight confines of her throat. She sucked at it, tongue laving beneath his thick shaft as her mouth twists and turns as she craves his hot dick to regain its majestic length and girth so she can again experience the hurtful thrusts of it deep in her womb.

Rita is hot, pussy gaping, clit throbbing, as she feels his black dick jerking in her grasp. She feels so slutty holding his dick as it again throbs with its inner surging while buried in her white throat. What if Rob were to see her like this she thinks, that thought, of her husband watching as Jeremy buries his black cock in her mouth seems to ignite an inferno within her mind and body. It excites her for some unknown reason thinking of Rob seeing what a slut he is married to, the vision fanning the fire in her gut that has seethed for many years waiting for the right fuel to ignite it. His blackness is the fuel and his dick size is the perfect combustant to bring forth the explosion of need that consumes her pride, morals and releases any inhibition she has to the incestual, pedophilic pleasures she has enjoyed with Tera and Jeremy and hopefully soon her son Kyle. She knows her life is permanently changed, her desires and needs altered and enhanced. But at this moment Jeremy's dick is the center of her world.

Rita rises and straddles his hips, lowers her pussy to his animal like cock, moaning loudly as she opens to his black cock. The last time she felt him enter her she thought it was her sons white cock and she had thrilled to that incestuous coupling she thought was a dream. This time she is awake and forcing his black cock into her soul wantonly, moaning her love and craving for his embedded blackness. She loves the feeling of his fat dick entering her, stretching her pussy as she squeezes and rides it. His cock massages her inner nerves as she savors the feeling of him opening her each time her pussy presses hard down onto his swollen fat dick, sending intense sensations screaming from each nerve ending within her. She can never get enough of this hot throbbing within her. Knowing it is a black dick, a black boys dick that has her lost to its feel has her mind feeling an insanity as she feels it pressing forcibly against her cervix. Feeling her body resisting drives her to force her pussy through the pain into that blissful moment when she feels her cervix relent and allow his blackness to penetrate into the tight clasping embrace of her uterus, a place only his dick has ever known and pleasured. This has to be the feeling of love she thinks to herself as her hips gyrate, her entire birth passage full and massaging his girth and length as her mind is overwhelmed with the pleasure of black dick fucking.

Her moans fill the room as she is in control of the pain he inflicts deep in her stretched womb as she grinds her deepest walls tightly against his fat throbbing black glans. She stares at his face as his dick stiffens to the challenge her white pussy represents to his blackness. His youthful expression reminds her of his age and the legal ramifications of her loving this feeling of his young dick, but it doesn't matter, nothing matters except the exquisite pained pleasure she finds as she drops her weight upon his ramrod stiff cock and cums hard, each throb of his dick against her womb sending another wave of pleasure to permeate every cell of her existence.

She's lost, in another world of her making as she sighs, "I love you Jeremy, love your big black dick and what it does to me. You're right, you fuck me better than my husband ever has. I want you to fuck me forever, I'm your slut, I need you to use me, hurt me, inflict pain in my pussy like now.....aiiieeeeeeee....oh god I love cummin on your black cock...fuckme....hurt my pussy...aaaiiieeeee...yes..ohgod yes...aaarrrghhhhhhhhfuuuuckkkk". Every hard upwards thrust of his dick sends her into another intense orgasm that has her thighs opening, spreading as she presses into the hurtful thrust of his black dick, grinding as she seeks to experience every painful inch of his love. Feeling his cock throbbing in the clasp of her womb as wave after wave of pure hurtful pleasure permeates her entire existence, has her head flailing wildly, her long blonde locks flying until again she begins hunching slowly, grinding into his body seeking the relief that she knows she will never find as long as he is hard within her.

Instead of bringing relief, each intense orgasm fuels the craving for more of his dick. Her pleasure is so overwhelming as she is gripped in each orgasmic spasm that she never wants them to end. Each flooding within her pussy combines with the preceding ones to build a pressure within her that demands relief. She cums repeatedly until they seem to be one long continuous orgasm that leaves her hunching violently, ramming her pussy into his dick as she rides it in a humiliating display of need that has her screaming, fucking his stiff dick as she uses it for her own personal fuck stick, unmindful that its attached to a person, craving the hurtful stretching it provides her as he laughs at her and that humiliation just drives her even more frantically to rid herself of the devils his blackness instills in her mind and body.

Something awakens Kyle, a noise from upstairs. He lays there listening and soon hears cries and moans and thinks its Tera playing with her pussy and climbs the stairs quickly to tell her to be quiet before mom hears her. Just as his hands grips her door knob he hears a loud shriek and yes, yes, oh god fuck it, fuckit hard...oh god I can't stop cumming! But its coming from his mom's room. He wonders if maybe his dad came home early from his trip or maybe she's masturbating herself he thinks. Hoping to see her in the act, he creeps silently to her door and peers in. His mom is atop someone and her hips are flying as she hunches crazily down onto the guys dick. Its then he notices the black skin of the man beneath her and hears him say, "That how you gonna fuck Kyles dick Rita or is that just for black dick"?

Kyle recognizes Jeremy's voice instantly. That bastard is fucking my mom and she loves it he thinks to himself. He watches his mom's hips rising and falling and sees Jeremy's black dick sliding in and out of her pussy. Its hot hearing the effect his cock has on her while seeing her completely losing it atop his thick black meat. Kyle's dick is poking from beneath his trunks and he steps out of them and stands there stroking his cock listening to his mom's guttural moans and cries as Jeremy grabs her hips and throws her to her back and begins pounding his dick deep in her pussy. His excitement soars as he watches his moms pussy press up into his friends deepest thrusts, hips undulating sensually as she fucks him back. He hears her adorations of his black cock, her pleading for his black ball juice and sees her white fingers gripping his thin muscular black asscheeks as she pulls his long meaty dick into her grinding pussy. He's so excited by Jeremy's deep fucking of his mom and her impassioned pleas that he decides Jeremy will be Tera's next fuck.

Jeremy again rolls his mom atop him and orders her to, "Fuck dat black cock baby, work that pussy on this dick and show me some love while I lay here. Pretend you're fucking your son's dick, yeah, close your eyes and think about Kyle fucking your incest ridden pussy", and she does and Jeremy feels her pussy flowing its wetness as she thinks of Kyles fat cock fucking her. Her hips begin fucking him rapidly, thighs spreading as she works his dick in her womb until she feels ripping and her clit is screaming its mashed pleasure.

Kyle's mind is torn, he wants to go cum in his sister's gullet again while she deep throats his dick but he doesn't want to miss any of his mothers pussy blackening. He wants to go join the two of them but he's afraid his mom might get mad if he just walks in her room. Then he smiles as he thinks, Kyle that is probably the dumbest thing you've ever thought, how can she get mad and say anything when she's impaled with your best friends black dick and fucking it like a common slut. He opens the door and enters and climbs up on the bed behind his mom and places his cockhead at her asshole and shoves hard.

Rita feels something pressed against her asshole and thinks Jeremy is pressing his finger into her. "Oh my god", she screams as Kyle's fat dick forces into her in one forceful thrust. She feels a cock throbbing in her ass, a thick cock, thicker than anything she's had stuck up her ass yet. KYLE! It dawns on her that her son has caught them and now he's taking his excitement out on her ass. She tenses and cums hard, her whole body is rigid, gripped in the most intense orgasm of her life as she feels her sons dick fucking her asshole deeply and his friends black cock fucking deep in her womb. "Oh god baby, fuck momma's ass, aiieeeeeeee....oh fuck........Oh damn Kyle..oh damn....I love it! She feels their big dicks rubbing against each other through the thin membrane separating her rectum from her pussy and her mind is near insanity. Knowing she's being fucked so thoroughly by two teenagers has her mind inflamed and seething. Knowing one is her 15 year old son and the other his 16 year old young black friend has her hunching furiously into their stiff young athletic dicks.

Rita knows no bounds in her quest for pleasure with these two stud dicks. She needs to escape the overwhelming pleasure that seeks to drive her insane but she's trapped, impaled by two huge dicks that keep her imprisoned in a heaven of intense orgasms that she knows will leave her scarred by their intensity forever. She knows she will be a slave to these feelings and sensations for as long as she lives now that she is experiencing them. She can't fight it, their dicks subjugate her to their body's needs. She lays down on Jeremy and allows them to just fuck her senseless as she cums repeatedly, unable and not wanting to stop the roiling waves of pleasure that permeate every cell of her body. Her hands reach down to pull at Jeremy's asscheeks as her body trembles and shakes with the intensity of his black cock stabbing painfully into her womb, throbbing like only a young boys hot dick can throb as his young energetic heart pumps his dick to an astounding thick hardness that strains her entire birth canal with its black stiffness.

Kyle loves fucking his mom's asshole. He's dreamed of this for years and now to do it while his best friend fucks her pussy is just unbelievable in its hotness. His dick is straining within her tight gripping ring of nerves as he fucks her roughly. He loves the way she can't stop cumming and knows Jeremy's dick is being flooded with his mothers hot juices. That fact has him hunching faster, deeper as her moans turn to wails and reach higher and higher levels that tell of her inability to cope with their young hard dicks.

His mom is out of control, her elbows tucked in to her sides as her body vibrates with intensity. Then as her head flails wildly, she lifts, hips hunching insanely as she tries to rid herself of the insanity in her mind by having them both fill her with their hot ball juice. Her pussy squeezes, asshole clenching as she milks their cocks making their plight unbearable but also enhancing her own pleasure till her thighs open widely and she presses her clenching pussy down into Jeremy's dick until the pain has her unable to scream, breathe or move. Kyle follows her ass down and he continues his jack-hammering of her squeezing ass tunnel as she grips them tightly the entire lengths of their strokes. Kyle grabs his mom's breasts and squeezes her nipples hard as he rides her ass, holding her by them as his thrusts become harder, deeper and his dick swells.

Jeremy is fighting to keep from cumming and knowing Kyle is fucking his moms asshole already has him on the verge of exploding, and now with Kyles mom squeezing his dick in a vise like grip he knows he can't withstand her assault on his sensibilities and he moans, "Kyle cum in her ass, I can't hold it any longer, lets fill your slut mom up with the teenage cum she needs". Rita hears his plea and feels his cock swelling in her uterus and fucks him hard, grinding her pussy into his throbbing glans until she feels it swelling and then the hot explosion inside her womb brings tears to her eyes as the pain rips through her pussy till she thinks she will die from the pleasure it brings with it. Then Kyle grunts, moans and rams deep inside her, his thick base feeling like its ripping her anus and the resulting pained pleasure has her sobbing uncontrollably with the sating pleasure she feels. Her emotions overwhelm her as she cries out her love of them both, begs them to fuck her everyday as she tenses, and then her body sags and she faints from the intense stiffening of every muscle in her body.

Kyle's cock keeps pouring his ball juice into his mom's limp body, not in spurts but in long streams that leave him tensed and thrilling, jerking, thrusting until his balls are drained. The whole time his dick is spewing he feels Jeremy's dick jerking, thrusting hard up into his mom's pussy until he moans, "Kyle your mom is the best goddamn fuck in the world, she took my whole damn nigger dick and begged me to fuck it harder into her. Ain't no damn black woman ever begged for more with me".

"You asshole I told you to stay away from my mom and sister and I catch you with mom humping her pussy down into your black ass cock", Kyle admonished his friend. "No you told me to stay away from Tera not your mom, you just told me not to talk about her to you. I didn't say a word to you about your mom fucking this black dick now did I"? he asked smiling from ear to ear. Kyle pulled his limp dick from his mom's ass and Jeremy rolled her onto the bed on her side. Jeremy looked at the clock on his mom's dresser and said, "Oh shit, I was supposed to meet my sister and that Jenny girl at the friggin mall. I gotta run guy, tell your mom I loved fucking her and look forward to the next time. I'd stay but my parents will be pissed if I don't pick sis and her up like I said I would. He glanced at Rita's ass and said, "That is not only the best looking ass in the world its also the best fucking ass in the world, you're a lucky man Kyle to have her want to fuck you".

"Wha..What did you just say", he asked Jeremy. "That you're lucky your mom wants you to fuck her", why? "What makes you say she wants to fuck me Jeremy"? "She said so, hell if she didn't I'd have never got to fuck her. I found her naked on her bed asleep and she was having a dream about fucking you, saying things like how she wanted you to fuck your mom's pussy and stuff and hunching into the sheets like she was fucking you, so I just put my dick in her pussy and let her believe she was fucking you until I had all my dick in her and then she woke up and found out it was me. By then though she didn't care, she was under the influence of this black cock. But she admitted she wanted to fuck you. Hell I thought you knew by the way you came in and started fucking her ass bro". "Naw, I just saw her fucking you and got hot and thought why not, what can she say. I never dreamed she wanted to fuck me, she never acted like it before". "Well I can tell you she wants that dick fella and you'd be crazy not to give it to her any time she asked. I'll sure bang that puss any chance I get".

"Jeremy, If you swear on our friendship that you will never utter a word of any of this to anyone, especially your mom and dad, I'll help you fuck Tera and mom both whenever you want to. But Mom can go to jail if anyone ever finds this out and I swear I'll kill you if anyone finds out about this".

"I know that Kyle, I would never say anything to anyone ever. Besides why would I do something like that when you know how long I've wanted to fuck your lil sis and your mom. That would be detrimental to my hard dick", he said laughing.

"Maybe you can come over tomorrow after school for some pussy if you're not busy buddy", Kyle told his friend!

"Tera", Jeremy asked hopefully?

Kyle smiled and said, "Maybe both if you're up for it". " Damn you can bet I'll be here buddy, but I gotta run now, see you tomorrow", and he dressed and started for the door before stopping and saying, "Thanks Kyle, you're a good friend buddy and you can trust me not to say a word to anyone. Then as an afterthought, ok if I use your restroom?"

"Why is it you ask to use my restroom but you don't say a word when you want to use my moms pussy and asshole? You use your dick both places! You know, I didn't know the last time you asked me that it would result in my mom being blackened for life by your horse dick. Now I'm wondering if Tera's asshole is endangered by me saying ok again, but sure why not", Kyle answered grinning!

Chapter Five; Kyle's return to the womb

Kyle looks at his mom laying there sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face as Jeremy walks out. His emotions make him choke back tears as he thinks about how much he loved her and Tera and how he had desired them for so long and suddenly he finds out that they both have felt the same as he did. He knew he should be upset about her fucking Jeremy but from the sounds of it he tricked her while she was sleeping thinking she was fucking him. She had really wanted to fuck me not him he thought. She was really into his dick though once he had it in her as he had seen. He had never realized his mom was such a cock slut.

She was always the normal one, never acting sexy or anything until he saw her in action today. He wondered if she was like that with his dad. I doubt it he thinks, he had seen his dad's dick and he didn't see how his mom could like it that much if she liked Jeremy's big dick and wanted to fuck her son. She must be pretty cock starved he surmised, or she was anyway. She was sure fucked under the sheets today by Jeremy and his long black dick. His cock was stiffening remembering how his mom hunched so frenziedly when all Jeremy's dick was inside her, she loved it, that was the only way to describe it, she loved his big black dick.

Kyle went and washed his dick just in case and then came back and spooned with his mom, allowing his young stiffening dick to press between her thighs and lay against her pussy as he held her. He felt so close to her now and he loved feeling her in his arms. Her ass began moving and low sighs began escaping her lips as she rubbed her clit along his thick cock. Mmmmm she moaned as she realized there was a dick between her thighs. Her hand reached down and held his dick up against her pussy as she hunched along and into it. Her breathing was becoming quicker, deeper and soon she murmured, "Damn baby your dick is so hard, so hot and thick. Do I make you that way Kyle, do you want my pussy honey? I want you to want me Kyle, not as your mom but as a woman. I need to feel you in me baby. Not in my ass but in my pussy. Can you do that for me Kyle, can you look in my eyes and put your hard dick in my pussy and still love me as I love you" she pleaded?

Kyle didn't answer, instead he placed his dick head at her pussy and began pressing into her slowly but forcefully. Her pussy had never had anything as thick as his dick in it and she moaned loudly and arched her back as she held it to his pressured thrust. "Oh damn baby, you're so big, so good. Oh fuck I'm...I'm oh god son I..I''re making me....ohhhhhhhhfuckkkk"! His mother twisted and grabbed his head and pulled his lips to hers and kissed him. It was not a kiss a mother gave her son, it was demanding and expressed the craving his mother felt to have him in her fully. Their tongues interlocked and danced to the beat of their hearts as their bodies moved together, him thrusting into her deeply as she pressed back into that hard thrust, trembling at the feel of her pussy being opened as never before, filled and pressured in a way that filled her with love for the bearer of such an instrument of pleasure.

Rita pulled forward off her son's dick and turned to face him and said, "Now make love to me Kyle, I want you to look at me as you put your dick in me, to know who you're fucking, to know its your mother and that your dick is returning to the womb that you left at your birth. If you can't do that then we shouldn't be doing this"! Kyle kisses his mother as he rolls her to her back and begins hunching his cock along her pussy. He broke their kiss and raised up on his hands and said, "Put my dick in your pussy slut and then fuck me like the whore you know you want to be"! He didn't know why he said it but his mom moaned and placed his dick at her wet inner flesh and said, "I am your slut Kyle and I need you to fuck my slut pussy hard, deep and make it hurt. Punish me for needing your big young dick baby. I want you to fuck me like you fucked your sister earlier today and to fill my womb with your hot cum whenever you're ready. I need that Kyle, I need your big cock in me"! He pressed back into the pussy he came from as his slut mom hunched and moaned her joy at his return there.

Rita spreads her thighs widely as he tortures her pussy with his thick girth, each inch that enters her thicker than the last as her head tosses, flailing from side to side as he keeps pressing his dick deeper and deeper, not hunching just a pressured descent to her cervix as she hunches and her hips roll as she tries to open her pussy to his burgeoning dick. She stares up at her son's face and sees the intensity he exhibits as he feels his moms pussy engulfing him. God, the way he throbs against her walls has her clenching his cock with each beat of his heart. She thought she had felt love with Jeremy's black dick but this was surely love. Her hands reach out to his asscheeks and with her thighs spread as widely as possible she pulls her son into her pussy and cums hard on his mother fucking cock. Her pussy quivers around his girth, vibrates, trembles and then as she clenches down on his dick her thighs close and her heels find his ass and she screams at the intensity of her orgasms as he continues pressing through her cervix, stretching it open and filling her uterine passage with hard, thick, throbbing son cock. She keeps tensing, hunching her pussy as he holds his dick to her hard upwards thrusts.

Rita needs him to fuck her, to ram his dick into her, but he leaves the fucking up to her just presents his fat girth to her to use and she does. "Fuck me mom, show me how you fucked Jeremy's black dick, cum on me like you cum on him when you thought he was me. Be nasty mom, be my cum slut like Tera was. Let it go mom, be my slut and act like it, don't hold back, fuck my dick like you mean it", Kyle implored his mom.

His words excite her, drive her, as her hips hunch up forcefully into his dick. He lays down atop her and holds his dick in her womb as she begins fucking his dick like she was Jeremy's when he looked in the door. She is lost, out of control and under the influence of his cock throbbing in her womb. Every movement, no matter how small, sends voltage like spasms racing through her body, contracting her entire birth canal around his tremendous girth to torture her mind and instill an insane need for him to fuck her hard, to ram his dick into her soul.

Rita knows she should be stronger and stop this incestual act she is involved in but the pleasure Kyle presents her is so new and exciting, so intense and taboo, she is helpless to prevent her body's explosive reaction to his fulfilling size and feel. Her experience trapped between him and his black friend has addicted her to the extreme stiffness and explosive orgasms they gifted her. She has found more sexual fulfillment with these two teens than with her husband Rob in all their years of marriage. The feel of her son's dick throbbing in her womb's grasp gives her more satisfaction and pleasure than any orgasm she has ever experienced with Rob, or even Jeremy and his wonderful black cock.

She can't take it anymore and she grabs him by the shoulders and throwshim over beneath her and begins fucking his young hard dick insanely, her hips move in a blur as she rams down into his swollen tip, hurting her pussy like she has needed him to do. He no longer matters, all that matters is ridding herself of the craving to feel her pussy hurt, stretched, filled by her sons incestuous dick. Even as she feels it battering her womb she sees his glans in her mind, sees it throbbing at the beach, addicting her to just the thought of it filling her with its hot juice. These thoughts have become hot cravings that her mind and body demand become a reality. Kyle knows he has provoked the same craving need that Jeremy had with his cock as she screams, head flailing wildly as she hunches and grinds down into his cock so hard his glans feels mashed, his stiff shaft tries to bend under her assaulting pussy. Her face is not the beautiful woman's he has always known, now it is contorted with an anguished pain and etched with a fierce determination as her head shakes as if trying to dispel the pleasure that fogs her mind.

Kyle knows by her actions what his mother needs. His arms slide under her thighs, hands lock behind her back and he turns, slides his legs to the edge of the bed and straining, lifts his mother's body until she is suspended on his dick. He stares into her eyes as he begins fucking hard up into her pussy, his hands grasping her butt cheeks as he lifts and then drops her onto his powerful up thrusting dick. Fucking hard into her needy cunt. "Oh god Kyle, yes, yes, ohfuck...good..sogood...doitbaby...ohshit ..fuck..fuck..ohgod" "Is this what you need mom, you want me to hurt your pussy, to pound my dick in your incest ridden pussy until you cum and cum"? "YES!...ohgod...hurts....aieeeeeee........aieeeeeee......aieeeeee't...stop't"! Rita has found her heaven and never wants to leave it. Her sons dick is fulfilling every fantasy she has ever had of having her pussy stretched, hurt, impaled until her mind is incapable of thought or reason!

Her thighs stand straight out beside him as her hips hunch and roll insanely as her weight holds her impaled upon his horse like cock. Her hands hold his neck as she pulls herself up and drops her pussy on her sons cock causing it to stab painfully deep in her womb. Then as he begins lifting her, ramming her back down onto his dick like he is pumping weights, trying to hurt her pussy like she needs, she screams, wails as his dick stiffens and swells inside her stricken body. Her hands pull at his shoulders as she tries to escape the intensity of his assault on her wombs deepest places, feet trying to push at his hips even while crying out her love of his mother fucking dick.

She attempts to rid her body of his dick and failing, her weight forces her back down upon it sharply and she holds her pussy to it, hunching, forcing it into her deeply as she cums hard, screaming, head flailing as if the pain is driving her crazy. But then, in a frenzy she uses her hands on his shoulders to help pump her pussy up and down his dick until again she cries out and lets her body fall heavily onto his fierce up thrusting cock, her head thrown back moaning, hips moving, rolling as she grinds into his deepest hardest thrusts. Her legs finally wrap his body and she holds him tightly, unable to move as he fucks her pussy with fast, smooth, fluid strokes as she moans and shakes in one long continuous orgasm that he won't allow to subside. Her head is thrown back as she shrieks and shrieks, her cum running fluidly down his cock to stream from his balls to his thighs and splatter to the floor. She has her hands reaching down to hold his asscheeks, thighs wrapping his as they stand and fuck like that for long minutes.

Kyle loves the feel of his mother's asscheeks beneath his squeezing fingers, loves her cries and squeals as his dick bottoms in her womb, stretches her deepest walls as she floods his cock with the wet warmth of her constant cumming. He unwraps her thighs from his body and holds her ankles wide apart, leaving her entire weight suspended on his thick stiff dick as he begins bouncing her on his cock. Her eyes gape open, a look of incredulous awe etched on her face as she begins moaning, cumming, her pussy clenching, quivering as she tries to hold herself up but failing, falls hard on his thrusting cock. Rita feels so much emotion welling inside her as she feels the most pained wonderful pleasure any woman could feel in her pussy, a pleasure that most women, like herself until today, can only fantasy about. Her arms wrap her son and she kisses him passionately as their kiss is punctuated by cries from her lungs with each hard thrust of his cock.

Kyle feels so much love expressed in his mothers kiss. His own emotions leave him weak and he lays her down on the bed as he lays atop her hunching slowly, grinding his glans into her womb as they continue kissing. He feels as if his young mind is swirling in a vortex of love and emotions as he is drawn into the warmth of her body as their tongues dance passionately. His mind and cock is melding into her body as her thighs hold him to her sensual movements as she entices his balls to give her the gift of life she needs to continue to exist. His mind seethes as his balls present her what she craves so badly. Rita moans, her emotions overwhelming her as she feels his hot cum forcefully squirting, spreading like a seething wildfire through her womb as her sons kiss embraces her soul. Their bodies melt together as the inferno of their bodies consume each others hot fluids in the cauldron of her womb.

Their kiss is passionate, as their minds, emotions and bodies learn the meaning of love. That kiss leaves them both gasping from the intensity of their incestuous need. The feel of him throbbing, cum flowing hotly into her womb, has Rita's pussy grinding into her son's cock, moaning her love for this boy and his deeply embedded cock as it fills his mother with his virile sperm. She wishes she was not on birth control as she almost cries at the intensity of the love she feels for this manchild of hers as he fucks his cum into her in such a loving way. His hot sperm soothes the pain his long dick inflicts upon her womb, acts as a balm that leaves her gasping for more as her orgasm has her trembling with a pleasure no man has ever gifted her before, not Jeremy, not his dad, no one. Her life is complete as long as her son will visit her womanhood often to sow his plentiful seed in her fertile garden. How she would love to have his baby cradled in her arms she thinks.

Rita falls asleep holding her son close as she had many times during the early years of his life. Then, he came from her womb to fall asleep with his mouth upon her nipple, Today he re-entered that same womb and falls asleep again holding her breast, but connected in a manner no mother should ever feel with her son but every woman should experience. The love they felt before is enhanced by carnal excitement, powerful in its intensity, taboo and addictive in its mind altering seductiveness. The love she now holds in her heart is different and holds a new awareness of her son's desire and capacity to please his mother by the act of re-entering the womb of his birth. She embraces that awareness as she drifts off to sleep, once again aware of his throbbing heart deep in her womb as it resonates through his cock. Her thighs squeeze as she feels the reason for her incestual plight lodged fully within her body, still pulsing as the expression of her son's love oozes from around it to remind her of the feel of the hot explosion that sent her screaming through the gates of heaven. Her arms tighten as her emotions draw her to her son with a newfound closeness. Jeremy's dick was wonderful but what she found impaled on her son's big cock was an emotional attachment that addicts her to this incestual act that she knows she will have to experience repeatedly.

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