After Tera's awakening she sees her friend in a new way
Damn My Son's dick is Huge; part 3 The family expands.

Tera awoke around 8 PM and lay there feeling the burn in her pussy that refreshed her memory of the days events. First Kyle then her mom. She felt so different, freed from some unknown restraints society had always placed upon her. She lays there squeezing her pillow as she remembers the feel of Kyle's dick ripping through her hymen and then opening her, forcing her cervix to relent with a new wonderful pain, that pain blending into such a profound pleasure that she welcomed its hot addicting insanity. The pain his cock caused helped to temper the overwhelming pleasure in her mind to keep her from going completely insane as he fucked her. Damn dick is good she thinks and her mothers pussy sweet, loving.

Her experiences were so starkly different, Kyle brutal in his intensity and then that extreme need of her mom turning into such gentle sweet lovemaking as they enjoyed learning each others bodies. Her fingers unconsciously begin rubbing her clit as she recounts her first sexual experiences and the realization that she is no longer a virgin. She feels a sadness in losing what she had prided herself on keeping, but the feelings that resulted in its loss make it worth every painful second. The deeper love she now has for her mom and brother is worth a thousand broken hymens she thinks as she rolls to her back and begins enjoying consciously the feel of her taut orb being manipulated beneath her circling fingertips. Her hips begin to move from the thrills racing from her clit just as her cell rings.

It is Lydia, her bestie asking if she can come over. "Sure, come on over", she says and then throws the cell on the dresser to don her thigh length robe. As she went down the stairs she was relieved to see that Kyle was not naked on the couch. She saw Lydia before she knocked and opened the door saying, "Whats up Lyd?"

"Nothing really, mom's just acting funny, sitting around like she's lost in thought and I got tired of having to say everything three times to get her to answer me so I thought I'd come over here. I don't know what's got her so preoccupied today. She's been like that every since we left the beach, well ever since she got back from getting the camcorder anyway."

Lydia began climbing the stairs to her room with Tera following. She had done this a thousand times but today as her face was at the same level as her friends ass she couldn't help but notice her friends ass rolling, her asscheeks hanging subtly from her shorts seductively. Her clit began pulsing strongly and she felt the urge to reach out and pull her shorts down and ram her face between those beautiful orbs right there on the stairs and show her how much she loved her. Her thoughts shocked her as they came flooding her mind from nowhere, brought on by Lyd's beautiful ass. She was glad to reach the top of the stairs. She still watches as Lyd walks lithely to her bed and pounces down at the head sitting cross legged. She is suddenly aware of her friends startling beauty and the soft skin she sees poking from the crotch of Lyd's shorts. Before today she was just Lyd, her lifelong best friend, but now, Tera is seeing her differently. She isn't yet aware that her friend hasd became a sexual interest although the pulsing she feels can't continue to be attributed to her earlier clit playing much longer.

"That new girl Jenny called today and wanted me to meet her at the mall so I did and we hung out for awhile. She loves to shop, and shop but she never buys anything. She reminds me a lot of you like that", she said laughing. "I think I'm the only one that likes to buy, buy, buy", Lyd said.

"Yeah, well you're the only one that has their own credit card. My parents know the trouble they'd be in if they gave me one", Tera laughed. "Is that jenny nice? She seemed nice the time I met her?"

"Yeah, she's cool I guess. Kinda boy crazy but I can't hold that against her, I like a bit of cock once in awhile myself, but you wouldn't know about those urges because you're saving yourself for Mr. right", she said sarcastically. So what have you been doing today? Did you stay at the beach very long after we left?"

Tera felt so bad not telling Lyd about her and Kyle but she just couldn't admit that to anyone she thought. Unlike herself Lydia had been so anxious to confide in her when she had lost her cherry. She had always seemed to trust Tera implicitly with no reservations at all. "Naw we had to leave because of Kyle a little while after you left". She knew she shouldn't have said that the very second it left her mouth and tried to change the subject quickly. "Where's Jeremy", she asked quickly?

"I'm not sure, the asshole was an hour late picking me up at the mall today and he stunk like sex when he did get there so I guess he found a willing girl and forgot about his sister", she said laughing. "What did Kyle do at the beach that made you leave?"

"Oh nothing really. Does Jeremy have a girlfriend now? I didn't think he believed in steadies, you know, too many grains of sand on the beach to build a sand castle in one place, I believe is how he said it", she said smiling.

"Hmm not sure. Kyle had to do something bad to make you have to leave the beach, now quit avoiding it and tell me girl, you got me curious now and you know I'm not gonna let it go until you do"

She was right Tera did know she wouldn't let it go, she'd pester her until she was ready to scream and pull her hair out. She either had to tell her or make something up and Lydia was the one person in the world that always knew when she was lying. They had grown up together since birth. Their parents had been friends since high school and were constantly together, Tera had been born on the 16th and Lydia the 18th of the same month and year and they had shared a combined birthday party every year since birth on the 17th. They were close! She lived right next door which meant they were constantly together. There was no way she could slide a lie past her.

"Ok, Lyd! You know where Kyle and Jeremy were laying on the beach while all of us were playing in the water, well after you had gone Kyle fell asleep on the towel there. When mom and I walked up by him I picked up a towel laying beside him and mom reached down to pick up one lying across his waist and as she lifted it she grabbed something under it and as she let whatever it was go she got a funny look on her face as she lifted the towel to her head and we began drying our hair. Well, I saw mom bend with her arm outstretched like she was going to pick something up off Kyle's trunks and then she jerked her hand back real quick like she'd touched something hot and straightened up quick and looked at me and her face was crimson she was blushing so hotly. I had my hands on my head with the towel hanging down where she couldn't see my eyes and I looked down at Kyle's trunks and his dick was hard and sticking out below his trunks and was jerking up and down, stiffening. I'm pretty sure mom grabbed Kyle's dick when she lifted the towel up and let it go before she knew what it was and then she started to pick it up like she wondered what it was and then when she saw it was his dick she jumped up real quick. It was fuckin huge Lyd. Everything those girls said is true and more."

"Oh my god! Your mom felt her son's dick and then realized what she'd done? Was it really as big as everyone says. How did you feel seeing your brothers hard dick Tera, did it make you want to touch it or anything?"

"Its bigger than you can imagine Lyd. Picture two coke cans end to end, hmm maybe even longer and a little bigger round than that near his balls from the imprint on his trunks, and a red apple like you get in those bags for a head. I never knew a dick could be so big."

"Oh damn girl you're making me so hot. What did your mom say? Did she wake him up or cover it or anything? I think I would have been so hot I'd have wanted to touch it or something if it was Jeremy's dick."

"Really Lyd, even though it was your brother's dick, you'd still be hot. I mean that's incest, wouldn't you feel funny or anything wanting your brothers cock?"

"Yeah, sometimes I wonder if I'm a slut or nympho or something because I think of screwing Jeremy all the time. Don't you ever think of doing things with Kyle? I play with my pussy all the time thinking about Jeremy fucking me, almost every night, I can't stop thinking about it at night when I'm laying in bed. Maybe something is wrong with me?"

"Before today I never gave it much thought but now, well I can't get his dick out of my mind. I keep thinking of how I still want to touch it, even put it in my mouth, isn't that just horrible. Even mom wanted to I believe. She couldn't quit looking down at it under her towel and she dried her hair wayyy longer than she ever has before. I know she was watching it jerk and lift while I was by the way her thighs kept squeezing until she finally had to sit down. She dropped the towel back on his dick but I know she could see under it where she was sitting an she crossed her legs and her thigh was pumping, you know, like you do when you're clit is throbbing and you can't touch it."

"Oh my god you mean you think she wanted to fuck Kyle's dick, that's hot! I never dreamed your mom would be like that or you either for that matter. I would have bet she would have yelled at him and made him get his nasty ass in the car or something. Maybe I'm normal after all. Do you really think your mom was thinking how his dick would feel inside her?

"Well, I know I was and if you'd seen his cockhead swelling every time his dick jerked stiffly and straightened you would too. It was so thick it actually looked menacing, like a one eyed ogre with a weeping eye. It was leaking a clear fluid, a lot of it, it dripped off his cock to the towel and mom kept licking her lips like she was wanting to taste it. Once when it jerked up stiffly it threw a drop of the fluid onto my foot and I waited till mom turned her head and I tasted it. It wasn't sweet or anything but its taste made you want more and it was really slick.

Would you fuck Kyle if you could Tera, don't lie, you know you can't lie to me?"

Lydia's hands were between her thighs and she was pressuring her clit as she cupped her pussy and Tera knew she was hot and the more they talked the hotter she was getting. Every ounce of her existence wanted to tell her best friend her secrets, her own clit was screaming to be touched and she was turning her hips down to try and rub her bare pussy on the bed. She couldn't lie to Lyd so she didn't answer her, instead saying, "You better take those shorts off if you don't want to walk home with them soaked girl, I already see them staining from that slut pussy of yours", she said laughing.

Lydia glanced down and saw the moisture seeping through her shorts and then glanced at Tera's bare pussy and saw the redness and swelling and could smell the scent of sex coming from her. As Tera leaned back on her hands with arms outstretched Lydia saw her gaped pussy glistening with wetness and what appeared to be her fluids seeping from her. "Why is your pussy so red and swollen Tera, have you been rubbing it thinking of fucking Kyle's dick? That is so hot knowing we both want to fuck our brothers. We are so much alike, maybe we should tell them we want to fuck them and have an orgy, the four of us."

"Have you ever fucked a white guy Lyd, I don't ever remember you mentioning one? Does it turn you on any different thinking of fucking say, Kyle, than some black guy. I know you don't have a racist bone in your body just like I don't but I think it's hot thinking about a black guy fucking me, more so for some reason than a white guy. I think its because of how our parents are about staying in the races to have children to keep our individual races alive, it makes it taboo or something and it just makes me feel slutty to think about it"

"Yeah I know what you mean. When I think of fucking Kyle, and to be honest I have many, many times I always seem to get a little hotter than when I think about black guys, well, except Jeremy and he gets me wet thinking about fucking him every time. I guess because like a white guy its so taboo. I know what you mean about that feeling slutty, the more slutty I feel the more I enjoy it, crazy huh"

"We must both be sluts Lyd cause I think about fucking Jeremy all the time too. I can cum real easy when I picture him between my thighs getting ready to slide his coal black dick in my white pussy. Hmmmm I like thinking about that! Can I tell you something Lyd and you'll promise never to tell anyone, not Jeremy or anybody. Will you promise on our friendship and you know you mean the world to me sister, even if your sunburn is permanent", she said referencing her blackness and smiling.

How can you even ask me that Tera, I mean I've been sitting here telling you I want to fuck my brother and all this crap and I don't even question that you would ever tell anyone. You're the only person in this world I know would never do anything to hurt me outside my family. That hurt, coming from a sun-deprived white wench like you"....she said trying to smile but Tera could see the obvious hurt in her eyes.

"I'm not a virgin anymore Lyd!" That's all she said, and it hung there in the air until Lyd's silence was deafening. Lydia didn't know if she was joking or serious but the implications of her words made her know their relationship was about to change in some way.

Lydia was silent, her mind digesting that piece of information and adding it to her friend's admission that seeing Kyle's big dick turned her on, the redness and gaping of her pussy and the fact that she knew she hadn't left the house since returning from the beach, the odor of sex hanging in the air and she surmised, "Oh my god you fucked Kyle! Shit, you really did it!, How did it feel? Oh my god did it turn you on knowing it was your brother's dick in your pussy. Damn I've wanted Jeremy to fuck me for so long? Oh god Tera my pussy is soo wet. How did he get it in you, you had to be ultra tight being a virgin and all." She crawled down and pushed Tera down on the bed as she said, "Let me see your pussy, damn no wonder you're all red and swollen, does it hurt?" She saw Tera's gaped pussy and how her inner pussy flesh was no longer clenched tightly but relaxed and open slightly and leaked a clear fluid as it clenched loosely. "Is that his cum leaking out of you?"

"Probably more mine than his, god I must have cum gallons. He had his dick in my throat I believe he rammed it so far inside my pussy."

"Oh my god, you're covered in it. Its dried all over your ass and pussy and thighs. Did you taste it Tera, did he cum in your mouth?" Then she stops and gazes into her friends eyes and asks seriously, "Do you think Kyle would fuck me Tera, can you get him to, please, do it for me. Oh my god that would almost be like fucking my brother we've always been so close. If you get Kyle to fuck me, I'll try and get Jeremy to fuck you and if he does then you can help me fuck him."

As she talked excitedly her hand lay on Tera's clit, and when Tera doesn't answer she gazes up at her face and sees a look of lust in her friends eyes and her hips began moving, undulating and Tera asks, "Have you ever done anything with another girl Lyd?"

Lydia doesn't know if it is her arousement at their talking, her hand on Tera's pussy or what it is but she does know the closeness she feels to Tera is about to become much more ingrained in them both. "You're not asking me something you already know the answer to Tera, you're asking me if I feel what you're feeling right now aren't you. I..I..think......I...d..don't.....I", Lyd stammers.

"Tera's blood is boiling as she gazes at Lyd and opens her robe and lays there naked in her friends sight. She sees the excitement in Lyds eyes as she realizes Tera wants her to touch her. "Take your clothes off Lyd, I want to see you naked, you're so beautiful. You look like a brown exotic goddess. I can't believe I never noticed how beautiful and sexy you are before now."

"Y...You...really want to do this Tera, I mean, will we be lesbians or something if we do it...she asks with a trembling in her voice. I..I..f..f.feel so funny inside when I look at you, like I want to do things to you but I'm not sure how."

"Do you want me to do things to you Lyd? If so then just do the things to me that you want me to do to you. Touch me like you want to be touched, kiss me like you want me to kiss you and you'll be fine. I really want to do this Lyd, I am so hot thinking of you touching me, feel how wet my pussy is, put your finger in me."

Lydia wants to do it, BAD! She has lay and fingered her pussy so many times thinking of them exploring together, learning how to please each other. She always felt that Tera would think her weird or sick if she suggested they do things together. It makes her so wet thinking of kissing and touching Tera but she doesn't even know where or how to begin. She presses her trembling finger into Tera's pussy and finds her full of moisture, slick warm fluids that engulf her finger. Tera's moans and the way her pussy moves emboldens her and she presses a second finger into her gyrating pussy and feels her inner flesh and finds its feel familiar. She presses another finger inside her best friends body as Tera's moans become filled with the excited need her body is experiencing. She has done this many times in her mind thinking of Tera, but now, feeling her warm pussy actually engulfing her hand, her mind seems to be on fire with her desire to please Tera. She looks up and finds Tera staring into her own eyes and its like looking into a furnace they express so much heat, glowing like she is possessed as her moans spill from deep inside her.

"That feels so good Lyd, so much better than when I do it, If you touch my clit right now I think I'm gonna cum, god I'm so hot." Tera moans her disappointment when Lyd removes her hand and stands and begins removing her halter top and then slips out of her shorts and underwear. The crotch of them both are soaked with her arousement juices. Tera's gaze devours her best friends body as her beauty instills a hunger within her. She has seen Lydia's body a thousand times but never as she looks at this moment. Tera notices every detail, her face, her long soft hair so unfamiliar for a black girl. She lingers at the dark aureoles of her pert breasts, firm, as perfectly round as the erect nipples adorning them. Her mouth needs to taste them so badly. Her gaze moves to the concave of Lyd's young stomach before lowering to the soft swell of her mound. She has to stifle the gasp that rises in her throat as she sees the proud swell of her pussy, bare, hairless, shaven smooth and appearing so soft, so inviting to Tera's mouth as she remembers her mother's shaved, smooth vulva beneath her tongue.

Even from where she lay the moistness at her lips glistened in the light and she watched her entrance clenching and relaxing with each visible throb of her pink exposed clit. Her clit is bigger than Tera's and appears swollen, its skin taut and begging. She wants it in her mouth so badly. Her eyes close with a sudden surge at her clit and she doesn't see Lyd drop and lean forward and plant her mouth on Tera's clit. She is unprepared for Lydia's sudden lip lock on her clit as her friend begins a soft sucking and a light laving simultaneously. "Oh my sweet jesus", Tera cries out as her hips lift, her body beginning to tremble, lifting, pressing into the suction that has every cell of her body streaming to the site of Lyd's gentle assault on her senses. "Oh fuck...oh fuck...yes yes....oh my god....ohhhhhhh......oh shit thats sofucking good....oh god lyd don't stop....oh fuck please don't stop!", as her body begins tensing.

Her legs straighten alongside the brown head between her thighs, tensing, trembling, her ankles locking as she squeezes Lydia's head tightly, unable to stop cumming as she feels Lyd's tongue tormenting her clit incessantly. Just when she feels she might maintain her sanity and her body begins to relax, Lyd rams three fingers into her slimy wet pussy and turns them until her hand is cupping her pussy and begins fucking her deeply with them, fingers clawing at her g-spot until her mind is lost, out of control as she reaches for and grabs Lydia's head and begins a wild thrusting of her hips that drives her pussy into Lyd's punishing fingers and intense mouthing of her clit. She holds her friends head tightly as she roughly rubs her pussy into her face and hand trying to sate the demands of her body's tormented state. Her back finally arches so greatly her hands slip from her tormenters head to grasp the sheets in white knuckled fists as her upper body writhes violently, her head flailing wildly as if she is being subjected to the most exquisite of tortures.

The closeness she feels for this brown beauty is now a love of her, a love that nothing could tear asunder, ever! Her body finally relaxes and she lays there gasping for breath as she feels Lyd's fingers slide from her fiery cauldron. Her respite was short lived as a loud moan escapes her as she felt her lover's tongue penetrate her inner lips to begin laving around her slick wet walls. Her thighs open widely to allow her access to tongue probe deeply inside her cum filled orifice of love. Their gazes lock and she sees the excitement in Lydia's eyes as she gathers Tera's love juices and swallows them, knowing Kyles cum is a part of her plentiful supply of flavorful liquids. Tera's hips roll, press into her warm tormenting invader as her mind becomes incensed at the knowledge her lifelong friend is savoring her pussy and loving its product of pleasure. Her brother's cock is responsible for the bringing together of almost everyone she loves under one umbrella of sexuality and love! She will make Kyle fuck Lydia, she will do anything for her now. She will also make Jeremy fill his sister's pussy with his brotherly love even if she has to fuck his black cock cum into her own pussy to do it, which she knows she plans to do anyway.

Lydia feels so slutty grinding her face against the wet outpouring of Tera's pussy, her copious juices flooding from her to coat her thighs, pussy and to flow into her ass crack coating her pink anus wetly. She loves her friends scent and taste and her tongue flails within her soppy vagina as she drinks of her. She thinks Tera is going to drown or suffocate her a few times as she cum but she can't stop licking and sucking at her even if it means her death. Her own pussy is clenching, pouring her own juices down her inner thighs in streams. She loves this newfound joy her and her best friend have found together. She hadn't thought they could ever be closer than they were but this joining of emotions and pleasure has them as one entity, joined in their own secret relationship of love! She knows this is just the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, possibly the best one she thinks as she remembers Tera's description of Kyle's dick.

Tera suddenly feels an obligation to present her friend with a pleasure she has never felt, an overwhelming desire to present her as great a pleasure as Lydia was giving her, unrestrained and complete. She jumps up and runs to the door leaving Lydia sitting on the floor staring at her with confusion etched on her face. As she begins to turn the knob she looks at Lydia and asks, "Lydia are you absolutely sure you want Kyle to fuck you? I'm serious when I say he's gonna hurt you and stretch you like you never thought possible, but you'll love it just like me I'm sure."

"Lydia squeezed her thighs and said, Tera I have to feel it in me, you know how I am when I want to know something, I have to find out."

"Get up on the bed and get that jungle pussy ready for the great white hunter to come kill it sweetie. He's gonna use a big gun on you and when it shoots you're gonna die from the pleasure", Tera said laughing as she opens the door and slips out into the hallway naked. She first tries Kyles room but he isn't there so she walks downstairs and looks around but again no Kyle. Hmmm she thinks, I bet he went out with Jeremy, damn. She remembers his promise to cum in her mouth and feels hurt that he has lied to her. She thinks, what the hell, I'll go pee and take care of Lyd's pussy myself, as that thought pulses her clit strongly.

She walks back upstairs and idly glances into her mom's room as she passes and stops and walks back and stands there staring at what she sees. Her mom is on her back, her creamy white thighs spread widely and Kyle lay between them with his fat cock still buried in her pussy. His dick looked obscene laying in her gaped pussy, cum spilling from around it to run in streams down into her asscrack. Her puckered asshole is no longer a tight perfect circle but is gaped and leaks Kyle's cum like her pussy is.

They look so serene, the look on her mom's face is so pretty, she appears to be so satisfied and happy, the worry that normally etches her face is gone, replaced with a gentle smile and a relaxed look. Kyle's face is lying beside her mom's breast and she can't help but remember their taste under her tongue as she had sucked them, licked them and touched them lightly. She wonders how her mom feels as they suck her breasts now as they had when they were babies? Did she thrill sexually to it then as she does now she wonders? She wants to wake Kyle up but her mom looks so peaceful and happy she decides not to disturb them. She isn't so upset now knowing her mom had satisfied the same urges and needs she had felt herself and had found the same heaven upon Kyles fat dick. She feels even closer to her mother knowing they will share Kyle's dick together some day soon, she really craves it too. She closes the door quietly behind her. This was something she didn't think should be shared with Lydia, not yet anyway.

After peeing she return to her room to find Lyd laying back, thighs spread widely playing with her clit. She is so beautiful Tera just want to sit and play with her pussy and gaze at her friend. She sits in her arm chair facing the bed staring at Lyd's pussy. She hooks her knees over the arms leaving her pussy displayed for Lyd's enjoyment. "I can't find Kyle, I guess he's out with Jeremy or something Lyd, I'm sorry but there will be other times I promise. Right now I just want to sit here and let you watch me playing with my pussy knowing I'm sitting here thinking up nasty shit to do to you so I can drink your cum. You're so beautiful Lyd I love looking at your body, especially your shaved pussy.

"Do you mean beautiful in a sexy, you make me want to fuck you or a beautiful like I'm a young goddess?

"I mean both, its funny you said that about being a young goddess, those are the exact words Kyle used to describe me at the beach today"

"Oh my god Tera, I bet he was dreaming about you and that's why his dick got so hard. That's how hot I get when I think of Jeremy fucking me! You're the reason your mom got all horny, I bet he was dreaming of fucking you. That's so hot, him dreaming of fucking his sister and his mom wanting his dick while he does it", she cooes sensually as her hand rubs her clit faster.

"I think you are a nympho Lyd, you can come up with the most plausible but yet the most insane sexual things in your perverted mind. I think that's why I love you, I believe we're just alike. You know, after watching him kiss my picture and rub his dick on it I just bet you're right. Now that does make my sisterly pussy wet and horny"

"Tell me how it felt Tera, tell me everything that went through your mind as you felt Kyle's dick inside you knowing you were fucking your brother." Lyd's body shudders hard, shakes visibly as she thinks of how she would feel with Jeremy's dick hot inside her pussy. Her fingers roll her clit as she watches Tera duplicating her own actions, feeling the same thrills racing through her body as Lyd does as they watch each other.

"I don't think I can describe how I felt Lyd, I mean it was like I was in a trance when I took his cock in my hand and pressed my lips down over it. I was so hot knowing that he was thinking of me while he beat off that I had to have his dick. It never even mattered that he was going to take my virginity I just wanted to please him and let him know I wanted him too. Then once I touched his dick, felt how hot it was, how stiff and thick and knew it was thinking of me that made it that way, I didn't have a choice, it just seemed so right and wonderful. Then hearing his moans as I sucked him I wanted us to share what he was feeling and my virgin pussy was screaming to be ripped open by his fat dick. You never told me how a boy's dick felt pushing in your pussy Lyd, god it made me want Kyle's cock in me so bad I would have died getting it in me."

"Yeah, I felt the same way my first time but the little asshole I was with was hardly big enough to take my cherry. I think it was my excitement and the way I fucked him so hard on top of him that got the job done. Hell I had to try and make myself cum rubbing my clit against his body just to make it feel good"

"Trust me you won't feel like that with Kyle's dick in you, you'll be begging him to let you stop cumming like I was. His dick is so fat that when it opens you inside you feel like you're impaled on it and every little movement, every throb of his heart radiates through your whole body and every time you cum it makes you want to do it again and again on his dick. Fucking his dick makes you want to fuck it forever you feel so good every minute. You know Lyd you should call your mom and see if you can spend the night."

Lydia was so close to cumming she didn't want to stop but she knew if she wanted to continue this with Tera she needed to call. She called and after answering all the parental questions about homework etc. she assured her mom she'd be home early enough to shower and get ready for school. Her mom said yes but then decided to talk to her about her grades and school so she was forced to endure it.

Tera's door opened slowly, quietly and Kyle stepped into the room before noticing Lydia's bare beautiful brown ass staring at him. His dick is already almost hard but seeing her young tight brown ass with her shaved pussy below it instantly stiffens him like steel. Tera motions for him to put it in Lydia's pussy while holding her finger to her lips telling him to be quiet. He silently mouthes, "You sure she wants it?" She shakes her head up and down exaggeratedly and motions for him to do it. Lyd is bent over the dresser with her ass swaying gently side to side as her clit pulses and she wants off the phone.

Kyle walks up behind her and wraps his arm around her waist as he places his fat dick head at his neighbors pussy and begins forcing into her. Lydia's eyes open, awed and her head shakes no, no as she tries to push Kyle away while feeling her pussy stretching, distending as he opens her widely. She tries not to scream and her hand is over the phone as her mouth tries to whisper stop, stop it, but his every thrust has her squealing until she finally says, "Mom, Tera is messing with me, I got to go...owwwww. She's sticking me with something! I love you to mom...owww. Oh my god its so big, oh fuck that was mean...ohhhhhhh yeah.....oh my god you're ripping my pussy.... fuck...fuck...oh god Tera you were right....its ripping me.....oh god I..I..i'm c...c.cum...aiiieeeeeeeeeohhhhhhgoddddd...ohdamn....doit!...doit...oh fuck me...oh god you're hurting my pussy.....oh..oh......oh fuck...Tera...he's tearing me good.....oh my god its gettin't...oh god.yes..yes..oh shit you' oh god its rippin my insides...ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhhfuck its goin in deeper...arrrghhhhhhHHHHHHH....OH FUCK! Oh long....oh mygodddd I love it.....aiieeeeeEEEEEEEEE.

Tera's pussy is yearning what she knows Lydia is feeling as she lays her chest down on the dresser and grips its edge as she holds her pussy to Kyle's hardest thrusts, pressing back into his dick even as she feels ripping.

Lydia thought she had been fucked before but she has never felt a cock like this before. He hurts more than when she lost her cherry, a lot more!! She feels his dick opening something deep inside her, forcing its way through its tightness until her body loosens and she feels his fat dick head stretching her deepest walls. Each hard thrust sends her mind spiraling out of control with a pain that fills her with the most intense pleasure she has ever felt. " pussy is stretched so full.....shit...shit....oh fuck I love this so much Kyle. Fuck me!....fuckme hard....oh...oh...unghhhhh....oh shit its so big and hot...Oh god Tera I think its in my stomach...keeps stretching my insides....aaiiiiieeeeEEEEEEEEEE...oh god YES!....doit!....yeah....there... oh god fuck it right there...aaaarrrrgggHHHHHHHHh....c..c..can..can't ..s..s..stop...c..cummin...oh damn

Tera knew from the awed pained look on her friends face that her brothers dick was pressing through her cervix and filling her womb. "He's in your womb now Lyd, your baby basket. Doesn't he feel good in there. He hurts your pussy so good doesn't he sweetie", Tera whispered to her best friend who was also finding the same joy her mom and herself had this very day.

Lydia couldn't answer, couldn't speak as one violent orgasm after another had her entire body tensing as Kyle fucked her insanely fast, deep as his excitement at fucking Lydia's pussy had him driven, dick straining its skin as he swells thickly, punishing her body, his balls pounding her swollen clit till her mind is overwhelmed, unable to think, just respond to the stimuli of his cock and balls pounding her deeply and insanely. He wants this brown goddess to love him, to want his dick everyday. He is as out of control over fucking Lydia's young pussy as he was at fucking his sister and mother. He remembered his thoughts at the beach as he watched Lydia's tight young ass rolling as she walked and now he's living those thoughts. He will never forget this day.

"Kyle, pick her up and lay back on the bed with her atop you please", Tera cooes to her brother. He wraps his arms around Lydia's waist and picks her up leaving her suspended on his stiff dick bringing loud pleasure filled moans from deep inside her lungs with every step he takes as his dick jostles inside her. Once laying back on the bed Tera opens her friends thighs before kneeling and lowering her mouth to Lydia's clit and beginning to suck and lick her lightly, teasingly as she had done to Tera earlier. Tera thinks she might wake her mom if she isn't already awake she screams so loudly as Kyle fucks up into her pussy hard while Tera mouths her.

"Ain't payback hell", you beautiful bitch, Tera asks her friend as Lydia's face is etched with the intense pained pleasure she feels in her pussy. Her eyes scream for Tera to make him stop before she loses all semblance of sanity as his dick overwhelms her emotions and her sensitive young body is being tormented in ways much older women couldn't bear to endure. All Lydia can do is scream with each hard thrust of Kyle's fat dick and each laving swipe of Tera's tongue on her clit. Lydia moans and a fire seethes in her mind when Tera whispers in her ear, "Wait till he fucks your asshole with his huge cock, you'll love it lover!" That thought, of his huge cock fucking her tiny asshole sends her into an orgasm that has her entire body convulsing, writhing and as she cries out her trepidation to such a carnal act, an act that has her excited beyond belief she hopes he will force her to oblige.

Tera feels possessed, evil, and wants Lydia to experience it all, for Kyle's dick to addict her to it as it has her and she is sure her mom too. She lays down beside her brother and begins massaging his big balls and says loud enough for Kyle and Lydia both to hear, "You know Kyle if you'll get Jeremy to fuck Lydia tomorrow I bet she'll let you fuck her ass right now won't you Lydia."

"Really sis, why do you think that Lydia wants to fuck her brothers long black cock. Does she know he has eleven thick inches of black love to use in her pussy?"

Tera asked, "What, he has what Kyle, did you say eleven inches, that's longer than yours. My god Lyd did you hear that, your brother has a dick longer than Kyle's. I think I want to fuck Jeremy too Kyle, can I?"

"Tell you what Tera, you talk Lyd here into giving me her ass tonight and I will promise you Jeremy will fuck you both tomorrow afternoon after school."

Lydia fills with a new heat that has her grinding her pussy back and down into Kyle's dick as she thinks of her brother's dick being longer than the one that is ripping her womb now. She thinks of her actually gazing up into Jeremy's eyes as she feels his black cock stretching her even more then Kyle's is and her body shudders and begins tensing, a low wail escaping her lips as her orgasm grows stronger even as it courses through her entire body until her body shakes wildly and she moans, "Oh god Kyle fuck my ass, please fuck my ass, I want to fuck him so bad like Tera has you"

Kyle rolls her over on her stomach and slowly withdraws his dick allowing Lydia to feel his thick head slowly dragging along her entire birth canal as her ass wiggles and shakes until with a loud PLOP, he is out of her. Tera falls to her knees and places her hands on her best friends asscheeks and spreads them and begins licking and sucking at her asshole while Lydia's ass wiggles and her moans continuously flow from her lungs as she feels the wet warmth of a tongue invading her anal ring of muscle for the first time in her life.

"Damn that feels so wet and nasty Tera, I love it. Oh shit I think I'm gonna like having dick up there, oh yeah, lickit, put your tongue all the way in it...oh fuck I think you're gonna make me cum this way."

"I think she's ready Kyle, make her your cum slut, she'll love it, won't you Lyd, you want to be Kyle's cum slut don't you baby?

"If you get Jeremy to fuck me I'll do anything you want me to Kyle, and anything he wants me too also", she said as her ass waves in the air. Tera slides a finger in her ass and Lyd moans and says, "Oh damn yeah, oh shit that feels so good, can you get more in me, I think I want something bigger" she begs as Tera spits on her asshole and presses another finger into her and begins turning them as Lydia grips the sheets and moans as her ass begins writhing, pressing back into Tera's agitating movements within the grip of her anal muscle. "Oh fuck that feels so nasty, I feel like a real slut with your hand up my asshole Tera", she moans as her body begins trembling. Kyle moves behind her brown ass and begins sliding his fat glans up and down her ass valley as he admires the erotic look of his whiteness contrasting against her brown valley.

His cockhead presses against her raw anus and he spits right between them and begins pressing into her virgin puckered place. "Oh god its too big, fuck it hurts, it hurts, stop, stop, I can't take it..oh GOD you're ripping me....ohhhhhhhh...and Lyd begins sobbing, crying as she thinks of Jeremy not fucking her if she can't do this and she rams back into Kyle's dick hard and feels a pain that is like a white light going off in her mind and leaves her gasping for breath as she feels his dick invade her hotly, throbbing in the tight grip of her ringed muscle. "Oh shit it burns...don't move...please wait...oh god that hurts Kyle..damn it feels bigger in my butt than in my pussy", she gasps, as her tears dry but pain stays etched on her face.

Somehow Lydia remains beautiful even with her face contorted with the pain of Kyle's huge dick embedded in her rear. Tera needs her friend to enjoy this so she reaches her hand under them and begins rolling her clit until Lydia is moaning lightly, ass beginning to roll gently as she squeezes her distended muscle on his fat cock. The more Tera rubs her the more she undulates and the louder her moans get until she sighs, "Now, do it now Kyle, unnhh, not fast, unhhh...god you're so huge...unhhh oh shit Tera, you're right good I think...Oh god do it Tera, faster, oh fuck it hurts, rub it hard, oh god fuck it Kyle fuck it...oh damn I..I..I'm...aieeeeeeeeeerrgggHHHHHHH...CUMMING!

Kyle fucks his cock in and out of her ass at a steady pace until her orgasm demands more, harder, deeper she begs as she begins fucking back into his dick furiously, begging him to fuck her asshole, to ram his dick up her shithole, obviously losing it as he begins fucking her fast, using long strokes that send streams of thrills racing from the sensitive nerves his dick rides upon as her ringed muscle holds him tightly.

"Role her over like she was when you fucked her pussy Kyle", Tera tells her brother with an evil grin on her face. When she is laying atop him face up with his huge dick grossly distending her asshole until it shows as a thin red line around his gargantuan cock as it plunges in and out of her body. Tera crawls between their thighs and begins licking her pussy, laving it, tongue flat upon her clit as she licks and sucks at her lightly, teasing her as her brother pistons quickly through her distended asshole bringing forth animalistic cries and howls from her lips as her head tosses wildly. Kyle holds her down atop his body, trapped to the pleasure that is tormenting her mind and destroying her capacity to think or reason.

Tera's sucking and licking is designed to tease and have her friend longing to feel his cock fucking her harder and more rapidly and it did. Lydia is screaming for Kyle to fuck her ass, to cum in her as she tenses repeatedly, her body trying to bend into a fetal position from the intense pleasure he fills her with, but Kyle's arms hold her as she feels the frustration of not being able to allow her body its freedom to explode in orgasm, restraining her until her body feels it will explode if not released to ram her asshole down onto his dick with the ferocity she needs. Then as Tera begins sucking her clit hard, her eyes open wildly, awed at the sensations flooding her as she groans and grinds her hips down onto Kyle's dick. He fucks her ferociously, ramming his dick into her so hard her whole body lifts, bouncing like it is suspended as his thrusts hammer upwards so fast her orgasms meld into one long shrill tensing scream that brought their mother running into the room quickly.

Rita stood there in disbelief as her eyes took in Kyle hammering his dick into her best friends daughters brown body and her daughter is sucking on that same girls pussy as she is lost in an orgasm that Rita knew only all to well. She turns and closes the door and stands there leaning against it and cries, sobs as she realizes the extent of her family's debasement and how she is as powerless now to prevent it as Lydia was not to cum trapped between her son and daughter. She cries because she knows she wants to be where Lydia is now and that is soo wrong in anyone's mind but theirs. These incestual actions seem so right and wonderful when feeling Kyle's dick soaking in her pussy's juices or when Tera's tongue torments her clit and pussy so lovingly. Now though their family has expanded to include her and Robs best friends children, first her with Jeremy and now them with 13 year old Lydia.

Rita knows she had to talk to both Jeremy and Lydia and her own children. She re-enters Tera's room and kneels beside Lydia and begins sucking gently on her breasts as Lydia stares wide eyed at her with amazement and a heated arousal. She is afraid to speak as she sees and feels her "Aunt Kim's" lips on her body. She smiles at Lydia and says, its ok baby, we're all just one big happy family and kisses her squarely on her lips and waits until the forces flowing through her body have her returning her kiss feverishly. Lydia is lost as all three of them provide her pleasure. Her orgasms become exquisite in their intensity as her mind tries to think of what is happening to her but Kyle's dick and Tera's tongue stuck in her pussy and now their mother kissing and feeling her has her unable to form any complete thought or sentence.

Tera backs away and smiles at her mother and Rita takes her place between Lydia's thighs and begins tonguing deep in her pussy. Rita has an extremely long tongue and Lydia feels it immediately as her moans become desperate, her hips rolling as the feel of Rita's long tongue evokes clenching and squeezing of it as Rita drinks of her "nieces'" warm cum. She feels it snaking inside her, giving her feelings and sensations that she is unable to cope with in her child's mind. Rita elicits new, more intense orgasms just by her tongue's presence and its actions. Lydia has never been touched sexually by an adult and this was a new highly arousing aspect to her sexing Kyle and Tera. One she never expected or had suspected even in her perverted mind.

Lydia's thoughts turn to their mom and Kyle and her arousement soars as she thinks of Kyle fucking his mom. "Aunt Rita can I watch you fuck Kyle? That would have to be so hot watching you take his big cock knowing you're his mom and everything especially because you're so beautiful"

"Call me Rita except when your mom and dad are around sweetie. If Kyle wants to fuck me and you will lick my clit while he fucks my pussy and Tera will let me slide my tongue in her sweet pussy then I think thats a wonderful Idea. Can Kyle quit fucking your sweet asshole now?"

Tera heard what her mom said and she ran to the bathroom and got a wet washrag and began wiping Kyle's dick off after he pulled it from Lydia's asshole. Rita's mind feels a cloak of carnality over it as her pussy clenches as she anticipates feeling Kyle's dick throbbing in her again. Kyle smiles broadly as his mom straddles his body and his young dick stiffens as his gaze feasts on his mother's beautiful body. She stood there kneeling with his cock upright in front of her and tells Lydia, " I want you to sit right here by the bed and watch Kyle's dick press into my pussy Lydia and tell me what you're thinking as you watch. I want to see you while I feel my son's dick inside me and remember the taste of your sweet chocolate pussy baby. We're gonna have to do that again sometime, just you and me", Rita told Lydia with her voice full of passion and desire and obvious meaning for Lydia's young pussy.

Lydia watches as Rita raises her leg until her foot is flat on the bed, first the right then the left and moves till her pussy is positioned over his fat tip. "Hold Kyle's dick while I press it in me baby please", Rita tells Lydia.

Lydia rises slightly and reaches out and holds Kyle's cock as she watches his tip splay her aunt's pussy lips as she presses down onto her son's cock. "Oh god Lydia I love my son's dick so much, isn't it just wonderful to feel him in your pussy?", she asks, knowing it will cause her to remember the feel of Kyle's dick inside her own body. Rita knows the thought of incestual relationships is highly arousing to all of them even herself to an extent. But what addicts her to this act is the size of Kyle's and Jeremy's huge dicks.

She has never experienced such desire as she does when confronted with Kyle's cock, never dreamed dicks that size even exist except in women's fantasy's such as her own. Then when Jeremy took advantage of that desire and she felt him embedded in her womb, her virgin womb as far as having a man's dick there; she realized how little she actually had experienced sexually and that there is a whole world of unexplored pleasure she has missed out on by marrying so young. She also knows that now that she is awakened to these pleasures she will have to feel them for the rest of her life.

She knows she is taking advantage of these kids hormonal arousement but the world of pleasure Jeremy and Kyle have opened to her knows no bounds and she is as eager as they are to indulge and learn the pleasures and emotions of these many different types and ways to pleasure and be pleasured. In many ways her own sexual development was as young as theirs even younger than some.

Rita sees how Lydia turns her head to watch Kyle's cock enter her as she begins pressing down forcefully. Her pussy still resists his entry and when her inner muscles finally relent her moan is heard throughout the room. Lydia watches as her pussy gyrates on her son's dick as she opens herself to his fat tip.

"Dang it looks like your pussy is eating Kyle's dick Rita, don't it make you really hot knowing its your son's dick you're feeling. It sure makes me wet knowing it" she said hotly!

Rita's breathing is uneven, deep, raspy as she feels her son's dick pressing against her cervix and her mind and body begin filling with a craving to feel it opening her. She moans, "Oh god yes it does Lyd, and when he's right where he is now, about to go deeper in me than his dad ever has, it always m..mmmakes ohmy god....oh yes, YES! Oh damn Kyle you're in momma's womb baby.....fuck me....fuck mommas pussy baby.....oh god I can't move....FUCK ME....PLEASE!

Kyle did fuck his mom, he is so excited he pulls his legs up under him and presses his mom forward on the bed until her face is at the edge right in front of Lydia's. Rita's ass is in the air and her face is contorted with the pained pleasure of her orgasm as Kyle begins fucking her hard, deep, stretching her womb with each hard thrust. Rita is wailing, "Oh god Lydia.... I'm cumming...sons big dick....feels so good....ohhh.....I love it! Kyles big cock.....unnnggg......fuckit son.....ungggg...oh huge...unghhh....yes..yes...rub her....ohhhhhshit.....pussy.....rub her pussy Tera...aiiieeeeee........oh god I love your dick baby......unghhhh....unghhhhh.......aaarrrgggghhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHOHGODDDDD. Fuck Lydia baby, she needs your dick don't you sweetie", Rita imploresd her son after her explosive orgasm.

Lydia did need it, Tera had been rubbing Lyd's clit and fingering her pussy as Lydia watched Tera's mom being fucked by her son's big cock and Lydia's pussy begged to be fucked by Kyle's cock. Get in the chair Lyd, Tera told her bestie as Lydia looked at her from lust shrouded eyes. Lyd was gasping for breath as she sat in the chair and spread her thighs widely as Tera began sucking her clit and sliding her tongue inside Lyd's pussy. Lydia felt a trepidation as she watched Kyle approach her, his cock swaying menacingly, swollen and taut from his fucking his mom. She saw his mom's cum shining on his dick and the thought of him fucking her cum into her own pussy has her moaning her need and holding Tera's head as she hunches into her swift tonguing.

Tera moves aside as Kyle steps between Lydia's brown thighs and says, "Tell me you want to feel a white dick in your pussy Lyd, tell me how much you love my cock."

"Oh god Kyle I do, fuck me, fuck your big white dick deep in my pussy. Oh god I do love your dick, your white dick. Yes, yes, it does turn me on knowing you're white just so fucking slutty of me to fuck you...oh god I want it so bad", she screams as her hand rubs her clit hard, fast.

Kyle smiles knowing Lyd wants his dick and that it excites her as much him being white as it does him, her being black. He places his cock at her pussy and rams it in her hard, fucking her forcefully and she screams her love of him fucking her while also assuring him his cock is killing her as he fucks it deep into her soul. Lydia's eyes are glazed as she feels Kyle's glans force through her still relaxed cervix to slide entirely into her womb, his body grinding her clit until her mind is lost as she begins shaking, trembling wildly, her juices flowing wetly from her to coat Kyle's cock and balls. Tera and Rita watch as they both know what Lyd is feeling and also know it is exactly what she needs to sate the arousement that fills her so hotly.

They look at one another and they both feel their love spreading through their bodies, that warmth that only love can impart into another's body and soul. They kiss as Lydia's screams of intense pleasure fade from their minds, replaced by their tender touches and warm kisses as they enter a world of their own. A world that only they are allowed to enter as their fingers and mouths explore, titillate, and caress until both their bodies are so inflamed they are unaware anyone else is even in the room. They assume a 69 position and their passion filled moans and sighs merge with Lydia's as the room fills with incestual and interracial cries of forbidden pleasures, cries that tell of the participants love of what they engage in. The only thing missing is Jeremy!

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