Married for life, another mother falls!
Tanya can't sleep. Even after her husband Brad had extinguished the fires the days experiences had filled her body with she is still uneasy and disturbed and still has the visions of Rita and Kyle at the beach flooding her memory. She almost wishes she had left the camcorder and tripod at the beach instead of driving to retrieve it before it had been stolen. Why couldn't they have just remembered and took it with them when they left. Why had it been left on? So many why's flood her mind, why hadn't she told her husband about it? She wondered if the answer to that was the memory of Kyle's dick, the way his huge cockhead throbs and won't leave her mind alone with the way its insistent need jerks in Rita's hand.

Tanya hates the feel of her pussy moistening, her clit throbbing as she sees it in her mind just minutes after her husband filling her with his hot seed. It seems so awful to be aroused, thinking of someone else's cock while feeling his cum seeping from her pussy. Why can't she push this memory from her mind she thinks as tears form in her eyes. She almost understands why Rita had felt moved to touch him with his throbbing need exposed so near to her. It was obvious her friend felt an aroused mental duress by the trembling of her hand as Tanya watched her on the movie clip. Her hand trembled as she reached to take Kyle in her hand and her eyes were glazed with need as she glanced around to see if anyone saw her incestual act. Tanya's pussy yearns its emptiness and her clit is throbbing so insistently she arises from their bed to go sit on the couch in her robe nude and relieve herself. She wants Brad in her so badly right now, but she knows her mind would be seeing Kyle's cock again as she had just minutes ago. She still hadn't rid herself of the guilt she was consumed by from seeing his young virile cock throbbing in her mind as she felt Brad's balls emptying into her craving pussy as she tensed.

She feels sorry for her friend Rita, what kind of torture must she be in with Rob gone and the memory of Kyle's dick throbbing in her hand fueling the same fires that she feels but surely more intensely. The worst part of it all was that she finds it so arousing seeing her friend's inability to prevent herself from touching her son's cock. She had to be consumed with her arousement to have it fuel the courage to do such a thing. She knew Rita, nobody could ever have made her believe she had done that willingly if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes.

She wonders if it had been Jeremy and her, his cock jerking, huge and hungry like Kyle's, if she could have resisted touching him. Tanya is shocked by the strong thrill that tightens her thighs as she pictures Jeremy's face and a big cock like Kyle's, only black, in her mind. Feeling the pulsing in her body, Tanya's mind cries out NO! She rises quickly, refusing to allow her mind to dwell on that thought, and goes into the kitchen and gets a glass of water and stands there pulsing, her breathing hurried as she tries not to think of anything. But she can't keep the sight of Kyle's dick from her mind for long.

Tanya had never seen a white cock before today, especially a white cock that made her black husbands dick seem small by comparison of their girth, and he may have been longer than her husbands 9 inches. She feels confused and torn by her feelings and emotions. This was their life long friend Rita and her son that was filling her mind and especially her body with such an intense strife. What would Rob think or do if he ever saw that clip she wondered? She knew she had to copy the rest and then destroy it. She was afraid for what might happen to their friends family and their long friendship if Rita didn't fight the urges she surely must be having.

Tanya knew she would never succumb to such a desire. Nothing could cause her to do anything to jeopardize her family. Thinking of them she crept back to her bedroom and looked in on her husband as he slept. He looks so peaceful and is such a good man, she could never have found a better husband and father for her children. She leans against the doorframe wishing Lydia was home so she could go hug her she feels such a love for her. Then she thinks of Jeremy and what a fine man he was growing into and she feels compelled to see him. She walks to his room and silently opens his door and stands there staring at his handsome face laying in the light from the opened door, as he sleeps. This is her heart, her first born and closing the door to keep from waking him she creeps to his bedside and kneels to run her hand over his head, her need to touch him pulling at her heart. She kneels there, her heart full of the love she has for him.

Smiling, she goes to leave and places her hand on the edge of the bed to rise. Before placing her weight on her hand she feels it encounter a round hardness. Her fingers close around it involuntarily and squeeze it as she strains to see what it is in the dark. As she squeezes she becomes aware of its familiar feel and her hand stills, freezes in place as her breathing stops, heart pounding as her eyes close, no longer wishing to see what she knows is there. Her husband has been the only man in her life to present a similar hard throbbing shape for her grasp. She realizes she had just had the same feeling with her husband only minutes ago.

Her mind screams for her to remove her hand but it feels heavy, frozen in place and her muscles refuse to act. Her mind is torn, she knows she should just release him and go quickly, but the scene of Rita with Kyle's cock in her hand keeps replaying in her mind and a part of her cries out to see her own sons manhood. Her eyelids raise and as her eyes adjust to the dim light his dick jerks strongly with a powerful inner surge that stiffens him in her grasp and causes her to again squeeze him tightly. She can't help but think what that strong jerk would feel like within her body. Her clit is taut, pounding in rhythm with the pulsing in her hand. A trepidation fills her as she looks down and gasps when she sees her hand holding her son's dick squarely at mid-shaft and there must be a good 4-5 inches on either side of her hand.

Her eyes close as she utters, oh my god! She can't stop her hand from squeezing him, feeling the internal throbbing of her son's cock. Each time his cock pulses, stiffens, her hand squeezes and she feels his dick respond in a similar fashion repeatedly. Her breathing is quickened and a veil of lust is clouding her mind as she savors the feel of only the second dick she has ever grasped, even if it is her son's. Realizing this fact her eyes again open and she begins a slow inspection of her son. She remembers the sight of his black dick as a baby. Even then there were comments about his size made by other mothers. She remembers Rita saying, "Oh I don't know Tanya, he doesn't look any bigger than Kyle", and that was when Jeremy was three and Kyle two. She doesn't want to look, she has to, his dick draws her gaze to it like iron to a magnet. She feels herself becoming highly aroused as she gazes at his glans as it visibly throbs just inches from her face. She has the urge to place her lips on it, NO, NO, NO her mind screams.

She glances at her sons face and he appears soundly asleep which emboldens her at the same time she feels her inhibitions fading, fleeing her at the moment she needs them most. She moves to sit cross legged with Jeremy's cock at her face as her hand begins moving, feeling his hard mass from his balls to his engorged tip. Her breathing is forced and her mind absorbed by the feel of his extremely long cock, inches longer than his fathers. She feels her arousal beginning to take control of her mind now and her fear of her son awakening is quickly becoming less important than sating the craving that has turned her pussy into an empty cauldron awaiting the hot lava that boils in her sons balls.

All the curiosities of feeling a cock other than her husbands, the wondering of what she had missed, the experiences she didn't partake of as everyone else enjoyed many partners in college, drove her now. Her objection to being unfaithful no longer holds her back like it would with someone outside her family, outside her love. Him being her son in some crazy manner in her aroused mind relieves her of that guilt and she accepts his as the only dick in the world that she can morally partake of, a dick that was formed in her womb and is merely returning home. Tanya knows deep inside her that in the aroused state her mind is experiencing she could justify fucking a dog to satisfy this craving need in her pussy if necessary.

She holds her sons dick with both hands as the question in her inflamed mind is not if she CAN suck her sons cock but if she CAN NOT! Her state of arousement demands she instill the same hotness within him as his cock has instilled in her. Tanya's head leans forward, her excitement soaring as she knows she's about to taste only the second cock in her life. Her tongue flicks out and laves her sons glans, his cock heat causing her to moan as it radiates into her tongue. Her mind seems to shut down, to become oblivious to everything but his cock as her lips open and slide over her sons swollen dick head. Her thighs squeeze tightly as her clit throbs harder than ever before in her life, her pussy clenching, craving to feel what she so lovingly caresses with her mouth. Her entire body is constantly thrilling as for the first time in her life she feels a slut. The feeling is so new and utterly devastating to her soccer mom mentality that she embraces it completely. Her inner slut flourishing brings her body alive, her blood flows hotly through her body and she experiences feelings and cravings that are alien to her body and mind. Her entire body tingles and burns with her debasing excitement!

Her son's dick becomes the recipient of her sluttiness as she devours him, the remnants of her inhibitions leaving her body as saliva laved over her son's cock as she embraces the feel of his dick beneath her tongue. His cock surges, swells between her lips and jerks in her hands as her mouth imparts pleasure into it. Tanya's mouth absorbs her son's heat as she holds his fat tip captive as her pussy screams and her thighs squeeze her need. Her tongue laves him, head twisting as she presses her craving mouth down onto his cock until his throbbing head is entrenched in her throat. Her gaze occasionally moves to her sons face and she sees his expression changing, his breathing quick, almost panting and she knows his body is aware of her mouthing although his mind may not realize its not a dream. Tanya uses her sons cock to sate her own needs, to try and douse the inferno that threatens to consume her entire life if her son awakens and rebels at her actions. That possibility should have a sane person running from here, but Tanya is no longer in control of her mind, the insane cravings the feel of her sons throbbing dick fills her with prevent her leaving no matter the consequences.

Tanya stops, gasping as she stares at her son's face wondering if she can place his long dick in her pussy without him wakening. She has never wanted her husbands dick as ferociously as she craves her son's, never felt so alive and aware of her being a woman as she is as she strokes her son's cock. Her mind again flashes Kyle's white cock in her mind as she duplicates Rita's actions, an action she had only minutes before swore she could never engage in. She feels an even deeper more profound closeness to her friend now. She feels a calmness come over her as the memory of Kyle's white cock creates an inferno in her pussy that demands she assume a position on her hands and knees and reach back and guide her son's dick to her pussy and hold it to her as she forces him into the pussy he once left.

Tanya's mind melts as she feels her son's glans opening her, throbbing against her inner labia stretching her moist flesh as her moans tell of the furor and strife having her boys dick engulfed in her pussy creates in her mind. Her head hangs as she squeezes his dick, feels its heat radiating into her vagina as she slowly presses back into him. Her body trembles as the sensations of her son opening her, forcing deeper and deeper into her pussy has her breathing deep, chest expanding and relaxing with each hurried breath. She tells herself not to move, just enjoy his feel embedded in her, but her hips roll, hunch and as her excitement grows he jerks strongly within her and she can't help fucking his hard dick. She undulates as she presses him into her until his dick kisses her cervix instilling a need for him to enter her there. Her thighs press against the bed as his glans taunts her tight opening and her entire being cries out for him to fuck her, to force his cock past her cervix until its deep inside her where his father has never explored.

Tanya's excitement is peaking as Jeremy's dick opens her cervix but doesn't enter, repeatedly, as she thrusts against him. "Oh god...ohhhhhhh", she utters as her pussy quivers, squeezes, asscheeks clenching as her orgasm wracks her, paralyzing her in place as her body tenses, waves of such an intense pleasure washing over her as her mind screams her need to feel him pounding his dick into her. She's never cum like this before! The tabooness of her actions and the resulting feelings of sluttiness instilled in her has her pussy flowing a wetness that joins with her cum to engulf his dick in a warmth that soaks him completely.

Fear grips Tanya as her son moans loudly and she feels him hunch hard into her pussy, his hips driving to the edge of the bed as his cock rams through her cervix to stretch her womb painfully as it explodes. Tanya has never felt such a deep pained pleasure and her mind explodes as her body shakes hard as it tenses like she has never tensed before. Her head flails as she cums and cums as his cock swells and pumps her womb full of his ball juice. They both moan their relief and love of their mutual spewing. Tanya knows her life as she knows it is over as her son drives his cock into her repeatedly, but she accepts it to experience the pleasure that permeates her entire being. She knows he is awake and aware of her cries and moans and the craving for his ball juice drives her to press upwards and back until she's sitting on his dick grinding into it as she feels his dick pulsing, swelling as it empties his balls within her while he thrusts up into her.

Her excitement waning somewhat Tanya realizes what she has done and the possible consequences and her eyes begin to tear up as she chokes them back. She looks at her son to apologize and try and explain but his face wears a smile and he murmurs something indiscernible about Rita. Oh my god, he was dreaming about fucking her best friend while emptying his balls in her pussy and never woke up. She tries to extricate her pussy from his dick but she can't raise far enough to pull free and has to bend his cock at an angle in order to release him. Her entire body thrills at the sensations of him leaving her as it did upon his insertion, leaving her craving his feeling in her womb again. She lays there beside the bed watching his proud staff slowly unfurl, jerking as it sags until it lays across his groin deflated and tempting.

Damn what is wrong with me Tanya thinks as she realizes she's wanting to suck him hard and repeat the wonderful feelings she had just found on his dick. She reluctantly rises and walks to the door and stands there and remembers the feeling she had earlier as she stood in that exact same place. She now feels a more intense love for her son, a love that causes a throbbing at her clit and an empty craving sensation in her pussy. Her heart is heavy knowing she will never experience that feeling again, the stretching of her womb painfully and the soothing warmth of his sperm juice as it floods her as her mind is overwhelmed with her love of him. She is crying as she turns and leaves thankful that her first born never realized how much she enjoyed slutting her pussy to him or his having to try and understand the emotions that drove her to do it.

Tanya returns to the couch and sobs, not because she hated what she had done but because she loved it. She had never felt such an intense arousement or lack of control before sexually. Even now she throbs for the return of her son's cock to her womb, unable to forget his feel there. She sits there with her legs pulled up squeezing them to her chest, rocking, determined she will not touch her clit with the memory of her son's dick fresh in her mind. Her entire groin burns again with the heat that filled her as she grasped her son's dick. Oh my god that is how Rita must have felt, she thought. She now wonders if she had seen her son's cock hanging over the edge of the bed before she placed her hand on it accidently, would she have reached out as Rita had and squeezed and stroked it as she had? Would she have still succumbed to her desire to place her mouth on it and force her son to engage in incestual sex.

Even if he were unaware of it he was still a part of her debasement, his feel, his stiffness, his size, all coerced her into becoming a slut, a pedophile they preyed on his hard cock for her immediate pleasure. She hated herself for craving him again, hated knowing she would willingly repeat her actions if given the chance. Even knowing the consequences she knows she could never pass up the feeling of Jeremy's hands holding her hips as he drives his manly cock into her soul. Her husband satisfies her need of love when they make love. Jeremy's huge cock creates an anguish within her by the fact that she craves his sex, craves the feelings his dick presents her and her orgasms with him only addict her to them and make her want more as now. She knows her relative inexperience with all things sexual has left her vulnerable to her own easily aroused body but she never dreamed she could be aroused and influenced by her son's cock.

Her defenses were never raised to keep her from succumbing to her body's desires before her hand contacted her son's dick. And it isn't like it was a strangers dick it was someone that at that exact moment she felt extreme love for. Even now she can't make herself feel guilty for her inability to keep from expressing that love physically. She knows she is rationalizing away her responsibility for her actions as her body demands her to experience them again.

God please take these thoughts from my mind, she prays, but these thoughts are of Satan not God and she continues to see Rita squeezing her sons huge white dick, and feeling the strong surge of power in her sons extremely stiff dick as it jerked in her grasp. She tastes Jeremy on her tongue, feels him throbbing in her throat and can't push the memory of his ripping through her cervix to strain her deepest walls before exploding in her womb so hotly, from her mind. Her resolve that she can resist these feelings is waning and soon her thighs open and as tears form in her eyes her mind relents and she feels her son's stiff dick hurting her pussy, cumming in her, only to be replaced by Kyle fucking her as she keeps cumming and cumming on his fat white cock. She buries her face in the couch cushions as her body tenses along the couch, ass rising and falling as each wave of the most intensely petrifying pleasure she has ever experienced wracks her body for long wonderful minutes. Incestual thoughts drive her orgasms, keep her in their heaven until waning, Kyle's white cock provides the interracial stimulus to keep her captive to her inner desires.

Tanya tells herself she needs to cover her son to keep Lydia from possibly walking in as she had and seeing her brother exposed, but the arousement that refuses to leave her body drives her to return to her son's room and enter quietly and close the door behind her. Tanya, turns and is not prepared to see Jeremy on his back, his full eleven inches standing stiffly erect and jerking. A strong shuddering thrill races through her causing her thighs to squeeze hard and her body to bend at her waist as her clit throbs, pounds, and she has never felt an emptiness within her pussy as she does seeing her sons cock proudly displaying. Her knees seem weak as she walks to his bedside and stands there gazing at his erect dick. Her mind floods with thoughts of his taste and feel inside her pussy, the memory of his spewing burning in her mind and dripping from her pussy still.

Jeremy appears to still be sound asleep with no awareness of his hard cock or his mother. Tanya feels a fog of carnal lust draping her mind and instilling a courage that blurs rational thinking. How can she resist this she wonders as her lips crave his taste again and her pussy clenches at his memory there. The same force that captured her mind minutes ago drives her to place his glans between her warm lips and taste it, suck it. Her gaze is on his face as her head lowers and her mouth opens and she slides her lips over her sons tip for the second time this night and closes them and holds it there. His dick jerks, glans swells and recedes as she begins softly sucking, tongue laving around his swollen tip. She feels the muscular strength imbued within it as it stiffens, vibrates in her mouth as it seems to strain stiffly before again subsiding. She can't help herself and her mouth presses lower on his cock, her breathing quick, deep as the taboo act she performs excites and arouses her with an intensity like earlier.

Her head moves smoothly up and down his dick, pressing down sporadically until his glans tries to enter her throat. Tanya's pussy is crying to fuck her son but a small portion of her sanity is still intact and prevents that joy. For the second time her son's head moves from side to side and he murmurs, "Suck it baby, oh god Rita you're such a cum slut!", She feels his precum spilling from his tip and she sucks at it greedily, its presence driving her mouth to exert a stronger suction as her lips travel his cock. Knowing he wants to fuck her friend, dreams about it, has her wanting his cum, wants him to cum in her friend Rita's mouth as she enjoys it. Nothing touches his cock but her lips and Tanya craves to grab his long shaft and stroke it until his balls empty in her mouth. But that small amount of sanity she retains still prevents it.

Her tongue swipes over his glans quickly and he sighs loudly as her mouth fills as his glans flares hotly, his balls pumping, tip swelling with each of his hot expulsions as his mother sucks it from his cock greedily. Tanya's excitement as he fills her mouth demands she grab his cock and pump him rapidly until his spewing hot jism chokes her, some flowing out around his dick to stream down her chin as she cums herself. His hips lift, drives his dick into her throat as he moans loudly. Tanya holds her mouth to his cock tightly, hand gripping his shaft just behind his glans as he swells, his balls bubbling his ardor from his tip as he relaxes and her mouth leaves him with a plop as she suctions his tip clean, smiling as she watches his long dick droop, sag under its own weight until he rolls over on his side as he was before, leaving her with thighs squeezing as thrills bend her from her own hard release. Tanya knows she is going to have her son fuck her pussy hard, deep with him awake and driving his long dick forcefully into her, she just doesn't know how yet. She quietly leaves as she savors the taste of her sons ball juice in her mouth.

Tanya sits quietly on the couch, still in disbelief of what she just did. Her eyes fill with tears but she's not sure if they are of joy or disgust. She would be lying to herself if she said she hadn't enjoyed the incestuous act she had just performed on Jeremy, her son. Her mind keeps replaying every second of it over and over and her body responds the same every time by her clit pounding and her pussy clenching its need of her son's dick. Her mind refuses to accept what she knows is true but her body embraces it, caresses it, and slowly fogs her mind with the pleasure of it until she is lost to it as surely as Rita probably is.

For the second time in just a few short minutes her thighs open and she becomes immersed in her thoughts, this time of Jeremy's hot cum flooding her mouth and throat as his dick jerked, swelled as it responded to his mothers sucking and licking. Rita and her son dominate her visions and drives the intense orgasms that have her ass lifting from the couch cushions as in her mind its her friend that lowers her pussy down her sons long dick until its lodged pumping in her womb. She hears Rita's screams of intense pleasure as she watches her son flood her friends pussy in her mind. Her fingers rape her pussy as she imagines Kyle driving his thick dick into her pussy as she watches her son and Rita. Her hips buck and jerk for long minutes until she pushes those thoughts from her mind.

Her robe is soaked as she finally rises and puts it in the clothes hamper and wraps in a blanket and resumes allowing her incestuous thoughts to control her response to a light rubbing of her clit. She feels herself smile for the first time since viewing that disk as she thinks how much alike her and Rita are in every way but color. As she faded into sleep she wondered if she could talk Rita into fucking her son's black dick while she enticed Kyle to place his hugely thick white girth inside her black pussy and fill it with his hot white cock cum..mmmmm..she thought....and then swap! Surely she thought this has been the best dream of her life and when she wakes in her bed she will laugh at its memory.

"Mom, mom, wake up, why are you on the couch, you and dad fighting?" Oh my god Tanya thought as she gazed around and realized she was on the couch as she recalled her dream. Then as her gaze falls on Jeremy's boxers she sees the drops of cum on the front of her sons underwear that had dripped from her chin and the reality sinks in that it isn't a dream. The large lump at her sons crotch suddenly becomes very pronounced and noticeable as she searched her son's face for any sign of recognition of her acts. Her mouth tastes of cum and there is still a slick residue there that she savors as her thoughts drives the pulsing at her clit. "No, just fell asleep here that's all Jeremy, is dad up yet" "Yeah I think he just got up" her son replied. "Is Lydia home yet", she yelled to no one in particular? "Right here mom", her daughter replies walking into the room wrapped in a towel with another wrapping her hair. "Lydia you're not a little girl anymore, you shouldn't be walking around here like that. Your brother's up you know". "Yeah well he's never bothered me yet, has he you mom? I mean, like, he is my brother not some hot stud!" Tanya's thighs squeezed as she remembered herself molesting her son's hard dick, twice, before replying, "Well you still shouldn't do it!"

She had never even thought about anything sexual happening between her children, before last night. But now the thought of Lydia seeing her brother's dick, her thirteen year old hormones screaming, how could she resist if her 40 yr old mother couldn't. She sat thinking about when the doctor had recommended Lydia begin birth control to correct a hormone imbalance that messed with her menstrual cycle and if she had ever had sex since then? Would Jeremy find his sister sexually attractive she worried now? Her daughter might have more sexual experience than she did if she was sexually active at thirteen. She needed to have a mother daughter talk soon she decided, maybe she might teach me how to control my incestual urges she thinks, smiling to herself, as she rises to go dress and begin breakfast.

Tanya still doesn't want to believe she actually did those things, it all just seems so surreal now, unbelievable! Everything appears so normal, everything except Tanya's mind and memory's and the amount of semen and her own plentiful juices that flow down her thighs. That in itself tells her she is a pedophile now in the eyes of the law. It wouldn't trouble her near as much if she knew she could resist ever doing it again but she knows she is different now. Jeremy's dick awakened something in her psyche, something she had repressed most of her life, her sexuality. She had also found out that thinking of a white guy sexing her aroused her intensely. The memory of Kyle's cock was burned into her mind and she recalls it often and every time she feels moisture forming within her and her clit pulses strongly. She wonders if she can ever look at Kyle without blushing at her thoughts now.

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