Thank you all for reading my little tales. I was going to jump along in Jack and Vince's life and write just one last little thing about them. As I was writing it this idea formed and I knew I had a better part 6 and 7. Chaos is so much fun to cause. lol Happy reading.
Autumn pulled into the drive in her little white VW while I was sitting on the front steps to my house talking to Vince on the phone and waiting on her. “Hey Vince Autumn’s here, I got to go ok?”

“What’s she doing there I thought me and you had plans tonight,” Vince sound upset. I smiled into the phone as I stood and opened the door to the house.

“Don’t be like that. I didn’t want you to see my tux before prom and she wanted me to help her pick out a dress. I’ll be home in time for our date.” Mom had come home early that day and didn’t feel well. She’s curled up on the couch with a blanket and hadn’t moved since. “Mom I’d headed over to the mall with Autumn ok?” She raised her hand from where she sat, but didn’t say anything, at least she’d heard me. I close and locked the door just in case she fell asleep.

“I can be like that, what if I wanted us to have the same tux,” Vince said. I could just see him laying on his bed pouting about this.

“Now that wouldn’t look right for the pictures,” I laughed.

“Alright, but when I come to get you, you have to tell me what color or colors it is so I can at least match it.”

“I will, love you baby.”

“Love you too, sweets.” I hung up before he could say anything else about it and got in the car with Autumn. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips as I got in, a light kiss barely more then a press of lips and something she always did, though it unnerved Vince every time she did it. She’d even started kissing Vince like that in greeting when we weren’t at school. I buckled.

“Was that Vince?” She asked. I smiled over at her.

“Who else am I always talking to?” I pointed out.

“Me,” she answered and put the car in reverse. The mall was one of those big two story deals with hundreds of little shops to get lost in, but today we were on a mission. Autumn and I started off in the big stores JC Penny, Sears, Dillard’s, and the like, but nothing she tried on felt right to both of us.

“Did Nathan ever ask you to prom like you thought he would?” I asked her once we got into one of the smaller shops. Autumn’s blue eyes focused on me for an instant then back on the dresses.

“No, but it’s alright. There’s still a few weeks left. Some one will ask me.” I felt bad for her. After all the time Autumn spent looking at guys for me it hurt that every guy she’d dated since Vince and I had gotten together didn’t take us being friends very well. Rumors had started that she was a big-time slut and was part of a regular threesome with me and Vince. It hung over her through the past year. I was just glade that it didn’t stop her from hanging out with us. At seventeen, she’d yet to have any kind of steady boyfriend and it bothered her sometimes to see me and Vince so happy and I hated being the cause of it.

“What about this one?” I changed the subject and pulled a deep magenta dress from the rack. Spaghetti strapped and floor length; with Autumn’s dark hair it would look great. She studied it for a minute then looked up at me to ask if I was serious. “Just try it on for me, please.” Autumn rolled her eyes, but took it from me and headed to the fitting room. I followed close behind. It took a bit before she showed herself again.

“Could you umm…” she turned and pointed to the zipper on the back. Autumn piled her hair on top of her head so I could. It gave me a great view of her bare back and I wondered if she’d taken off her bra or if she’d been wearing one in the first place then shook my head to lose the thought. I stepped forward and zipped up the back. Autumn let go of her hair and looked up into the mirror. I could see her trying to picture herself with her hair done and perfect make up and a guy behind her for the pictures. I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She laughed as I pulled her back against me. Autumn was only about 5’4 and it was easy to see my 6’3 self over her head. The idea popped into my head so fast that I didn’t have time to check it before I spoke.

“Go to prom with me.” It wasn’t even a question. Autumn turned shocked.

“But you and Vince…” I looked down at her in the dress and knew I couldn’t let her sit around waiting for so ass to ask her just so he could take it off her. I also knew that if no one asked her she wouldn’t go and I’d be the cause of her sitting at home alone on prom night.

“Vince will understand, besides we’re all seniors anyway he has an invitation, go with me or us. The three of us together.” She smiled at me and hugged me. I was going to have to really do some explaining to Vince later, but the look she’d given me was worth it. Autumn held on longer then I expected and I let her and myself enjoy the contact.

“Well if I’m going to prom with you I can’t very well get a dress this color,” she said pulling away. I looked down at her in that dress, it was perfect for her. It was a little long, but it wouldn’t be a big deal to have it hemmed. The shear fabric over the satin just screamed to me that this was it. I pulled her against me again and saw the surprise on her face as the line of her body met mine.

“No I think this is exactly the dress you need.” I leaned down and kissed her. Autumn stilled for a moment, I think she was under the impression that I was only going to give her the same kind of kiss she always gave me, it wasn’t. It had been almost two years since Autumn and I dated, but that chemistry we’d had hadn’t left. I licked at her bottom lip and she opened for me. Memories of similar kisses with her flowed through me as my tongue met hers. She made a little eager sound and I felt her fingers tangle in my hair. My cock had hardened a bit from seeing her in the dress and helped zip it up now pushed against my jeans fully erect. Autumn pulled away, looked down the line of our bodies before blushing, and turned her head to the side. I cleared my throat and took a step back from her.

“I…umm…you really like this one?” She asked in an uncertain tone. I made a show of looking down at my cock, where my hard on was easily seen then back at her. Her face reddened a little more.

“Yeah I think it’s perfect,” that’s when I had to look away, my voice had gotten that husky tone that comes with sexual excitement. Autumn touched my check and turned my head back to her. There was a smile on her face and I had to smile back. We kissed again, only a small press of lips, but I could feel that she wanted more and so help, I did too. When we’d dated it had been like this, hard to keep our hands off each other, but since Vince and I had started dating I hadn’t felt that way towards Autumn, well most of the time anyway. I thought about it as she went back into the little changing room as I adjusted my cock. Why now after all this time would I be pulled to her again? It wasn’t until we were at the register paying for the dress that I thought I had some semblance of an answer. Vince and I hadn’t had sex in nearly six weeks and my eighteen-year-old self was horny as fuck. Now I’d known this before, but it took me a bit to attribute it to what had happened. With our senior year coming to a close we’d both been off to visit campuses and look into housing in the areas around them. The colleges always seemed to want us to visit on the weekend, which cut down on the time Vince and I got to spend alone, leaving little time for even a quicky. We’d been reduced to sexting only and jerking off ‘with’ him just wasn’t the same.

I was always responsive to Autumn and my lack of sexual activities with Vince must have amped up my sex drive up enough for my body to really consider fucking Autumn. Good thing Vince and I were going out that night. We left that store and headed over to the rental place for tuxes and shoes. I carried the dress because it was too long for Autumn’s arms. It didn’t take nearly as long to pick my tux out, with my light coloring I couldn’t go with a white tux and I found a satin black one were the jacket came down to mid thigh. The guy there measured me and frowned.

“What is it?” I asked. He shook his head.

“It’s just we don’t get too may men in here that are this tall and lean. Normally this height is no big deal, but you only have a 30 waist with a 37 inseam little hard to come by. Were in the world to you find jeans to fit?” He explained.

“It takes a bit of looking but I usually end up with a 32 x 38 and then wear a belt,” I answered. Autumn laughed.

“He’s over simplifying it last time I went shopping with him for a pair of jeans it took us more than an hour to find that size. I think he orders online,” Autumn joked. It was true I did most of my shopping for pants online; it was just easier then trying to find a pair. Jack had that problem too, but his was a little easier to find because he had a 34 waist. That thought made me remember something else Jack’s school had their spring break the week of prom and Dad had talked Mom into taking Jack for that week. I sighed and started looking through the different vests and shirts to go with my tux.

When all was said and done, Autumn had to race me home so that I could get ready for my date. Instead of going home though, she came up to my room with me to help me get ready. I hopped in the shower and made quick work of bathing and washing my hair. I’d shaved recently and didn’t need to right then, but I did need a trim… down below and took my time doing it. I kept the towel wrapped tightly around my waist as I walked back into my bedroom. Autumn was laying across my bed looking through a gaming magazine and looked up at me as I came in.

“I found some clothes for you to wear out tonight,” she told me and pointed to the chair by the desk. I closed the door and walked over to them. The first thing I saw was a pair of black satin underwear. I picked them up and looked over at her.

“Really?” She just smiled; I shook my head and stepped into them with the towel still around my waist. I didn’t hear her get up, but the second I had my cock covered by the underwear I felt her hands pull the towel from me, before my ass was covered. I jumped and turned around. Autumn didn’t even blush this time, I guess a naked ass wasn’t as bad as having your best friend’s hard cock press against you. I pulled the underwear into place while she looked me over.

“Did you…umm…trim?” Heat blossomed in my face.

“Autumn… this is getting a little…”

“Oh shush… I know you and Vince haven’t been out together in weeks. I know what’s going on tonight.” She reached out and touched my chest. “I want Vince to be unable to keep his hands off you during dinner and then shocked went he gets to undress you.” I studied her for a moment.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked. She smiled up at me.

“Lay down on the bed and take off the underwear,” Autumn answered.

“I don’t think so.” I could see that going a few ways and I didn’t need any of them to happen.

“Quit being a baby, it’s not like I haven’t see your cock before.” I looked away at her words. She added a little push on my chest and walked me back to my bed. I sat. “Now lay back and take off the underwear.” When I didn’t move fast enough her fingers hooked into the waistband and pulled them down for me as I lay there. My cock lay mostly soft against my balls as she climbed up on the bed with me and I prayed it didn’t respond any further. “Now this is going to be a little warm, close your eyes.” I took a deep breath and did so. Warm thick liquid ran over the thin patch of hair around my cock. It felt good and my cock started to twitch. It wasn’t until she pressed something like paper over that warm liquid that I realized what she was doing and braced for the pain she was about to put me through. A quick rip later confirmed it.

“Holy…fuck Autumn you could have told me what you were planning.” I rubbed the bare spot she’d made and opened my eyes. She smiled.

“But then I wouldn’t have gotten to see your reaction to the wax,” she said, her hand brushing my cock, but was quickly back to laying more wax on me.

“Oh no you don’t,” I tried to sit up, she put a hand to my chest.

“Stop, I’m not going to wax the really sensitive places just this patch. Then you can shave the rest … or I can.” I shock my head. “Come on image the look on Vince’s face when he sees that you’re hairless for the night.” I sighed.


Autumn stood in front of me as I finished buttoning up my black dress shirt. Vince had told me to dress up for dinner and I had. She watched with a smile on her face, I think she was smiling because I was nervous. I shouldn’t have been, Vince and I had been dating for over eighteen months so it didn’t really make sense for me to be this jittery. Maybe it was because I knew what was going to happen later and I was too excited for it to happen, or maybe it was because of everything between me and Autumn earlier that day was getting to me. I sat down on my bed and started pulling my shoes on when someone knocked at the door. “Damn it,” I looked to Autumn. “Can you go let him in?”

“Sure, be right back,” she said and then disappeared from my bedroom. I got my shoes on and was putting on my deodorant when she came back into the room. Autumn walked over to me and picked up one of the few jars of cologne I had, sniffed and put it down then did another, until she found one she liked and sprayed me with it. “Your shirts untucked.” I looked down and started to say something when her hands came into view, sliding around me then I felt her start tucking the shirt in for me. I cleared my throat.

“I can dress myself,” I told her in a quiet voice. She looked up at me a sad little smile on her face and continued with the shirt. I didn’t try to stop her.

“I know you can,” she finally answered when her hands slipped down the front of my slacks. Her warm hands cupped me teasingly for a moment before she pulled away. “But then I couldn’t have done that.”

“Autumn…” I was already leaned down near her when she tilted her head back and stood on the tips of her toes. It wasn’t her standard kiss and my arms went around her pulling her to me again. Her tongue touched my sending a small fire through my veins. I should have pulled back then, but instead my hands found he ass and made sure hardening cock was pressed to her. Smooth bare skin met my fingers and I realized I’d run my hands up under her shirt. I think I moaned softly. Autumn’s hands came up and pressed at my chest to get us apart.

“I’d better go,” she pulled further away. I remember grabbing her hand to keep her from going, but when she turned to face me again, I let go. Autumn shook her head and walked out. I sat down on the edge of the bed waiting for my body to calm down and cursing my hormones and my cock. Finally soft again I brushed my hair and left the room. Vince sat of the couch waiting for me. He turned and stood when he heard me. My heart fluttered at the sight.

Vince stood there in a pair of black dress pants and royal blue dress shirt. His dark hair neatly cut and his eyes were a deeper blue with the shirt reflecting the color up into them. I watched as he took in the sight on me as well. The black shirt and pants wasn’t just because it was all I had, for some reason black made my already bright green eyes stand out. A sly smile spread across his lips as he started around the couch. I held out my hand for him, but he didn’t take it. I frowned for an instant before realizing how close he was. Hot lips touched mine and my back hit the wall none too gently. (Like I say six weeks). Vince pressed into me forcing my back into the wall hard enough to sting a bit, but right then I didn’t care. Our tongues met and Vince promptly started sucking on mine. I heard myself groan and my cock decided again that he needed to be hard, I didn’t argue with him this time.

My hands found Vince’s belt and pulled at it. Some one cleared their throat and brought us back to ourselves. I looked over to see my mom standing in the doorway to her room, staring at us. Vince eased back, both of us red faced. Mom didn’t say anything just stared for a bit and walked back into her room. “I..ummm… we should go or we’ll be late for dinner and the show,” Vince told me. I nodded.

“Let me go tell her bye first,” I said and walked off to Mom’s room. The door was open and she was sitting up in her bed with the lights out and the TV on. I walked over and sat on the bed with her. “I’m gonna go now, I’ll be home after a while.” She turned and smiled at me.

“Where are you going dressed up like that?” I looked down at myself then back at her.

“Out to eat, Vince said to dress up a bit for it. Then he got tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra,” I told her and watched her eyes widen.

“And after that?” She asked her eyes roaming over my face as it heated, then smiled, she knew. “Be safe and don’t worry about being home tonight. I’ll see you in the morning?” I was stunned in to silence. She took my hand. “Jake, you’re eighteen. In a few short months, you’ll be off at college and you won’t have me telling you to be home at a certain time. I trust you to know what you’re doing, for tonight at least,” she joked. “Go have fun with your man without having to worry about a curfew tonight.” She touched my check and I leaned over, kissing her forehead.

“Thank you Mama.” I stood and left the room. Vince was standing by the door waiting.

“Ready?” he asked. I nodded. He opened the door and we walked out in to the slightly chilled March air. “You got your keys and everything.” I held up the keys and he locked the door behind up. Vince unlocked the doors and we got into his truck. “What time do you have to be home by?” he asked as he started the engine.

“I don’t,” I told him. He looked over at me. “Mom said to not worry about it and have fun with you.” Vince backed the truck down the drive and headed off to the other side of town where all the upscale restaurants were. “Do you think she realized how little we’ve been able to see each other in the last two months?”

“After the way I grabbed you on sight I think she got a good visual of how bad it’s been,” Vince pointed out. “That’s also probably why she didn’t say anything.” He paused. “God I wanted to push you back into your room and forget about the show. “ I felt Vince’s eyes on me again and a smile crept up on me.

“I would have let you,” I told him. A hand touched my thigh.

“I know.” It was later during dinner that Vince brought up Autumn and my shopping expedition. “So did you two find a dress for her?” I stopped eating for a minute and looked up at him.

“Yeah there was this really pretty satin dress, a dark magenta,” I told him and looked back at my plate. I could feel Vince frowning at me for not continuing about the rest of the day.

“Jake?” I looked back up. “What happened?” I set my fork down and sat back in the chair.

“While we were out I asked Autumn if Nathan asked her prom yet. He’s been hanging out with her, a lot and they’ve went out a time or two, but apparently he isn’t interested in prom with her. There’s only three weeks left and no one’s asked her. You know how Autumn is if she doesn’t get asked she’s not going to go. So…I…kind of…asked her.” Vince stared at me for a long while then blinked.

“Let me get this right. We’ve been dating for eighteen months, having sex for about a year, and are planning to move in together before college and I have to share prom night with your ex-girlfriend?” He asked. Ouch! I flinched at his tone.

“She’s our friend, Vince. If we don’t take her with us she’ll sit at home all night.” Vince sighed.

“Do I still get to take you to the hotel room afterward?” He asked. I smiled and felt my checks tingle with a slight blush.

“Yes you do, maybe not for as long as you planned, but yeah.” Vince started eating again. “Oh and the colors for my tux… all black with a vest to match her dress.” I looked down quickly.

“We’re wearing pink?”

“Magenta,” I corrected. “Dark Magenta.”

“It’s still pink,” Vince protested. I laughed a bit and he smiled. “What about the rest of the day, what all did you two do other than get her dress, you a tux, and rearrange our whole prom night?”

“We had lunch in the mall, walked around the thing many twenty times, then she brought me home and helped me get ready for tonight,” all true.

“How’d she help you get ready?” Vince tilted his head as he watched me.

“She picked out the clothes and…well you’ll have to wait for the other tip she gave me,” I told him. He lifted an eyebrow. “You have to wait… I’m not telling.” He smiled and shook his head. We finished eating, paid, then headed over to the ampatheater a few blocks over for the concert.

Elven o’clock found us at one of the up scale hotels near the restaurant we’d eaten at, my back against the door, Vince’s mouth on mine as he tried desperately to get the keycard to slide without letting go of my ass with his other hand. Like I said before eight-year-olds with hormone issues, we’d managed to keep our hands mostly to ourselves through the concert, but once we were in the elevator it was over. We almost didn’t find the room.

The door behind me gave and I nearly fell into our room losing contacted with Vince’s lips as I went. Vince stumbled in after me slamming the door closed behind him. His hands were back on me a second later pulling my shirt over my head without unbuttoning it. Luckily, the first few buttons hadn’t been fastened in the first place and it slid up easily. I don’t remember walking backward, but something hit the back of my legs and sent me falling backward. Vince was a step away and managed not to go down with me. Soft cotton sheets met my back as I fell; of course, I hadn’t known that I was near the bed so my arms had shot out to catch myself though they didn’t get there fast enough to keep me up right on the bed. Soft masculine laughter followed and I looked up to see Vince try to act as if it hadn’t been him, covering his smile with his hand. I glared up at him for as second then quickly sat up and grabbed him. A gasp was the only sound he got out before I had him pinned to the bed, my mouth against his. Vince’s hands roamed over my back as I knelt over him, one leg on either side of his hips. I could feel his cock twitch and press against mine with his pulse.

My fingers worked at the buttons on his shirt, as I undid the last one, Vince pulled me down the rest of the way so that our chests pressed together and rolled us. He pulled back from the kiss and moved to his knees, shrugging off the shirt. My fingers immediately started playing over his abs and chest then watched as he shuddered when my fingers ran lightly just above his beltline. I pulled at his belt, loosening it while Vince’s head went back at the slightest touches to his cock that I managed while undoing his belt, even with the fabric between us he responded beautifully. Belt undone I grabbed for the button and zipper on his pants, before Vince could stop me, I had them pulled down passed his hips so that his cock stood out from his body, free from any constraints. He’d trimmed his pubic hair like I’d done and I reached for it. Vince grabbed my wrists before I could touch his cock. I looked up to see that he’d closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and swallowed before opening his eyes and looking at me.

Vince eased my arms back to the bed leaning over me. There wasn’t any pressure on my wrists or any real weight holding me down, all an illusion. After everything that happened to me, it surprised us both that a little light bondage was in fact a turn on for me. Nothing big, nothing much more than this, the illusion of not being able to get away was perfect. Keeping my wrists pinned, Vince leaned further over me, letting his lips stay just the other side of touching mine. I whimpered and raised my head up trying to reach him, his lips with mine or my chest to his it didn’t matter as long as skin touched, but he didn’t let it. “Stay,” Vince demanded, his voice thicker and deeper then normal. I shivered at the sound and felt my cock punch hard against my slacks. Slowly he let go of my wrists, but I kept them where they were as if he hadn’t let go. One hand went over my eyes. “Closed,” he said in that same demanding tone. When his hand left, my eyes stayed closed.

My belt tightened around my waist for an instant then released as Vince worked my pants open. My breathing speed up when the fastenings were all undone and he could see the satin boxer-briefs I had on. Autumn had no way of knowing that this pair wasn’t mine, it was a pair of Vince’s I’d looted a few weeks before, and I’d done it without Vince knowing. He stopped then as my cock twitched under the soft fabric waiting to be touched. His hands came back to rest on my wrists and added a little pressure, my hips left the bed to rub against his. “When did you steal these, you little thief?” There was a smile playing in those words and I knew he wasn’t upset, I stayed quiet. Vince let go of one wrist and took hold of my jaw, fingers barely digging in.

“Open your eyes little thief,” he said, his lips close to my ear. I did and focused on his eyes. My heart raced a little more at the darker tone in them. “When did you take these,” he grabbed the waistband of the underwear and let it slap against my lower abs, “from my house?” This time I answered.

“Two weeks ago,” my voice was unbelievably breathy. “You were about to leave for that trip over to that college that was offering you a full scholarship for playing baseball. I was helping you get some stuff packed and saw them, put them in my jacket pocket before you walked me out.” Vince smiled down at me.

“Maybe I should teach the little thief a lesson,” he said off handedly and let go of my jaw. I followed him with my eyes since I wasn’t aloud to move. Vince moved slowly down my torso until his mouth hovered over the right side of my ribcage just below my nipple. I swallowed audibly as he breathed against that spot. He leaned down until his lips brush my skin as with each breath I took.

“Oh God,” I whispered. Vince used the tip of his tongue to lick a wet line over my side, tracing one of my ribs as he went. My spine left the bed and I stopped breathing. I was so dazed that when he latched on to my side and sucked for a moment I actual cried out and forgot to leave my hands on the bed. Calmly Vince unhooked my fingers from where they’d dug in to his back and pushed my arms back down.

“Has the thief learned his lesson?” he asked. I nodded. Vince gave me an evil smile, studied me then shook his head. “No I don’t think you have.” His lips found mine for an instant, but he pulled away quickly to move further down my body. He slid off the bed and knelt there. My knees were still bent hanging over the bed so that my feet were flat on the floor. Vince picked up each foot and took off my shoes and socks, while I could only lay there and let him. “Hips up.” I raised my hips enough for the slacks to be pulled off. Vince walked over to a chair, sat down and started taking off his own shoes and socks. It took forever. With even second that past, laying there only in his underwear, sent another thrill straight to my cock and I started to feel a cool place at the head when I was leaking pre cum. Shoes and socks finally off Vince stood and walked back to the bed letting his pants and underwear fall with each step until he was at the bed and they were on the floor behind him.

He knelt between my legs again, running his hands over my thighs so close to touching my cock I groan each time he didn’t do exactly that. Finally, a fingertip brushed over my balls and sent me into convulsions. That purely masculine laugh was back as his finger tangled in the waistband, pulling them down. I had a moment of self-doubt as Vince made with the slow stripping and I had to watch his face while he did it. As he pulled the cloth lower I saw it dawn on him what I’d done (Rather what Autumn had done, but I wasn’t about to tell him that right then). What little pubic hair I’d had was gone, with Autumns help I’d managed to get myself as hairless in that area as the day I was born. Vince ran his hand over where the dark blonde patch use to be. His eye darted to me then back down as he pulled the underwear further don my legs. My cock sprung free to lay against me, pre cum showing at the slit. When Vince got the underwear off my legs and tossed them across the room, he got to see the whole deal. It had taken forever to shave my balls to this point, I was afraid of nicking myself there the whole time.

Warm hands touched my balls and my head went back. “So not only are we a thief tonight, but a child as well,” Vince teased. He took my cock in hand stroking it lightly. “I don’t know if I should continue.” He slowed. “I mean after all I could get in so trouble touching a kid this way.” His mouth slid over the head and down the shaft before I could say anything. I cried out and arched again. Vince sucked hard at me as he came up, but instead of continuing, he let me fall from his mouth with a popping sound. I whimpered again.

“Then again,” he ran his hand over the smooth skin around my cock, “young boys don’t have hard cocks like this for me to suck on.” Vince’s warm, wet mouth surrounded me again, letting one of his hands rub softly against my balls while the other held my cock in place. Every downward stroke his mouth would reach the base of me and I could feel his throat close slightly around the head as he went. I struggled to keep my arms where they were suppose to be, but failed. My left hand left the bed to rest on the back of his head. Vince responded quickly to it, grabbing my wrist again and pushing us further onto the bed some how. He put my arm back in place then roughly pushed my legs apart a little more. Vince was kneeling over me on the bed; he stroked his cock a few times to remind me of just how big he was.

I felt my eyes widen when he only spit in his hand and rubbed it over his cock. “No lube?” I made it a question. He smiled and repeated the action. This time a bit of real fear rushed through me. Vince must have seen it or sensed it.

“It’s ok Jake. I want to try this; we’ve been having sex for months now. I think you can take it. If not there’s a thing of lube in my pants pocket,” he explained. Most of the times I’d had my cock in Vince’s ass he’d opted not to use lube, not because I’m small or anything, in fact Vince and I are the nearly the same length and girth, (Him a bit longer and me a bit thicker) but because he’s more use to anal than I am. Vince spit into his hand one last time and rubbed the head of his cock with it. I let my legs fall to either side of his hips, trusting that he knew what he was talking about. He eased himself over me and guided his cock to my ass. I could feel his pushing at my opening and my cock jumped at the idea. Vince was gentle with me as always, pressing just enough to work me open. The ring of muscles around my ass started to open and for the first time in a long while a slight burning pain filled me, but then the head of Vince’s cock was inside. I shivered at the sensation and watched as he continued to push forward until his hips met mine. “You ok?” He asked, he sounded strained.

“Yeah,” my voice had taken that deeper tone this time and Vince smiled at it. Slowly he drew out, letting what was left of the burning feeling fade. I leaned up watching his abs and hips flex as he moved. My own cock was screaming for attention, I reached for it. Vince grabbed my hand and pushed it back down to the bed then grabbed my other hand, forcing me to lay all the way back down again as he pumped into me harder. My breathing quickened with each slid of his cock in me, it didn’t take long before my balls started to feel tight and that pressure in my lower abs to kick in. I moaned and pulled against his hold on me, but for the first time he didn’t let go.

“Vince…please,” I begged. He thrust harder into me and my back left the bed again, fire poured through me to pool in my cock.

“Cum for me...” Vince’s words were broken and strained. He was close. I tried to pull my hand away again, but he held tight.

“Let me have my hand,” I answered. He shook his head and moved his hips so that the angle was sharper. I cried out, but didn’t cum. The pulsing fire in me was nearly painful by this point. Vince was turning the tables on me, I’d done something similar to him last time and we’d found out that he didn’t need to jerk any during sex to cum. Later he’d told me it was one of the best orgasms of his life, now he was trying to get me to cum the same way.

Vince’s thrusts became uneven and shallow as I watched him close his eyes and try to hold back. I couldn’t stop twitching with the electrical pulse that ran through me, my balls now so tight they started to hurt. I was on the edge, but couldn’t go over. Vince’s cock thickened and jumped inside my ass. His whole body shuddered as he screamed his pleasure. Warmth flooded my ass as he’s cum shot into me and my body finally let go. My cock stiffened painfully and started pulsing as cum spewed from it. Coating my chest and stomach. I remember calling Vince’s name and finally getting my hands free to grab at him then nothing.

“Jake,” Vince sounded a little scared and I felt him tap my check. I groaned and opened my eyes. Vince was still on top of me; his cock not yet soft was still a welcomed presence in my ass. I watched as he sighed and lowered his head. “Good God you scared me for a minute.” I frowned at him.

“How’d I do that?” I asked, but once it was out of my mouth I realized what had happened. “I blacked out, didn’t I?” Vince wrapped his arms around me hugging me to him. It made sense; Vince had said that he’d nearly blacked out when I’d done it to him, why wouldn’t I have a similar reaction.

“Yeah.” Vince eased up and slowly pulled his cock out then laid down beside me with one arm over me. After a few minutes, he leaned up onto one elbow to watch me. “Think you could make it to the bathroom?” I turned to look for the bathroom or a bathroom door, since I really hadn’t paid any attention to the room yet, other then the ceiling that is.

The lights were mostly out in the room, but the curtains were open letting the lights from the city filter through just enough that the whole room was visible. The bed we were on was large, easily a king, with soft cotton sheets done in reds and golds. Across from the bed was a large flat screen TV, mounted on the wall. An arched entryway led to an open bathroom with a large garden tub. I turned back to Vince and studied him. This night hadn’t been cheap, dinner at an upscale restaurant, tickets to the concert, and then this room. He most have spent five or six hundred dollars tonight. “What’s with the star treatment tonight?” I paused. “I’m really enjoying it, but this is a lot for a date and a night of sex.” A slow smile spread over Vince’s lips.

“Two weeks ago I left to view a college and left you…here…alone… on Valentine’s Day,” he said then leaned down and kissed me. “Happy Valentine’s Day, love.” I closed my eyes and shook my head. I felt his weight leave the bed and a moment later heard running water. I stayed where I was, thinking about getting up to clean myself up at least, but then I felt a warm washcloth on my chest. My eyes opened to see Vince wiping the cum off my chest and stomach. His eyes still had that dark tone to them and I knew we weren’t done for the night. Once he hand me cleaned of I forced myself up and Vince led me to the large tub. By then it was almost full and we got in, sitting opposite one another. I lay my head back on the edge of the tub, closing my eyes and relaxing into water warm enough to tint my skin pink.

“My mom knew didn’t she? That’s why she didn’t set a time for me to be home,” my voice was barely above a whisper. The water turned off and moved around me as Vince got closer to me.

“I told her I wanted to do something big like this and that I wanted it to be on Valentine’s Day, but then that college made that huge offer and I had to check it out.” A hand rubbed my chest and I sighed at the touch. “The day they asked I knew I couldn’t pass it up so I changed the reservations for this room and for dinner, but I needed to make up for leaving when I did so I looked online and found the tickets.” Vince was close talking low near my ear. I felt him move a second before his mouth found my collarbone. The hand on my chest slid lower to teasingly stroke my soft cock. I groaned, but was too relaxed to react more. My limbs staying limp, well all but one that is.

“Again,” I said, it was only a half question. I’d known once wouldn’t be enough for either of us. His own cock was already completely hard again and pressing against my hip. I turned my head toward him, making him lift his and kissed him. It was soft at first, but became an urgent needing within moments. Vince helped me to my knees and turned me way from him. I braised myself, hands on the edge of the tub as Vince thrust back into my ass, his cum acting as lube for the harder entry. There wasn’t anything gentle about this time, it was all fast hard thrusts. Our only goal, our only purpose right then was to cum. My left hand dropped to my cock and started pumping it.

“Fuck me Vince!” A hand gripped my shoulder while his other had hold of my hip. The height of the water made it so that as I stroked my cock it was under it. Cum shot up from my balls before I realized I was even close. I cried out as I unloaded into the warm water, my body convulsing.

“Holy…Jake…oh fuck!” Vince only got two more hard pumps in before I felt another warm rush of cum into me. I felt him sag against me, his weight a welcome feeling on my skin. “Sorry about that,” he finally managed to say once he stopped cumming. “Wanted to give you a little more time, but…when you kissed me…” Vince eased out.

“Don’t apologize.” I turned and lay back the way I’d been before round two had started. The night continued like that. We’d fuck and relax for about fifteen or twenty minutes and then fuck again. Until some time around four when we finally passed out on the bed after a particularly energetic round. By then we’d both cum at least four or five times and our bodies just didn’t want to finish, Vince was fucking me at the start, but we ended up switching to be able to finish.

The cleaning lady woke us around ten when she opened the door. We’d been in such a rush to get in the room we hadn’t moved the little door handle thing to the outside. I sat up and grabbed a pillow just as she walking in. She paused in the doorway looked at us and turned red. “I… ummm…I think…I’m…” she pointed behind her, one hand went over eyes.

“We’ll be out in a minute,” I told her. The door closed again and I looked over at Vince. He was trying his best not to laugh. “Come on we need to get going, unless you want to pay for another day here.” Vince sighed and pulled me down for a kiss. The door opened again and the cleaning lady came back in. I looked up from where I lay pressed against Vince. Her face was beyond red this time.

“I… dropped…” I looked and sure enough she’d dropped the towels she’d been holding on the floor the first time she walked in. I smiled down at Vince and decided to be bold for a change. I pushed away from him and stood. The women couldn’t have been much more then twenty. Her eyes fell to the center of my body where my cock stood stiffly out in front of me. I walked to her and knelt down picking up the towels then handed them back to her. The entire time her eyes never left my cock.

“Here,” I said and she finally noticed the towels I was holding out to her. She took them, ducked her head, and left again. Vince’s hand landed on my ass in a light slap.

“Bad boy,” he teased. I smiled over at him.

“I didn’t do anything, but help her pick up the towels,” I said innocently. He looked down pointedly at my hard cock then back up at me.

“That is not nothing and don’t try to play innocent with me.” I looked away and hummed. He laughed. “Come on. I need to get you back home anyway. Even if your mom didn’t give you a time to be home I’m sure she thought I’d have you back before noon the next day.” Vince had a point and we started looking for our clothes. A knock sounded at the door just as I pulled my shirt up onto my shoulders. Vince opened the door and the woman stood there again.

“I..umm… I’ve already cleaned the other rooms on this floor. If you’re not staying another day I need to start cleaning this room,” she told us. Vince moved to let her in.

“We’ve almost ready to leave, if you want to you can work around us,” Vince told her. She nodded and started for the bed. I saw her eye dart from me to Vince as we buttoned up our shirts, found our shoes and socks, and slipped our belts back on.

“How long have you two been… together?” She asked, breaking the quiet of the room. I frowned at her. “Never mind.” She went back to changing the sheets.

“Eighteen almost nineteen months,” I answered. Vince stepped closer to me and took my hand.

“Time to go love,” Vince told me. I smiled at the woman as he slipped his arm around my waist. I turned and kissed him. My tongue found his and we both groaned at the contact. When we broke apart and headed for the door she spoke up again and I nearly fell out laughing at the idea.

“If…I mean…you could stay for a bit longer…I won’t tell…” she walked up to us, making sure to get close enough for her breast to touch my arm. “If you include me that is.” Vince stilled beside me.

“You looking for a threesome with two guys?” I asked, she nodded. “You’re out of luck with us.” She looked disappointed.

“But… earlier…” I smiled.

“I don’t do females and I don’t share my man,” Vince told her and we walked out.

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Greetings from Norway:) Your stories are fantastic! I have read them all. Cant wait to read more abort Vince and Jack!

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