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A story of the awakening to my family's pleasures that I was totally unaware of and my acceptane of once I was.
My story begins right after my sister was rewarded a scholarship to go abroad and study under a famous Master Chef. She was having second thoughts about accepting it because she couldn't afford to have her Bullmastiff Bigboy boarded. She couldn't stand the thought of having to give him up. He had been our mother's dog and Bigboy was at her side when she had passed away, true to the last. Mom had asked Cheryl to take good care of him and she had. Cheryl had lived on the farm with mom and had the same love of the farm and the animals as her mom had. After mom had passed Cheryl had taken care of the farm single-handedly as I had moved into town. Cheryl and mom had always shared the love of the farm and tending the animals. It was the life they seemed to be born for and they found great happiness living it. Mom had only had Bigboy a little over a year when she had passed but they were inseparable and now Cheryl and him were just as close. She wanted to try and maintain the payments on our family farm and keep it in the family. Until she received the scholarship she seemed to be managing it ok. I had let Cheryl handle all the inheritance papers and mom’s will and all that, trusting her to do right by me.

Once both our parents had passed I had decided that farm life wasn’t really my cup of tea and looked around for my little niche in the world. I had gotten a job and decided to take a few years off before going to college in order to save some money towards it. I had my own little apartment in town and was pretty much happy the way my life was going except that our town was small and there weren't many guys that I considered husband material.

Cheryl had always had a love of the farm and the animals that I couldn't quite understand but our mom would explain saying, "Well, Cheryl has always been like me and found pleasure in taking care of the animals’ needs. And I guess they take care of certain needs we have too."

"What kinds of needs mom", I asked?

"Oh I don't know I guess they just fill a need to be close to someone when you don't have anyone, like me, baby" she would always say."

I always replied, "You'll always have me and Cheryl Mom".

"Yes, I know I do baby but there's still a place inside me that you two just can't fill sweetie", she'd say.

"You miss dad a lot don't you mom", I asked. "Yes I do baby, yes I do", she'd say wistfully.

I didn't like to take care of the farm but because I loved my sister I offered to stay on the farm and take care of everything until she returned. I hated giving up my apartment and told Cheryl I wasn't sure I made enough to pay everything at the farm but I'd try if she maybe could help. That was when she dropped a bomb on me. "Vickie, she said, I am not supposed to tell you this but mom had an insurance policy when she died and also quite a bit of money from dad's insurance after his death. Most of it is in a trust that only allows us to get money for our education and nothing else until we graduate. In three years when I get back from abroad I can draw out my share but you will have to wait until you graduate to get yours".

"If you do this for me Vickie it means it will be years before you can get your share but I want you to know, I will help you in any way I can for you to go to school and I will be able to afford to once I get my money. There is quite a bit of money there Vickie and neither of us will have to work if we don't want to, but mom wanted to be sure we got an education because she always regretted not getting her own. I'm sure there is enough in the household fund she set up to pay everything until I graduate and get my money. It should last at least until I get back. I have been able to pay the rent, utilities etc. from it and buy feed for the animals usually also. I will get a small stipend and room and board while studying abroad and if you need it I'll try to wire you anything I can. I hope you can take care of all the animals, I have gotten some more since mom died, but if it becomes too much for you, you can get rid of them all except Bigboy, It would break my heart to lose him".

"Why do you love animals so much Cheryl", I asked her?

"Maybe you'll find out while I'm gone and you're around them more honey", she said as she smiled.

"Is Bigboy a good guard dog Cheryl", I asked?

"Honey no one will bother you as long as he's around you I promise. He's a gentle giant until he gets upset and then watch out. He's very protective and gets instantly alert when he senses I'm afraid, he'll walk up beside me and stand there as if to protect me and growl a little at whoever is upsetting me. Trust me, if Bigboy growls at someone they are ready to leave right then", she laughed.

It took a few days to move all my stuff and by the time I had it all me and Bigboy were fast friends. He would stand and place his paws on my shoulders and lick my face with his big tongue and his weight would almost knock me down. He was a powerful dog, thick and muscular. One day I was lying on the floor reading a book and he walked up to me and stepped over my head and was standing there with his prick at my face and I couldn't help but notice as it began unsheathing, pressing out until it hung there jerking and splattering my face with his slick watery emissions. I saw the veins running through his dog dick and noticed its thickness, he was as thick, or thicker than most guys I'd seen.

What is he doing I thought, what does he want? Then I heard him sorta whimper and his cock lifted, jerked hard and he kinda pranced around moving sideways towards my face. If it had been a guy I'd have thought he wanted me to suck him. I pushed him away and said, "Go away Bigboy, I don't want to play with that thing, I'm not your bitch". He looked at me with his big sad eyes as If I'd hurt his feelings and then went and jumped up on the couch and lay licking his big dog cock. I noticed that it seemed fully extended now and it was huge. It had a kinda pointy tip and it swelled thickly for about five inches and then seemed to taper down to a knot like swelling at the base. From his tip to the swelling was a good ten inches and there was no part of it that was less than an inch and a half diameter.

I felt a pulsing at my clit as I had the thought, I'd like to meet a guy built like him. Realizing I was getting turned on looking at a dogs’ dick I filled with disgust at myself. I tried to continue reading but the sounds of his avid licking kept drawing my gaze to him. His cock had seemed to redden in color and had a slick fluid seeping profusely from its tip that he seemed to lick and swallow as it appeared. I found myself wondering what it tasted like and again felt disgust at my thoughts. I actually was tempted to touch his cock just to see what it felt like and to put some of the clear slick fluid on my fingertip and taste it. What are you thinking, my mind screamed, as I caught myself and rose and walked into the kitchen.

I glanced out the kitchen window and saw Cheryl waking from the barn in her robe and met her on the porch and asked, "What are you doing out there in your robe sis, you got a guy hid out there I should know about", I asked smiling?

"No nothing hiding, just saying goodbye to everybody. I'll miss them so much".

"I'll put a web cam out there so you can see them, you know one of those radio ones and you can see them online whenever you wish", I told her.

"Really, can you do that". she asked seeming really interested?

"Yeah, I was kidding but I know a guy that can do it if you'd really like it. I think they come with software that you can make a web site with on your computer and then you access it from the web site from anywhere as long as you know the password."

"Is it expensive", she asked?

"If I buy the camera I'm sure Ray would install it for free. Probably be less than a $100 for the camera", I said.

Cheryl left on Monday and by Wednesday Ray was installing the camera and software. He had me go to a website and put in the password "Bigboy" and I found out that each stall with an animal had its own camera that you could individually see or you could see them all on one screen and it was possible to zoom in using controls on the web site. It even had the camera on my laptop showing in one of the squares and I was looking at myself. He said, "Click on the sound button and wait a minute", and left the room. In a few seconds I saw him on a camera in the barn and heard him say, "Hi Vickie".

"Can you hear me", I asked increduously?

"Sure can babe, isn't that great, you can talk to your sis from out here or if you click the little box under this camera and the one below your laptop cam you can conference with her while you're in there and she's watching out here. Pretty cool, huh"...he said smiling like crazy!

"I didn't buy all these cameras Ray, I can't afford this", I said after he returned.

"You got screwed on the one you bought so I took it back and went and saw a buddy of mine that sells them and he owed me a favor and I got all this for the same price you paid so it's all good babe.", he explained.

I jumped up and hugged him and said, "You're the best Ray, if I didn't love your wife I'd fuck you right now", I told him smiling real big!

"Yeah, but you do, so quit teasing me like that squirt. You know I've been itching to get in those pants for years" he said.

"Really, would you like me to take them off so you can try them on big guy, I'll even take pictures", I said coyly teasing him?

"I gotta run tease, if you have any problems let me know and I'll come back and let you torture me with that cute ass again", he said as he walked to the door.

"Ray, did you know me and Julie used to make out when we spent the night with each other way back when. Just wanted to give you something to think about. I wouldn't ask her about it though if I were you. Does she still laugh when she orgasms? Bye", I teased him as his jaw dropped and he shook his head and left smiling!

I knew Cheryl's first few weeks would be hectic so I decided to wait until she contacted me, to tell her about the cameras. I knew she was going to be thrilled to be able to talk to me as I tended her animals. She had a horse that had been given to her by a woman that no longer wanted it, Blacky. She also had a Shetland pony that looked as if it ate one bite its big stomach would explode. It was named appropriately, "Fatty". And then there was "Jackhammer". Jackhammer was a stallion that her mom had raised and named and was possibly responsible for her death. Seeing him filled me with sadness remembering how my mother had loved him so much.

My mom had been found in his stall wearing nothing but her robe and she had a concussion of the head. The medical examiner said it didn't appear to have been inflicted by a horses hooves and he thought she had possibly fell and hit her head or maybe something spooked Jackhammer and he had knocked her against something accidentally. He wrote it up as an accidental death caused by falling and hitting her head. At least she had died while doing what she loved, taking care of her animals I thought. He was a beautiful horse. 16 hands tall and a reddish chestnut. He had a thoroughbreds build. It was annoying to me because every time I approached him his long thick horse cock would drop almost to the floor and hang there jerking stiffly.

Even when I washed him his cock was ready to go and I washed it also. His cock felt muscular and when it stiffened as my hand rubbed it with a sponge I could feel the power imbued within him. My pussy was always filled with moisture by the time I was through washing and rinsing him. It was impossible to hold and wash such a powerful animal dick without thinking how it would feel inside my pussy, even though I felt completely disgusted at my thoughts I was still turned on by it.

My sister wrote me and gave me her Skype ID and I connected to her with Skype and we talked and I told her I had a surprise for her. "What" she asked? I knew she had forgotten about the camera and when I told her and explained how they worked I told her she could even hear in the barn. She cut me off and asked for the password so she could try it and I gave it to her and a few minutes later she was watching her animals. Bigboy was sitting beside me so I checked the little box and then she was seeing us also. I thought she was going to cry when she saw Bigboy. It was obvious how badly she missed him and he was barking at the screen and leaning to lick at her image on the screen.

He finally walked behind me and sat down and his big prick was standing straight up as he sat there, his knot thingy was swollen larger than before and I could see him on the screen so I knew Cheryl could also. Cheryl became quiet and she seemed to have her hands in her lap and was staring at the screen and her tongue was sliding across her lips as she stared intently at the screen seemingly mesmerized. "What's wrong Cheryl", I asked?

My voice seemed to bring her back from her thoughts and she said, "Oh nothing I'm just really tired, I'm going to go lie down, it’s been a long day".

"Its early in the morning why are you tired", I asked?

"Not here dummy, its night time here, well I'm going, love you all", she said smiling. And the screen went dark before I could reply.

I turned and there sat Bigboy still with his cock at attention. I remembered the look on Cheryl's face and how her hands were at her lap beneath the table and I wondered if she had been turned on by seeing Bigboy. And even worse had he been turned on by seeing her. My mind began putting the two of them together, his dick, her reaction to seeing it, his becoming excited when he saw his old master, NO!, No way, she was his bitch! Could her sister have been fucking his big dog cock? I bet she's playing with herself thinking of fucking his dog dick right now I think to myself.

I began picturing Cheryl on all fours and Bigboy mounting her, pressing his big dick into her pussy and how she must moan and hunch back into him. I felt my pussy becoming wet and my clit was pulsing and for some reason it didn't disgust me anymore thinking of touching his dog cock. I began remembering things like how her and mom would go to the barn in their robes and always come in and take showers afterwards. How many nights had she awoke to cries and moans and knocked on her mom's door or sometimes Cheryl’s only to be told they were just playing with Bigboy and to go back to sleep.

Even when dad was alive and we still had Jabber our Great Dane there had been cries from her parents room and she had thought it was her parents getting sexy. She remembered how both her mom and Cheryl had cried and cried for weeks after he died. She had missed him but they seemed to have lost a part of themselves. Now, looking back they were both heartbroken until dad brought home the Bull Mastiff mom would name Bigboy. She just couldn't believe her mom and her sister were together in the barn fucking Jackhammer and Muley, the mule they owned back then. It seems so obvious now looking back and remembering how every time they went around any of the barn animals there would be an instant dropping of their cocks and an excited whinnying or braying.

That evening I flipped the lights on in the barn from the house and opened the site and was watching the animals when suddenly I saw them lift their heads and look around and Jackhammer began pawing the ground excitedly. I turned the sound on and heard Cheryl's voice saying softly as if talking to herself, "Damn I miss you guys, I want to feel your cocks in me so badly. I watched as the focus changed from one stall to the next as she seemed to be looking at each one's dick. The sound of her voice was exciting them all but she didn't know it. I remembered then that she had cut me off before I told her she could be heard in the barn. Then I heard her moan, an anguished sounding groan and I knew she was cumming as she watched them.

I was dripping wet at having my beliefs confirmed by Cheryl's own voice. My mom and sister were zoophiles, they enjoyed fucking animals. I was saddened that my mom hadn't included me in their enjoyment and vowed to someday ask Cheryl why? I was sitting there remembering all the times that now I know they were enjoying the feel of animal cocks fucking them. The times I was told to get in the house and do my homework while they remained to "Feed" the animals, yeah feed them pussy I thought. Now I realized what my mom meant when she'd say Cheryl was like her and liked taking care of the animals and now knew the spot inside her that me and Cheryl couldn't fill, but a big horse cock could.

That night I lay in bed thinking of how my mom and sister could get such a huge dick like Jackhammers and Blackie's in their pussy, and how it must feel to do so. Soon I was nude on top of the sheets playing with myself while visions of Cheryl fucking Muley, Blackie, Jackhammer and even Fatty, played through my mind. My arousement scent must have drawn Bigboy because before I knew what was happening he was on the bed pushing my hand from my pussy with his huge tongue and licking my clit, pussy and even my asshole like he was excited to be doing it. Feeling his wet tongue against my bare skin, hearing his loud slurping as he devoured my mound had me very aware that I was allowing an animal to pleasure me.

Everything in me screamed to stop him but the feel of his tongue sliding wetly between my ass cheeks as it caressed skin not normally exposed had my hands beneath me holding my cheeks spread so that he could lave strongly over the sensitive nerves there as I moaned my love of it. My breathing came in gasps as his tongue tip squirmed as he tried to enter my anus as he collected the juices that flowed from my pussy to collect there. I hated myself as I tried to relax my asshole to allow him entry, his avid tonguing instilled a need for something to be in me there. I could feel my mind submitting as his tongue licked along the trail of my juices until I felt it burrowing inside my soaked pussy. I cried out loudly, “Oh God No”, as his tongue opened me, spread me with the huge girth of his massive tongue as it slithered deep inside me. I felt sluttier than I ever had in my life as my asshole begged his return and I knew I wanted him to enter me there, to fuck my ass with his animal cock.

I knew now what Cheryl had meant when she had said I might find out why she loved the animals so much while she was gone. Bigboy was showing me why as deep in my pussy his tongue moved, twisted as no human tongue ever could. He licked me like he was fucking me, with his long thick tongue, as he extracted my flowing juices and swallowed them. My body lifted, feet pressed flat on the bed as my ass rolled my pussy around the mass of his tongue, hips out-turning as my body began tensing, back arched with the intensity of the pleasure coursing through me. His tongue began licking quicker, pressuring my vagina almost hurtfully as my cum seemed to excite him and drive his thirst for my juices. Each tight tensing left me panting, gasping for breath, as the orgasms he induced roiled not just my body but also my mind. Then as I thought I was about to die impaled on his thick tongue his attention moved to my clit and focused all his extravagant love on my swollen taut orb. I begged him to stop before I went completely insane from the tensing jolts of pure energy his fast wet licking was instilling in my stricken being.

My hands touched his head and his fur excited me, reminded me it was an animal making me feel this way. I wanted to push him away but the feelings and sensations he gave me wouldn't allow it and I found myself holding his fat head and pleading, "Lick it boy, make me cum like you made mom and Cheryl cum", and he had I'm sure. Then he was jumping down to the floor and turning in circles, jumping back on the bed and his big cock was being slung around, his juice flying as he pranced around excitedly. I knew what he wanted and I waged an inner fight for a few quick seconds before the craving need in my asshole and the empty yearning in my pussy had me pushing my hips from the bed and holding my thighs spread with feet flat on the floor and my elbows on the bed.

He jumped from the bed and raced between my thighs and licked me furiously for a couple of minutes until my pussy was begging to be entered and my mind was crying out to be fucked by him. He wouldn't stop and I was desperate to feel his big dog cock assaulting my womb. I tried lifting his head but he wouldn't be denied as he gazed into my eyes as a man would as he ate me. "Up boy, mount me", I begged, but he just kept driving me insane fucking my pussy with his tongue until out of desperation I began smacking my groin and crying "Fuck me, fuck me Bigboy". I'm not sure what part of that did it but suddenly he jumped up and wrapped my hips with his large legs and began hunching his stiff wet cock at my body.

I felt it sliding between my ass cheeks, sliding up along my pussy to rub my clit, poking the skin beside my pussy and just as I was about to reach and guide him where I needed it; His tip lodged at my inner labia and he grunted and with a hard thrust of his hips buried 5-6 inches of fat hard dog dick in my mind. He fucked me furiously as I screamed with a pained pleasure. My screams were futile as his paws tightened around my waist and held me to his animal thrusts. His cock felt huge and swelled continuously as it jerked and sprayed its hot lubricating juices wetly inside me. My head thrashed wildly, pussy hunching furiously into his dog cock as he licked my face and neck wetly. I’d never been fucked so fast, hard and deep before, I loved it! He continued hammering his cock deep inside me until the constant caressing of my clit had me tensing, cumming as I held my pussy to his constant jackhammer like fucking.

As my back arched his animal cock seemed to shift inside me until I felt his pointed tip hammering against my cervical opening. His hard thrusts jarred my body with each forceful hunching of his animal flanks. His animal instincts told him that was where he needed to be and he began forcefully fucking his stiffened cock into that small opening, prying it open as he entered me there and soon I felt his hot dog dick stabbing deep in my uterus, throbbing the length of my birth canal as his huge dick filled my pussy, had me straining to accept the last of his stiff dog dick. I couldn't stop cumming as I felt pressured from within, his dick swelling, lengthening and stiffening as it met resistance from my womb's deepest walls. I began screaming in pain as I felt a largeness pressing into my pussy, opening me as I felt my womb ripping. His tip stretched my womb deeply as his knot stretched and distended my entrance until finally his paws tightened around my waist and with a few very forceful thrusts he rammed his knot fully inside me. I felt stuffed, ripping as his knot began pulsing hotly. I couldn't stop hunching and cumming as my entire womb felt filled and a heat began spreading in it as his cock jerked strongly, repeatedly.

I needed to get away, the pleasure was so intense and built inside me until I thought I was going to explode, but he had me locked to his dick, hunching fitfully and my mind was desperate but my body was tensing, waves of hard pleasure rippling through me as Bigboy fucked me better than any guy had in my life. The feel of his knot growing, swelling inside me had my mind afire and my pussy gripping his animal cock tightly, squeezing him as voltage like thrills gripped me in their fulfilling grasp. Then his knot swelled hugely and I felt a large shudder in his dick, a swelling, then liquid fire shot from his dick to immerse my womb with a liquid heaven that seemed to permeate my entire existence, his dog cum was hot, watery and just kept pumping from his throbbing dick as I was completely immobilized, hunching sporadically as each wave of pleasure ebbed before surging again to tense my body and craze my mind.

The pain I felt as he hunched his entire dick into my womb as it spewed his animal spunk just enhanced my orgasms. His animal body used powerful thrusts to breed my bitch pussy and the feel of his warm furry body on mine was exciting and I felt so womanly knowing my pussy had made this animal give up his hot seed. He stood motionless as he filled my bitch pussy with his babies. I couldn’t control my body as it hunched, squeezed, shook as he filled it. Each time I squeezed his cock he would begin fucking me again. I couldn't get enough of his frenzied hunching and the pain his fat cock presented me as he used me for his bitch. The throbbing of his knot was enough to induce an orgasm in me, and the pain his great length caused deep in my womb just addicted me to this act. I could feel my cervix squeezing his fat dick as it moved within my uterus and each small movement filled me with sensations that had me hunching, unable to stop. I was a dog fucker and I loved it. Now I could begin thinking of how to fit a horse cock in my well fucked animal loving pussy. I guess it just runs in the family I think as Bigboy jumps to the side and turns ass to ass with me as he tries to extricate himself from my tight pussy.

I scoot slowly back on the bed until my pussy is at the edge and Bigboy is making small yelps as he pulls at his cock. Each movement he makes has my pussy squeezing him, and new waves of orgasms have me trembling as I feel his dick inside me, his tip still pressing my deepest walls as his knot holds him in my uterus fully. I wasn't aware that my movements and squeezing would keep him swollen and soon to my enjoyment he was again clawing his way atop me and hunching furiously again as my head bobbed with each painful thrust of his dog dick. I love it, love the hot feel of his knot and cock buried inside me, raping me and me unable to escape him, having to just lay and flail my head from side to side as the pleasure overwhelms my mind and addicts my body to this beasts dick. I know I am going insane and all I can do is beg him not to stop, to keep fucking his animal dick into my bitch pussy.

I felt no disgust, no guilt, all those feelings along with any inhibitions I had to this act were drawn deep into my pussy with his dick and drowned by his first hot expulsion deep against my womb walls, scorched from me by the lava like heat that embraced my body and swept my mind into the cauldron of my womb to be consumed by the same deep fiery heat. I wish my sister was here because I feel so close to her now, knowing this same animal dick has explored my mom's womb, my sister's and now has addicted me by spewing his hot dog seed in my own womb. As his dick throbs inside me I want to kiss and hold Cheryl so badly. I understood her look now and her need to relieve herself after seeing Bigboys dick and remembering his feel inside her.

I don't know how long we are coupled or how many times he cums and then tries to dismount me only to have my constant squeezing of his huge swollen knot and my involuntary hunching keeping him alive inside me as I crave the feeling of him driving his swollen dog dick deep inside me. I am no longer timid or afraid and as he hunches hard and furiously into my bitch pussy my arms wrap him as my ankles pull at his furry haunches as I revel in the feel of his animal fur against my smooth skin. His fur drives home the fact of my love of this bestial act, my complete acceptance of his hot sperm drenching my human womb as he attempts to impregnate my willing body.

I learned to hold my knees up alongside my breasts and give him room to drive his dick into me even more deeply and when he flayed his hips against my ass and his soft furry belly began rubbing my clit as he jack hammered my pussy I thought I'd pass out the pain was so intense as he stretched my womb. I couldn't stop him and wouldn't have if I could, my pleasure was so complete and overwhelming as his extreme depth and the wild sensations at my clit merged to have me moaning like an animal, guttural sounds coming from my mouth as I threw my head wildly around as I tried to escape the pleasured insanity he instilled in me totally. Every cell of my body seemed to be screaming its own insane litany of pleasure and my pussy responded to each with a wave of clenching, flooding spasms that arched my back and threatened my sanity.

Finally I fell back exhausted and lay still for a long enough while that he softened and was able to jerk his fat cock from my grip with a loud slurping sound. His dog cum immediately began flooding from me to drench the bed and my ass and thighs. Note to self I thought, next time put a towel under myself. Before I could even sit upright Bigboy was back between my thighs and licking me viciously, attacking the cum coating me like he was dying of thirst. His actions on my clit soon had me moaning and clenching, hips uplifting, out-turning as I couldn't help but present my mound to him for his continued thirst. My ass cheeks squeezed and I felt my pussy flooding as I orgasmed over and over. His tongue entered me and my mind cried, "No, NO, oh god he's in me again"! His tongue twisted and turned and licked inside me like no man could ever do and my mind was overwhelmed and my body hunched into it, pressing my clit against his nose as he kept me impaled on his amazingly thick and long member. He filled my vagina completely as he tongue fucked it while gathering my continuous flood of cum from within me.

Then as he was pressed deep inside me licking avidly, I cum intensely. My back arched, muscles tensed till they felt ripping and my thighs straightened, trembled and suddenly he withdrew and left me there alone, immobilized, bucking, moaning my disappointment and lay down and began licking his dick. I was still incensed as I watched him lick the most marvelous cock I had ever had. I had always sucked my lovers clean after a good fuck and this was the best fuck of my life. I rolled off the bed and lay on the floor and took his cock in my mouth and began sucking and licking his animal dick like I've never sucked and licked a man in my life. My tongue flew over his balls, knot, shaft and sucked at his tip hoping he'd fill my mouth with dog cum. He rolled to his back like he'd been trained to do and I felt so much love for this huge cocked dog that wished no more than to please me. I was beginning to understand my mom and sister’s love of this animal.

My pussy felt empty, still yearning from having his thick tongue removed from it as I watch Bigboys dick jerking stiffly slinging his slick lubricant as it does. I remember the pleasure his dick represents and without thinking about it I straddle him and press my pussy down on his stiff cock and begin fucking my pussy with it while gazing down into his large expressive eyes. His big tongue lays out the side of his mouth as I fuck his cock. He has a look of bliss on his doggy face and I feel so close to him and lay down on his thick body and place my head alongside his and grind back into his dick as I would a man's. I fucked his dog dick like that, rubbing my clit against his warm stomach fur, exciting myself until the feel of my nipples against his furry chest instilled an agony of need. My breathing was quickened, hips undulating and I was trying not to cum I loved the feel of his dick so much. I wasn't prepared for his hard upwards thrust into my pussy and I screamed and began cumming as soon as it happened. My warm cum must have encouraged him because he began fucking up into me as I cum and my arms pulled into my sides and I was bent into a fetal position as my body coursed with waves of dog dick induced pleasure.

His dick was drenched with my juices as I rolled from him and began sucking at him again, this time with a stronger suction and my hand pumped his cock and squeezed his now swollen knot. I was crazed with my need for his cum and when his hips again began hunching I squeezed his knot and he whimpered as a strong stream of dog cum blasted into my throat and choked me but I couldn't stop sucking at his dick as I swallowed and caught his watery jism. I loved the feel of his dick jerking in my mouth as my tongue laved at him and my lips sucked at his cock until I had it pressed deep in my throat. His cock seemed to slide into my throat like it belonged there and I craved to have it all inside my mouth and throat. I milked his spewing dick with my throat muscles as my hand gently squeezed his balls and knot and each time he spewed, his entire cock would jerk and throb in my throat as my lips tried to open to his knot. But once through, he withdrew and rolled upright and walked from the room.

I lay there with his taste in my mouth and a burning sensation in my throat where he had emptied his nuts directly down my throat. God I wanted him in me again even as I lay there exhausted. I had never been fucked as good as this dog had fucked me repeatedly. I loved his dick and everything about fucking him. I was already planning my next conquest, Fatty would have his dick in my pussy soon. My curiosity was running wild now and I knew I had to fuck them all. I lay there remembering the look of Fatty's dick and even though he was a Shetland his dick was a good 18 inches long and thicker than Bigboys. I felt my clit pulsing and my pussy clenching as I thought about fucking him soon. I wanted him to fuck me, to actually drive that big pony dick up in my pussy and I had to figure out how mom and Cheryl did it. Bigboy was trained so good I knew they had trained them all to fuck their pussies just as competently.

All day at work now I see pictures of dogs, horses, ponies and I'm constantly aroused and wishing I was home. I see a cute guy and I wonder if his dick can compare to Bigboys or any of the animals cocks and the answer in my mind is always no and I can't seem to be interested anymore. I wonder if dad knew mom felt this way and that’s why he helped her fuck animals, but why Cheryl also? All these years and I hadn't known what a dysfunctional family I had and now I cherished being a part of it. At least twice a day I had to go to the restroom and relieve the pent up frustration I felt craving animal cock.

Then around 1:00 PM a lady came in with a Great Dane at her side and I couldn't help but gaze at his cock sheath and wish it was hard and unsheathed. My thighs pumped as I gazed at the horse of a dog and imagined fucking him. I don't know if it was my thighs pumping or maybe the lust in my eyes but the woman came over to me and said quietly, "You seem infatuated with Ronny, maybe you should visit us sometime and get to know him" she said.

I knew what she was implying, but the thought of fucking her dog was thrilling and I said, that would be very nice I'm sure but it might be better if you visited me at my farm. I'm sure while I got to know Ronny you could have fun meeting my bull mastiff Bigboy or if you like horses I have a few we could ride together.

Her eyes shone and there was obvious excitement in her eyes as she said, "My, my, but you're quite an animal lover aren't you. I bet we have many things in common. I have never ridden a horse but for years I've wanted to learn to ride one. Perhaps you could help alleviate my fear of those huge animals and help me accomplish my dream." She said. I would have bet her pussy was as wet thinking of having a huge horse cock fucking her as my own was thinking of Ronny! "Are you married dear", she asked?

"No, I live alone, just me and my animals", I answered her. "Hmmm I bet you are close to them then, all that time alone with them I mean. What is your name dear", she asked?

"Vickie, and if you'll wait a second I will write down my address in case you decide to pursue your dream", I said to her.

"My name is Aphrodite, Vickie, just like the Greek goddess of sensuality. And sweetie you can be assured you will most definitely be seeing me very soon. Are there neighbors nearby your place". She asked?

"No, there isn't anyone for almost a mile in any direction. My dad bought up land all around us when he was alive, just woods and forest animals", I said.

"Well, you could just run around naked if you wanted to couldn't you dear", she said with obvious intent in her voice.

"Oh yes, we can sunbathe nude if you'd like. No worries there and I'm way back off the road also", I said smiling as I gazed up and down her body. She was maybe late forties or early fifties but she was well maintained and her body looked much younger. All that good dog dick I thought to myself, cumming her ass off keeps her fit!

Her gaze raped me as I stood there and I actually felt like if I'd lay back and opened my thighs she would have ate me right there. If another customer hadn't walked in just then I might have done it to. "Well I have to go now Vickie, I have an urge to just go home and play with Ronny, he needs a good romp. I will call you soon, maybe I'll come over Friday and we'll make a week-end out of it", she said smiling big.

That would be wonderful I replied. It will be nice to have someone to talk to that I have so much in common with", I replied with a wink. She winked back at me and turned and left with Ronny smelling her crotch as they walked.

Should I go on?


2017-12-25 11:13:40
Omg yes! This is insanely hot.


2017-12-16 13:39:58
My first sex was with the farm dogs. Keep this story going.

roxan brownReport

2017-11-29 05:59:42
Living with two big boys I know how easy it is for the lust to take over your life till you walk through your door stripping as you walk so eager for your lovers to fill you time and time again


2017-06-29 07:14:01
I love fucking dogs. But I haven't tried a Great Dane as of yet. Stories like this one needs to have lots more chapters added!!!

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2017-03-29 03:54:18
Beautiful and so horny, got me oozing so much. eagerly awaiting the next episode

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